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Welcome to PharmLabs Minecraft Server! This is not your typical survival experience, as we have added a variety of features to enhance your gameplay and make it more immersive.

One of the unique aspects of our server is the Jobs system. You can choose from a range of different jobs, such as miner, farmer, fisherman, builder, and more. Each job comes with its own unique set of tasks and rewards. For example, as a miner, you’ll be tasked with collecting various ores and minerals, while as a farmer, you’ll be responsible for growing crops and tending to animals.

In addition to the Jobs system, we have also implemented a Deliveries system. This allows you to deliver items to an npc and receive payment in return. You can use this system to make some extra money.

If you’re looking for something more adventurous, we have Quests that you can undertake. These quests will take you on exciting journeys across the server, where you’ll encounter various challenges and obstacles. Completing quests will reward you with valuable loot and items.

Our server also has a thriving economy, where you can buy and sell items with other players. We have a centralized marketplace where you can browse through various items for sale and purchase them using in-game currency.

In addition to all of these features, we have an active and friendly community of players and staff members who are always willing to help out and answer any questions you may have. So what are you waiting for? Join us Today!

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DawnCraft at PlayCDU Network

– Dozens of Bosses w/ Unique Attack Patterns & Animations
– Hundreds of New Animals and Monsters
– Hundreds of New Structures
– A Complete Quest Line & Custom Built Quest System
– A Unique Reputation System
– A Souls-like Combat System
– Over 200 Custom Picked Mods

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After a long and arduous journey you are now standing on the jetty and looking first over to the tent on your right and then to the stairs that lead up the steep slope. “So this is the twin continent of Kendrail! The place where everything is said to be possible and where some strange forces are at work.”
You go to the tent where you will be addressed directly by the guards. “Hey you, our leader wants to talk to every newcomer. You can find him behind us in the tent.” With these words, the guard pulls the curtain aside and lets you into the tent, where a knight is already looking at you and, after a short conversation, gives you some material.
Surprised that you got something without anything to do, you leave the tent and decide to look around before you head out into the wide world of Kendrail.

Kendrail is a medieval survival RP server where you can settle down and build a house. Yes, yes, you’ve somehow always heard that and it’s always the same anyway… you might think so, but apart from the quests and the RP, Kendrail offers other dangers that have to be overcome. From diseases that affect your animals if you overdo it to world bosses that can only be defeated in larger groups, there is also the problem that you are dealing with an unknown force behind the world bosses.

The server is still in the alpha phase and far from perfect. The project is currently run by a single person who is always happy when someone reports an error. You can find the password in the rules on the Discord.

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🐡 WELCOME TO LePalβ„’ 🐡

🌿 Site Internet :
🌿 Discord Server:


🌿 Current status on server 🌿 –> En Construction
🌿 Server version 🌿 –> 1.17.1 migrating to 1.19.3
🌿 Ressource Pack 🌿 –> Automatic as soon as you arrive on the server
🌿 Server Access 🌿 –> On request from @πŸ»β€β„οΈ | Director


🌼 WHAT IS LePalβ„’:

LePalMC aims to reproduce as faithfully as possible the Amusement and Animal Park Le PAL in Dompierre-sur-Besbre in the Allier in Auvergne-RhΓ΄ne-Alpes. All images, illustrations, and posters featuring the park logo or belonging to the park are used by us for non-profit purposes.

To know more :



Want to be part of the adventure?


All the @🐻 | Team LePalMC is happy to welcome you to this magnificent project, we hope that a first large part of the park will be finished by the end of 2023 in order to make you discover or rediscover the LePAL park.

For any request, please contact @Mister_Chaton

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EndEmpire is a free, essential Minecraft world with minimal play and inventory saving. There you can find various duel modes, as well as pvp and pve (pve – arenas with mobs with a fiber difficulty level). the stone landscape with the absence of hostile plants allows you to create your own oasis and fill your territory with empty plants, animals, houses. Or build your own underground base with secret passages. All resources can be found on a free server – there are merchants in compliance with the requirements of trading and accepting building blocks, decorative blocks, food, armor and weapons. The main currency is diamonds, you can get them for drops from mobs that you can get on spawners near the spawn. Diamonds that can be put in inventory can be put in bank/bank.

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The Ranch

The ranch is a op farming/ranching server. We have custom skill levels and custom farming minions. Level up farm animals because they drop loot now but don’t forget to feed and water them as needed !
Come join a fresh server and get your pick of free open world!

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come join me in an adventurous Minecraft world with custom enchantments with essence to collect from killing mobs to mining block! Jobs are available from fisherman, miner, smiting ,explorer ,hunter, lumber jack , brewing and much more! But that’s not it! Don’t forget to stop at spawn for quests to further your journey! quests can take you from mining stones, cutting trees, to catching fish in buckets to hunting or even taming animals!

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PrimalCraft is a server that will be aiming to recreate the stone/ice age in Minecraft, inspiring from FarCry.
The server is under development and in need of members for a beta test soon.

[+] Clubs and Spears
[+] Wild animals
[+] An ice age map of Central US-CANADA

If this sounds like something you want to play, join the discord server to be informed of any future updates:

Official server domain:
(Coming soon) Beta server IP: play.primalcraft.netο»Ώ

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Welcome to SolaceMC!

If you’re looking for an enhanced survival experience then you’ve found the right server! You’ll never get bored on Solace as there is always something to do; if it’s quests, jobs, mcmmo leveling, going through our ranking system, exploring custom terrain, villages, POI’s, dungeons and much much more! Come on and check us out; you will not be disappointed! One of the coolest things about Solace that most servers don’t have is our Mob Net custom plugin which allows players to catch animals, mobs or entities inside of a net for easy transportation. Very handy when trying to bring villagers back to your home without having to explorer and run into issues when trying to keep them safe! Below are some of the coolest features on the server:

SolaceMC Server features:

  • Economy
  • Ranking System
  • Mob Nets
  • Jobs
  • Quests
  • McMMO
  • Menu GUI
  • Land Claim blocks
  • Custom enchants
  • Player shops
  • Server shop
  • Custom terrain overworld
  • Resource world
  • Bank
  • Spawner shops
  • Playtime rewards
  • Crates
  • Custom heads
  • PVP player heads
  • Player particles
  • dback (teleport to death location)
  • and so much more! Come visit us on the server, we’re developing a very nice and relaxing community experience!

    Server IP:

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    Lost Aerie

    Build a floating base with normal blocks, add a Helm, and you’re on your way! Take your chests, your animals, and your redstone contraptions with you anywhere in the world!
    Development is ongoing, so expect lots of new features and content in the future!
    Get all the details on our discord at