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Knibbex | Season IV Survival

Welcome to Knibbex! We’re a nice community of players that want to have fun. We all work together, help one another and are willing to do anything to make you feel welcome! We have some special features and events which you can read more about listed below.

– Leaderboards: Compete with other players for the top slots of our leaderboards.
– Polls: Cast your vote on community decisions, as well as fun polls!
– Challenges: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly challenges given to each player for diamond rewards.
– Titles: Titles that appear under your name, allowing you to show off achievements and special titles.
– Monthly Events: We aim to organise monthly events for and with our players. Popular past events include Sumo, Elytra Courses, and many more.

– Be Respectful: This is a game, we’re all just here to have fun
– No Griefing: Damaging other player’s builds is considered griefing
– No Stealing: If it is not yours, don’t touch it
– Common Sense: Please, just have some common sense

More Info:
– Want to see what we’re like before joining? View our map to look around our world.
– Have a question? Have a look at our FAQs, and if you can’t find your answer, feel free to join our discord and ask.

– Website:
– Map:
– Gallery:
– Discord and Application:

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ImperiumMC Whitelisted Survival

Simple, relaxed, and mature 1.19 whitelisted semi-vanilla. No hollow or confusing gimmicks, no trolls, just Minecraft as it should be. Adults (18+) preferred, minimum 16.

Join our active community on Discord to share your experience with others in voice calls or simply by showing off your latest build in text channels.

Express your creativity, grow your wealth, and purchase much-needed items in the shopping district around spawn.

Donors, test out your ideas with our community superflat creative world, then construct them in survival

Is there /home? Yes, but it only returns you to your spawnpoint/bed
Is there /tpa? No, we prefer to keep a tight-knit community, so long-distance travel will need to be done on nether highways

If you have questions, join the Discord server and ask! We look forward to seeing you!


Easygoing Relaxed Vanilla Whitelisted

Revenge Cove

Revenge Cove is a Vanilla server aimed at serious builders. We aim to provide a space to build and play without added requirements. So you’ll find no demands like needing to have Discord, or be hyper-active in the ‘community’. We prefer to be small so serious builders can use all the space they need.

We ask that you join the Facebook page: and request to be whitelisted. This is where we post anouncements, and we want to briefly see if you’re a ‘real person’, not a griefer with a throwaway account.

The server is hosted in the EU on a dedicated server with fairly beefy specs. (It was a video editing machine before.)

As a whitelisted, with vetting, server we can keep things relaxed with very few rules and limitations. Griefing, stealing, marginalizing behaviour and bullying will get you kicked off. We aim to be a pleasant and accepting space for our LGBTQ+, neurodivergent, friends.

Minors should be supervised by an adult at all times. Mods are often invisible, but not always on. We do not police language or chat topics beyond the rules posted at spawn.

The admin team is highly experienced, but also aims at being hands-off. WE ARE NOT AN ANARCHY SERVER. We simply like to be chill about things.

There are some shops (no player economy, no nonsense) but the currency is cocoa beans, so money does grow on trees.

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🌟 Eventful 🌟 | Survival | Laid back fun |

It’s Playtime!

Eventful is a Survival Minecraft server dedicated to hosting a welcoming player experience.
Courteous staff and friendly players provide laid back gaming sessions that reminisce of simpler times. Event is in our name as holiday celebrations, Festivals, and weekend parties are happening all the time!
Come experience playtime!

+ Land Claim
+ Jobs
+ Player Shops
+ Player Warps
+ 3 Set Homes
+ /back
+ Not P2W

Join now –
Version: 1.18.1

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The Squirtle Squad | Vanilla Survival

Welcome to the Squirtle Squad!

We are a small group of players who enjoy everything survival, our server is fully vanilla with the exception of a handful of vanilla-friendly QoL datapacks (e.g. multiplayer sleep) and a Dynamic Map.

If you’re interested in joining the server, please visit our Discord server below to find out more info, please be aware that there is an application process for this, we do try to get back to all applicants within a few hours though!

The Squirtle Squad | Discord

116server Essentials Relaxed Teleport Vanilla

Pretzel Craft – Vanilla Server

Welcome to Pretzel Craft!

This server is fully vanilla with minor plugins such as being able to set homes and teleport to other players to allow for a more connected community.

We encourage players to come on and have a chill time on the server. There is a discord but it is only given to members of the server who have played for a little while and follow the basic rules of the server. There are no paid memberships or donations on the server.

The owner of the server is Emperor Pretzel and the server is hosted in North America.

We hope you have a fun time!

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Funserver is a Survival server with nice elements. This way you can go out into the wide world and start your own adventure. Save money by fishing, killing fish and monsters or sell stuff in the auction house and collect everything with your hands and tools.

Here is a small impression list of what our FunServer has:

– Minigames
– Earn money by selling products and opening crates
– Fun mods and Fun plugins

Of course we have a lot more to offer, you will discover this when you play on our server!

We were dutch but we are slowly transitioning to English!

Chill Friendly Hermitcraft Mature Relaxed Survival Vanilla Whitelist

GoodTimesMC – Private 18+ mature vanilla Minecraft server!

GoodTimesMC ✨

Who are we?
We are a fresh small community-focused Java vanilla survival server, with an mature audience.
The server is private and you’ll need to fill in an application form and answer some questions in order to join.
Everything we do is completely in survival with no cheaty plugins besides some cosmetic data packs:

near_meCustom armor stands.
near_me Double shulker drops.
near_me Dragon drops.
near_me1 Player sleep.
near_meMob heads.
near_me Hud coordinates.

We have a friendly & mature player base with lots of projects in mind for the future.
Currently we are working on:
near_me Nether hub
near_meShopping district

Apply now!
Join our discord:

Server information:
Version Java 1.16.3.
World size 10.000 x 10.000
Player base 15
Age requirement 18+

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We are a Minecraft Towny server set on a massive amazing looking map with many plugins and a growing community! We try to be better than any other Towny with a focus for less rules more fun! Hope to see you on the server!

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The Squirtle Squad – Vanilla Survival

Welcome to the Squirtle Squad, we are a small group of players that run a Hermitcraft-like server and are looking for mature dedicated players who are interested in joining!

The server is pure vanilla with the exception of a few Vanilla Tweaks datapacks such as multiplayer sleep, crafting tweaks etc. as well as some additional advancements for players to work towards!

If you’re interested in applying please visit the discord server!