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RespawnMC – Towny Earth, Slimefun, Skyblock, Skygrid, Survival, Parkour

RespawnMC is your stop for the most unique takes on traditional Minecraft multiplayer. We feature various game modes for you to enjoy and play, alone or with friends!

Our survival server offers the best of vanilla Minecraft with a twist. Slimefun adds modded features to the game without you needed to download any mods at all! With features like upgraded crafting, radioactive materials, jetpacks, backpacks, custom trees, custom foods, and a lot more, you’re not going to get bored.

We feature multiple popular parkour maps from various map designers. We’ve seamlessly converted them into a multiplayer format so its easy for you to just log in and play without needing to download any mods!

Our Creative server offers the creative game mode in very large plots for you to build in. Creative has both superflat, as well as vanilla plots, so you can either start from scratch, or build on top of a pre-existing mountain!

Vote Rewards
Our vote site is super easy to navigate with a tabbed menu, so we can help you help us by supporting the server and voting for us on various Minecraft topsites!

Lobby Cosmetics
We feature a treasure spawning system. Everything you play a game on the server or complete a parkour map, you receive coins which you can use to purchase cosmetics that are visible in all lobbies serverwide!

This is merely scratching the surface, join us at the IP above to explore more!