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Novoro | A Hybrid Survival/Adventure Pixelmon Experience | 1.16.5

Novoro is a Survival/Adventure hybrid server, offering a custom made region, and a separate survival world. This server will appeal to many different kinds of trainers, with an emphasis being placed on:
Region Exploration | Pokedex Completion | Exploration | Competitive Battling | Community Events

Novoro Region:

The Novoro Region will function the same as a standard Pokemon game would. After choosing your starter, your journey will begin. The main goal will be to collect all 8 Gym Badges and then challenge the Elite 4 (NPCs). There will also be loot scattered all around the map, and mysterious structures offering tantalizing rewards. Dynamic Events will also be occurring, so be on the lookout for those!

Survival World:
The Survival World will be where your Minecraft experience takes place. We will be using a world generated using the Biomes You’ll Go mod, which will provide players with breathtaking biomes, and gorgeous locations to build bases in. This world, as well as the other dimensions, will all have a world border.
Overworld: 10,000×10,000
Nether: 7,500×7,500
End: 7,500×7,500
Ultra Space: 7,500×7,500
The Overworld may expand with each update, while Nether/End/Ultra Space will be periodically reset. After the Overworld has been mostly discovered and looted, a resource world (BYG) will be created which will also periodically reset, giving newer players the opportunity to loot and explore fresh terrain.

Novoro will place a large emphasis on competitive events, often offering exclusive and unique rewards which make participating worthwhile.
Tournaments – PvP Competitions which will have format/rules be selected via player voting. These will usually be comprised of Smogon formats and rules, but will also have custom formats for more casual players. Participation Prizes will also be given out.
BattlePass Competitions – Whenever a Battle Pass is released, players will compete against each other to be amongst the first to reach a certain milestones via leveling up skills (/skills).
Building Contests – A Build theme will be announced, and players will be given the opportunity to create masterpieces, either in a group (max 2) or alone. Participation Prizes will also be given out.
Hide & Seek – A statue(s) will be hidden somewhere around the Novoro region. Players will be in charge of finding them, with hints being given out periodically until they are found.

IP and Links:
IP: (Currently whitelisted until Beta Survival release, read below)
Donation Store: N/A

As of the time this is posted, we are not yet public but our Beta Survival Server is very close to launching (within the next couple of days)!

Join the discord to stay up to date =)

Economy Pixelmon Pve Raiding Roleplay Survival

Magmadex – Pixelmon Server

Welcome to Magmadex!
Note: You need Forge and Pixelmon Mod to play!
A Turkey Pixelmon server online with active staff, daily and weekly event and much more!
Magmadex is always updated to the latest version of Pixelmon to take full advantage of the mod! You can start playing and become a Gym Leader.
Some of our features:
– Warzone – Battle Tower – Teams – Quests – Nether and End ACTIVE
– Backpacks – EVs muscle area – Wondertrade – GTS
– Legendary spawn ACTIVE – Breeding ACTIVE – Riding ACTIVE
– Ultra space AKTİF
Turkish Pixelmon Server

Economy Pixelmon Pve Survival


Welcome to PokeCubed, a highly detailed and professional server for you to experience Cobblemon on!

Below is a link to the latest version of Cobblemon, we use FORGE, so make sure to always join with the latest version.


Espanol Mods Pixelmon Survival

Backstab Pixelmon



Start your Pixelmon adventure now!!!

Cracked Crackedserver Pixelmon Survival

Middle School Degree

#Cracked #pixelmon Come and play with friends, hangout, or battle The choice is yours, Come and play, Ops can help with stuff! YOU MUST HAVE THE PIXELMON MODPACK INATALLED TO PLAY!

Pixelmon Survival


IP: (this listing site doesn’t like when I use this IP but it works.)

We even have a CurseForge Modpack made to save you some time! See the link Curse Forge link listed under “Website”. You will need to download it to join the server!

Pixelbuds is a fun easy-going Pixelmon server for anyone who likes to relax and play games with friends. Our server is simple to join and simple to play on, with most additions focused on QoL improvements. Mods include Pixelmon, CraftTweaker, Biomes O’ Plenty, JourneyMap, JEI, Inventory Tweaks, Waila, and Fullscreen Windowed.

Anarchy Bedwars Cross-Play Kitpvp Pixelmon Skywars Survival

Hylers Network

Hylers Network is dedicated to creating quality experiences for everyone!

Come join our welcoming community!

We offer you a free rank simply for voting for our server which will give you unique rewards.

– Survival
– KnockBackFFA
– SkyWars
– BedWars
– Events
– And much more


Pixelmon Pve Survival

Eden Pixelmon

Eden Pixelmon is a brand new server based on the mod Pixelmon Reforged ( we aim to give you a really nice stay and let you play around with our player gyms (WIP) and our Adventure World with over 30 gyms of every type, collect every badge and become the Champion!

We offer a survival world where you can also build your house and play with your friends or solo.

The more you play the better the rewards, with our play time rank system you can get ranks for free!
If that’s not fast enough for you we also offer giveaways quite often.

Aquaskills Battlepass Biomesoplenty Crates Customtexturepack Dynamax Freeranks Globaltradesystem Gts Gyms Keepinventoryon New Other Pixelmmo Pixelmon Pixelmonmod Pixelmonreforged Playergym Playergyms Pokedesigner Pokemon Raids Safari Seasonpass Shinystarters Skills Smallcommunity Wondertrade

NitroMon [Fresh Map]

NitroMon is a unique world within Pixelmon. Bringing Pokémon to Minecraft using the modpack Pixelmon Reforged. Using this pack we have poured our soul into building and developing a unique experience for you to explore and find hidden secrets throughout the world while having fun and making friends along the way. Some notable features we have include Custom Textures, Safari zones, Player/NPC gyms, Events, Crates, and Pokedesigner/Pokebuilder. Join us today and become a NitroMon Master!

Requires Pixelmon v9.0.11 and Oh the biomes you’ll go!

Economy Pixelmon Pve

Eeveelutions World

Pixelmon Reforged 1.12.2

Biomes o Plenty 1.12.2- needed:

Poke Builder/ GTS/ Gyms/ Elite4/ Kits/ Playtime Rewards and so much more come join us!

Tons of free rewards and even more Custom textures!.