Dunnys Universal Orlando Builds

We build Universal Studios Orlando rides, builds, events and other creative ideas for everybody to see! Think you could help us out? Contact one of the admins on the server!

Creative Survival



DragoMC is a Creative and Survival server with plenty to do on either gamemode! We have a friendly community of staff who are always willing to help you with whatever you need! Join us and join our lively, friendly, community!

Creative Mini Games Skywars Survival Vanilla

SlimeyPlayz (Restarted)

Hello everyone! We are now using a new IP address to connect to the server. The old IP Address WILL NOT work in the coming weeks. Please be sure to transfer over to to play!

So this is a new SlimeyPlayz server! Our old one was on my computer but that computer somehow broke. It’s RAM disk overloaded and that caused the boot disk to fail so it kinda just…died. We’re still in the process of rebuilding so please be patient while we get back up on our feet! Our new server has more RAM space (double the previous amount!) so we are running pretty much lag-free! We currently have 2 creative worlds, one with 101×101 plots and another with 201×201 plots. We now offer basic WorldEdit with the Peasant+ rank that is achieved by playing for 1 hour. You can use very basic WorldEdit commands in the creative worlds. We also have survival on our server! The survival has several custom RPG style things such as poisonous spiders living in trees, to finding money inside grass! We now even have BlockParty, SkyBlock, Factions, Paintball, and so much more! Please come play on our server

Creative Economy Pvp Roleplay Survival



Datecraft is a roleplaying server where any player may assume a role in the town of Rosendar, builid alone or with friends in creative, and survive on our wild server. Our server allows players to have a great roleplaying experience as players can claim their own land in survial with friends, get married, date, and create relationships through player interaction.
One Mine, One Love, DateCraft

Creative Economy Skyblock Survival Towny


MCComrades is a welcoming, adventurous and highly engaging server where players can enjoy Towny, Skyblock, and (soon) Creative Gamemodes!
The Creator of MCComrades attempted to find a server where friends could be made, good times could be had, and fairness was the way of life.
He wanted a server he could call Home.
He couldn’t find it.
So he made it.
Welcome Home Comrade
MCComrades is a place for people to relax and enjoy themselves.
Any sort of Toxic behavior will NOT be tolerated.

Creative Economy Kitpvp Pvp Roleplay Survival

FNaF Sister Server

Welcome to the Official Sister FNaF Server! We are new and improved and a better FNaF server than ever before! In our server we have replicas of the FNaF maps 1-4, Fredbear’s Family Diner, FNaF Sister Location, the Pizza Simulator, Ultimate Custom Night, and the many spin-offs such as FNaC and TJoC as roleplay maps! We have also an Undertale section to our server for all of those Undertale Fans! But not only do we just have detailed role play maps, we also feature WORKING Factions and PlotMe, and Survival Plots! We are adding more as time goes along, our most recent additions to our server includes Bendy and the Ink Machine roleplay maps and Survival Plots! We have a very hardworking staff team who are always available to help. We hope you enjoy our server! Join us at Also, check out our website at! We are in no way affiliated with Scott Cawthon, the makers of Undertale, or Disney.

Creative Pvp Survival

Candie Coded Minecraft

Server I am building with my 7 year old. We have a few worlds you can claim land in. PVP. Creative, Survival, Furniture, Slimefun, and more

Creative Free


We are a creative Minecraft server where everyone gets operator commands. Its simple, fast, and free.

Creative Factions Prison Skyblock Survival

Aurifex Network

When you join our server you can play these gamemodess:
– Prison
– Factions
– Creative
– Survival
– Skyblock
– KitPvP

Join now.

Creative Economy Faction Pvp Mcmmo Nonraid Other Protection Skyblock Vanilla

LyreCraft Anarchy, Creative, Skyblock and NonRaid Gamemodes

Hello Potential Players,

What you’ll find on our servers:

Mature Staff
An enviroment free of annoying staff.
Ever changing gameplay. You want it then just ask for it.
Solitude. No one is going to bother you on our server.

Available Gamemodes

Non-Raid World

About the Server:

Eleven years ago I roamed from server to server looking for a good place to play. Sadly most of the servers that I joined were either run by immature Admins or fell off the grid after a few weeks. In frustration I started LyreCraft with some of my fraternity brothers. Recently we decided to open our server up to the public. On our server you won’t find immature admins or any of the grief that you will find with most other servers. We are established and fully funded, we’re not going anywhere. We offer three gamemodes to our players (Creative, Skyblock and Non-Raid) So, If you’re looking for an established and mature server then stop on in.

Vanilla Server –

Yours Truely,

UA MC girls only server.

United Angels – Girls Only Minecraft Server No Boys Allowed

Only girls are allowed to play on this Minecraft server because Minecraft servers are place for boys only. (Regeneration is ...
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Girls only Minecraft server

Girls Only Minecraft Server

It’s no secret that all the popular girls play Minewind all night and day. Of course there are also guys ...
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Queen Bee Minecraft server

Minecraft Bee Server

Be careful around bees as they are not always nice and will attack you if you act a fool, or ...
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Piglin Minecraft server

Piglin Minecraft Server

Some thought that pig girls can not be cute, but that’s so far away from the truth. That pig’s crotch ...
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The Donald Anarchy Minecraft Server

The Donald Minecraft Server

Some people can't meme and don't like freedom of speech and freedom of pepes, which is why they want to ...
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BDSM Minecraft Java Server

BDSM Minecraft Java Server

The thing that I find appealing in BDSM is that you get a good deal of autonomy. You’re not a ...
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