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PLEASE LOG IN💋PLANES💋1.18 – 1.20💋/free Minecraft server

zhmurkov 1.18 – 1.20.x BE

— Survival

— Vulture

— Casino

— Business

— Kind admins

— Many players

— Honest donation

— No lags

— Cool server

— Netherite armor

IP –

PORT – 19132

/free – will give VIP forever


VK group:

Anarchy Discord Free Raiding Rules Survival Vanilla

The Graveyard

Are you looking to play Minecraft without any rules and limits? Look no further than The Graveyard, an Anarchy Minecraft server that sticks close to the vanilla experience while allowing you to run wild.

Build awesome stuff with your friends. With free hack clients – like Wurst – you’ll surpass the limits of survival in minutes.
Unlike many other Anarchy servers, flying is not blocked on The Graveyard.
Go base hunting and raiding with your buddies. The admins won’t be looking over your shoulders.
Destroy the spawn area. Exploit all the dupes. Run wild with Minecraft botting.

Anything is possible and everything is allowed. Join the chaos at
Drop by our Discord sometime:

The Graveyard is currently on version 1.19.4, with plans to upgrade to 1.20.x.

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VictusNetwork – Your Minecraft Haven | Survival | Creative

Welcome to VictusNetwork – Unleash the Adventure!

🚀 Version: 1.20.2
🎮 Gamemodes: Survival and Creative

At VictusNetwork, we are dedicated to providing the ultimate Minecraft experience for players of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a creative genius, our server offers a unique blend of Survival and Creative modes to cater to your every Minecraft desire.

🌐 Connect with Us:

  • Twitter: @VictusNetwork
  • TikTok: VictusNetwork
  • ✨ Server Features:

  • Version 1.20.2 support for the latest content
  • Engaging and challenging Survival mode
  • Creative mode for unleashing your imagination
  • Constant updates and improvements for an ever-evolving world
  • Ambitious team dedicated to the best player experience
  • 🛠️ We’re Hiring!
    As we gear up for our grand opening, VictusNetwork is actively seeking passionate and talented individuals to join our staff. If you have a love for Minecraft and want to be part of a growing community, apply today!

    🌐 Server IP: play.victusnetwork

    🎉 Join the Adventure!
    VictusNetwork is not just a server; it’s a community of players who share the love for Minecraft. Join us on our journey to create something extraordinary. The adventure begins soon – stay tuned!


    ZMSTUDIO .. BEST GRIEF SERVER Free case reward server Minecraft

    The owner of the server “ZMSTUDIO .. BEST GRIEF SERVER Free reward case” has not yet added a description. If this is your server, add a description to it in your personal account.

    Free Pvp Survival

    ❤️ BunnyCraft ❤️ FREE DONATION! ✨ 1.1.x-1.14.x Minecraft server

    The most popular survival server in the CIS – BunnyCraft!

    •Server lobby:


    •Site with privileges:

    Why should you choose our server? We can please you:
    1) Your PVP arena
    2) Interesting quests
    3) Possibility to organize a wedding
    4) Creating your own clan
    5) Adequate, responsive administrators
    6) Good auto-donation
    7) Store
    8) SkyWars
    9) Clicker
    10) Bank robbery
    11) Opportunity to buy a raincoat!
    And that’s not all our advantages over other servers! We have servers from 0.15 to 1.1.9 versions.

    • 19136
    >>Version 0.15.0-0.15.10

    • 19135
    >>Version 1.0.5-1.0.9

    • 19131
    >>Version 1.1-1.1.9

    Waiting for you!

    Discord Free Fun Plugins Russian

    Sichevalsk Minecraft server

    Cozy server without donation. Agree, you are probably already tired of the same type of projects with a bunch of useless advertising for the purchase of another donation case. Sychevalsk is an honest server where you play for fun and a good time. This is a non-profit project for good people. Vulture, boorish behavior and other things that make the server alive and realistic are allowed. When creating this wonderful place, the administration was inspired by such projects as 2b2t, 9b9t, Russian-language karasique and other Anarchic servers, where the player is absolutely free in his actions. Private is allowed within ten thousand coordinates from spawn, the size of the entire map is 30k by 30k, the rest of the worlds are 10k. We maintain stable tps and have a minimum number of plugins for maximum performance. At the moment, the entire community is in the game itself and on discord. With us you have the most valuable thing in this life – freedom. If you want, build beautiful buildings and cool factories, if you want, find and destroy other people’s houses, kill newcomers at spawn, show your dark side. No one and nothing is holding you back, show your true self. We welcome every new player to the server and it seems to me that this is a great reason to come in and build your own world. Welcome. Again.


    ZMSTUDIO .. BEST GRIEF SERVER Free case reward server Minecraft

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    Discord Free Plugins

    DristMine Minecraft server

    Our (no, yours!) free server is guaranteed to be paradise, and here are the main reasons why:

    – The server is reliable, like a Swiss watch: it is more than a year old, and I personally guarantee that it will live at least 10 years without a single wipe and with updates to the current version.

    – There are 3 agreements on the server – each player has the right to freedom of speech, the safety of their buildings and resources, as well as to become a “moderator”, i.e. for those who add players to the whitelist. They didn’t exist before, but thanks to them you can relax and be sure that you are protected

    – Don’t let the community’s expectations be deceived: we may seem rude and strange, but in fact the server has such a long history that it has long been overgrown with local memes and tricks. I’m sure no one will be left out of the jokes about the potter, Great Crocodiles, quotes from our great people and the sacred emoticon meme?

    – The risks of any instability and breakdowns are minimized: the server is located on the founder’s own computer, capable of supporting several hundred players, before adding plugins, a billion backups are made, backups are, in principle, made several times a day and stored on 3 drives simultaneously

    – The server was created for you, not for the admin: not a penny was earned from the server and no one is obliged to obey the admin. The admin is an ordinary player who couldn’t find a good server, so he created it himself

    – Absolute freedom of everything: if you want a warehouse for 10,000 chests – why not? A farm worth a million loot per hour – please! Make a joke on your friend – if you are sure that he will not give you bream, you can at least install cheats for the sake of prank! I want to arrange the latter myself, by the way, this has never happened before

    The server is available in both Java (License!) and Bedrock.

    Discord server (there are events with prizes!) –

    Free Survival

    ..X-..X InfinityPlay ..X-..X Updated survival free donation free server Minecraft

    The owner of the server “..X-..X InfinityPlay ..X-..X Updated survival free donation free” has not yet added a description. If this is your server, add a description to it in your personal account.

    Free Pvp Ranks

    CRYSTALMC | Lifesteal & pVP

    The #1 Lifesteal & PVP network for everyone. Join our LifestealSMP and other gamemodes today.

    Our server is the best for players who seek for action and a unique playing experience, if your bored of normal minecraft servers then join CrystalMC today. Our server combines the best of BOXPVP & Lifesteal together.

    Both bedrock and java can play with the ip being: and the bedrock port is: 19132.

    – No LAGG
    – 24/7 online
    – Low ping & good gameplay
    – Friendly staff
    – FREE ranks
    – SMP & PVP gamemodes
    – BOXPVP
    – Events
    & much much more, join the best minecraft server today.