Bedwars Creative Parkour Survival

ToastMan Craft

ToastManMC – This Minecraft server is allowed Cracked players from TLauncher, for 1.8.9 or others versions.

Mini games:

Bedwars – Offline
Survival – Online
Parkour – Online
Creative – Offline

Disclaimer! This Server is used from Aternos! Please be pacient, If this server is offline, This server will add Plugin, Owner is Sleeping, Fixing Issues, etc.

Kitpvp Mcmmo Mini Games Parkour Pvp Survival Survival Games


AlphaLands is a server that consists of many gamemodes such as KitPvP, Practice, Training, Survival, Events and The Bridge.

We always want to grow a friendly environment for anyone to play, we also are always looking for new staff so please apply in our Discord!
Have fun 😀

Economy Parkour Skyblock Survival


==ConqueCraft Network==

IP Java :
Port Java : 19132

==For More Info==

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●▬๑۩ FIVEWORLDS ۩๑▬●

Geyser server compatible with Java 1.8-1.19 and Bedrock 1.19.1!
We are a community that seeks to form experiences, fun, friendships and with which we will always be promoting harmony between users, and thus maintain warmth in our family. Our purpose is to be improving every day through your help, be part of us!
We offer:
Survival con Jobs y Quests!
End y Nether!
RPG style dungeon world full of custom dungeons, items and mobs!
Parkour, Races and Events!
Pvp and colosseum!
And above all… an open and inclusive community!

IP Java=
IP Bedrock= ip: puerto: 25570

Kitpvp Parkour Pvp Survival Survival Games


Hi, We are 10SiuCraft, a new Minecraft Server 1.8 – 1.17.1, you can have fun and meet many friends and start your adventure in this world.
-Survival with Ranks, Bosses, Jobs, Item Auctions, Chests with gifts per day, 10SiuCraft Stores or create your store and sell your items.
-PVP PRO: Become the best on the server and reach the top of the TOP PVP list receive gifts.
-Super fun Parkour win prizes if you manage to complete it.


Economy Factions Mcmmo Parkour Pvp Raiding Towny

PLA Network

Welcome to the PLA Network!

We are a Minecraft server which mainly focusses on the game mode Factions! We are a NON P2W server! As of now, we have a competitive factions gamemode, towny gamemode and classic factions gamemode!

Competitive factions is a gamemode where you need to become the richest on the server. You can play alone or with friends. Keep in mind, this is competitive factions! This means that some of the richest factions will receive a payout at the end of the map. The competitive factions server is run on a 1.8 server and uses the old combat system. We have tried it to keep it as old school as possible, which means the main way to raid a base is using creeper eggs, withers or vanilla cannons. The server is still highly customized and yet kept simple. We want everyone to have a good experience playing competitive factions so we work as hard as we can to satisfy the players and to give you a good experience.

Towny is a more relaxed gamemode where you and your friends built a town. There is no griefing or raiding in this gamemode. It’s just you, your blocks and your town! We can’t wait to see all the creativity!

And last but not least, classic factions is for those who want to play factions on 1.19. This gamemode is also a bit relaxing as griefing is not allowed, but raiding is. For those who don’t like competitive factions!

I’m sure you’ll find a gamemode which you’ll like! Make sure to give us a chance, you will not regret this!

Bedwars Economy Lifesteal Parkour Pvp Skyblock Survival


The FunlandMC Minecraft server community is very kind and our staff are always here for you, no matter what. We have a ton of very fun game modes for you to play. The server is currently hosted in Pakistan and has a great connection with a good ping, so you can play without any lag at all!

» The server version is 1.8 through 1.19+.

» Or survival is a peaceful place for you and your friends to have fun and vibe!

»Currently We have Survival , LifeSteal Released. More Coming Soon

» Experience the true feel of a Survival network and play various gamemode like Bedwars , Skywars etc.!

» Join Our Discord

» Have an awesome gameplay with friends, claims balanced economy, teams , lifesteal and many more. Join Now

Parkour Survival


Hello! Do you like parkour? You’ve come to the right place! We have all kinds of parkour here! You can also play SMP in the server!

Bedwars Creative Kitpvp Parkour Skyblock Skywars Survival


plexhut official minecraft server 1.9-1.19 support, 8 gamemodes, coming late 2022/early 2023, website coming soon, special gamemode aka plexhut city coming at somepoint.

Economy Factions Kitpvp Mini Games Parkour Pvp Survival

Cherub MC

A diverse multiplayer server including your favourite gamemodes such as Parkour, KitPvP and SMP. We have built an active and friendly community that you can be a part of so be sure to join today! We are constantly updating so be sure to leave any suggestions on the discord! [1.8 – Latest Release] – Proudly partnered with MorbCoin ©