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Pixel Island – Survival / Creative / Minigames / Adventure

Pixel Island is a community filled with people who love to play minecraft. The pixel network provides a hub for all of us to connect with one another and enjoy the game we all love to play. Currently the server is in development and will have even more to come! Join us in a lag free experience that we hope all come to enjoy 🙂

Servers: Survival, Creative, Adventure, White-List Survival, Factions (In Dev), Minigames (In Dev)

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Hey and welcome to CoronaPyro!
What is CoronaPyro and which server is it?

1. CoronaPyro Is a Custom PyroPvP server with Cool Stuff Like, Cooldown Fly Tool, Devil Axe (Stronger than a Pyro Axe), Effected Armor.

2. The pvp version is 1.9 So you have to jump and when you land you have to hit to make more damage, Lower CPS higher Damage.

What you have to do when you logging in?

1. First of all you have to register, By using the command /register [password] [repeatpassword]

2. After you registering you have to read the rules that’s very important!, By typing /rules, /rules 2, /rules 3.

3. We have McMMo Factions too!

Done that’s all you have to do.

Come and check it out and rate the server!

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The Everlasting Neverland

The everlasting Neverland is a Towny server with Wars plugin!
Join our server, and explore our huge custom map.
Make allies, enemies, or friends to protect each other!

Towny and TownyWars
Custom recipes for many items!
Custom Huge map with DynMap and BlueMap
Economy and Auction House
Join from 1.9.x to 1.16.x

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Stathford Towny – The BEST Upcoming Towny Server (LOOKING FOR STAFF)

Welcome to Stathford Towny!
The BEST Upcoming Towny Server!
Includes our very own CUSTOM 4k by 4k Map!
VERSION: 1.12.2
We offer many exciting plugins and features for you to check out!
Plugins you will enjoy:
CustomEnchants (200 Custom Enchants)
AuctionMaster – Auction House
Custom Crates (Voting Crates, Rank Crates etc)
MyPet – Custom Pet Store!
OldCombatMechanics (1.8/1.7 PvP)
Player Particles (Custom Particles)
Player Vaults (More Storage!)
A FULLY config’d Anti-Cheat with machine learning to stop any cheater
Voting for extra rewards!
Wild Plugin to travel around our custom map at no expense!


Adventure Anaheim California Disney Disneyland Dreams Magic Park Theme Vanilla

Disney California Dreams Server

The Disney California Dreams Server is a fully functional recreation of the original Disneyland, with rides, restaurants, and interactive attractions! With 15+ working attractions, you’re sure to enjoy your time at the Happiest Place on Earth!

To learn more information about our server, or download our resource pack, visit our website! Visit us at:

“To all that come to this happy place: welcome. Disneyland is your land. Here age relives fond memories of the past, and here youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, the dreams, and the hard facts that have created America… with hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.” – Walt Disney

Our Server is Compatible with Minecraft Versions 1.13.2 – 1.16+

Currently in progress is Project Dream, our complete overhaul of our resort into a 1:1 scale!

Follow us on Twitter! @dcdimagineers

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Looking for challenge and excitement? To recapture that sense of adventure – the hunt for the dangerous and unknown?

Join Monumenta – a free Minecraft-based action MMORPG in the spirit of “Complete the Monument”, particularly Ragecraft.

If you’ve enjoyed other great (unaffiliated) CTM series like Super Hostile, Untold Stories, Vinyl Fantasy, or Uncharted Territory, Monumenta is right up your alley.
Monumenta is unlike any other Minecraft MMO server – fight your way through dungeons, slay bosses, and complete quests mostly in survival mode, allowing you to place and break blocks as Notch intended.
Monumenta offers 10+ square kilometers of custom-built terrain including expansive towns with quests to complete, respawning dungeons to conquer, and massive multi-hour instanced raid dungeons to test your skill and obtain exotic loot. Monumenta is a cooperative server, where you can play with friends (or solo) to tackle its many challenges.
Monumenta has an expansive player class system (mage, warrior, etc.) and over 1000 custom items. Unlike most MMOs, there is no grinding to level up. Items and skill points are obtained by defeating dungeons and completing quests – and you can switch classes at any time and use your existing skill points in that new class. There are no tedious “MMO-style” skills like mining, etc. to level up by endless repetitive clicking.

