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Export Servers

Enjoy a brand-new Minecraft Server with a growing community!


Experience our Survival Multiplayer world with some great additions, including..

Our server supports PVP!
So protect your homes and your valuables, prepare to befriend or make enemies!

Join our mature community today!
We hope to see you on the server.

Economy Farming Farmshops Friendly Rankup Sethome Survival Vanilla

Group Craft

“The Group Craft” Survival server consists of vanilla survival with some extra features!
– sethomes, tpa, rankups, and shops!

Purpose of shops:
The purpose of the shops is to give purpose to farming. You are able to sell your crops at the spawn shop to gain money and rank yourself up!

Ranks are A – H -> Complete
Essentially 8 rankups. As you rankup you gain access to more permissions/commands. For example: Being able to set more homes or the ability to keep XP on death.

Consider playing! We have an awesome small community already and we’re hoping to continue growing!


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Vanilla Vibes

Come vibe with us at Vanilla Vibes. We are a semi-vanilla server that only has a few quality of life or cosmetic changes which are listed below. We allow and encourage pvp and stealing, just no major grief so you can take whatever you want, just don’t destroy someone’s entire house. We aim to have a more mature playerbase (18+) although anyone is welcome. We have staff that are always around and often times in discord voice chat. We have a player based economy just using vanilla items with prices set by the players, no coins or whatever to deal with. We are all just real people who want to hang out and play some games without drama and just have a good time, so come check us out and chill. We recently launched the server and everyone can get a fresh start.

-Arena with keep inventory for fun
-Trading ui plugin to prevent scams
-Better armour stands
-Invisible item frames
-Server wide events
-No Phantoms
-1 sethome

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Green Gem

Green Gem is a Survival Multiplayer server with the following features:

Keep Inventory is ON
Players have the /back command
Phantoms are turned OFF
Players can claim land with a golden shovel
Players can rank up and get new kits
Sand Worms spawn in the Desert (not joking)
We have McMMO – a plugin that adds RPG vibes and skills
We have NEW GEMS players can find while mining
We have PyroMiningPro – an enhanced mining experience
We have NEW FISH players can catch while fishing
We have PyroFishingPro – an enhanced fishing experience
Player Vaults, Player Shops and Player Warps
The owner of Green Gem is active and adds new content often
Our community is friendly, helpful, and awesome
All types of people are welcome – hate is not welcome on Green Gem

Claims Kitstarter Pvp Sethome Survival


The lounge is a basic survival server but with some aspects that stand out as if you are exploring and come across another player you and that player are allowed to pvp and last standing can move on with their journey picking up the loot of the dead player but you may not raid bases but fight in the wilderness, plugins like starterkits land claim and sethome are implemented, nether and end reset monthly, abandoned claims are freegame survive build your base and have fun more plugins mcmmo economy heads coming soon but you can request a head 🙂

Economy Essentials Landclaim Sethome Signshop Survival Towns Warps

Community Craft 2

Come join our community based server, make new friends and enjoy playing minecraft we have many plugins like Land claims, sign shops ,economy and more to make your experience fun!!, come into our server town and build a house, or if you prefer to be a lone wolf venture out and find a good spot to build 🙂

Friendly Friendlypeople Fun Good Plugins Protection Pve Pvp Sethome Spigot Survival Unitedkingdom

Pandemic minecraft.

This is a server with anti griefing measures taken place and plugins it is a fun server made by a couple of friends and we hope the players will really enjoy it. we’re trying to build a community of nice players that can help maintain the server they play on.

Faction Factions Factionserver Factionsurvival Fun Kitpvp Largemap Minebros Rtp Sethome Shops Smp Survival Warp

MineBros Survival/Factions server 1.16

Minecraft 1.16 Survival/Factions server, join and play with the official MineBros! We are an open and fun community.

We have quests for when you get bored, a shop to buy from and a KitPvp arena for whe you get fiesty!

Bedwars Bungee Claims Home Homes Minigames Network Sethome Smp Spherebattles Spigot Survival Tpa Tpaccept Tpahere Waterfall

Time to Battle

TimeToBattle Network!
A land claim based survival server, with a theme of kingdoms. Also features Sphere Battles: a special mini-game based on Bedwars, but with movable spawn points and resources are collected from floating spheres!

Pve Pvp Sethome Shop Survival Tpa


/set homes, /tpa’s, /shop, mcmmo and more!
E-economy and Shopping Area
Java Edition
Season 2 has just started!!!
DM me for Discord and IP

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