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🐝 The Colony SMP (Bedrock + Java) [1.19.3] 🐝


The Colony SMP
A 1.19.3 SMP Survival Server [​Bedrock & Java]
IP [​]

Welcome to The Colony, the premier pure vanilla Minecraft server with a twist!

Our server is designed to provide a unique and creative environment for players of all types, from the casual player looking for a place to build and relax, to the creative builder, to the experienced PvP veteran. We offer a variety of features to keep the game interesting and challenging, such as a custom world generator, custom mob spawning, and custom enchants.

The Colony server is hosted on both Bedrock and Java editions, allowing for a wide range of players to join in on the fun. We feature an extensive economy system, with auction houses, custom shops, and player-run businesses. We also have a unique resource management system, where players must manage their resources to get the most out of them.

The Colony server is purely vanilla SMP, with no additional plugins or modifications, making it a great place to experience the true vanilla experience. Despite this, we still offer a unique twist on the classic SMP experience through our custom game mechanics, such as custom mob spawning, custom enchants, and our unique resource management system.

We strive to provide a friendly and welcoming environment to all players, and we have an active team of admins and moderators who are always willing to help out with any questions or issues that may arise.

So what are you waiting for? Join The Colony today and experience a unique and creative twist on the classic Minecraft SMP experience. See you in-game!

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Viacraft is a new minecraft server that strives to be different and make a change in the Minecraft community. We are a public Towny server with a unique FlagWar system to make it exciting yet fair to those who are more casual and want to only build.

Discord: 2gVjPmS6ne


Because this is a new server, I do need staff but please don’t take that as an invitation to troll / staff hunt. This is a professional server with rules and standards which will be enforced.

The following is from
Custom Dimensions (NO MODS REQUIRED):
Sculk (Deep Deep Dark) – If you successfully kill the Warden, it will drop a key that can be used to activate the portal in the center of the city. Upon entering you will end up in a new mysterious world filled with sculk and decayed/corrupted biomes. This is the most dangerous place on the server as sculk sensors and shriekers are everywhere and multiple Wardens can spawn. The little camps and structures around the world have custom mobs in them which can one hit kill you similar to the Warden if you’re not wearing good armor. They’re like the mobs found in mansions but stronger. The air is also toxic in this world and you slowly become “corrupted” which adds negative potion effects to your character. At 70% you will start to die from poison, at 90% you will get withered, at 100% you must die to remove the effects even if you escape back to overworld.

Teleportation, flying, and town claiming are disabled in this world. You must find a naturally spawned portal to return back to overworld. Coordinates in the Sculk world mirror that of the overworld.

Why would anyone want to visit this place? There are some rare items which can only be obtained in the sculk dimension. Special totems which give effects indefinitely similar to beacons (regen, resist, water breathing, etc) as long as you hold it in your hand. A sword which gives you as many hearts as the Warden and a sword which allows you to move really REALLY fast. The sculk dimension is also a great place to hide stuff from other players.

Aether – Making a portal out of glowstone and activating it with a water bucket will send you to a sky dimension.

Super Amplified – A place you can visit to build and see epic mountains and world generation similar to old minecraft farlands.


Gameplay dynamics

  • PvP is enabled everywhere on the server except certain admin claims (like spawn) and home/core chunks, regardless of a town’s settings. All towns only get 1 chunk which has pvp disabled which is the H. This is to encourage castle building.

    Friendly fire pvp is only disabled for members in the same town and not nationwide nor allies. This is to encourage discipline and honor systems between towns within the same nation and allies. As a town misbehaving within a nation can cause them to be kicked from their nation and lose protection on chunks.

    A player may purchase invincibility from PvP for $1M for 24 hours. Useful if you want to be left alone regardless of where you are on the server. Keep in mind that this will NOT work upon visiting admin created special dungeons or certain dimensions. You will not be able to attack any players until the 24 hours has passed. Also does not protect you from mobs.
  • Chests and most storage blocks can be opened regardless of a town’s settings. This is to encourage players to actually protect their stuff instead of leaving it out in the open. Viacraft’s goal is to make gameplay somewhat realistic.
  • Town residents have the ability to fly by typing /tfly by default all town residents have access to this a mayor can disable this though. Allies (and of course enemies and outlaws) do not have /tfly in your town, however mayors and viziers can trust a person with flight in their town. VIA rank, although they have the ability to fly anywhere, they are NOT allowed to fly in towns that aren’t apart of or trusted in. Please report abuse to staff.

    This is to encourage building great things while also maintaining fairness in PvP. As I want walls to be effective and players not be required to put a roof/ceiling on everything.
  • Towns only get 10-20 claim chunks by default and does not change regardless of residents or monetary status. Once a town creates or joins a nation the amount of chunks a town can claim increases substantially; 100 chunks and then increases based on how many residents you have. This is to encourage competitive gameplay as FlagWar does not allow nationless towns to attack or be attacked. Towns can purchase neutrality which makes them invincible to being war flagged for $100K a day. Nations can purchase neutrality for $10M a day, the price is high because this protects ALL towns within the nation regardless if the town itself paid for neutrality. This encourages taxes and grinding/farming.
  • All towns within a nation have wilderness around them protected by about 2-5 chunks. Residents of the town and nation will be able to do stuff within these chunks as normal but outsiders will not be able to do much of anything. This is called NationZone or NZ. Nation capitals will have larger NZ.
  • (…)
    World and dimension borders
    Overworld, Nether, End, and Sculk are 100K by 100K. This will be increased to 1m, 5m, and 10m depending upon the playerbase growth.

