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Funiverse Nations Maps | 1.17.1 | Free Build | Dynmap | Small Community

Welcome To Funiverse!
A Group of Creative Builders!
Starting as a small group on Xbox 360 back in 2015 Funiverse has had building at it’s core. Ever since the beginning Funiverse has remained relatively private but with innovations and updates with Minecraft it was decided the best course for Funiverse was as a server. Our server offers newcomers a place to build with fellow builders who find enjoyment in improving their own building skills.

Our Maps:
Free Build World
Everyone who joins immediately gets access to our Free Build World. Here you can claim land for building which also serves to protect your builds. Everyone starts off with 500 blocks to claim and earns 250 every hour played. Those who show interest and trustworthiness towards the server will earn the opportunity to advance towards the next maps listed!

New Funiverse & Vehicle Plots (WIP)
These maps are the next step for Funiverse itself! The goal of Funiverse is to create nations via semi-realistic builds and roleplay. Compete or Cooperate with fellow players working to build the biggest nations in Funiverse!

Legacy Maps
These maps are around for *mostly* historical purpose. Funiverse: Classic is where we started back in 2015 while Funiverse: Alter was our answer to an update on Bedrock Edition which prevented us from playing Classic. Legacy Build World served as a map for us to find potential people to play on the two maps. We keep these three worlds around as a monument to how we got here!

We also have a Dynamic Map for map viewing! It can be found here: Dynmap

Creative Economy Fun Lands Nogrief Pve Ranks Spleef Survival

Bucketry Minecraft 1.17.1 | Survival | Ranks | Lands | mcMMO | Custom Enchants | Economy | Quests

Bucketry Minecraft is a fun and very active survival server! We are looking for more friendly players to join us for a fun no-grief survival experience! If you’re looking for a new survival server to call your home, or perhaps looking to make some new friends, come check us out!

Auction House & Player Driven Economy
Custom enchantments to deck out your gear
No big spawn to learn. Jump right into survival!
Ranks that unlock Features and Rewards!
Engaging and fun Quests, plenty to do when you’re feeling bored! Huge fresh World
Fun minigames such as Mob Arena, Parkour, Hide and Seek, and Spleef
Unique Land Claim System with a lot of options!
No Grief Experience
Active Community & Discord
Very Friendly, Experienced Admins
1) No griefing other player’s belongings.
Destroying blocks, placing lava, water, etc. Any form of modifying someone’s belongings is prohibited.
Stealing from your own land and then leaving it is also not allowed.

2) No advertising servers and irrelevant links.
Do not talk about other servers or products. Self promotion in general.

3) No spamming, cheating and abusing bugs/glitches.
If you find an exploit, report it ASAP.
Prolonging a report when you’ve obviously already taken advantage of it is bannable.
This includes but is not limited to duplication glitches, money glitches, any form of exploits that gives you an absurd amount of items and/or currency within a short amount of time.
Any form of clients that give you an advantage over a player.

4) Modified clients that give you an advantage over other players.
Such as x-ray, blinking, reach hacks, etc. Examples include but are not limited to If you can kill players easily, or find diamonds without even making an effort, it’s a no go. Minimap and waypoint modifications are allowed.

5) Be respectful towards others.
No racism, bigotry, sexism, or slandering of others.
Treat others the way you expect to be treated.
Even the slightest toxicity in mannerisms or in a sense perceived as rude- gradually building, CAN get you banned. Watch your tone, realize this is just a game, and play nice.

6) No massive farms that can potentially lag the server.
Having a large amount of anything that lowers TPS (Mobs, items, etc.)

7) Do not ask for staff positions on the server.
We will decide when to ask the playerbase for staff applications when necessary.

8) No deliberately TP trapping players, or unfair PVP tactics in general.
This includes but is not limited to: player warps, land spawns, and combat logging.


Minecraft Building Sandbox

I am starting a building server, because I want to see what will happen when multiple players collaborate and build things together!

If you grief, you WILL get banned.

