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Fishcraft is a friendly community based from the UK. Though this server started in 2022 our original server began in 2019, after a 12 month hiatus (due to me finishing university and starting a games studio) I have returned!

Multiplayer Smp Survival Vanilla Whitelist

Elevation SMP

Welcome to Elevation SMP!

*Disclaimer: This server is whitelisted in order to better track the people playing on the server. I’m looking for a group of about 30-35 players at the moment to create a “hermitcraft” style sever. Along with that, we are looking for advanced players that can push the limits of survival and be willing to interact with the community

-Random Seed
-No Ranks

Application Questions: Join Discord to apply:

About Yourself:
What do you bring to the server?
Any questions about server?
Pictures of build (At least 2)

*Pictures Required*

Community Discord Faction Pvp Factions Multiplayer Roleplay Semivanilla Smp Survial Survival Vanilla Vanillaserver Youtubers Needed

Apollo Nations smp(read description)

Welcome to Apollo nations smp,
this is a community-run semi-vanilla server
the main goal of this server is to create and rule a mini-empire with limited resources
the world border is set to 25k blocks, which means that you will have to fight nations and small clans for land and power, griefing of buildings will not be allowed, but scavenging items from chests will be allowed due to limited resources
Alliances with other factions and nations will benefit you greatly

Must have discord account and link it to our discord
Must be 13+
Must have a paid Minecraft account, no cracked clients

Staff info: We are hiring staff for any active players that would like to contribute to the moderation

Other questions: for any other questions please message Burpleguy#0001


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Bamboo Network | Survival, Bedwars & More!

Bamboo Network is a multi-purpose Minecraft server featuring many game modes, from Survival all the way to fun minigames such as Bedwars.

Checkout our rules via our website:


Feel free to purchase packages from our online store:

Bamboo Network | Welcome (

Customenchants Customitems Multiplayer Survival

Minetadia Survival

Minetadia is a revolutionary Survival experience that focuses on bringing players together unlike ever before!

Our server is a grief-free and protected area where anyone and everyone can come online and play with others. We strive to provide a custom experience while maintaining the pure survival gameplay.

We have dungeons, custom shops, land claiming and so much more! What are you waiting for?


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| vainilla |

One of the things to note about the game mode is that it does not affect the gameplay
nor the essence of a Vanilla default of Minecraft, although it has things external to a
vanilla, it doesn’t have any non-vanilla default items or enchantments, though
It’s fun to play with friends or alone.

• Market (which will be updated as time goes by)

• Casino where you can try your luck

• Protection System You can protect with Protection blocks!

• VoteParty and a top of weekly votes!

• Events organized by the Staff

| prison |

Did you ever play Prison? Well let me tell you that our Prison is totally
different from what is seen in the other servers, here the difficulty is very high, to get
OP items is difficult and moving forward is even more so (In our discord there is a guide to the modality)

• Jobs (After the ranges E,D,C,B,A you will arrive at conditional where you must choose
one of the 3 jobs there are “Alchemist, Blacksmith, Wizard, Farmer”

• Cells (Here there are no plots, if not cells, which you must rent per day so as not to lose them)

• User Stores (You can create a store to buy or sell items at the price you like)

• Dungeons (There are variety of Dungeons for you to explore)

• Easter Eggs (There are several hidden chests in each warp with special items)

• Black Market (A section in the “C” rank where users create their shops)

• Cities (Each Job, after its 5 ranks, gives you access to its city)

You want to know more? We are waiting for you on the server discord!

Earthforce Multiplayer Server Smp Survival

Earthforce Minecraft Server [Dynmap] [Vanilla /w Grief Prevention] [16+]

Thanks for checking out my post kind Minecrafter!

Earthforce is a longtime community of veteran Minecraft players who love a sense of community, friendship, and longterm server growth. We started in 2015, and built a beautiful vibrant world. We are now back, opening our server up from whitelist to public, with a freshly wiped world (roughly 1 week ago) and we are allowing new members in! All of our current members are between 17-25 so join a mature, levelheaded, fun community!

Our server is basic SMP, but features land claiming with greif prevention, hourly backups, 1000 starter claim blocks, a TOP OF THE LINE SELF HOSTED PRIVATE SERVER. Not some cheap monthly rented server.

We are welcoming anyone and everyone. We currently only have less than 10 members on our new wipe, and would love any long term players who want to build with a community to join our discord and connect!

Please join our discord to connect with members, check out our live server worldmap, take part in giveaways, community events, and more!

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Brand new Better Minecraft (1.16.5) Server

Are you tired of normal boring vanilla servers? Great, because we are a modded server using the modpack “Better Minecraft” containing 300+ mods such as the abyss, The undergarden, Aquaculture 2, Betterend, Upgraded netherite and so much more! We start TODAY and have around 10 prior members on discord and about 5 people playing on the server as of this post. If you do wanna join note that you need a decent pc to run this modpack. It doesn’t include optifine but there are a lot of tutorials on how to add it if you would want to do that. As mentioned, we do have a discord server that you need to join before playing. Hope I see you there!

We also have no dedicated spawn or heavy moderation at the moment, so all gameplay!

118server Building Casual Economy Landclaim Multiplayer Server Smp Survival Terrain Terralith

The Bunker SMP

A casual SMP with utility mods, land claiming, world map and planned economy mods. There is also modded terrain outside of a 5000 block radius.

Feel free to join the server and the discord server

Additional Features:
– Land claiming
– World map
– Teleportation and homes mods
– Utility mods
– Custom terrain and biomes
– Graves
– Timber
– Fast leaf decay
– and much more

Dynamic map:

Planned expansions/improvements:
– Improved spawn area and shopping district
– Overworld and nether highways
- Player shops

Multiplayer Paper Semianarchy Semivanilla Smp Spigot Surival Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

Apollo smp 1.18.2+ new vanilla server!

Welcome to Apollo SMP!
we are a semi-anarchy sever meaning you can steal from people and you can kill them!
We strongly encourage forming groups or enemies with others to spice things up!

We allow all players including those who do not own the full version of Minecraft but have access to a cracked client
We require all players to be linked to our discord
Any issues please contact the owner at Burpleguy#0001 or the co-owner:BaltaHi#9419