Some stats:

  • 17 unique raid dungeons, each providing hours of gameplay.
  • 170+ respawning mini-dungeons scattered across the 100% custom overworld terrain.
  • 90+ quests with story, puzzles, and unique rewards.
  • 7 player classes with over 100 unique abilities to choose from.
  •       Mage – Arcane and Elemental magic user. Strong AoE and crowd control abilities
          Warrior – Sword/Shield/Axe Master
          Scout – Mobility, Utility, and Archery
          Cleric – Healing, Buffing, and Undead-slaying
          Rogue – Evades and fades in to deal huge single-target damage
          Alchemist – Supports allies and debuffs enemies through potions gained through combat
          Warlock – Combines abilities and debuffs for massive burst AoE damage

  • Loads of side content: Cooperative boss battles, daily quests, races, parkour challenges, and more.
  • Easily 120+ hours of mainline playtime with weekly updates; many players have > 1000 hours of game time.
  • A friendly, mature community of experienced Minecraft players
  • Monumenta has remained live since Closed Beta in June 2017 and continues to grow. It is a community-driven project which is and always will be free to play.

    Join today at (Minecraft version 1.16.3)

    Discord (our main community hub):


    Optional resource pack, which adds custom textures for our unique items (requires Optifine):

    Wiki –

    1164server Adventure Adventuremap Adventuremaps Amongus Game Minigame Other

    Among Huss

    Husscraft present’s

    Among Huss

    Among Huss is a whitelisted server, using PHOENIX SC’s Among Us adventure map.

    Join the Husscraft Discord to get whitelisted!

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    Phoenix MODDED server! Forge! Brand new server! Looking for Mods/Staff

    Brand New server! started mere hours ago! Brand new mods! Our Modded minecraft server is a custom blend of mods found from curseforge website. 100% safe jar files. Easy to connect once u learn how to install mods and forge, straightforward. Game version is 16.3 !!! Mods include new biomes, hundreds of new light sources! over a thousand new blocks, armour and weapons stronger than netherite! coffee ingredients that u can farm/grow yourself that provide OP buffs! Furniture, seats, and any other recommendations since this is a community and we all have a say in how the server progresses and grows.

    Here is the modpack!!!! unzip it to your mods folder, minecraft scans them all before opening. We use FORGE

    dm me, or join our discord for the modpack! as well as instructions and help needed to join the server.

    Adventure Castle Challenge Fortress Funmaps Funserver Giza Lake Maps Minecraftserver Structures

    Minecraft Haven

    Cali Gamer’s Minecraft Haven Server

    Join By Domain:
    Join By IP:

    Map Cycle Change Happens Once Per Day

    My name is Teal, and I’m a Kid Friendly Game Streamer • Minecraft • Counter-Strike.

    If you do choose to go above and beyond to support my server by following I’ll be incredibly grateful, every penny earned will be put back into improving the quality of the server and the viewer’s experience.


    √ Twitch TV

    √ Website

    √ Discord

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    Sunset bay reborn MC survival server

    Recommended files for playing the server

  • shaderpack
  • resourcepack
  • Welcome to Sunset bay reborn MC survival server. Here we build a survival community and you can make friends or make enemies.

    We’re all working hard to expand and grow our world and create a real history playing vanilla survival!

    We also are planning on starting up a mini-game and a creative world!!!

    There are no rules yet, except to not be rude to others and to treat everybody with respect! and do not raid the village lobby I did not add grief protection yet because I am a noob

    I look forward to seeing you there!

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