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𝔂𝓮𝓾𝓱 – Finally, an MC Battle Royale.

We know just what you’ve been waiting for.

May I present:
A Minecraft Battle Royale (UHC) Server.
YEUH is a Minecraft UHC/Battle Royale Server that is dedicated to providing quick & competitive gameplay.
– Dedicated 24/7 Server, so you never have to wonder if we’re up.
– Ultra Hardcore Mode, so you know we don’t mess around.
– 30 Minute Games, so you can hop back in the action ASAP.
– Cast Your Vote for which scenarios you want to play with.

New Scenarios Every Week!

This week’s scenarios:
– No Crafting: (Self explanatory)
– King Midas: Everything turns to gold!
– What’s Yours is Mine: All players share the same inventory!

Warning: Very Competitive Environment. Not for the feint of heart.

Please leave a diamond/vote! We really appreciate it!

If you have any questions/suggestions, please let us know!

See ya there!

Amazing Awesome Economy Mcmmo Mmo Pve Pve Economy Rpg Survival

MCExpansions Plus

Looking for a Minecraft survival experience with MMORPG elements to it? Well look no further!

MCExpansions offers a fun, enjoyable, and friendly experience. Level up your class as you kill monsters and complete quests. You will obtain better gear along your journey to kill bosses and save the village from getting destroyed. Unlock new spells as you level up to more effectively kill mobs and save yourself from sticky situations.

Claim plots and build your base which will be where you reside. You can build whatever you want on plots you have claimed. Build anything from houses, underground bases, disco rooms, farms, and much more! You can even invite other players to your land or parts of your land to build your own little society inside of your land!

You can even do a vanilla experience by simply not choosing a class at the beginning if you really want to!

The possibilities are beyond the horizon with MCExpansions. So why not join and have some fun!

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OnlineCraft | 1.7 – 1.16.2 + Bedrock Edition | Minigames

My name is Mr.Zomka and I’m the owner of the server called OnlineCraft.

It’s a new Minecraft server hosted in Lithuania.

On the server we have BedWars, BedWars Hard, Survival Games, SkyWars, Lucky SkyWars, KitPvP, TNTRun, Hide And Seek, Parkour, Paintball Battle, Build Battle, Village Defense and Hot Potato.

We have a Discord server, active staff and friendly community!

So join OnlineCraft now!

See you on the server! 😉

Amazing Calm Calmcraft Casual Casualsurvival Chill Economy Friendly Fun Good Jobs Lgbt Lgbtfriendly Lgbtq Mcmmo Minecraft New Nice Relaxed Rpg Rpgmmo Slimefun Survival Towny Zen

CalmCraft – Friendly Community | Towny | Economy | Slimefun

CalmCraft is a budding friendly gaming community and serene Minecraft survival server. Our main focus is to provide a place for you to relax and have fun. CalmCraft is not about constant battle and rage, it’s about community and enjoyment. We hope to see you on the server or the forums!

We would also like to note that CalmCraft needs staff as we are brand new and still in the development stage!

CalmCraft Plugins:
– Towny
– Slimefun
– Jobs
– Economy
– Mob Arena

Minecraft Server IP:

116server 1v1 Amazing America Anarchy Awesome Bestserver Community Dunder Enchants English Free Ic2 Iconomy Infected Infinity Islands Items Leigt Minecraft Multiplayer Multiverse Nolag Nopay2win Noranks Quest Quests Quick Ranks Semivanilla Server Small Smp Smplive Spigot Surivival Survival Survivalpvp Swedish Vanilla

Survival ffa —-

A brand NEW 1.16.1 Survival Semi-Vanilla Minecraft server
The server is a BRAND NEW 1.16.1 Survival Server, with the sole purpose of providing an simple and easy way to play the original game with friends. The Game as it is provides endless enjoyment and content for all players alike so why not play together. What are you waiting for? Join us!
──── Getting Started ────
Version: 1.16.1
Family Friendly
──── Features ────
• Player 2 player teleport
• Home teleports
• Weekly giveaways
• Stronger & more mobs
• Balanced Economy
• Player Shops

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Hey TNT-wars fans,

We are happy to announce the rebirth of

We are currently in recruitment phase as we prepare for a soft opening to the public.

