Economy Parkour Pvp Survival


The Philippines Minecraft server of KozmeCraft would like to warmly welcome you to their new semi-survival server. Its providing a minimal, smooth and fun experience gameplay with other cool features such as daily/weekly events, custom enchantments, quest, parkour and more! Come and join us for the adventure of a lifetime! 🙂

Cross-Play Economy Parkour Pvp Survival


SkyMata Is A Java + Bedrock Minecraft Server Just Launched Last Month! Brand New Plugins, Inventive Features And Welcoming Community. Come Move The Ground At Will Or Set A Field Ablaze With Earth & Fire Bending On SkyMata Survival!

Take Over the Economy With PlayerShops and Auction Houses! Come Join Us, We’d Love To Have You.

Bedwars Mini Games Parkour Pvp


Server of lots of minigames like:

Note – This server is in development

Not important – hehehe funny server go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr come play with your friends or find some frieds hehehehehehe

Earth Mcmmo Parkour Survival Towny


Welcome to OrtusMC, the only server where you play as your home country! Gather resources, get powerful, attack enemy nations, become the most powerful country on Earth.

We offer:
▪ Custom enchantments
▪ Voting
▪ Earth Map
▪ Towny
▪ Live map
▪ Much, much more!


Ink is a bridging server on 1.8.9. It has tons of modes to choose from! Examples: Short, Extrashort, Long, Onestack, etc.

Join now!

Economy Event Magic Minigames Parkour Pve Pvp Residence Rpg Survival

Endless story

Endless story

• The server was created for players who love this game. That’s why I decided to make something unique and balanced, where every player can find what they love about Minecraft. at the same time, based on many years of experience, we give it a special touch together.

• We focus primarily on quality gaming together with friends and family and at the same time on the safety of players, property and the entire server for a satisfied community.

• There is classic Survival, with an almost infinite map. There is a fully developed economy, complemented by several special methods for obtaining rewards. The whole game mechanics of the game itself is changed to several different skill levels of all kinds. There are monsters adapted for this with corresponding difficulty than in the original game. There are ready-made custom charms that everyone will be very happy to try. There is a lot of entertainment prepared here, which will never get boring, and you have to discover the main charm of the whole server yourself :3

• The life stories of each of us unfold every day, let’s share them together and create one big one that will have no end. We are looking forward to seeing you o/


Creative Factions Minigames Parkour Plots Quests Skyblock Survival Survivalgames


V3XCRAFT — Survival, Skyblock, Creative Plots, Factions, Minigames,
Parkour, and more coming soon!

Join us in building our community and take part in the epic gaming adventure that V3X stands for!

Economy Parkour Survival Vanilla

Kozme Craft

A New Semi-Survival Server, maintaining smooth gameplay experience.
We offer some Premium Feature of some VIP contents to our anti pay to win server.
and Preserve player progression throughout the days, months and year to pass by.
We warmly Welcome you, Join us! for a simple semi-survival experience

Mini Games Parkour Pvp Roleplay Survival


We are a cracked Battle Box minigame server from MCC (Mine Craft Championships)
Version 1.16.5

Economy Mini Games Parkour Pvp Skyblock Survival Vanilla

OpLand Network v2

OpLand Network v2 is a redesigned OpLand Network project.
In the past, OpLand Network focused only on OpSurvival, but that is not the case here.

OpLand Network v2 offers:
* OpSurvival – survival, but in the OP version, designed for creativity in the world.
* OpSkyblock – skyblock, but in the OP version, designed for the crativity of building on islands.
* OpBoxfight – boxfight, but in the OP aspect.

* – Java 1.13 – 1.19.