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A new Minecraft SMP server with the following specifications:

* Spigot Server (only few plugins)
* Java 1.20.2
* Whitelist server (Join Discord)
* Survival Multiplayer
* PVP allowed
* 20+ players
* Uptime: ~100%

Please join us at Discord to get in touch with other players on that server:

Community Economy Minigames Survival Vanilla Whitelist


NotHermitCraft is a community-driven Vanilla SMP. NHC has been around since 2019 and has grown into a friendly community of all sorts of players – redstoners, builders, role-players and more.We have players from 14-40ish from all over the world including the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and Europe, with a diverse mix of male, female, non-binary, trans, abled, and disabled people. We have a really active Discord channel with a bot that lets you chat back and forth with players on the server too.

Inspired by HermitCraft! vanilla+ experience with custom items, (proximity)voice chat, diamond economy, minigames, a (family)friendly community and more!

Season 4(ever) has been going for almost a year now, but we’ve taken it very slowly. Some people have built big bases, others have just started out. This means we have a very diverse group of players – when you join you can ask newer people to stick together and have fun, or ask the more experienced people for help! Even though we’ve already begun, there is plenty for you to do! Not just in terms of ‘Minecrafting’, but also with minigames, events, roleplaying, and more!

Our plan for Season 4(ever) is to never reset. If you’re looking for an established server / community, this would be the ideal server for you!

You will find the Application Form in our Discord server here. Aside from the NHC events, we also host other events through Discord – like Last Life and UHC. Sometimes we also organise non-Minecraft Game Nights!

*post will be updated in coming days*

18plus Discord Survival Towny Whitelist

EoCraft Renewed [Towny] [18+] [Discord Verified]

MC 1.20.2

A New WorldEoCraft is a new, mostly-vanilla MC server supporting Bedrock and Java versions. At the moment, we are using Towny for our anti-griefing system, and NOT using an economy plugin to prevent towns disappearing overnight. If you have a friend or two, and want to start a new town with them, bring them along!

This server has just been spun up, so now is the time to get in on the ground floor with everything!
Community RestrictionsWe are working towards making a strong community, so poor behavior will not be allowed. We kindly ask that all participants be 18+
I’ve hosted MC servers and realms for years, and enjoy having a place for everyone to come together to build awesome worlds!

Join our discord to get started!

Privateserver Survival Whitelist

Leaf City

This is a private server with a vanilla build, aimed at building projects and having fun chatting.

On this server you will not see donations, annoying moderators, private modes or global mods. In return, you can realize your ideas anywhere in the world, build your own store at spawn, and much more!

The server is located in Russia, because of this you will not have problems with ping. This project is made for fun, not to make money off of a toll, so we’ll keep it going for the sake of the community.

Minecraft version: fabric 1.20.1.

If you want to play on the server, leave a request:

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.+* Sphinx *+.


Hello there stranger. I’m Fox, one of the two owners of Sphinx.
Underneath this message, you can read a few facts about the server and decide if it sounds like something for you. If it does, please use the Discord link below 🙂
  • The player base is mostly between 15 to 21.
  • Our server staff is fair, and we’re willing to make changes.
  • This isn’t a lore server, however, we do encourage player lore.
  • If joining; you’re required to be able to use voice chats.
  • The server uses proximity-voice-chat in-game. (which is really fun)
  • We’re 100% LBGTQ+ friendly.
  • Transphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, and so on will not be tolerated on the server.

    Welcome From the whole staff team of Sphinx!

    Discord Exploration Explore Java Modded Modpack Nochatreports Noclaims Smp Survival Whitelist Whitelisted

    Red Obsidian SMP -> Modded | Java 1.19.2 | Seasonal Updates

    Modded | Java 1.19.2 | Seasonal Updates” title=”Red Obsidian SMP -> Modded | Java 1.19.2 | Seasonal Updates”>

    Red Obsidian SMP -> Modded | Java 1.19.2 | Seasonal Updates Minecraft Server” width=”40″ height=”46″> YOU MUST BE WHITELISTED VIA OUR DISCORD TO PLAY <img decoding=Lootr mod so that you can almost always get loot.
    4. You can make your own team on our Discord with special benefits, or join an existing team.
    6. There is NO pay-to-win anything in this server. Only a few cosmetic benefits for server boosters.
    7. We have No Chat Reports installed. You won’t have to deal with Mojang’s chat filter.
    8. Have fun! That’s the most important part. 😉

    18plus Community Discord Smp Survival Whitelist

    SlowNerd | Whitelist Survival Server

    We are an adult community of gamers that want to play in a safe, inclusive, and helping environment working towards a common goal of being an amazing community. We established in 2019 from a group of gamers also looking for adults who share in our passion of gaming, building, inclusiveness, and community and have only grown since that time. We are looking for adult minded players (18+, but 30+ preferred) as most of us are adults with jobs and families.

