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PixelRealms Xion

PixelRealms Xion is a part of a massive pixelmon competitive network. With the goal in mind of bringing everyone together in one big game of competition. If your looking for a network with a edge. PixelRealms Xion is the place for you!!

Pixelmon Pve Survival Vanilla

Munchlax Pixelmon

The best Pixelmon experience you’ll find online.

→ Custom Modpack
→ Claiming System
→ Starter Kits
→ Latest Pixelmon
→ Never Lags, Ever
→ Active Players
→ Vanilla Terrain & Mobs
→ Custom Enchantments
→ Backpacks & Storage Drawers
→ Frequent Updates
→ 1.17 Blocks and Items

The custom Munchlax modpack we’ve built is optimized for simplicity and performance, allowing incredibly good FPS on any computer. Join us today at

Economy Mcmmo Mini Games Pixelmon Roleplay


We are a new network bringing back the great vibes of OG Pixelmon with a competitive aspect!! Feel free to come check us out & help us build our family!


Furry Valley Pixelmon

Whether you’re a furry or just a regular user looking for a friendly and caring community, The Furry Valley servers are for you!
Not only do we host the Vanilla server here, but also a Pixelmon server and a custom Modpack catered to our wonderful playerbase~!

Not a furry? Doesn’t matter to us! We welcome everybody, whether you have no experience with furries, are a furry yourself, or just wanting to have a good time~ we welcome all people, from normal people to fluffbutts and even cuties in denial~

Want to play with friends but they only have the bedrock edition? that is no longer a problem with us as our vanilla server has Cross-Platform compatibility! That means Java and Bedrock players can play together on our vanilla server! No mods / client changes needed!

We feature RPG-like elements to level up your skills, improve on your character and achieve great builds with an even greater community!
Even if Minecraft is not 100 % your thing or you slowly get bored of it, come join our discord! as we host more than just Minecraft servers and events~

Pixelmon Survival Vanilla

TinyyTonyys Pixelmon

Pixelmon:Reforged Modpack on CurseForge. Curseforge Needed to be able to play. A pixelmon server that is basically Vanilla Minecraft but with pokemon and soon will have custom questlines.

Creative Economy Pixelmon Pve Pvp Survival


This is a good server trust me <3 I worked I lot on it. Sadly, I'm not a programmer so I'm using lots plugins, all credits goes to them.

Economy Mcmmo Mini Games Pixelmon Roleplay Survival Towny


Portuguese and English Server with Shiny Starters, Warps, RTP, Hunt, Safari, Tournaments, GTS, Teams, Wondertrade, Vote Crates, Daily Events, Friendly Staff, Unique Events, Economy, Quests, Playtime Rewards, Keep Inventory & much more!
Join now and start your adventure at Pixelmon OC

Pixelmon Pve Pvp

Simple Pixelmon Europe

Welcome to the Simple Pixelmon Discord Server. If you’re looking for a Pixelmon server without P2W and lot of useless things you’re not interested in… this is your place.

Just a simple server with the Pixelmon Mod and a nice world to play (In Adventure Mode).

No need for complicated rules… if anyone misbehaves, it’s out.

Note: Administration won’t powerplay or tgive advantages to anyone. No giving items, no teleports, no coords… This is entirely a neutral server. What you do, is what you get.

Economy Pixelmon Pve Survival

Arrowsend Network

PixelmonQuest modpack server

Hardcore Pixelmon Modpack Server with Focus on Exploration!
-1200+ Quests
-500+ changed Recipes
-Many different Exploration Mods like: Biomes o’ Plenty, Oh the Biomes you’ll go and so on
-For easier earlier Game travel there is also the waystone mod installed
-For still challenging Gameplay there is The Spice of Life installed

Economy Mcmmo Pixelmon Pve Roleplay Survival


-PokeBit- Brand new server! Recruiting gym leaders and more!

-All Pixelmon features
-Survival and claiming
-Safari Zone
-and lots more!

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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Minecraft is good for your brain?! Well, at least according to Google.

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