Creative Gta Gtainminecraft Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Minigames Network Parkour Prison Pvp Roleplay Rpg Skyblock Skypvp Smp Survival Vanilla

🚀 Quantum Galaxies 🚀 Network | 1.8-1.17 | SMP, Vanilla, Bedwars, SkyPvP, Prison, Skyblock, Parkour, Creative, GTA/RPG

If you’re looking for a friendly community and updated server, Quantum Galaxies is the place to be.
We are currently offering the following gamemodes:

  • Creative
  • SkyPvp
  • Skyblock
  • Prison
  • Parkour
  • Semi-Vanilla
  • 1.17 Survival
  • GTA/RPG CityLife Survival
  • We will be adding updated gamemodes regularly. Join from 1.8 – 1.17

    Server IP:

    Adult Anticheat Bloofmc Bloofxyz Builds Claims Community Create Creative Creativemode Creativeplots Custom Donators Dynmap Edit Flatroom Gamemode Gamemodecreative Largeplots Mature Nolag Online Paid Paidserver Plot Plotclaim Plotme Plots Plotsquared Plotworld Premium Premiumplugins Private Rules Server Showcase Specialperks Whitelist Worldedit Worldediting

    BloofMC – Adult Creative – Creative.Bloof.XYZ


    This server is supervised and has build guidelines in order to preserve it’s integrity.

    See our Discord for more info!

    Server Location: Ashburn VA, USA
    99.9% Up-Time – Online 24/7
    Official Contact: Discord



    BloofMC SkyBlock Server

    BloofMC Creative Server

    Bukkit Community Creative Freebuild Other Paper Plots Spigot Sterreich Survival Tirol Twitch

    The Tyrolean Minecraft server

    Welcome to The Tyrolean Minecraft!

    This is a community server of the Austrian streamer DerTirolerAUT, but everyone is invited to join us and become part of the community. A number of different worlds await you on our server in which you can let off steam.
    There is something for everybody:

    – Spawn: When you come to the server for the first time, you will appear in the spawn for guests. Once there, you will receive a book with the rules.
    There are also signs that introduce you to the server and describe how you can confirm the rules in order to become a member.
    The spawn is the central point of the server, from there you can switch to the different worlds via portals. In the future, some features will be added here, such as a shop, …

    – Survival: As the name suggests, this is our survival world. There you can put your survival skills to the test. If you want a little boost at the beginning, you can equip yourself with the survival kit and get a few important items to start with. / kit survival can be used once every 24 hours. Use GriefPrevention to protect your belongings (info book in the survival kit). PvP is allowed here, but please stay diplomatic – Plot: On the Plot World you can claim a plot and let your imagination run wild in the creative mode. In the plot spawn you can go to the info area
    inform about the most important commands for creating a plot.

    – Creative: This is a creative freebuild world, which means you can build as much and anything as you want, but please follow the rules.

    – More will come later!

    We look forward to your visit to our server!
    If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please feel free to contact our Discord server:
    Have fun mining and crafting, see you!

    Community Contentcreators Creative Events Gaming Nopay2win Survival

    HyruleGamingGroup Public SMP | 1.17.1 | Survival & Creative

    HGG PMC banner

    Welcome to the official HyruleGamingGroup SMP PlanetMinecraft page!

    The HyruleGamingGroup is a tight-knit community offering you exactly what you need as a content creator, artist, gaming enthusiast and more. Community spirit, friendships and teamwork are key to make our community as awesome as it is.

    Our official Minecraft server has now opened up for a second phase, preparing us for the amazing journey 1.17 and the soon to be released 1.18 has set out for us.

    We absolutely do not tolerate any forms of griefing, stealing and disrespect towards community members. If you’re going to do something scummy, you will get the proper punishment.



    Discord invite link:

    We have an active and strong Discord community where we all come together to talk, share art, play games and hang out. While this is what makes our Discord thrive, it is not required for you to get actively involved in all the discussion going on.

    Joining the Discord is however a necessity, as it is required to play on the server, and since it is the only way to report bugs, bad player behaviour and provide feedback/suggestions in #mc-tickets.

    Upon joining our Discord, give yourself the Gaming role by reacting to the Bulbasaur emoji. This will open up the important Minecraft channels for you. Navigate over to #mc-server-info and find @Block Nook

    When you join our Minecraft server, you will be prompted with a four digit code. Send these four numbers to @Block Nook in a DM. The bot will take care of the rest and grant you instant access.

    Are you getting the error message “You are currently not able to join, please contact an administrator.” after finishing the verification process? Contact a @Minecraft Staff member on Discord. You need one of two special roles to get full permanent access to our server, and someone from the administration team will take care of this for you.

