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🌎🏛️ WanderlustMC 🏛️🌎
We are a new, in beta Towny Earth server with a unique world era themed ranking system and a ton of custom plugins and features.
On our server we offer you a fun and exciting towny Earth experience with a fresh, brand new 1:2000 scale map, with Rank kits, Towny, Dynmap, McMMO, Jobs, HDB, shops, loot crates, lucky crates, custom recipes, stacking spawners and loads more features in the works.
We invite you to join us on a thrilling adventure as you work your town up from the ancient era all the way to a glorious atomic age.
Plugins installed on server: Towny, Dynmap, McMMO, Kits, Jobs, HDB, Citizens, server shop, crates, stacking spawners, silk spawners, auctions, lottery and a ton more.
Because the server is in beta, our server is not perfect.
There will be bugs, exploits, game breaking issues, etc. and we would appreciate it if you report these things in either our support channel or our beta-feedback channel so we can fix them ASAP.
Things may be wiped, altered or drastically changed and we hope that you bare with us while we attempt to make this server an awesome experience for everyone.
For frequent updates you can join our discord here:

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Crates Custom Free Fun Plugins Pvp Shops Survival Towny

ClassiCraft Towny

Looking for a new Towny server to relax and have fun on? Come check out ClassiCraft Towny for a unique Towny experience. We offer community-focused gameplay with new content being added frequently.

Towny: Create a town yourself or join another town and build your own, unique community. Build up your town, recruit new members, and create your own experience to remember.

Slimefun: Enhance your survival experience with hundreds of new items and recipes to use. Unlock new items and recipes as you play to improve your Towny or personal gameplay.

Rankups: Ascend 25 free rankups as you play, each with its own rewards and benefits. Prestige at the max rank to show off your experience and earn further rewards.

mcMMO: Level up unique skills and increase your personal power to unlock awesome abilities.

Other features:

We hope to see you join the ClassiCraft community for a new Towny experience.


IP –

Website –

Crates Free Ranks Shops Survival


We are very happy to present you our new project that we have been working hard on for the last few weeks, namely our Minecraft Survival Server …

IP :

The server includes the following:

• Residence
• Crates
• Events
• Shop
• Free Ranks
• Friendly Staff
And many more things to be added

Frequently asked questions and answers:

1. Which version of the game is the server running? – On version 1.16.5, supporting lower versions up to 1.8.x.

2. Do I have to buy a game or is it a pirate game? – Both versions of the game allow you to play on the server.

3. When will there be events? – They are still expected to be integrated.

4. Can I become part of the staff and how? – Open a ticket and we will contact you.

For other questions, Addicted Gaming staff will be happy to help

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Crates Custom Discord Free Survival Towny Vanilla


TownySMP is a BRAND NEW 1.16.5 survival with a semi-vanilla RPG experience. Running on a completely dedicated machine, enjoy a lag-free server with a polished feel.

Claim your land using Towny and invite your friends to create thriving cities and nations. Sell basic materials with a command and earn money through Jobs, then trade it away at PlayerShops. Rank-up using ingame money to earn new perks and boosts.

– Custom Rank System with Perks using in-game money
– PlayerEconomy with QuickShop and PWarps
– Jobs & /sell to earn money
– McMMO for an RPG experience
– Towny claim system with no-grief survival
– Crates for voting and voteparty

Dedicated Server Hardware:
– i9-4970k @ 4GHz
– 16GB RAM
– 240GB SSD (NVMe)
– 1Gbps bandwidth


Crates Custom Factions Fun Plugins


SimCraft is a new server with a completely open world. We have factions and more nice plugins.
We have a custom nether that opens daily from 20:00 – 20:30.
We have a custom plugin for vote crates and fun events are hosted by our curated team every week.

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Crates Creative Economy Fun Minigames Plugins Pvp Ranks Shops Survival

Hollowtree 1.16

Enter a whole new world of possibilities.

“Helltree” 1.16 Hard no-grief/non-pvp 30+ plugin survival
“Honeytree” 1.16 Easy no-grief/non-pvp 30+ plugin survival
Open world terrain 1.16 Creative Server
1.15 Bedwars Server
1.16 Minigames Server Coming Soon.

At a glance: Ranks, events, pets crates, op gear and kits, economy, friendly, fun staff, flight, shops, Grief Prevention, Mcmmo, Jobs, auctions, random teleport, towns, much more.

Crates Economy Fun Pvp

Luxily Network

–Ore Gen
– Quests
– PVP, with monetary rewards for top kills every month.
– Crates
– A fully developed economy
– MobCoins
– Island building competitions with REWARDS
– and a fun time.

Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Crates Creative Discord Free Fun Minigames Plugins Pvp Skyblock Survival

Sparkie Skyblock

We are a small community-based server striving to make your Minecraft experience as fun as possible with unique challenging, exciting and special features. We are a small team of 2 with 10+ years of server experience which we are confident in to provide you with the best possible experience.

Our Top Features
– A special Skyblock experience with extra challenges with unique attainable skills and items including crates.
– Multiple Minigames including Skywars, Among Us, Battle PVP and Hunger Games to battle out on to earn some extra rewards.
– A fun Survival experience while also upgrading your global MCMMO skills with attainable crates.
– A WorldEdit enabled Creative world to practice your building skills.
– Plus more which are continually developing and adding.

As owners we will be monitoring the server for any bugs, queries or suggestions you may have for us and our server is full to the brim with plugins that will enhance your experience.

We welcome you to our new server and hope that you will have as much fun as we are having, creating new elements that we can put into the server to enhance your gameplay even more.

If help is needed please feel free to ticket us in-game (/HelpMe), or message us on our community discord.

Thank you again for your support and most importantly we hope you have fun.

The Sparkie Skyblock Team.

Crates Envoys Faction Pvp Factions Koth

Fearless PvP Factions Server 1.8 NL/EN

Fearless PvP is one of the best Minecraft Factions networks with the following features:

1.8 Compatibility
Auction house system
King of the Hill
Capability of destroying obsidian with 4 TNT hits
Custom crates with great rewards
99.99 uptime, lag-free experience with no expense

These are only several of dozens of features on FearlessPvP. We optimize our gameplay to the full extent and keep our players in mind, hope to see you there!


Crates Ingameshops Kingdom Kingdoms Minecraft New Playwithfriends Plugins Pvparena Survival

Minecraft Survival | Kingdom | 1.16.1 | Survivors | Crates | Dutch/English

Welcome to our server

Our server is accessible to Englishmen as well as Dutch

Our server is equipped with nice plugins to make playing more fun.

We made this server to have fun with some friends but we want more people to join so we can create kingdoms and do battles. we hope you will join us so we can have a lot of fun!!

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