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    The Simply Vanilla SMP

    **Optional Proximity voice chat!**

    **Welcome To Simply Vanilla SMP! Your new no resets smp! come join us!**

    **Apply Here – Discord –**

    **View the world! – Dynmap –**

    Simply Vanilla is an SMP that tries to break the overdone style of SMP, join us in the 1.20 update!

    It seems now that every SMP is using over the top plugins, data packs and rules that completely break the classic vanilla progression. For that reason I decided to create the Simply-Vanilla SMP, we use minimal plugins and data packs the main ones being proimity voice chat (optional) and various mods to help performance while keeping the gameplay 100% vanilla, similar to that of early hermitcraft/classic Minecraft multiplayer.

    We are looking to continue growing our community with mature players. We are an LGBTQIA+ friendly community and are accepting of anyone and everyone. We have some very talented builders and techincal players already but are open to anyone who wants to join the community!

    The server is focused on a community-driven experience, with a busy shopping district, large spawn and games districts with a new community village and end hub project well on the way! 100% uptime over the last few month and great performance also helps!

    If you’re interested in our server then feel free to join the discord and apply for the whitelist, you should hear back from us within a few hours!

    ## You can find all our socials below \/

    Dynmap – [](

    Discord – [](

    Server Tik Tok Account – [](

    Server Youtube Account – [](

    **-No Lag**
    **-100% Uptime**
    **-Community Events**
    **Proximity chat!**

    Activeowner Armorstandeditor Bettersleeping Chatcolor Community Friendly Keepinventory Keepinventoryon Mobheads Nick Nickname Nogrief Nogriefing Sfw Shop Sit Small Smallcommunity Smallserver Smp Survival Vanilla Viabackwards Viaversion Whitelist Whitelisted


    ClubTurtle is a server I created many years back to play survival with my friends, I’ve been hosting it using and people have come and gone, but mostly only a few players stay, so I’m trying to post it online to try to get more friendly players. My wish is to have a server filled with wholesome or at least friendly players who build a community together; I want that kind of small-server/small-town feel where everyone knows each other.

    The server is whitelisted for protection, on hard difficulty, keepInventory is on, and you get a few cosmetic permissions like nick and chatcolor. It is not a true survival, it has essentials and some other stuff, but no wild or rtp. This server has ViaVersion and ViaBackwards so players can join from v1.9 all the way to v1.20.2 but it is best to stay on the latest version so you can experience the newest features. We also have a heads plugin, armorstand editor, silence name tags, etc. The world border will expand a bit with every major update, and unused chunks will be reset to save space and make room for new updated biomes or loot.

    If you have played on my server and like it, on the server page in the link below, you can donate some money toward keeping the server online as I have to pay for it out of pocket. I cannot use the money, it will go toward the server.

    You can use nick the normal way “/nick [username] input” and the chatcolor is either “/chatcolor GUI” or “/chatcolor [color code]”.

    The server is whitelisted, so if this looks appealing, you can message me on Discord and ask if you can join. My discord is turtlerunsslow.

    TLDR: This is a very small server with a few players that are trying to grow. It is for friendly players who are looking for a small community server and it is whitelisted to protect it from griefers.

    Server Rules:
    – No griefing or raiding of people’s bases. This rule is the strictest rule.
    – If you break anything around spawn (trees, village stuff, etc.), please replace it.
    – Do not build or say anything vulgar, offensive, or NSFW. Keep the server clean or friendly.
    – Hacks and cheats are not allowed.
    – No eyesores or any bad-looking bases, farms, builds, etc.
    – The server language is English.

    Server Pro Page:

    Discord Server:

    1192server Exploration Life Magic Modded New Roleplay Smp Survival Vanillaplus Whitelist

    Starnal Modded SMP (whitelist application required) 1.19.2

    Starnal Modded SMP has been made available to the public!

    some of our features:

    a new magic system

    new food items and cooking equipment

    dozens of new mobs to friend and fight!

    a new endgame dimension allowing you to further enhance your netherite gear

    band new bosses to find and conquer such as the infamous void worm, terrifying prismarine monstrosity and the terrifying dead king

    tons of new golems to make and befriend

    a new melee combat system from minecraft dungeons
    awe inspiring new terrain and biomes to explore
    and SO MUCH QOL stuff.



    come join our community today! we’ll give what mojang refuses to.