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Ironforge: Warlords of Defense

Warlords of Forsvar is a norse-style roleplay server. Join or found your own settlements, fortresses, clans or nations. With more interesting combat, new weapons and armour, mythical creatures, region-dependent resources, raider parties roaming the wilderness and more, we believe we have created a more immersive roleplay experience. With less PVP emphasis and more focus on tactics, formation and siege equipment, players join a level playing field. We are open to player inventions within roleplay – items, potions, brews, siege equipment, artefacts – whatever fits the world and your story.

All players must create a character for whitelist, and all players can join in contributing to the growing lore on our wiki. With established foundational lore, players can have an idea of where to start and are free to expand upon the existing lore. All aspects of our worldbuilding – factions, cities, wars, and cultures serve the purpose of roleplay.

WoF allows pillaging and looting in battles. The wilderness (unclaimed lands) are more brutal, where murder, stealing, banditry, and pillaging are allowed.

Forsvar is a brutal land, where warlords and chiefs have dominated the warring peoples for centuries. Once the entire land was united by one Empire, The Empire of Velos. But it would not last. After a tyrannous High King was murdered by his own son, the empire collapsed. The warlords would return to rule their lands and the civilized folk would burn in the ensuing raids. Of these warlords, one was close to reunite Forsvar once again, but as history often rhymes, he was murdered by the treacherous southerners. Now, the Warlords of Forsvar seek to restore the great empire, or forge their own path of glory.

Find out more – join our Discord!

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Gentoria {BETA}

The Founding of Gentoria:

Gentoria is the result of two towny players being constantly starved of that “perfect geopolitical experience.” That was the case until now where the ideal towny server has finally been realized. With blood, sweat, tears, and money the ideal experience has finally begun to be realized and is constantly being built on and improved. 😀

The towny plugin has been modified specially to provide a sense of weakness to all players. No more can you simply hide in your base and it not be griefed you will need to build real defenses because players will kill everyone in your town, burn everything you own, and blow up everything you build and cherish. Why? Why the fuck would we do this?! We did it so you can come back stronger! If you want to have a legacy you must earn it with blood and iron!

Wars have no rules anything goes. Don’t like it? Make a server wide alliance and force your own laws of war on your enemies! Don’t want to have useless allies? Then forge a single empire or raiding horde and make the server your bitch! (we added a modified towny war so expect some changes to pvp 😉 )

Sorry fam but no nether or netherite you are going to need to actually learn to play the game.

Lore is fine just don’t expect me to do a deus ex bs for you. Server lore is epic though and is the only way to get any netherite.



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🌸Azurius Towny Server 🌸

🌸Azurius Towny Survival🌸
We are a small towny survival server with a variety of features. A list of some of our main features is below!

Main Features:
Towns & Nations
Playtime Ranks
Player Shops
Custom Enchantments
Custom Fishing
Auction House
Proximity Voice Chat
Particle Trails
Bedrock and Java Support
and much more!

Come join our server today!

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Hyper Cube Survival (A Hermitcraft inspired server)



HCS is a vanilla based Minecraft server with towns to visit created by our players. We have events during holidays that reward you in the survival server for participating in the event. The server always has the latest version to see all the new features Mojang has to offer.

The server has many features such as one player sleep to get rid of the monsters by skipping the night and many more features to be added in the future.

Base protection is available to you so you can protect your builds from griefers. Our ever expanding community is one thats hard to find. Unlike other minecraft servers we value family which is our player base. This is also a Hermitcraft inspired server with additional features.

We have rules in place to keep disrupting players out and keep the community clean and peaceful.
Enter a world of unknown dangers, lets see what you’re made of.

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Arby’s aka all our food keeps blowing up

We’re chill. We stream.
And we make a lot of meme.

Owned by a plugin developer. Custom town rpg server.

Join our discord:

Buy Arbyeus curly fries now with more bius

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Neon Dynasty SMP (Java & Bedrock Crossplay)

Neon Dynasty SMP
Part of the Neon Dynasty Gaming Community

Neon Dynasty SMP provides you with a friendly community, accepting of all. We have a well established community of over 1000 members on our Discord Server, with Neon Dynasty SMP being the latest edition.

