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The Refused

Welcome to our brand new minecraft server, The Refused!

Join our discord here :

We are currently a small community looking for more players to join us.

When you join, make sure to read the entire rules before filling out a whitelist application.

More details to come soon.

Server start date is slated to be 6/20/23

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Lands of Ethelia | 1.19.4 – Survival w/ Dynmap | Lands | Terralith | and more!


Lands of Ethelia is a new SMP built around exploration, building, and roleplay.

Our server is NOT modded, and as such you can join without any prior install on the 1.19.4 Java client.

On our server we bring the works of Stardust Labs to every single dimension, utilizing their datapacks to greatly enhance terrain generation and variety to give our players a breathtaking experience, whether they are building their home, exploring the countryside, or marching an army.

Our server encourages roleplay, specifically between groups of players, and as such our server utlizes the Lands plugin, to not only allow you to claim land and protect it from grief, but also to form nations and interact with other nations. We also encourage building great works of art, whether it be massive castles and medieval cities, or a huge skyscraper, we’ll even showcase awesome builds made on our server on our website!

We have:
Dynmap, Lands, Terralith, Incendium, Nullscape, Continents, Treecapitator, Essentials, CoreProtect, ChestShop, and more!

We want any and all willing hands to come play on our SMP and build it up as one of the greatest experiences for yourself and others, join today!

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The cozy is a newly started SMP (Survival Multiplayer) server that is dedicated to creating a relaxed and pleasant gaming experience for all players. Our primary goal is to promote community, collaboration and fun across our server.

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City Citybuild Deutsch Discord Events German Led Minigame Minigames Multiplay Multiplayer Pvp Smp Survival Multiplayer Teamspeak


A German Minecraft server called Endermoon.

What’s up:
-Survival Multiplayer
-Kit PvP
and much more in the future 😀

Unser DC:
Paste the link later

Unser YT:

Unser TeamSpeak:

— More of me (Bonso08) —
Deutsche Minecraft Discord


Joint We’ll try to do some events and videos too 😉

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Vibe Central SMP | Bedrock + Java Support [NO GRIEF] [NO STEALING] [NO HACKING] – 1.19+

If there are any issues please join the Discord and ping me, I will work on fixing it as soon as possible!
The goal of this server is to bring people together. No matter your skin colour, sexuality, looks, or ethnicity. None of it matters! In this server we all vibe as one and we all just exist as humans!
Da’ Rules
1. Try not to swear, like no hard swears like slurs.
2. Don’t be rude/bully.
3. If anyone asks for help please help them! (Don’t force help upon someone though).
5. We love jokes but please understand when it is not okay.
6. Don’t spam.
7. Follow the rules or you will be banned.
8. Hacking or any other form of cheating will result in a permanent ban.
9. Please do not abuse your rank’s power.
10. Racism and sexism are not tolerated.
11. Please try and speak English, if you can’t see if there’s anyone on the server who can translate what you’re saying
12. I know people do this one a lot but, don’t forget to have fun!

Current WIP:
Voting Plugin

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Minecraft with your friends!

MinecraftNetwork is a Minecraft multiplayer server that connects everyone together! Join us to find out what we are!

(we allow bedrock, java, and any version older 1.20 but younger than 1.7 can join!)

PLEASE GO TO our website <--- here!!!

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Survival Multiplayer, there are no rules I don’t care what you do just be respectful and nice to each other and help advertise so I can make the server better and have it self sustain through donations.

Craftedia Customitems Customshops Customworld Discord Iris Kits Kitsurvival Multiplayer Premium Premiumplugins Smp Staff Survival Survival Multiplayer

Craftedia SMP

What is?

Craftedia SMP is an extension of the “Craftedia” line, it is a Survival Multiplayer server (premium) with crossplay (java and bedrock) for version 1.19.4, it is a public server, that is, anyone can enter the server!.

Java IP:

Bedrock IP:
Port: 8100

You can find more information, such as rules or ticket creation to communicate with the staff through our discord!

Adventure Classic Cross-Play Din End Experience Level Multi Multiplayer Player Release Survival Survival Multiplayer Turned Venture

Envision SMP

Envision SMP – Minecraft Survival Taken to the Next Level
– FULL RELEASE MAY 27TH, 2023 @ 4:00 PM ET

Welcome to the extraordinary world of Envision SMP, where we have turned the classic Minecraft survival multiplayer experience into an unending adventure that you won’t want to miss!