    Our verification on our Discord server is manual, meaning it can take a little while before you get access to the server.


    We allow the use of /sethome, /spawn and /warp if one has ever been set. You will never be forced to use these commands and can continue playing the game exactly how you want to!
    Commands like /tpa and /tpahere are not available on our server as we believe natural transportation in some cases make the experience more unique.

    All available commands can be found by typing /help in-game.

    Three major plugins we provide are Better Sleeping, Block Locking and Land Claims. Better Sleeping makes it so that sleeping only has to be done by a small percentage of players to skip the night, and Block Locking allows you to protect your own important blocks such as furnaces, crafting tables and chests from being used/looted. Land Claims allows you to claim your own land and prevent it from getting griefed. Upon spawning, you will get a book teaching you how to use the plugin. A Golden Shovel is used for all land claiming purposes. Unlike most servers, placing a chest doesn’t provide an instant claim!

    On top of that, we run two datapacks from the Vanilla Tweaks pack. One of them that allows you to pose any Armor Stand in any way you wish, and one that lets you harden concrete powder by simply throwing it into a water-filled cauldron.

    If you have any suggestions or features we could add, please create a support ticket in the #mc-tickets channel on Discord.


    No griefing, stealing, exploiting or cheating of any kind.
    Avoid building laggy Redstone builds.
    Mods are allowed (e.g. minimaps, waypoints, etc) – Nothing that gives you an unfair advantage though! (e.g. hacked clients, xray resource packs)
    Using a seperate account as an AFK farm/chunk loader isn’t allowed. You will be kicked and/or banned upon discovery.
    You must be 13 years or older to play on our server.
    No derogatory terms/phrases at all no matter the context.
    Follow Twitch ToS at all times!
    Do not spam sounds/music through the in-game voice chat feature. (Simple Voice Chat)

    Is there someone breaking these rules or being generally unpleasant? Please create a support ticket in #mc-tickets

    Streaming and/or creating video content on our server is allowed, you do not need to ask!


    Our server supports Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, meaning you can join our server through one of your preferred editions of Minecraft.

    Are you playing on Windows 10 or Mobile Edition? Simply enter the IP and Port 25565

    Follow any of the following guides to learn how to join through Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or Playstation 4.

    Nintendo Switch:
    Xbox One:
    Playstation 4:

    This plugin has not been developed by Mojang and is therefore not official. Bugs will occur and a connection to the server may be laggy. This is something out of our control and we can not do anything to fix any of these issues. Please do not create any support tickets regarding these problems.

    Simple Voice Chat

    Our server supports the Simple Voice Chat mod for Fabric. If you want to use proximity voice chat in-game, download the Simple Voice Chat mod for Fabric.

    Please note that the Forge version is currently not supported.

    Abusing this feature by spewing out hate speech, annoying loud sound effects or music (specifically DMCA) will get you banned.

    Airplane Block Bloof Bloofmc Bloofskyblock Challenge Cmi Creative Custom Customislands Dynmap End Guimenus Guishop Iridiumskyblock Islands Map Nether Nolag Other Paper Premiumplugins Private Rosestacker Silvergemini Sky Skyblock Skyworld Strahil Survival Tuinity Vulcan Worldmap

    BloofMC – Adult SkyBlock – SkyBlock.Bloof.XYZ

    SERVER IP: SkyBlock.Bloof.XYZ
    (Don’t include port number)

    This is an Adult SkyBlock Server designed for long-term gameplay


    Server Location: Ashburn VA, USA
    99.9% Up-Time – Online 24/7
    Official Contact: Discord



    BloofMC Survival Server

    BloofMC Creative Server

    Creative Mini Games Parkour Skyblock Skywars Survival


    Zewsmc Romania Minecraft PC Android

    One of the most popular Minecraft PC servers in Romania! We are waiting for you with us!
    Portal: https://Zews.Mymc.Cf
    We have sections such as: Factions, Survival, SkyBlock, Creative, OneBlock, GTA, BedWars, prison, SkyWars, etc.

    Creative Economy Pve Pvp Survival Towny

    ChopeMC Network

    ChopeMC is a Premium Minecraft Server which specializes, but isn’t limited to making a truly unique survival experience for players who are tired and bored of playing vanilla Minecraft.

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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