Pve Pvp Survival Whitelist


Discord: (scroll down to find the MC channels)
Server Map:
Server IP:
Server Port: 25565 [​Java] | 19132 [​Bedrock]
Current Version: 1.16.4 [​Java] | 1.16.100 [​Bedrock]
Application Form:
👋 Welcome abroad the FeRSMP train!

FeRSMP is a Survival Multiplayer server focused on providing a pure
vanilla experience with a fun and friendly community where people can
make friends and enjoy their time. We are very community driven, and
often host community events and projects for people to interact and work
with one another. If you’re interested in just having a relaxing
experience playing Minecraft, join us today!
Who are we looking for?

ANYONE! We welcome anyone of any skill level and experience,
regardless of whether you are young or old, new or experienced. We look
at the quality of your character to ensure that the community remains
friendly and mature, but apart from that, everyone is welcome to join
Grief Prevention:

We have no claiming plugins installed, but there are
strict rules in place to ensure that players do not encroach on each
other’s space. We take griefing and cheating very seriously, and we have
plugins in place that allow us to reverse anything that happens on the
server, compounded with active staff members that help keep a lookout
for any suspicious behaviour. We promise that we will provide a
grief-free experience on this server.
Come abroad the train!
So, are you ready? Hop on abroad, and join us on this wonderous journey!
Apply here:

522blackoit 522blackout Admin Discord Ekpoa Free Hermit Hermitcraft Jumbo Letdeathcome Mod Mumbo Needed Noafkkick Nolag Nolandclaim Nopay2win Panda Pig Poa Private Public Semiprivate Semivanill Semivanilla Semivanillasmp Smp Spigot Staff Staffneeded Survival Vanilla Whitelist

ChiliSMP Hermitcraft | Whitelist | No AFK Kick | No Land Claim | Brand New

Enjoy Hermitcraft? Wish to play a server like it? Well we have you covered. Our server provides lag free, no farm limitations survival server without any Pay2Win features nor any land claim. We try to be close to vanilla as possible and if you are looking for a new SMP server to play on then this is 100% the one for you.
What differs us from other SMP servers? Simple we have No AFK limit. Meaning you can AFK at your farms all day and night without being kicked, other servers provide this option with payment. Not here, not us.

Sound interested? Apply Today:

Hermitcraftlike Pumpkins Survival Whitelist

PumpKings [1.16.4] [Semi-vanilla survival] [Whitelist]

PumpKings season 2 is going strong and we now want you to join us in our adventures!

We’re a server focused on giving people a vanilla experience with a great community from all over the world. We have so far gathered quite a colorful bunch with everything from parents with fulltime jobs to college students so everyone has a place here.

Some of the things we can offer you here:
– A mushroom island center which serves as our shopping district
– A trust based economy system with diamonds as our base currency (The system is monitored by admins to catch any thieves)
– Bi-weekly community events (pvp tournaments and other fun games) hosted by the admin team
– A Dynmap so you can easily check out biomes ahead of time (Only available to accepted members)
– Simple items to help you get started donated by other players of the community
– An ingame chat that’s directly linked to our Discord server so you never have to miss what’s going on online again 😀

The only things we ask of you in return for joining us is that you don’t be a douche (stealing, griefing etc.) and don’t try to cheat your way through your adventures (for example x-ray). More detailed rules as well as how to apply can be found at our Discord channel:

Curious what we did last season and what we’ve accomplished so far this season? Have a look at these galleries!
Season 1:
Season 2:

We hope to see you online soon! <3

Free To Play Minecraft Minecraft Clans Minecraft Events Minecraft Survival No Donations No Dupes No Protection Pvp Roleplay Rpg Russian Minecraft Whitelist

VOTIVE – Political-Military Server! Minecraft server

Server Description

Votive – A Kenshi-style political-military RP server with thoughtful lore! Create your own unique character with your own story and skill set. Trade with other players, go on raids on dangerous creatures of the mainland, create your own state, and all this on VOTIVE.

Anticheat Antigrief Plugins Spicy Survival Whitelist

Epicenter SMP

Server IP – Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:
Looking to join a survival server with some plugins to keep it spicy? Look no more! Griefing is not-enabled so you dont have to worry about people destroying your property!
Whitelist is REQUIRED! Apply here – discord / gzHmtfsV6W !!!
Plugins installed on server: Lift Graves StarMail TempFly

Bungeecord FTB Hubserver Survival Vainlla Whitelist

Project Halcyon 翠鸟计划

*China Mainland server, most pages only provide Chinese language.
*Group server, running multiple modpack servers and vanilla server.
*You need to fill in the questionnaire and pass the review to add whitelist.
*Prohibition of racial discrimination.
*Prohibition of political topics.

翠鸟计划致力于打造一个 和谐友善、相互信任、安逸舒适 的小小社群。



Free To Play Minecraft Many Players Minecraft Economy Minecraft Survival No Donations No Dupes No Protection No Resets Roleplay Vanilla Like Whitelist

VanillaZone – the best vanilla server Minecraft server

Hi, are you looking for a vanilla survival server with adequate people? To conduct this, I can advise our server to see on it absolutely pure vanilla, adequate to the community. Only we provide a quality server with free entry. Only we give the opportunity to play without a license.

18plus Community Mature Minecraft Smp Survival Vanilla Whitelist

Everlast | 18+ community-focused whitelist vanilla server!

Everlast ✨

I created this environment to enjoy playing Minecraft with cool people from all over the world, and to have a place online that I could call home

Who are we?
We are a mature 18+ community-focused vanilla Minecraft server that functions similar to the Hermit Craft series.
‘Community-focused’ because we are doing certain projects together such as; shopping district, nether hub, Ender dragon event etc.
To enhance the vanilla gameplay we use a couple vanilla tweaks data packs:

– 1 Player sleep.
– Dragon drops.
– Double Shulkers
– Custom Nether portal.
– Armor statues.
– HUD coords.

Our server is all trust based which means that there are no land claims whatsoever, however we do have admin plugins that could help with anti griefing / hackers to keep the server in balance.
Make sure to read the rules / server info first before you apply.
In order to play you’ll need to fill in an application and get accepted into our community.

Server information
– Version Java 1.16.3
– Mob grief enabled.
– Age requirement 18+
– No map resets (un till update 1.17)
– Difficulty hard.

Apply now:

Classic Free To Play Minecraft Many Players Minecraft Economy Minecraft Quests Minecraft Survival No Donations No Dupes No Protection No PvP No Resets Vanilla Like Whitelist

SKOLOT.FUN 1.12.2 – 1.16.2 Minecraft server

Skolot.FUN is a unique project of the Minecraft game, no bugs / lags, an unforgettable pastime, well-thought-out systems and hardcore. Our server is not aimed at making money, for us, first of all, the players and their emotions are important.

You can recreate an entire race, both technological, and create cults of blood magic, or go to another branch of magic! Try to break away from the server! Make your dreams come true!

Server mods and benefits:
✅ Own economy system
✅ Powerful server hardware
✅ Self-written plugins

Free To Play Minecraft Minecraft Survival No Donations No Dupes No Protection Roleplay Russian Minecraft Whitelist

Minecraft Geometry-Space Vanilla 1.16.4 Minecraft server

Server DescriptionPrivate server Vanilla survival. Both free and paid entrance can be found here:

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