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This is a public somewhat vanilla smp. We have a welcoming community awaiting new members at any time. Main language is English. There are many fun additions that dont ruin the vanilla experience but in fact make it even better . Pour community may be small but he have big hopes and dreams so please join us!
here’s some of our social media




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The Chronicles of Arvandor

Hi there! My name is Brownie and I am an admin for a under-development Minecraft Roleplay Server (MCRP) called The Chronicles of Arvandor!

The Chronicles of Arvandor Minecraft Server

We are a medieval high-fantasy D&D based roleplay server with D&D mechanics, set in the year 1338 in the World of Faerun. We have a custom map made of two sizable islands, which we are “placing” west of the Moonshae Isles for some context for you DND veterans. We are working on a custom codex for information gathering and storage for the player, a custom items list, NPC storylines, daily/weekly questlines, and a custom D&D-esque character creation plugin. We will be following the Calendar of Harptos with a 1:3 IRL to IRP days conversion. There will be some active power plays from the Lord’s Alliance involved with their colonization efforts of the island, so there will be some politics established that the players will be able to interact with and direct or change with their roleplay encounters almost immediately.

So, with all that said! We’re looking for new staff members! This includes the following roles:

📊 Product managers: You will be in charge of managing the backlog of an engineering team, figuring out the most urgent needs of players, and making sure we’re working on the most valuable new features. You will be the go-between for players and the engineering team(s). You will verify your assumptions by gathering statistics on how players use features.

👩🏿‍💻 Engineers: You will be in charge of developing new features, whether as part of plugins, or as part of the website. You have skills in one or more of Java, Kotlin, Typescript and React.JS. You will have the opportunity to work with other skilled developers and boost your skills, and to shape the details of how new features work with a product squad.

🖌️ Designers: You will shape the way players interact with our roleplay experience, including on the Minecraft server and through the web. You might have skills with Figma, or perhaps you have a strong grasp on what you can do with modern Minecraft from playing on cutting-edge minigames servers or similar.

👷🏻‍♀️ Builders: You will be responsible for the construction of beautiful new parts of the world for players to play in, including main cities pre-launch and new, story-relevant areas post-launch. You have a keen eye for detail, and will set the bar for quality for player-made builds before we include them in the world. Here’s a sneak peek of what our current build team has made:
Witch's Shoppe

✒️ Writers: You will author the story and lore of the world. You might be an experienced fanfiction writer, an avid reader with a taste for high fantasy, or perhaps a practiced live-action roleplayer.

🎲 Dungeon Masters: As someone with an in-depth knowledge of D&D, or possibly a keen desire to learn, you will bring the world to life by playing a wide foray of characters and creatures, engaging players in the world.

💬 Moderators: You’re an expert in de-escalation, and you thrive in tense situations. You have a keen sense of justice and a selflessness in your approach. You have thick skin and are able to deal with difficult topics in a detached manner.

👭🏽 Player Relations: You are amiable and friendly, and good at creating welcoming spaces for new and old players alike. You are an impartial contact for players to talk to, and have strong communicative skills, raising relevant issues to the correct staff teams.

📈 Marketing: You want to see the server grow, and have the skills to do it. You have a good idea of what a marketing funnel is, and are tuned into social media trends. You might have some video editing experience, and know what makes a roleplay server exciting.

Staff members must:
🧓🏻 Be over 16 years of age
🕗 Be able to dedicate a consistent amount of time (it doesn’t have to be a lot, but we like to know what we can expect from you.)
🗺️ Be on board with creating a world for other players. Being a staff member means your time will be spent bettering the experience of others far more than building your own.
🎙️ Ideally be able to speak in voice. This tends to ease communication between staff members, but we appreciate there are circumstances where this isn’t possible (e.g. you are mute or desire anonymity) – this will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

If you are interested in joining the Chronicles of Arvandor Staff teams, and getting the experience of other veteran staff members, learning and expanding your skill in a certain department, feel free to apply here and join our Discord We look forward to seeing you!

This information will be updated when the server launches and occasionally afterward for any major updates!

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NosUnumSumus Survival

We aim to provide the best Minecraft experience possible for our community. At NosUnumSumus we pride ourselves in being user-friendly. Come check us out, visit our Discord and maybe you’ll like it here.

