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ANTI P2W – Economy – Auction – MMO Skills/Perks – LandClaims

55 Custom Enchants – Daily Rewards – Kits

New 1.18.2 Survival Server with all the latest elements you can expect.

We will NEVER make you pay for any ranks or items! We give you access to everything modern economy servers have but without your WALLET!!

Join for the rest of June 2022 and start with $5000!

We also have a Discord:

Animals Antigriefing Archeology Dinosaurs Economy Fossils Fossilsandarcheology Mocreatures Survival

Fossils Extinction

Fossils Extinction is back!

Small 1.12.2 server running the Fossils & Archeology, MoCreatures and Future Versions mods. Our server is economy based and we have a great community. We have a ranking system, land claims, and more! Our server texture pack also adds clear water so your aquatic animals can be seen better, as well as different skins/textures for male and female for several dino species. MoCreatures also adds flying mounts to make exploring the world easier and more enjoyable.

Start a dino park, a zoo, or both!

Server IP is:

Modpack is available on Technic at:

Check us out on discord at

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Warped Craft

Welcome to Warped Craft
Server was created: Feb/04/2013

Description of the server:

  Warped Craft is a crossplay Minecraft server for having fun and chilling out after a long day of work, school, or anything that you need to take a break from. We have a bunch of worlds, minigames, and plugins to help you enjoy this server.

We have support for Java Players VR Players, Bedrock Players, and Console Players.


World List: a total of 12 worlds to check out.

  HUB: This is the main area for when you first spawn into the server, this will let you see the rules and also be able to walk around to any of the portals we have for the worlds.

  3 different Creative worlds: we have a Creative Standard, Creative Flat, and a Plots world. These 3 worlds are different in how the appearance is and you can build to your hearts content with this world choice.
  Survival: If you enjoy massive survival worlds that are endless please join this world and start joining the community. We have Land protection and Nations to build soon when there is enough people we can do a nation war to see who the best players are.

  Pixel art: Pixel art has been a main part of this community for quite a while now and if you would like to enjoy art and possibly build some art please check out this world and get the builder rank.

  6 Minigames: We have a total of 6 minigames worlds. Acid Island, Boxed, Oneblock, Skyblock, Caveblock, and Skygrid.

  A bonus world: The wall of banned players from bad acts.

More worlds will be added at a later time if there is more interests in playing something different.

How to join:



Console Xbox / PS4/5 / Nintendo Switch:

You will need to change your DNS settings on the Xbox. Set DNS primary to=
Set DNS secondary to= or anything you used before. When you have done this go to the server menu in Minecraft on Xbox then Hit any one it will bring up a menu to put in my Minecraft bedrock server information.

If you need easier you can join with BedrockTogether app from the app store link= Apple Link Android Link not available yet.

Rules of the server:

  • Be nice to everyone.
  • Don’t Spam or Ask for items.
  • Don’t ask to become an admin if we haven’t played or hung out.
  • Don’t grief we can reset all you do.
  • No stealing, No lying, No hate.
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Links:
    Bedrock Link:

    Antigreiftheft Antigrief Antigriefing Auctionhouse Blockball Buildbattle Chestshops Community Creativeplots Discord Donorranks Economy Grief Griefers Grieffree Griefingallowed Griefprevention Kitpvp Marriage Minigames Paintball Parkourcourse Petblocks Playershops Playervaults Pvp Quest Quests Raiding Ranks Regionprotection Shopkeepers Shops Skyblock Spleef Survival Survivalpvp Voterewards Votifier | [Semi-Vanilla][1.16.3][Survival][BuildBattle][Mini-Games][Economy][Pets][Marriage][Quests] | |

    [Semi-Vanilla][1.16.3][Survival][BuildBattle][Skyblock][Quests][​BlockBall][Paintball][Spleef][PvP Arena][Economy][Pets][Marriage][Creative Build Contest] is a player-economy survival server operating on 1.16.3. We have multiple worlds to offer for most desired styles of game-play, such as GriefSurvival (PvP and Griefing allowed), AntiGriefSurvival (PvP allowed/no griefing), FriendlySurvival (no PvP, no griefing), and Skyblock.

    In addition to survival worlds, we currently run three styles of mini-games: BuildBattle, Spleef and Paintball (a paintball style shooter game). Playing these mini-games will earn in-game currency, which we call Rupees. The server also offers player-owned shops or an auctioneer role in order for players to exchange currency and items with ease! Admins are active and always looking for new ways to improve gameplay. A recent addition to the server is the role of Pet Owner. New skins and interactions to be added soon.

    1. Plain and simple, we want people to have a good time!
    2. Follow the posted rules for each of the three survival worlds: FriendlySurvival, GriefSurvival, and AntiGriefSurvival.
    3. Aggressive and foul behavior will not be tolerated. Teasing is fun up to a point.
    4. Don’t complain if you lost items because of failure to read the information given to you.
    5. Racism and hatred are not allowed on this server. We want everyone to be able to play and have fun.
    6. Don’t ask for admin or OP immediately after joining the server. It makes you look like an amateur. We may be interested in adding staff or builders in the future, but you need to play with us for a while and get to know eachother.
    7. It shouldn’t need to be said, but NO CHEATING in any form! You will be punished or banned.


