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Literally the best Minecraft server for builders and anarchists, we have:
256×256 plots
free worledit and voxelsniper
uncapped merge size
12 plots per normal user
fairly priced ranks
planned building events
ability to browse plots
…and more!

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SurvivalCraft Survival and Skyblock

Hey guys,
if youre looking for a quiet survival or skyblock server with a few cool plugins such as mcmmo, vote rewards, silkspawners and a very friendly community, join ! Any questions you can hit me up, we look forward to maybe seeing you :DD SurvivalCraft is a small, friendly community that has been up for just under 5 months. During these 5 months, we have expanded our survival server and have recently added a new skyblock game mode too! With just one command, you can easily switch from server to server! With our friendly and chatty players, you are guaranteed to enjoy your time on either server. Both servers have plugins, such as SilkSpawners, McMMO and LWC which adds some spice to your gameplay here and ensures the protection of your chests, spawners and other items. We also have a custom ticket plugin which will ensure that any problem, grief or glitch will be handled with by our dedicated and friendly staff, which will act on any requests as soon as they possibly can. On our survival server, we have many friendly players with many of them working together and are willing to help out when you need them. Here, we don’t use claims, but anything that is griefed will be rolled back by our mods straight away with no hassle. Although PvP is off for most of the world, you can venture to our new PvP arena to fight with your friends or other players. On our server, there’s many player warps that you can visit, like our casino, our maze and many more .

There is a steady economy here, with the player run auction house and the server shop. Making money is easy, simply sell some items or receive it from our vote crates (if you’re lucky)! Many other great prizes can be received from our crates, with keys easily obtained by voting! Also, rewards can be received by our in-game playtime ranks, or our donator ranks which help keep the upkeep and expansion of the server. Our brand-new Skyblock server also has similar qualities to our survival server, it has helpful, active staff and players and the same plugins and valuable voting rewards as our survival. Here is the ideal place to start a Skyblock and team with up to 6 other players! With many island challenges to complete, Skyblock won’t get boring anytime soon!!Both servers are frequently updated with new software and plugins to ensure smooth gameplay at all times, with an impressive 99% uptime. You can join our discord server too, with a memes page for some laughs, a support channel for any problems you may have, a suggestion channel for your ideas and some chat channels for you to talk with other players from around the globe! We have many international players, but only English is spoken in chat.

You are guaranteed to enjoy your time on our server,
we hope to maybe see you soon!

– Wietse
– SurvivalCraft Owner

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A command block server that only contains the most necessary plugins. All mini-games are made up of command blocks ONLY.
Our advertising text:
You like a server that does not consist of plugins but only has a few plugins so that the server does not break, e.g. a chat filter? A server made up of command blocks? then is exactly the right thing!
Play alone or with your friends in PvE against monsters, exciting duels in BedWars or who can destroy obsidian in SafeTheObsi earlier?
Who will fall first in TNT-Run, who will get the most kills in One-Hit? Or who knocks down most of them in KnockIt? Or practice for BedWars in MLGRush. Or glide with elytres. Explore the city, find jobs and items, sell items or do you prefer to play GunGame or KitPvP? Or love looking for a BuildFFA like game mode? Entirely up to you. Join now on!

Kitpvp Mini Games Parkour


Enjoy it for free you can design things to play murder (: you can buy levels and get more approaches

Parkour Pve Pvp


This is a Minecraft server called “PvPne”. You can join by using our IP adress: “”. It is a Minehut server, so you can also join “” and run “/join PvPne” (also do that if server is offline). Our server is a server type called “Mine-PvP”.

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FlyingCow MC

FlyingCow minecraft server is a minigame, survival and creative server. We have a lot of minigames and fun cosmetics and other stuff to have fun with. You can also win the KING of the month! We are also recruiting staff members at So if you are interested, don’t hesitate to hop in with us! Server IP:

Factions Parkour Pvp Raiding Vanilla

ObsidiaPvP Factions

Welcome to the beta of ObsidiaPvP! ObsidiaPvP offers a competitive yet genuine factions experience while allowing you to avoid pay-to-win servers or rude and unhelpful staff. ObsidiaPvP features a very rewarding pvp system with frequent koths, envoys,and pvp events. Cannoning is also highly encouraged as schematica and printer are both allowed and we host weekly raid events for in-game prizes. ObsidiaPvP also features a very in-depth factions tutorial for less experienced factions players as well a clear list of all important factions commands and features specific to the server for the more skillful factions players. Some of these factions features include genbuckets, custom enchants, sell wands, void chests, crop hoppers, custom mob drops, and much more. Join the beta now to compete to be the richest, most powerful, or simply to join our new and friendly community. Join our discord!

Factions Kitpvp Mini Games Parkour Pvp Skywars Survival

ArsenalMC / OPServer

Hosting many events, ArsenalMC / OPServer is a fully fledged minecraft server with favorite gamemodes like skywars, parkour and factions! We are always taking suggestions and there is current work and active maintenance! However despite not being 24/7, Join the discord for notifications for when the server is up or down for maintenance.

Economy Factions Kitpvp Parkour Pvp Survival


A fun and exciting Minecraft server. DarkLandsMC is a amazing faction server with a fantastic community. We implements features almost daily and strive to make are server great. We would love if you would consider joining are comunity. Have a great day.

Parkour Survival Survival Games Vanilla

Kingdom MC

Kingdom MC is part of a wider gaming community that lives in the Kingdom discord. Managed with the community in mind, join us for weekly events run by the mod team, a constantly growing selection of minigames, and simple survival fun. Join the discord to get whitelisted!

-An active survival community
-Weekly community events
-Parkour maps (Coming soon!)
-Survival Games (Coming soon!)

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