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Atlas MC 1.16.5 – SMP Server


Welcome to Atlas MC, a brand new server that introduces a unique blend of 1.16.5 Vanilla Minecraft and custom-crafted features, aiming to create a competitive survival environment while preserving the vanilla feel. Claim your land and build your safe base intelligently, for everyone is subject to Sieges from other players. Customize your Weapons and Armor with over 50 Custom Enchants to better fit your playstyle. Slash and Axe your way through Weekly Events and Custom Bosses, and become the most powerful player in Atlas’ world!


+ 1.16.5 PvP Enabled everywhere in the Server, apart from Spawn
+ Land Claims to protect your base from Griefing
+ Sieges which allow certain blocks to be broken insid e an enemy’s Claim. No one is Safe!
+ Over 50 balanced handmade Enchants to Spice Up PvP fights while preserving a Vanilla feel
+ Weekly Events and Custom Boss Fights to participate in and show your Might
+ Server Lore & Backstory
+ 20k x 20k World to Explore and Conquer
+ Responsible Owners that judge fairly and protect the player-base from toxic interactions

– No Safezones in claims, you can battle it out anywhere!
– No God Items or “Sharpness XXX” swords – every feature is balanced!
– No Hacks or Cheats to gain unfair advantages – May the best player Win!


Server IP:

Link to Atlas’ Official Discord

Official Atlas Store

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FTB Revelation 24/7

>> Server Address:
>> Discord:

░░░░░░ Server Info: ░░░░░░
> Build what you want between community and home!
> Server Live map.
> Hosted in USA Central.
> FTB Revelation 1.12.2 Modpack

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Nuttverse is back! Now returning with much more than before! Season 2 offers a Skyblock experience similar to a popular server that shall not be named. Farm your resources on your island, then head to the adventure world, where you can gather more resources, mine blocks, do quests, and fight powerful monsters!

On top of that, we offer over 100 different items, having custom armor sets, weapons, and tools that have special effects!

Additionally, we are now officially partnering with Jimmy’s Universe & The Sentinels, hosting a Bedwars server simultaneously! With over 6 unique maps and many more on the way, each play will never bore you! These maps include special aspects that make our server different from others!

So what are you waiting for? We are open 24/7! Join us now at using anything above 1.16.5!

Adventure Challenge

Squid Game Server #1

Hi people, this is my squid game server! If there are problems with the server you can write to me in the comments here on the server !!!!

The server work of 8 hour morning to 9 hours night

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Wild West Frontiers

Welcome to the Wild West Frontiers!
A friendly community where there’s always fun to be had, whether it be farming crop for a few coins or diving headfirst into the bandit underbelly. All ages welcome.

Adventure Hardcore Skyblock Survival Vanilla


You awake in a strange town, where are you? There are residents running about trading with each other and stories of distant realms with more towns. It’s time to write your story.

Welcome to SkyPinas! The laid-back community-oriented server that hosts your home for Minecraft. SkyPinas is home to players young and old from all around the globe, and here, everyone is family. SkyPinas is your place to get together with friends and relax!

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A survival roleplay server.

At the start of the server, you are asked to choose your race,

After you have selected what race you desire to be you will immediately be dropped into the world to start your adventure.
Create a Kingdom, practice magic, Be infected with Vampirism or Lycanthropy you name it!!

Join the adventure now in Nithiancraft!!

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⚡ FantasyRpg ⚡ 1.17.1 ⚡ RPG ⚡ PVP ⚡ PVE ⚡ Dungeons ⚡ 100+ Spells ⚡ Monster Mods ⚡ Bosses⚡ Custom Coded⚡ Dedicated Developer


The Fantasy Network is a fun-first Minecraft community with it’s main
server being FantasyRpg. FantasyRpg is a 24/7 server that runs a
heavily-modded custom-developed RPG experience. It runs the same-named
plugin FantasyRpg that facilitates the RPG experience and adds a
traditional leveling experience for players (exp, levels, stat points),
levels to monsters, randomly generated dungeons, guilds, spells for
players and mobs, monster ranks, custom items and much more.

FantasyRpg has pvp enabled, but we offer land claiming with grief prevention and
‘Warding’ to create grief proof bases. To prevent players from only
camping in their base 24/7, random dungeons are generated hourly that
are full of loot and monstesr. They are great areas to farm items and
experience, so use them well!

FantasyRpg runs in three-month seasons with a ladder reset (world and player
resets) at the end of each three-month season. These new seasons allow
for the server environment to be balanced at a much faster pace than
not, letting players level up and acquire interesting spells and gear
within hours, rather than over days and weeks. It also lets new players
catch up with veterans and start off on equal footing. And, these new
seasons are also when major plugin updates will occur.

Adventure Crack Cracked Crackeld Mc Minecraft Original Smp Surviv Survival Vanila Vanilla Vip

VanillaSMP 1.17.1

This is a vanilla survival (SMP) for all pepole in crackeld but works on original MC to
Good game


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Dungeon Conquest

Dungeon Conquest is an SMP Adventure Server that focuses on staying true to the core concepts and feel of an SMP while seamlessly adding fresh and interesting features and content that compliment and build upon the ideas that players of all kinds have grown to love in traditional Minecraft.

Enjoy a lush and vibrant world for you to explore and conquer! Set up Bases and farms to generate loot and money, craft custom items that add new pvp and gameplay mechanics that encourage new play styles, raid vast and immersive dungeons that hold rare and valuable loot along with powerful and dangerous bosses, and be the first to discover new worlds and dimensions lost in the debris and ruins of ancient cursed structures.

Be a part of a new server that vows to create an experience enjoyable for all!

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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