Join our Discord

What our Minecraft server has to offer:

  • Hardcore Survival (more monsters!)
  • MCMMO (skills and levels)
  • Custom seasons! Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter (more info on our Wiki)
  • Quests (even with NPCs)
  • Shops (NPC and player shops)
  • Economy with Jobs (will you be a high-roller?)
  • Towns & Villages (create your own with land protection)
  • Land Protection & Rollback (we’ve got you covered!)
  • Nametags and other cool loot!
  • Active community of over 1000 other gamers! (join our discord)
  • How to Connect:

    Connect via PC

    Minecraft Java Edition
    Multiplayer > Add Server

    Server Address:

    Minecraft Bedrock Edition
    Play > Servers > Scroll down to Additional Servers > Add Server

    Server Address:
    Port: 40138

    Connect via Consoles

    Nintendo Switch
    Follow this YouTube guide.

    Server Address:
    Port: 40138

    Follow this YouTube guide.

    Server Address:
    Port: 40138

    Follow this YouTube guide.

    Server Address:
    Port: 40138

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    Towny Legends

    1.19 Minecraft Towny Survival!
    Welcome to Towny Legends! We offer a quality Minecraft Survival experience, where you can make towns, join multiple jobs, create player shops and player warps, and much more!

    Connect with versions 1.9 – 1.19!

    Vote Rewards, Kits, Player Vaults, and Particles are just a few of the additional perks we have on Towny Legends!

    Hope to see you soon!

    Build Chill Exploration Smp Survival Towns


    Meridian is a small survival Minecraft server with a primary focus on exploration and towny building. We’re mostly just here to chill and have fun. The staff are always building and expanding on new ideas. We may even test a few data packs or mods in the future. Feel free to join us if you want to try something new.

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    Terra Arcana

    Terra Arcana is a geopolitical earth server. We use a 1:500 scale earth map, with many custom features! You can build a town, or even a nation, and conquer real-world locations. Want to become dictator of New York, or president of London? Unite in server spanning empires, and wage war!
    The server runs many highly customized plugins, and features many custom recipes! For example, Bundles and sculk sensors are both obtainable, using just 1.18!
    You can join with 1.18, 1.18.1, or 1.18.2, and all non-cheat clients are allowed.
    Check out the dynmap!

    Join us on discord!


    No hack clients. This is not an anarchy server, and we run a robust anticheat. Cheaters will be banned.

    Don’t harass people, discriminate, or use slurs. Be remotely decent people to each other.
    Breaking this rule can resort in anything between a temp mute and a ban.

    Cursing and vulgar language are still allowed, but have some basic decency, ok?

    Don’t exploit any dupes, glitches, or loopholes. This isn’t to say there are any, but things happen.

    Don’t spam chat, you will be temporarily muted for this.

    Don’t exchange in-game items for real world money.

    No string claiming a town.

    Don’t claim-block a town for longer than one week. If you want to ruin a town, siege them directly.

    Other rules can be viewed in-game using /rules.

    Want a little bit more?
    Premium! It’s not p2w, and premium is mostly a way to support the server. Premium players get access to the following commands:
    +1 extra sethome
    Colored name in chat
    Priority queue
    /nationcolor (for nation leaders)

    As you can see, premium is not p2w. The tp cooldown is quite long, and normal players still have access to tp to normal town spawns via /n spawn.

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    MystiCraft 1.18.2 BETA RELEASE

    MystiCraft BETA 1.18.2

    Welcome to MystiCraft!!! Our goal is to improve the survival Minecraft experience one plugin at a time! This server is brand new and still currently under development, Construction and early access testing. Join now to get a head start on the fun before MystiCrafts full release!

    MystiCraft features a Main towny server that has a RPG style, and is crafted to be slightly more challenging PVE elements than Vanilla Minecraft. The economy is mainly player based and the spawn store features very little but the bare minimums to encourage players to set up shop. There’s lots of Tweaks and the server will be constantly updated daily, changing, balancing, improving, and adding new content. We strive to be a fun Minecraft experience for you and your friends! So suggestions on what you want to see in the server is more than welcome!

    Aurelius Skills
    Magic (Flying brooms, Spells,and lots more!)
    Knocking on doors and double door improvements
    Auction House
    Damage Indicator
    Xp Bottler
    Custom Enchants
    Silk Spawners with upgradeable spawners
    Sitting and crawling
    levelled Mobs
    Custom Mobs and items
    Coin drops
    Bookshelf Storage
    Enhanced beehives
    Sleep – Most
    Activity Tracker
    QuickShop Player stores
    Rentable spawn stores
    Player Warps

    Server is still in development and Will have lots of changes by time its full release.