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Welcome to the SkyFallers Kingdom! Hope you enjoy your stay!

Come join us in our journey to make the best minecraft kingdom ever!


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End Portal Frame

๐Ÿ’œ End Portal Frame is a usual vanilla survival Minecraft server where you can play with friends and other people.
๐Ÿ˜‡ Don’t forget to follow the rules and be kind to each other.

Server details:๐Ÿ•น Platform: Java โ˜‘๏ธ Version: 1.20.x (Paper)๐Ÿ‘€ Slots: 25โ›๏ธ Gamemode: Survivalโš™๏ธ Difficult: Hard๐ŸŸข Online-mode: on๐Ÿ’€ No PVP

๐Ÿ“ข If you notice that any player is breaking the rules, please report it to the admin on the server or via Discord #report channel.
๐Ÿค For safety and support issues, as well as suggestions, please contact via Discord #support channel or write to us at [email protected].
๐ŸŽ‰ Happy playing!

Community Discord Friends Minecraft Survival Youtube

Bellscord Minecraft Server

Type: Survival
Mode: Online / Offline
Version Support: 1.7 – 1.20.2

Bellscord MC is a Minecraft server offering a survival gameplay in an immersive world of possibilities with access to shops using an extensive economy system as well as a land claiming system to help protect yourself and your base. This server is loaded with tons of features! You can also stay on the discord while seeing everything happen in the dedicated Minecraft Channels Live!

Discord to Server Sync: Communicate and view all stats from the server right on the Discord Channel!
Land Claims: Claim blocks, the more you play, the more you can claim.
PvP: Survival and PvP Enabled
Marriage System: Get married to other players, interact with private chat, hug and kiss using shift + right click.
Crates Systems: Receive keys when voting using links from vote-links or in-game /vote
Economy: Economy uses Virtual $ Currency.
Jobs System: Get a job out of 12 current jobs and get paid!
Bank System: Visit the bank to do all your banking transactions!
Shop System: Visit the shop to buy the stuff you need!
Parkour with a Crate where you can earn BIG amount of cash for completing the parkour once a week!

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CubicConquest (24/7 I use bot to keep server up)(Mass Vanilla-Survival)(Anti-Cheat/No rules)(Friends)(Alliances)(Marriage)(Trade)(Jobs)(DISCORD)

This server is meant to last as long as I live. Come and play the truest die-hard survival server. Will you rule or serve? Your choice. Youtube videos coming soon and make sure to join the Dicord server.

247uptime Friends Fun Norules Smp Survival

Free SMP – play with friends 24/7

just a free server for you and your friends to play on. you can join and do whatever you want, server is running 24/7. have fun. its just so great! comon…

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FoxMC Network

The server is still in DEV!

FoxMC is a Minecraft Network and followup of Fuchs Server SE wich has the follwoing gamemodes:


Address Beta Chat Commands Deadfaction Faction Factions Fantasy Free Friend Friends Hard Howfactions Isfactionsdead Java Minecraft Mod Mods Multiplayer Nostalgia Pvp Raid Raiding Roleplay Roleplaying Rules Server Serverlist Survival War

Dead Factions

Factions was my favorite game mode, but pay-to-win servers and complicated features made me quit for years. So I made Dead Factions, a server inspired by beta and pre-1.9 factions!

A balance between beta nostalgia and fast-paced gameplay.

– Eat –> Heal

– Beta Walking (lite stamina)

– x2 Mob Health (remember when they were hard?)

– Minimal Travel (2k border) Better Raids.

– Lite TNT Jump (less “ooh!” more boom!)

– Giant Zombies (remember MineZ?)

– Seasonal Features

– Double Exp Events

Resurrect the Glory Days of Faction Raiding.


Personal Website:


Community Friendly Friends Paper Smp Survival Vanilla

RizzCraft SMP


Looking for a vanilla-friendly SMP with vanilla-like grief prevention system and protected vanilla shops? You’ve come to the right place!

This server will be around for years to come and will always have the loving playerbase you’ve been looking for.

We’re a very small Minecraft family looking to make life-long friendships!
We use as few plugins as possible to keep it feeling like vanilla.
–Discord– | –Online Map–๏ปฟ

Also Build Community End Friends Main Make Small So I Staff Survival Text Title Vanilla Vanilla Survival

Phil’s Vanilla Survival server

looking for staff, or someone to help maintain the general public. Other than that I’m just trying to build a small community and make friends along the way! hope to meet most of you on the server! also i dont know what else to say so heres eggs,

24hr Choo Discord Factions Friends Java Lgbtfriendly Lore Minecraft Nogrief Smp Survival Teams Vanilla War

Middle School Enderine [Survival] [1.20 Update]

Enderine SMP is a small and close knit community with an active staff team welcoming you to join us and meet people that could end up being your closest friends for life.

We try and keep gameplay as close to as Vanilla as possible. We encourage players to create/join teams and venture to become the best of the best!

Join us on our vanilla java Minecraft server where we do anything as long as its fun, whether that be lore, PvP or simply just building!

Join Here –