    Gameplay Features
    Weapon cooldowns
    Because most people disliked the 1.9 combat update due to this change, Viacraft has restored hit cooldowns back to their pre-1.9 state.

    You can use items like swords and pickaxes in your offhand just like in your dominate hand. Mojang should have done it this way instead, because fighting someone with 2 swords is cool. So Viacraft made it possible.

    Notch Apples
    Enchanted Golden Apples are craftable again on Viacraft with 8 gold blocks. Notch apples are also given a little buff from their default potion effects.

    And much more!

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    Kawhi Survival

    Kawhi Survival is a new survival server, compete for payouts or enjoy the casual playstyle!

    IP –

    Versions – 1.8-1.19 & Bedrock Support

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    Welcome to Vanilli SMP, a semi-vanilla Minecraft server! Our server is built for players who want a balance of vanilla gameplay with added features. We have an active owner/developer who is always working to improve the server. The server features a variety of custom plugins that add new content and gameplay options to the game. Vanilli SMP’s economy system allows players to earn in-game currency through /jobs, and use it to claim chunks, store items in /backpack, and access /tpa and /rtp commands. We have a friendly community and active staff who are always happy to help. Join us now and experience the best of both worlds with our semi-vanilla server!
    Replying to Zeus

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    Oasis Craft

    Welcome to Oasis Craft! Here we have an anti grief survival server, both with a kind community and caring staff. Come join us for a fun time! We take players opinions very seriously as well, join our discord at to stay updated on any announcements/updates we may have!

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    REserv – boxpvp type server with cool mechanics

    good administation
    Cool MechanicsOnly the best playersDaily Eventsstable server[img title=”Значок “Проверено сообществом”” width=16 height=16][/img]

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    Welcome to our semi-op factions Minecraft server! We are excited to offer a unique and engaging gaming experience for players of all skill levels. Our server is designed to strike a balance between player freedom and server protection, allowing for a fun and fair gaming experience.

    One of the main features of our server is the factions plugin, which allows players to create or join a faction and claim land, build and defend their base, and raid other factions for loot. This adds a whole new level of strategy and teamwork to the game, as players must work together to protect their faction and expand their territory.

    In addition to the factions plugin, we also offer semi-op gameplay. This means that players have access to some operator commands, such as the ability to teleport and set home, without the drawbacks of being a full-fledged op. This allows for a more level playing field, as all players have access to certain advantages without giving any one player too much power.

    Another feature of our server is McMMO, which allows players to level up their skills and gain special abilities in combat, mining, and more. This adds an RPG element to the game and gives players something to work towards and strive for.

    We also have a player-driven economy, where players can sell items and earn money. This adds another layer of strategy and decision-making to the game, as players must weigh the cost and benefit of different items and actions.

    Finally, we have custom enchants, which allow players to enchant their equipment with powerful and unique abilities. This adds another layer of customization and strategy to the game, as players must choose the right enchantments to suit their playstyle.

    Overall, our server offers a unique and engaging gaming experience with a balance of player freedom and server protection. We have a dedicated community of players and staff, and we welcome new players to join and become a part of our growing server. So come and join us for some fun and adventure in the world of Minecraft!

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    Mythical Lands

    Mythical Lands is a survival server that features ranks, lands, quests, player based economy, custom items and more.

    ✨ Our focus and intentions:
    Mythical Lands was created as a place to express my creativity and passion for Minecraft.

    My goal is to share that creativity with you while creating a fun and welcoming community.

    We have some quality of life changes and a player driven economy to enhance survival gameplay while staying close to mechanics you know and love.

    You don’t need to grind cash to rank up here. All of our in-game ranks are earned through game activity. There No P2W elements or ranks.

    For more detailed information about custom features and adjustments check out the guides channel in discord.

    🏕️ Some of our main Features Include:
    🔹 In-Game Ranks
    🔹 Land Claims & Grief Prevention
    🔹 Player Based Economy & Shops
    🔹 Cosmetics
    🔹 Playtime Rewards
    🔹 Voting Rewards
    🔹 Crates
    🔹 Auctions
    🔹 Player Vaults
    🔹 Custom Fishing (only during tournaments)
    🔹 No mcMMO, Silk Touch Spawners, or Server Shop.
    🔹 Events, Giveaways, and Custom Items!


    Server IP:
    Current Version: 1.19.3

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    Coöp Survival

    Co-op Survival is a Dutch/Belgian community server!

    Open to both young and older players. Our community has grown considerably since its inception!
    We have now become a large and close-knit community of many different people, a community where your ideas are really listened to and a community where we want to make you as happy as possible!
    Every day we welcome new players, will we see you soon?

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    Bedrock Compatible!
    Port: 19132

    Crater is a server for the community, created by members of the community! Our goal is to create the best server for you with features that you want, the support you expect, and an experience you deserve. We offer not just survival but an immense experience with many different things to do!

    Super In-depth Survival
    – Community Driven Economy
    – Jobs
    – Skills

    – Claims
    – Player Shops
    – Player Warps
    – Auction House
    – Resource World
    – Crates

    We offer so much more than what’s listed! Come check out us out!