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SG-Network 2.0

Hi There Welcome To SG-NETWORK
This is The Only Minecraft Server To Provide 6+ Game modes + Cross play (Java + Bedrock)In India

port: 28435

Game modes We Provide:
-Survival 1
-Survival 2
-Village Defence
-TNT Run
-Murder Mestry
-SkyWars (Coming On Fall 2021)

Kitpvp Mini Games Parkour Pvp


PCNetwork is a brand new mini-game server, play mini-games, earn coins, and UPGRADE YOUR PC TO THE MAX!


Creative Economy Factions Parkour Raiding Skyblock Survival


A new server created by me and my friend!

We have Skyblock, Factions, Dirt Survival and Creative! At the Hub we have gadgets to unlock and play with!
We have forums and an online shop that isn’t pay to win!
Check out Obama Gaming and Harobrane on Youtube and join today!

Economy Mcmmo Parkour Roleplay Survival Towny Vanilla

Rituals of MC

You wake up days after the tragic loss of your crew and only memories of the horrible night as the waves made by the storm sunk your beloved ship. You raise up as you notice a few tools being washed up with you and a diary of your friend who was lost in the shipwrecks. The diary reads from the night before that his story might end here, but that yours is only the beginning of a new adventure. This adventure begins on the Castaway island, your spawn area and safespot. Explore it to find teleports to the wild and nether where you can find resources and start building your base. Fight your way up to MCMMO top!

With our extended plugins such as pyrofishing, you can also have extra fun fishing! Buy keys to open our ritualistic crates, do quests asked by the one and only Gordon Ramsey and get freeranks by voting or buy a rank! Our server has fun extras like funwarps, realistic door knock and extra furniture like TV, PC’s, refrigerator, washing machine and so on! And a mobarena you can enter at your own risk! Good luck stranded creature..

Parkour Pvp Survival


Join OGNation to play survival with your friends! Giving away 5 FREE VIP ranks to the first players 🙂 This will help you get started in survival. We just want a chill server you can hop on to play survival with friends. IP:


Creative Kitpvp Mini Games Parkour Pvp Skyblock Skywars


Yt smp is big network
Many games
Like bedwars,skywars,survival,arcade,hide&seek,bridge,kitpvp,more games
Made by Rounak dadsena,Babaji,bossy,gokul,killermen,darkstar

Parkour Pvp


VikingZ // PvP
– Simple Pvp
– OpPvp
– Parkour
Hello! Welcome to VikingZ||PvP the server is still in beta so everyhing might not be perfect yet. Im still working on it and making some final touches feel free to join us at anytime!

Looking for staff such as Builders, mods and even admins to look after the server while im not available just send me DM on Discord if you are interested!!

Factions Kitpvp Mini Games Parkour Pvp Skyblock Skywars


The AgentMC Server Network is a network of Minecraft servers created by Agent Squad Productions. The hope for it is to take over the Minecraft server world, and to do this we want to offer the best experience for players 24/7.

Creative Kitpvp Mcmmo Mini Games Parkour Survival Survival Games


NebulaNetworks Is a Minecraft Networks with great gamemodes and NO LAG. Unlike most starting servers we do not use plugins like multiverse to get more worlds in a single server. We have dedicated servers for all gamemodes causing close to no lag. We have a amazing community of Minecraft players who all love NebulaNetworks. Join our discord server today!

Economy Mini Games Parkour Pve


The Server has 1 minigame.

DeadMonster Game:
DeadMonster Game is a game where you can kill zombies and other monsters to get money wtih money you can buy special items, upgrades and much more!
The game a few bosses:
The Zombie King
The Bee King
The Sport Teacher
The King

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