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VividMC Pixelmon

Welcome to VividMC! Our server is running Pixelmon Reforged and this version of Pixelmon runs on MC 1.12.2
Modpack :

VividMC was founded by me and a couple of my friends who love Pokemon and Minecraft. As of now, we offer loads of custom content for our players like Pokehunt, events, voting rewards, player Champion rank, gyms, tournaments, and much more!

IP Address:

Economy Pixelmon Pve Survival Towny


Welcome to PixelPlex!

PixelPlex is a Pixelmon server (modded Minecraft) that runs off 1.12. Our environment allows for all types of players to come together and find a community to enjoy Pixelmon. PixelPlex is becoming one of the best Pixelmon servers around for one reason. We care! Pixelmon is also one of the most popular mods that Minecraft has ever seen!

Great experience through Technic Launcher!

Privately owned an operated server for 24/7 service!

Active staff and members!

Tons of new updates, special events, and tournaments!

Very active discord!

Constantly updated Story Mode and survival!

Mini Games Pixelmon Pve

MilSpec Pixelmon

Come join the MilSpec gamer family today! Pixelmon is the newest modpack/server added to our growing community. Dont forget to post your suggestions on our discord too! See you ingame gamers!

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REVIVAL Minecraft server

Hardcore survival, nowhere safe! Unite in guilds and fight for territories, or be a loner and follow your own path. Develop your character and upgrade your equipment, choose skills in accordance with your style of play. Fight to the last drop of your blood, or be a peaceful artisan trader. Try all this and more at REVIVAL!
Survive and become the best!

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Komis Custom Pixelmon – Free Items – Start with Diamond tools

Komishark’s Pixelmon is a pixelmon server with a different goal in mind.

– Users get access to more commands than the majority of servers, like: creating user buy/sell shops, check stats, check evs, /legend /lastlegend /lastub /back, and keep inventory

– You start with diamond tools, have access to veinminer, start with ultra balls, dusk balls, timer balls, and quick balls, chisel & bits tools, can get a free legendary of your choice upon request

– We have Pam’s harvestcraft, flat colored blocks, chisel, chisel & bits, and DexNav

– Friendly server owner & looking for staff (must be a dedicated player)

What are you waiting for? Come join!

Custom Modpack:

If you have any questions hop on and I will answer them as soon as I can.
Everyone gets a free shiny legendary when joining. (I have to be online to give it to you.)

Faction Pvp Pixelmon Prisons Tekkit

–= Mayhem Network =–

Welcome to MC 1.8-1.12.2 Custom Server!

Server features:

Minecraft 1.8-1.12.2 Space Factions,Pixelmon, and Prisons
Economy / Shops / Auctions/Custom-Enchants
Daily rewards
Vote keys
Custom heads
Custom Enchantments
Land protection (golden shovel)
Random teleporter
Silk spawners
hub ip:


Pixelmon Survival

Pixelmon Survival

Pixelmon Survivial

Can you survive and thrive in a Pixelmon Survival World. Come and battle it out to see who is best.

Economy Mcmmo Pixelmon Roleplay Survival

HighSeas Pixelmon

HighSeas Pixelmon is a Minecraft Server who uses the Pixelmon Reforged Mod. We have a growing community who’s growing every single day, a dedicated staff team who puts a lot of effort and thought into the server who cares about the players opinions and a big variety of custom features like:
– Custom Plugins
– Unique Starters
– Weekly Events
– Full detailed wiki for breeding
– Training Warp

And so much more! We are waiting for you <3 INFORMATION:
IP –
Website –
Discord –

Economy Pixelmon Survival

Project Pixelmon

Welcome to Project Pixelmon!
In this server, you get to explore, catch pokemon, farm, and more! Project Pixelmon aims to bring most of the server’s control into the players’ hands and have a say of what’s the next step for the community.
The community is small and friendly, which creates a more personalized experience for you and whoever you want to bring along! Come and join us today at!
Downloading the pack from atlauncher or any other modpack launcher is highly recommended.

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KantoMMO – The 3D Pokémon MMORPG Experience!

Welcome to KantoMMO, a 3D-inspired Pokémon MMORPG based on the original Gameboy Games.

This features the original layout of the Map/Island of Kanto and the first 150 Pokémon able for capture! (eventually!)

So far, this Demo covers most content up to Level 20 and Pewter City/Mt.Moon which includes: –

Main Story/Questline

Side Quests


HUGE Dungeons that increase in difficulty as you progress + Unique Dungeon Rewards

Hundreds of NPCs that makes the world feel alive with individually typed/scripted dialogues

Kanto Gym Challenge


First 10 Players get a FREE SHINY STARTER!

Upcoming/Planned features: – Cerulean Expansion, Player-owned Gyms + Homes/Plots – World Arena for Unique PvP and Breeding rewards – Elite 4 Challenge – New Areas/Expansions – Daily/Weekly Events + Mo’ Quests

Discord –

Modpack Direct Link –
Resource Pack Direct Link –

Server IP –

Youtube Trailer –

MC Version – 1.12.2

Forge Version – 1.12.2-

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