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Cherry SMP

One of the FIRST 1.20 SMPs. Vanilla for now, but will move to spigot as soon as plugins are available. Survival SMP, come and join!

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Nethilor SMP

Minecraft Server with Crates, Jobs, Quests, Rewards, Kits and much more…

From 1.8 to 1.19.4, the ip is:


Join this beautiful community now!

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We are an brand new SMP server with tons of custom plugins to keep you entertained.
Community driven
No P2W
Active players and dev
Chill environment 🙂
Constant updates!
Join us!

Feel free to join our discord!

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LovelyCraft [Semi-vanilla] {18+} {Whitelist} {Discord} {New} {LGBTQ+ Friendly} {1.20} {Crossplay} {Bedrock} {Java}

Welcome to LovelyCraft!

Lovely Craft is a new 18+ semi-vanilla cross-play SMP. the server is running on 1.20 and we offer some fun QoL features such as deathchests, safari nets, /home and more!

We pride ourselves on being a warm and welcoming community where everybody is welcome to come hang out. We try to keep a fun, friendly, and casual environment and we do not tolerate harassment of any kind. The server is currently only about a week old but we already have a small handful of active players. We have a short application process and a whitelist to make sure no trolls can access our server too.

Join our Discord to apply and get whitelisted on the server!

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon. ♥

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Lands of Ethelia | 1.19.4 – Survival w/ Dynmap | Lands | Terralith | and more!


Lands of Ethelia is a new SMP built around exploration, building, and roleplay.

Our server is NOT modded, and as such you can join without any prior install on the 1.19.4 Java client.

On our server we bring the works of Stardust Labs to every single dimension, utilizing their datapacks to greatly enhance terrain generation and variety to give our players a breathtaking experience, whether they are building their home, exploring the countryside, or marching an army.

Our server encourages roleplay, specifically between groups of players, and as such our server utlizes the Lands plugin, to not only allow you to claim land and protect it from grief, but also to form nations and interact with other nations. We also encourage building great works of art, whether it be massive castles and medieval cities, or a huge skyscraper, we’ll even showcase awesome builds made on our server on our website!

We have:
Dynmap, Lands, Terralith, Incendium, Nullscape, Continents, Treecapitator, Essentials, CoreProtect, ChestShop, and more!

We want any and all willing hands to come play on our SMP and build it up as one of the greatest experiences for yourself and others, join today!

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Fortalice Middle School | 1.19 Middle School Friendly

⛵ Welcome to Fortalice!Fortalice is a semi-vanilla, friendly co-op Minecraft SMP for 1.19.4.

📕 Featuring Vane
Vane is a plugin that adds lore-friendly and vanilla-feeling items and enchantments to the game. Most of these are quality-of-life and make the game a bit more fun to play.
⚔️ No PvP
Fortalice was designed to be a friendly co-op SMP. PvP is turned off except in designated PvP arenas made by the community.
🍂 Seasons
In each Minecraft major version, spawns will reset to keep the game fresh. A new spawn will be designated and built by the community. Old spawns can still be visited in-game.
🔧 For technical players too
Fortalice was made for technical players – those who want to experiment with the game and how plugins and mods integrate with Fortalice. We also have a complete API set for developers wishing to integrate their servers with ours.
🌊 Powerful anti-cheat and moderation
Fortalice has a powerful anti-cheat to automatically detect cheaters using blacklisted modifications. We also have a near-24/7 available staff team ready to help you at any time. Seek and you will find.

Fortalice complies with the Minecraft EULA and is not pay-to-win. Any content purchased on our storefront will not grant any in-game advantages.

Server IP: Port 25565)
Java (bedrock support coming soon) | 1.19-1.19.4 | Paper server

Store: ⭐ BUY RANKS & MORE ⭐(coming soon)
Discord Invite:

You will need to apply to fully experience Fortalice SMP, but it’s free and only takes a few minutes!

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The Sepulchrum SMP 2 | Active Admin | Friendly Community | LGBTQ+ |

Welcome to The Sepulchrum SMP 2, a vanilla geo-political multiplayer server. Create your own nation and expand your influence while competing and allying with other factions. Or join an existing faction and help build borders and spread your factions culture, the choice is yours. There are plugins and there is a whitelist so you’ll need to join the discord server to be interviewed and added. The admins and owner are almost always on so any questions you have will be happily answered.