    Antigrief Antigriefing Breeding Custom Custommodpack Economy Economychestshop Economysurvival Flying Freeitems Freeitemsatspawn Itemdrop Itemeconomy Landclaim Landclaiming Legendarypixelmon Legendarypokemon Modpack Modpackserver Nogriefing Nogriefsurvival Nomobs Pixelmon Pixelmonmod Pixelmonreforged Pixelmonserver Pokemon Rtp Sponge Spongeforge Survival

    Komis Custom Pixelmon – Free Items – Start with Diamond tools

    Komishark’s Pixelmon is a pixelmon server with a different goal in mind.

    – Users get access to more commands than the majority of servers, like: creating user buy/sell shops, check stats, check evs, /legend /lastlegend /lastub /back, and keep inventory

    – You start with diamond tools, have access to veinminer, start with ultra balls, dusk balls, timer balls, and quick balls, chisel & bits tools, can get a free legendary of your choice upon request

    – We have Pam’s harvestcraft, flat colored blocks, chisel, chisel & bits, and DexNav

    – Friendly server owner & looking for staff (must be a dedicated player)

    What are you waiting for? Come join!

    Custom Modpack:

    If you have any questions hop on and I will answer them as soon as I can.
    Everyone gets a free shiny legendary when joining. (I have to be online to give it to you.)

    Antigriefing Archeology Dino Dinosaur Economy Events Fossil Fossils Fossilsandarcheology Landclaiming Other Ranks Survival

    Fossils & Archeology Extinction

    Small new survival Minecraft server on 1.12.2 running the Fossils & Archeology mod. We have economy and a ranking system, land claims, and more! Check us out on discord at

    Antigrief Antigriefing Griefprevention Griefprotection Playershops Semivanilla Semivanillasmp Shops Smp Survival Vanilla


    Hello and welcome to TheoSMP!

    This is a SMP Server with a couple of plugins to improve the experience. We have plugins such as PlayerShops, PlayerCarry, Solosleep and Griefprevention.

    Griefprevention allows you to protect your creations from griefers, which is nice to have when playing on an offical minecraft server.
    PlayerShops allows you to create your own GUIShop, just by typing /ps in chat. Then a gui will come up on your screen where you can create your own shop by clicking the chest, where it says “Create your own Shop”.

    Our main goal with this server is to create a nice community for people to join. Because it is always nice to meet new friends and have fun.

    If you want to get information about the server, and maybe talk to the other players on the server you can do so, by joining our discord server. –> <-- IP:

    Antigriefing Friendlycommunity Moddedminecraft Other Pve

    Gamers Cosmic Corner

    Hello all ! This is the owner , Kookiemonsteh !!! I go by many names but you can call me Kookie. This sever has a special modpack that is part of the server. The modpack was created by me and a few of the members of the discord. We are happy to announce that our server is open to the public!!!

  • people who are new to modded will have an easier time due to there not being any magic or tech
  • new creatures,food,trees,flowers,biomes
  • generated dungeons to raid and explore
  • friendly staff and community
  • 120+mods on the modpack
  • if you wish to join our servers discord : Discordlink

    114server Antigriefing Antithief Essentials Freedom Friendly Friendlystaff Mobheads Netherhub Playershops Pve Pvp Sethome Shopkeepers Spigot Survival Worldguard

    [1.15.2] Husscraft || Now on 1.15.2 || Join us on Discord


    Survival World , with grief prevention, economy, server shops and much more

    Creative plots world

    Shopping District

    Toggleable PvP

    Join the Husscraft Discord to find out more!

    Activecommunity Activeowner Activestaff Antigreif Antigreifing Antigrief Antigriefing Crates Custom Customcrates Customitems Customized Custommobs Customplugins Customworld Eco Economy Events Familyfriendly Familyoriented Jobsreborn Longterm Maze Mcmmo Parkour Pg13 Rank Ranked Ranking Rankings Rankmarket Ranks Ranksystem Rankup Rankupkits Rankups Survival Tournaments Vote Voterewards

    RexKraft Survival | 1.15.2 | 100 Rankups | Player-Shops | Player-Warps | Discord | Battlepass | Quests | McMMO | Jobs

    Welcome to RexKraft!

    RexKraft is an tight-knit community that loves to welcome all new members and give each other a hand. We’re highly community oriented and value the opinions of our playerbase. We offer a lot to our community including donor items through our special in-game rank up system! We have listed and detailed some of our biggest features we have to offer!

    * Rank System – We have 100 ranks that can give you unique items, perks, and accessories that you can’t get any other way.
    * Player Shops – Open to the community to sell and trade with others in creative ways.
    * Quests – A unique way to get in-game money and rewards for completing tasks.
    * Special Hoppers – These can gather all of your crop or mob drops in a chunk.
    * Discord – An active community that allows our players to keep up with events, giveaways, and server updates.

    Other things we have to offer:
    * Grief Prevention
    * Creative Server
    * Tags
    * Player Vaults
    * Silk Touch Spawners
    * Disguises
    * Toggle PvP
    * Auction House / Auctions
    * Active Community & Staff

    RexKraft Contacts:
    Server IP: