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SkyCraftia – Network

SkyCraftia Network – An upcoming Minecraft Network with Prison – Skyblock – Survival – & More!
Jin now to experience our server and have fun interacting with our community.
Actively looking for staff members! Apply in discord

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KyCraft Semi-smp With fun plugin

Server: IP:


Kycraft is a NEW simple minecraft smp server, Where users have freedom to create and make anything, But what makes KyCraft so interesting? well when you kill a mob on our server, you get to morph into that mob, certain mobs have special abilitys which you just right click and you use your special ability, BUT becareful if you die all your morphs go away! more futures coming soon! join now!

WE ALSO NEED STAFF, if you are interested please dm kycoon in the server thank you!

Faction Factions New Oldschool Pvp Staff

MineFury [1.8]

We’re thrilled to welcome you to our Minecraft community! MineFury is an old-school Factions based server working towards a nostalgic feeling of when the gamemode was first released! Whether you remember the golden days or are just starting your journey, you’re in for an incredible experience.

Fresh New Smp Staff Survival Unique


Equality SMP is a small friendly survival server that just released! We aim to provide a classic yet unique survival experince with unique features and twists such as dungeons, races, quests, achievements, and more! Join us for a unique friendly experience!

Useful Links

Server IP –
Website –
Vote –
Store –

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Project Ares III

Project Ares III

This is Project Ares season III, a “gods” vanilla Minecraft server with geopolitical elements. When you join you will be made to select a god that you wish to follow and commit yourself to them according to their values. However this season, the gods have disappeared after the climax of the second season lasting well over half a year. They’re missing without a trace, will you still serve them…?

This is a whitelisted server and you will need to join the Discord / fill out a form to be able to join.

Discord server;

Community Epic Mcmmo Parkour Staff Survival

Obsidian Frontier

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer seeking exciting experiences, Obsidian Frontier offers an unforgettable journey filled with excitement, friendship, and endless possibilities. Join us and embark on an epic adventure today!

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Axify Network | Factions | Prisons | AxePvP

AxifyNetwork is a new server releasing soon with OP factions, OP Prisons, AxePvP, Custom Plugins, Optimised Cannoning, Printer and much much more we are currently looking for staff and for anybody that would like to apply use this link

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QuickLand NetWork

QuickLand is the best minecraft server, not premium. If you are looking for a fun server, without lag and a good staff on the lookout and different from the others? We are looking for people like you who are adventurous and fun who likes to have a good time with friends! We have: Survival 1.12 with Slimefun, Survival OP, Skywars, Ffa, Creative, OneBlock and much more. Join and have fun in this great community.

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sinum network

… SINUM is meaning POCKET.

sinum network is a cobblemon based modded minecraft smp

.. NOTE! the server is still a work in progress! We are still looking for test players, builders, staff, etc!

We have many more mods besides cobblemon… come join us!

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Earlymoon is a semi-vanilla survival multiplayer Minecraft server that is perfect for players of all levels. With a friendly and helpful community, you’ll be sure to find plenty of people to build, explore, and adventure with.

The server is set in a world that is bursting with life. There are lush forests, towering mountains, and vast oceans to explore. You’ll find all sorts of interesting things to discover, from abandoned villages to hidden temples.

If you’re looking for a challenge, you can try your hand at the many vanilla challenges that the server has to offer. These challenges include things like finding all the hidden temples, building the tallest tower, or collecting all the achievements.

And if you just want to relax and enjoy the company of others, you can hang out in the spawn town or chat in the Discord server.

Here are some of the features that make Earlymoon a great place to play Minecraft:

Friendly and helpful community
Active staff team
Large and diverse world