We are looking for experienced Moderators, Builders, and Developers.

Applicants need apply @ . You can find the applications under the “More” drop down menu.

Also for those that remember the original server, you may remember that beyond the tnt-wars mini game we also had Missile wars. This game mode is also back, and an exciting new take on a great game mode new to TNT-wars in the near future. Weather you are new to TNT-wars or not please apply if you are interested, enjoy and remember to invite your friends to our discord to keep up dated!

We hope to see you there.

Admin Staff

Amazing Chill Com Custom Looking Prison Server Servers


Everything in this server is absoloutly amazing!

MineChill is constantly being updated with new ideas because we have some of the best developers working on it! You want it, you get it!:D <3333 With an Owner who cares, you'll never be bored. Why don't you join today for the best Prison experience in the whole of minecraft (no joke)

Amazing Best New Opprison Prison Server

PixelatedMC (Builders wanted)

Come have fun on the best Minecraft OP Prison server with custom crates, ore trees, stims, and mines, you can be entertained for hours. Mine in the mines to rankup and become the best miner, or farm stims to sell to the market to become the best farmer. With many ways to play you can stay on and grind for hours! We are also currently looking for builders to help on the server.

4fun Amazing Ararchy Female Girl Girls Marriage Marry Mature Secrets Survival

Girls Only Minecraft Server

It’s no secret that all the popular girls play Minewind all night and day. Of course there are also guys who play all day and all night, but they don’t have the popularity of the girls; they have the popularity of the game.!

Do you think they would play an all day server like Minewind if they weren’t so popular?

Yeah, that’s always a possibility. But of course this is only a theory, and that it could happen isn’t confirmed but still. I hope you all get as crazy as Minewind did when you were kids.

Girls Only Minecraft Server Cafe.

Minewind bakery is just one of the attractions that girls love so much! It is a perfect blend of classic Japanese style bakeries and upscale Asian cuisine such as Cuik. The atmosphere is laid out with oak fired wood cabinets and Japanese wood table upstairs that make for perfect ambiance.

I’m surprised I hadn’t heard this place mentioned anywhere else!! The location itself is pretty great! The spawn is a bit busy (although I can’t complain since it’s open 24/7 surrounded by players with all sorts of PvP skill), but I would say we got a pretty great selection in a pretty reasonable amount of time. The menu is fairly limited, with two cakes and pretty much nothing else. I heard they also used to have different sorts of salads and even tomatoes, including some that you’ll need your own fork to eat.

I will tell you a very important secret, girls really love cakes because they smell awesome and can be perfect for many occasions:

It brings back fond memories of childhood parties
You can design and assemble your own custom cake
It can be an elegant gift for your loved one
It can also be a delicious treat for yourself and others
That it is affordable for all ages
It can be creative for you and your friends.

You can even build your own castle, shape it, add decorations, let it rain, create flying car contraptions, or even nail it to the wall in a large scale sculpture. Everyone has something they want, and everyone loves to make it happen.

Girl baking a cake inside of a Minecraft server where only girls are allowed to play.

Don’t be afraid to ask a cute girl to bake you a cake!

Baking a cake is always a joyful experience, particularly with someone you’ve dated for a while and know well.

You’ve got a great story, and there’s a chance she’s going to be impressed. If you both are, you can take pride in the fact that you both worked together to make a fantastic cake.

You know her cupcakes perfectly, so your reward for her creativity will be the pleasure of hearing her praise you.

Plus, your joyous celebration will become a memory to cherish, leaving a lasting impression on the girls in your life.

Amazing Best Custom Dynamic Economy Efficiency6 Great Jobs Mobarena Sharpness6 Shops Spawn Survival Towny

Steel Craft Survival!

Survival Towny to protect plots, easy jobs, dynamic shop, mob arena for xp and cash, quests, mcmmo, npc shop, ranks by time spent on server but can be done through donations –

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