Roleplay Survival Vanilla Whitelist

Vintasy RP

Vintasy RP, a starting Roleplay server where you can create your own civilization! the people here are very friendly so hop on and have fun!

You’ll need to get whitelisted, you can ask for a whitelist on our discord server!

Danganronpa Discord French Killinggame Microphone Minecraft Roleplay Whitelist

Danganronpa RP FR BETA -> 28/05

28/05″ title=”Danganronpa RP FR BETA -> 28/05″>

French :

DanganRP is a minecraft 1.16.5 roleplay server inspired by Danganronpa games. 17 slots
If you want to join the whitelist and join future seasons join the discord:

All the information is on the discord but here is a little introduction:

Danganronpa is a killing game
You wake up in what appears to be an academy with 15 other students. A strange character (the host) tells you that to leave
your place of detention you have to kill someone without being discovered.

We don’t have much knowledge in server creation but we tried our best to create a game containing

– A day night system impacting the map
– A shop (with game money of course) to buy cosmetics and customize the room
– An escape game part to escape without carrying out a murder
– Staged murders
– A proximity voice without mumble with a web page
– Background music on the map
– A whole graphic charter accompanies the map with displays and others
– A role system like in the werewolf game
– A different story and mystery each season!
– A motivation system to push players to murder
– Executions for every murder

The first season will take place in June. and the first test part on 05/28/2022. The game sessions will often take place in the evenings and sometimes on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons depending on the availability of the players. If you register you can of course miss a game session, it does not matter.

The features are made with the means at hand and there will surely be bugs. We trust the players to stay
rp in their actions with other players even if sometimes it can be frustrating. People who have never done rp are welcome.

The primary goal is to have fun and create a small, tight-knit and friendly community.

What you must need:

– Internet
– Minecraft premium
– A micro
– Have a pc that can run minecraft 1.16.5 + discord + an internet page at the same time
– Be at least 10 years old
– To be nice

Hello, this server was made for french speaker but if some english people want to try (more than 10) I can host game in english.

DanganRP is a server minecraft 1.16.5 roleplay about the Danganronpa games. 17 slots
If you interested about this rp -> message me on discord : pikaSKIN#0069

P.S The texture pack is a mashup from different pack and we have created some texture too. And nothing is commercial on our server we are doing that just by passion on our free time.

We are opened too any idea you can have to upgrade this server.

See you.

Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival Whitelist


We are a whitelisted vanilla survival server, one day maybe we can establish a small community and build lots of cool stuff! to enter the server, join our discord server or comment your username below if you don’t have discord.

I hope to meet and play with you soon!

Adults Adultserver Adultstaff Coreprotect Discord Discordsrv Dynamicmap Dynmap Essentialsx Free Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Hermitcraftstyle Luckperms Proximitychat Proximityvoicechat Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival Vanillatweaks Whitelist Whitelistapplication Whitelisted

TwistedCraft Season Two


Welcome to TwistedCraft Season Two; I’m Twisted, creator of TwistedCraft.

TwistedCraft was born back in late 2020. I wanted to join a mature community running a hermitcraft style experience. Still, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t find a vanilla SMP that wasn’t a younger player-base, vanilla+, or frankly toxic. So with absolutely no prior experience in server management, I decided to make my own! To say it was a learning curve is quite the understatement, but learn I did. Season one ran for quite some months before the season’s end. Now armed with far more knowledge in this, I’m starting season two of what was a thriving project. Keep reading to find out more about the heart of TwistedCraft…

What is TwistedCraft?
TwistedCraft is an adults-only vanilla SMP Minecraft server. At its heart, it is just good old fashioned Minecraft, with no fancy extras, no mods, and no complications.

Heavily inspired by the hermitcraft style of gameplay, TwistedCraft aims to create a community of like-minded adults who hang out and play Minecraft together.

We understand that adulting takes up most of your time, so we don’t have any strict activity time requirements as many other SMP servers do. Just come hang out in the evenings, and enjoy some Minecraft.

We are an adults-only server, so adult humour is welcomed here.

TwistedCraft is a content creator friendly server, creators are welcome here.

We do use discord for communication, which is a requirement to join. Don’t worry if you don’t have discord, it’s free to use!

