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El p^to Dark Souls de los MMORPGs de Minecraft

¿Te imaginas una Dungeon donde pelear contra un Boss Final con tu Espada que tira Rayos Cósmicos mientras tu Healer es tan manco que se mete a Tanquear?
Pues efectivamente, eso es DAK PROJECT, un server MMORPG con decenas de enemigos y mazmorras en las que puedes pelear Por ej: Una calabaza gigante con dos hachas en sus brazos, mobs del among us..

A demás, ¿No estás cansado de siempre jugar lo mismo?

Yo, maxiriumsyt con el título Cazador de dioses, Poseedor de la armadura de tótem inmortal nivel 90 y la espada de la niebla oculta Mítica te invito a pasarte por DAK PROJECT.

A demás, esta semana hacemos evento.. y si te lo preguntas, sí, un evento épico

únete! 1.15.2

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Vip Anarchy [Open-World] [No Rules] [Need Staff]

Join Vip Anarchy today for the most Awesome anarchy Minecraft experience. There are no rules, limited plugins, and a endless open-world to ensure maximum fun! Bring your friends, create a band of brothers, and fight the onslaught of unknown players!

Plugin List

– CleanWarps (Warping plugin where you set your own personal warps!)
– OldCombatMechanics (Lets take the fight back to 1.8.9!)
– McMMo (Build some skills!)
– McTeams (Create a Team and set Headquarters and Rally points! Destroy all others!)

Staff List

-bennessy (Owner)
-FohWohBih (Moderator)

*Looking For More!*

Join Today @!

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ZenithCraft Network

Zenith – the time at which something is most powerful or successful.
So we try our best to be most memorable server in Minecraft community. Most plugins are made by us, systems designed to be user-friendly, understandable and easy to use. Everything is simple and yet, filled with a lot of activities, that won’t allow to be bored in the server.
Our community will help everyone in need, systems designed to get help from support as fast as possible, everything has a structure with clear goal – bring the best experience in the whole network.
So don’t wait anymore, join one of the best Minecraft servers!

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OpVis Network – Survival, PVP, Creative

Welcome to OpVis Gaming!

Whether you are looking for a slow-paced survival with your friends, a creative server to compete in build offs, or a ruthless PVP server with a custom map, we have it all. We are a small server community where we put the players first.

Here are the three main servers we have to offer:
Survival: Slow-pace Minecraft survival with an economy.
Creative: Flat plot world where you can build for fun or take part in our build competitions
PVP: Anything-goes PVP custom map. No claims, no shops, no worries!

Make sure to join our discord!

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Serene Survival

Ip Address:
Hello!! Are you looking for a Survival server based around community, economy, and has features like Towny, Optional-Golden shovel claiming, Enchants plus, fishing tournaments, jobs, player markets, tons of ways to earn money, then unlock commands using that money? Sounds like Serene is the way to go for you!!
Our server is packed full of features, however I’m only going to list some of them here!!- Enchants plus (Lots of extra enchantments to enhance your fun!)- /Back given by default!- Tons of commands to unlock using in-game money!width=350
– Jobs
– Crates
– Progressive Content
– Player Warps
– Player Shops
– Server Shop
– ArtMap
– Enhanced fishing system with tournaments
– Enhanced mining system
– Pets
– Trails
– Multiple cosmetic plugins, unlocked using in-game money
– Lottery
– Gemshop with custom items! Example:
– Timed Effects! Use your in-game money to buy effects!
– Resource World
– Mob catchers
– Towny flight (You can pay in-game money to fly inside your town!!)
– Magic Carpet (You can pay in-game money to unlock a flying carpet!!)

Here at Serene we have so much to offer, and there is so much fun to be had. Bring your friends, bring your family, everybody is welcome. We have the most welcoming community available to the minecraft community. You won’t regret making our home, your home too. I can’t wait to see you online!!!

115server Achievements Antigriefing Auction Bartyrealms Best Crates Custom Customccrates Customized Earth Economy Epic Fun Geopolitical Guishop Item Jobs Landclaim Mcmmo Multiplayer Network Playershops Playervaults Politics Popular Prefixes Pve Rank Ranks Rankup Rankups Server Shops Smp Survival Top Towny Vote Voting

BartyRealms Towny Earth

Come play with us!

IP Address:

Live Map:

Work together to build an empire that will stand the test of time!

Conquer the world — Alone or with others!

BartyRealms is a Minecraft community that has been running for nearly two years now. Over the years, the community has grown around our Minecraft server. The history of BartyRealms is very long, but where
does your chapter begin? Join today and discover a server that has been designed from the ground up to be fun and enjoyable to all players. Whether you want to play by yourself and have a chat with other players or work with a large town to create something truly special — the choice is yours. BartyRealms is run by Extremely experienced professionals who have been doing this for a very long time. You can expect reliability, strong gameplay, a great community, and much more if you decide to join us. There are updates every single day that help make the server even better than it already is. We frequently poll features that players have come up with. The server is completely configured around what our players want and our focus above all else is making sure you have a good time on our server.

We pride ourselves in an extremely balanced player driven economy where the only way to make money is through playing the game effectively. There are many ways to make money on our server, and we consistently monitor the economy to prevent extreme inflation or other unbalanced things. Additionally, we have a load of custom plugins that we develop ourselves to make the experience on our server truly unique.

Main Features:
Earth Map, Playervaults, Achievements, Perks System, Prefix System, mcMMO 2.0, Lottery, ChatGames, Auctions, Cosmetics, Towny, Player Driven Economy, Custom Plugins, and so much more!

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