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ChiliSMP Hermitcraft | Whitelist | No AFK Kick | No Land Claim | Brand New

Enjoy Hermitcraft? Wish to play a server like it? Well we have you covered. Our server provides lag free, no farm limitations survival server without any Pay2Win features nor any land claim. We try to be close to vanilla as possible and if you are looking for a new SMP server to play on then this is 100% the one for you.
What differs us from other SMP servers? Simple we have No AFK limit. Meaning you can AFK at your farms all day and night without being kicked, other servers provide this option with payment. Not here, not us.

Sound interested? Apply Today:

Community Friendly Mcmmo Network Other Skyblock Staff Survival


Vorplex is a community based Minecraft Server Network!

Here at Vorplex, we want everyone to feel safe and secure. Vorplex was originally released in October of 2019 but after issues with ownership changes we were forced to merge with another server, but after that went bust we decided to re-release and run our own server again. We have a dedicated team of staff members to keep our community as friendly as possible!

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Current Gamemodes:

  • Hard Core Survival
  • Planned Gamemodes:

  • Skyblock
  • Eco Survival
  • Prison
  • Categories
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    ZedarMC 1.8+ to 1.16+ – Best Skyblock & PVP experience!

    ZedarMC Network 1.8+ – 1.16+ (Full Release Soon)

    We are currently in pre-server release testing if anyone wants to give a server a go! I will be sure to post images of the server if anybody is interested.

    What do we offer?

    – Best Skyblock experience with so many features!

    – KitPVP with customized kits and more!

    – The perfect 1v1 duels that you need!

    – Seeking for Staff/Youtuber/Twitch streamers to get their own rank!

    – Friendly Staff

    – Skywars in beta!

    Discord ->

    Server IP ->

    Anthersky Duekinkajou4384 Keithcraft Keithcraftjoinjavanet Minecraft Mrdueking Newserver Nopay2win Smp Staff Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival World


    KeithCraft 1.8


    Keithcraft is a Survival Server With:

    Greif Protection

    New World
    No Staff Abuse

    Not Pay2Win
    No Buying Ranks

    Brandnew Community Cow Data Datapack Diamond Diamonds Friends Hermit Hermitcraft Jumbo Minecraft Mumbo Needed New Noafkkick Nolandclaim Nopay2win Noplugins Pack Poa Redstone Shoppingdistrict Shops Smo Smop Smp Spice Staff Survival Vanilla

    SpiceSMP | Hermitcraft | Whitelist | No AFK Kick | No Land Claim | Brand New

    Do you watch Hermitcraft or any other SMP style youtubers? Ever wanted to try out that gameplay? If so this server is here for you. So why us? The answer is pretty simple; there are a lot of SMP servers out there however, majority of those have land claim and pay2win. Not us, not here. We strive ourselves on the main aspects of Minecraft. The grind, the builds, the community and friendships. We have 0 land claim plugins, you are free to roam at will. No pay2win, we do not offer kits for people to purchase. This gives an unfair advantage on others. We like to keep things equal and fair.

    In what ways are we “Semi-Vanilla”? Well we dont have mods and game changing addons, just simple ones to keep things flowing easily and keep players motivated. For example a chat name system based on progress. The more you play and complete the vanilla advancements the higher you are. However, someone at the top tier does not have any advantage over those who are new. Those who work are those who gain.

    Sound interested? We release soon so join the discord and apply now. Have your say in how the server can run. We are a community. Everything is fair.

    Check out our Rules:

    Apply at our Discord:

    Creative Duels Duelspvp Kitpvp Kitpvpserver Minigames Pvp Ranks Skyblock Skywars Staff Streamers Twitch Youtube Youtubers Zedar


    The best competitive server, including KitPVP, Skyblock, Skywars, 1v1 Duels & More! Daily events with massive prizes! Win shoutouts and money! Purchase special ranks from our website and apply for Youtuber + Staff ranks! Versions 1.8+ – 1.16+.

    Economy Friendly Lookingforstaff Pvp Skyblock Staff Staffneeded Staffwanted Survival


    Welcome to NobleSkyblock, the newest, and best, community SkyBlock server! We offer a friendly and dedicated player base filled with staff who love their job and their community. We take pride in listening to our community suggestions and making decisions where everyone gets a vote. Some of the things we offer are:
    1. Caring community – we love our community and will do anything to keep them happy
    2. Not pay-2-win – we will always make sure to keep things fair for everyone
    3. Updated Plugins – NobleSkyblock has the newest and most exclusive plugins and commands for our players to enjoy
    4. Balanced Economy – Our economy here at NobleSkyblock stays balanced and will undergo changes as the server updates and grows to ensure that everything stays fair and fun for our players
    5. Much Much more!

    So what do you say? Come join us, you won’t regret it!

    Adventure Adventuretogether Art Combat Community Communitydriven Communityoriented Creative Exciting Experienced Explore Friendship Modded Modified Mods New Social Staff Survival

    Phoenix MODDED server! Forge! Brand new server! Looking for Mods/Staff

    Brand New server! started mere hours ago! Brand new mods! Our Modded minecraft server is a custom blend of mods found from curseforge website. 100% safe jar files. Easy to connect once u learn how to install mods and forge, straightforward. Game version is 16.3 !!! Mods include new biomes, hundreds of new light sources! over a thousand new blocks, armour and weapons stronger than netherite! coffee ingredients that u can farm/grow yourself that provide OP buffs! Furniture, seats, and any other recommendations since this is a community and we all have a say in how the server progresses and grows.

    Here is the modpack!!!! unzip it to your mods folder, minecraft scans them all before opening. We use FORGE

    dm me, or join our discord for the modpack! as well as instructions and help needed to join the server.

    Bungeecord Classes Faction Pvp Factions Factionserver Factionspvpraiding Familyfriendly Freetoplay Friendly Mcmmo Mysticnetwork Notpaytowin Raiding Ranks Rewards Skyblock Staff Survival Vote


    I hope you are ready to head back in ye olde days with Mystic Network!

    I hope you are ready to head back in ye olde days with Mystic Network. Our server is completely free-to-play, so you’ll never be the underdog Join us Website Server TeamSpeak Twitter MysticNetwork Were hiring If you think you’ve got what it takes, we have staff options for the following Builder Helper YouTuber or Twitch Streamer If you are a YouTuber or a Twitch Streamer, you can apply for the specific ranks Note that you can only have one rank at a time to apply, using the specific rank The Mystic Team

    Join us!
    Twitter: @_MysticNetwork

    // The Mystic Team

    2020server Avatar Avatarthelastairbender Developer Helpers Mod Needstaff Staff Survival Tiktok

    AvatarCity Needs Devolepers

    AvatarCity is a bending server based on the cartoon Avatar the last air bender. We are currently looking for developers. The plugin we use for the bending is Project Cora.

    As a developer you will be adding plugins if that’s needed, do configurations to the bending and make sure all the elements is balanced and make sure the server is always up and running. Age limit 15+ if you are experienced and would like to help us out apply and become a staff member on AvatarCity! If you are looking to become developer Dm me on discord @Nonne19#2003 #2003

    We are also looking for helpers. Helpers will be monitoring the server and make sure everyone is behaving. You will take care of problems so admins can focus on other stuff. To become a helper you should have experience with some basic server commands and be mature. Age limit 15+ Join our avatar city discord and go to apply and submit you application.

    If you have any questions feel free to dm me or join the discord to get help from another staff member. Can’t wait to see you there!


    Tiktok: AvatarCity (47k followers)

    Some pictures from the server

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