๐Ÿ”žOver 18s Only. Free vanilla SMP server!โœ…Adult humour welcomeโœ…Whitelisted by application onlyโœ…Java 1.18.2โœ…Dynmap pluginโœ…Vanilla tweaks datapacksโœ…Discord proximity chat enabledโœ…Youtuber friendlyโœ…New Minecraft players welcomeโœ…Pranksters welcomeโœ…24/7 uptimeโŒNo modsโŒNo cheatsโŒNo pay to win.๐ŸŒBrand new world. The server is live and pregenerated to 5k blocks in all directions to remove chunk lag.๐Ÿ’ปCheck out our website to find out more and apply to join!

Prison Whitelist

Pixels Mc

Pixels Mc A New Minecraft Server With Minecraft Classic Games For Fun And No P2W And Java + Bedrock Crossplay For Everyone

18plus Discord Friendly Proximitychat Survival Whitelist Whitelisted

18+ Whtielisted – Ulticraft Vanilla Survival -Small, Friendly, Community-

Hello! I’m starting a new whitelisted SMP server, keeping it a fairly small community (around 12-15 players)
I have created a discord server with rules, and how to join. All I ask is 18+
The server will be Vanilla with 2 datapacks (fastleafdecay, and multiplayersleep)
One server-side Plugin will be active, enabling us to use ProximityChat on the discord server.
Discord Server Link:

Cross-Play Survival Whitelist


Active since early 2020, this server provides a casual and welcoming environment! We have only a few quality of life plugins, a list of which can be found below. No strict build restrictions, all we ask is that you not obstruct roadways or build large houses in the spawn valley.
Our rules are generally loose, just don’t grief or use hacks. (Occasional pranks and such are okay). Technical players are 100% welcome, but just be aware that massive farms and grinding are not the primary focus on this server.

If you’re looking for a chill server with a friendly community, mostly-vanilla gameplay, and the freedom to build whatever you like, please send me an email at [emailย protected]! I’ll happily answer any questions, and you’ll be given a full tour on your first join.

Command and feature list:
/spawn, /tpa, and /mail
Faster horses, TreeCapitator, Player Heads, double shulker shells, one player sleep, AFK display, no creeper or enderman greifing.

While the server itself is Java, we have a plugin installed that allows Bedrock players to join.

Recruiting 18+ players only.
Plugins/datapacks installed on server: VanillaTweaks, EssentialsX, EssentialsXDiscord, EssentialsXSpawn, SavageDeathCompass, FasterHorses(custom datapack), GeyserMC, treeCapitator

Multiplayer Smp Survival Vanilla Whitelist

Elevation SMP

Welcome to Elevation SMP!

*Disclaimer: This server is whitelisted in order to better track the people playing on the server. I’m looking for a group of about 30-35 players at the moment to create a “hermitcraft” style sever. Along with that, we are looking for advanced players that can push the limits of survival and be willing to interact with the community

-Random Seed
-No Ranks

Application Questions: Join Discord to apply:

About Yourself:
What do you bring to the server?
Any questions about server?
Pictures of build (At least 2)

*Pictures Required*

Economy Roleplay Survival Vanilla Whitelist


Elianto is a server with adequate players, responsive administration and quality hosting. Here you can demonstrate your building and survival skills, architecture and knowledge of redstone mechanisms, compete and trade with other players / associations. Our server is dedicated to survival, architecture, decoration, large-scale and most importantly beautiful buildings. You wonโ€™t be bored on this server!

How to get on the server? โ†“

Fill out an application in the discord โ†’

Nogrief Noraid Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival Whitelist

Kanto Survival


Kanto Survival is a whitelisted, friendly, community based, peaceful survival server. We do not allow grieving or raiding.

We hold frequent events in both Minecraft and Discord and offer a very supportive and down-to-earth staff team.

Kanto Survival is a few years old with a well-established community, and we recently reset to 1.18.2 in April of 2022.

We want to keep your minecraft experience with us as close to Vanilla as possible; though, we do have a dynmap and a few small plugins for quality of life such as single player sleep, fast leaf decay, and mob/player head drops.

We look forward to playing with you!๏ปฟ

* We do require players to be whitelisted. Please join our discord and post your in-game name to the #whitelist channel to connect.