Hogwarts Network

A family friendly minecraft server, for all ages. We are very supportive and have a good staff team. Join our discord:

Discord Rules Minecraft server

The server was opened on November 22, 2020! (formerly

Rolepley server, with government, army, police and kgb. There are no privates on the server, no donations, no privileges. The rules are set by the server constitution, punishments and bans through the courts!

ip address
port is not needed !!!

Our Discord server
Our website
Our chat in Telegram

0. Installed through the constitution adopted on the server! Published on Discord

Discord Rules Shops Survival

✅FiezEU | Peaceful and friendly survival✅ Minecraft server

FiezEU Server


✅ Special features on the server:
– Support for all current versions of Minecraft from 1.8 to 1.16;
– No lags;
– Availability of donation;
– Clans;
– Auctions;
– No wipe;
– The shops;
– Reliable uptime 24/7;
– Comfortable game, which is also suitable for playing with friends;
– There is only one owner on the server, who keeps order and respects adequate players;
– You can also create pictures only by downloading it from the Internet and hanging it somewhere: 33
– And the main feature of the server is good and adequate players, the owner tried on this too)))
– On the server, almost every day, something is added, and the server is developing for the better;
– An uncomplicated server, where you can figure everything out on your own, and this is also a small plus.
✅ The server also has rules:
– Griefing is prohibited, and can be punished by a ban or psychological conversation with the owner))
– Cheats are prohibited, ban without talking, otherwise why spoil the whole atmosphere for the players;
– Mut is given for bad treatment of server players, insults between friends are allowed;
– Mats are allowed, but in moderation, it is written above)
The rules end there.
✅ But what about donation?
Donate is issued to players forever, and no one will take it away from you.
✅ Briefly about the server itself:
The server in our understanding is like a society in which people can communicate, create new relationships with each other, so that your fate on this server can become a significant contribution to its development; donate motivates to improve the server, create new resources for its existence and development.
Enjoy your game: 3333


NineRuft PE server Minecraft

Minecraft Server Bedrock Edition NineRuft offers you a comfortable game on the server!

Server pros

– Responsive administration

– Reasonable prices for donation


– Few players (but you can fix it!)

Server discord

VK server group

Server site


Port 12155

Thanks for attention!!!

Custom Discord Economy Plugins Russian Shops

Russian Minecraft server Minecraft

Welcome to the Russian National Server!
Here you will find:
❗Sophisticated economy
❗Shop with all the items
❗Voice chat
❗Unique role system
❗Custom music discs
⚡Custom items
⚡Improving items
⚡Custom enchantments
❗Unique system of laws for the Role-Play system
❗Plugin for buying / selling shares
⛔Unique grip protection
⭕️Server Map
⭕️Emoji chatting games
⭕️Custom interface
⚠️Convenient site that describes the functionality of the server
✅Discord where you can get support
✅VK group with memes

Discord Free

ArtBuild – Art of Building Minecraft server

Finally we opened the ArtBuild server !!! We have our own website and Discord server To play ArtBuild you need to get a pass. You can either buy it or get it for free (all information on the site). Server version 1.16.5 ip:

Discord Plugins Minecraft server

This server was recently opened, and we are missing you, so come visit us!

We have a limitless world, so your travels will be exciting and unforgettable. We made the / back command to all players so that you don’t lose your belongings, as well as / rtp for travel! We do not have and will not have wipes, so you can not be afraid for your buildings on our server. Each player has access to 3 points at home and 5 privates as much as 500K !!!

Gradually, step by step, the admin develops in writing plugins, so that the server will not stand still, but only develop! (I hope so). Call your friends to our server, write to the administration about all your problems on the server, about what you would like to see here!

Our discord:

Discord Fun

MORTIS | Hardcore SMP |

Our server was started on Sunday 27th December, making it about 2.5 months old.

We only have a couple of members in full Netherite and weve not yet finished building the spawn, so the server is very fresh, plenty of time to catch up and become one of the top players.

We are also rocking a dynmap if you ever find yourself in a pinch and/or lost :

Our community is incredibly friendly and inclusive, with people of many varying timezones. We have pronoun roles, a timezone bot, we even have a couple of forgiven cheaters. Dont worry, Im keeping an eye on them

We built a new shopping district at spawn for everyone to sell their goods, more in the #shopping-district channel on discord.

Our discord :
Our forum post :

Once you join the discord server, we ask you to be polite and refer to the #how-to-apply channel.

Discord Fun Shops Survival

IUGUWSIO.FUN Minecraft server

IUGUWSIO.FUN – A new world of your fantasies. Start playing in a new way!

We are ready to present you the most comfortable game on our

Minecraft server.

New generation.

A completely new generation of the world on our server! These are the most beautiful landscapes

which you find in the game, build whatever you have in mind, implement your



Play with your friends or find new ones to make survival as fun as possible!

Use our discord server to chat and find new acquaintances. Distance –

not the limit.

Protection of territories.

Like many other servers, you can defend your territory from others

players who cannot break what is yours!


Do you want to sell unnecessary things and make money? There are shares on our server,

which allow you to trade with other players.

The shops.

Are you dreaming of creating your own store? It’s possible! Create and advertise your store on

our server.

We try to make privileges on the server such that they do not give strong advantages

among other players.


Our group in VK:

Our Discord:

Discord Pvp

VanillaWorld server Minecraft

Friendly atmosphere mixed with dynamic PvP

Create your clan, city, or village.

Registration takes place through a private discord server

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