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SMP Server – Looking for Staff & Players !


SMP Server – Looking for Staff & Players !
SMP Server – Looking for Staff & Players !

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EvolveTogether Kingdoms

New and evolving Minecraft kingdoms server, where you can join or create a kingdom of your own! You may decide to be a hobbit and just survive the elements.
We Have/Will have:
Play economy
rank up with playtime!
and much more!

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Goodgoods Nation

Welcome to Goodgoods Nation, the ultimate semi-vanilla survival Java Minecraft server experience! Our fully custom server is constantly updated with major monthly updates, providing endless opportunities for exploration, adventure, and customization, all while still maintaining a vanilla feel.

Our server features custom terrain in all dimensions, custom claims, and custom enchants, allowing you to truly personalize your gameplay experience. Plus, our shop, auction house, and bank provide convenient ways to manage your resources and items.

But it doesn’t stop there – we also have custom furniture, player warps, mailboxes, recycling, wardrobes, homes, and a wide range of cosmetic options to make your life on the server even more enjoyable. And with jobs, pets, bounties, and quests, there’s always something new to do and explore.

Looking for a bit of competition? You can toggle lifesteal and PVP to suit your preferences, and our random teleport feature adds an element of surprise to your gameplay. Plus, our chat filter helps keep the conversation clean and enjoyable for all.

But the fun doesn’t stop there – we also have a discord server ( where players can connect and socialize with one another, share tips and strategies, and stay up to date with the latest happenings on the server.

With so much to offer, Goodgoods Nation is the ultimate destination for Minecraft enthusiasts looking for a semi-vanilla survival experience with a touch of customization. We can’t wait for you to join us and become a part of our community!

Minecraft Ranks Staff Survival


Welcome to the server!

We are a canada-based public SMP server with a twist.

We have many custom plugins and features for you to enjoy.

We have also hidden lots of discord nitro codes all over the map for YOU to find!

We hope we see you soon 🙂


Versions: 1.19+

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Roman Network | Minigames | Kitmap | Factions Coming Soon | Prisons Coming Soon | Skyblock Coming Soon | Custom Enchantments | Bosses | Events | PvP

Our Server Has Many Features/Gamemodes
That U Can Try Out At:

Current Gamemodes:
Murder Mystery

Gamemodes In Development:
In prison
Sky PvP
& More

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NexoCraft 2.0

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Owner – OriginGamingYT

One of the most important part of any paper, including Descriptions, is your thesis. This should be a single sentence which starts off your description in a way that draws readers (and potential players) in to read the rest of your description while plastering a quick and effective “happy” image of your server into their heads.
A good way to start a thesis is just picture your server in your head and make a sentence starting with “my server is…” don’t give this sentence too much thought you want it to be what comes to mind when you think of your server. For example, lets say the server is a community based survival server where your all about making friends with every player and playing together; your sentence would be something like “my server is a community based survival server with no griefing.” it’s not the actual thesis but its good to build on.
The next step to building a strong thesis is adding a “hook”. This needs to be a way to draw readers in and make them want to read the rest of the description. This means make the thesis something that makes the server sound appealing by using more positive words and highlighting the better aspects of your server. A good thesis should be positive and to the point while not going on too long.

Freindly Staff Survival

Bl0om Sever

Bl0om Server is a Minecraft JAVA server for my discord server, Bloom community.
We are a friendly server and community, we enjoy having new people to hang out with 🙂

Free Mcmmo Minecraft Needstaff Ranks Server Staff Survival Towny

XeonCraft (Vanilla) (MCMMO) (1.19.2)


Brand New 1.19.2 Vanilla Minecraft Server with MCMMO

No ranks, no economy, no donating, just simple Minecraft vanilla survival with mcmmo for an added RPG element.

Join Discord to be Added to Server Whitelist

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Sapphire Network | Home of Sapphire Freebuild

We are a blooming Minecraft server network

Currently we only offer Freebuild as a complete experience

Features of Freebuild include;

– Timed Flight Potion

– Ease of Flight add-ons

– Custom trade economy w/spawn shops

– OP tools

Features of the Sapphire Network Include;

– Discord w/ 2-way server chat channels

– upcoming Bedrock Support

– Upcoming 4hr game servers

– Multi-Client support (V 1.9+)

– NO P2W on any of our server nodes!

Custom Staff Survival Vanilla

Divine/ i need help!

first off i really need help this is a survival network with a custom survival server as werll as a vanilla server we plan to add factions and anarchy we have set up our network to look like one server it shares a chat tab list ranks and a few other things are connected across servers we always update things acording to comunity feed back and you will never have to pay for anything on this server we never accept real money for anything