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🦜 OnePiece MC 🦜

Welcome pirate! OnePiece MC is a portuguese Minecraft server based on multiplayer survival. It’s a themed server, with full Minecraft Vanilla gameplay adjacent to amazing mobs, quests, items and customizable new features. The server aims to create a pirate roleplay by diversifying the gameplay across the entire map!

Adventure Explore Fabric Friendly Lgbtq Modded Survival

Mystica Survival [1.19, Fabric] (Discord Verify)

Mystica is a casual play explore & survive modded (Fabric) server. Spawning in you will find yourself on Survivor’s Shore with an inventory full of gear for your adventure. Venture out anywhere, build your base, and survive with a really cool group of folks.

Discord Verification Required!! In order to play on Mystica you must join the Discord and send a code to the bot Beelinda. Join the Discord here: The Cottage

The rules are simple: no x-raying, using glitches/bugs to your advantage, leaving floating trees, or speed running the game.

Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, classism, xenophobia, islamophobia, anti-Semitism, ableism, and all other forms of hate are not tolerated.

Download the Curseforge Modpack

Mods Included | additionaladditions 5.0.1 – architectury 5.7.28 – attributefix 15.0.1 – badpackets 0.1.2 – bclib 2.0.10 – betterend 2.0.5 – betternether 7.0.5 – bookshelf 14.0.3 – cacao 1.2 – campchair 1.0.2 – chas 1.19-1.9-Fabric – cloth-api 4.0.65 – cloth-config 7.0.72 – collective-fabric 4.27 – comforts 6.0.0-beta.2+1.19 – croptopia 2.0.6 – discordium 1.1.4+1.19 – duckling 2.0.2 – earthtojavamobs 1.9.1 – ecologics 2.1.3 – enhancedcelestials – fabric 0.57.0+1.19 – fabric-language-kotlin 1.8.1+kotlin.1.7.0 – fabricloader 0.14.8 – forgeconfigapiport 4.0.0 – friendlyfire 12.0.1 – fwaystones 3.0.1+mc1.19 – geckolib3 3.1.5 – gobber2 2.6.19 – goblintraders 1.5.2 – grindenchantments 1.6.4+1.19 – iceberg 1.0.38 – immersive_weathering 1.0.1-1.19_SNAPSHOT – inventorio 1.8.0 – java 17 – journeymap 5.8.5rc2 – lovely_snails 1.1.0+1.19 – majobroom 1.2.2 – mavm 1.1.0 – mcwwindows 2.0.3 – minecraft 1.19 – minimotd-fabric 2.0.8 – morebannerfeatures 1.1.3 – mousewheelie 1.10.1+mc1.19-pre1 – mythicmounts 1.19-7.0 – naturescompass 1.19-2.0.4-fabric – nohostilesaroundcampfire-fabric 4.0 – origins 1.6.1 – origins-classes 1.4.0 – owo 0.7.3+1.19 – oxidized 1.7.0 – patchouli 1.19-73-FABRIC – quartzelv 2.1.3+1.19 – quickshulker 1.3.6-1.19 – reinfbarrel 2.0.3+1.19 – reinfshulker 2.0.3+1.19 – rotten 1.4.7 – roughlyenoughitems 9.1.500 – seasons 1.4-BETA+1.19 – simple-rpc 3.0.2 – simple_backpack 1.3.17 – sit 1.19-20 – stacker 3.0.1-1.19.x – stackrefill-fabric 2.2 – starterkit-fabric 3.3 – taxfreelevels 1.3 – tempad 1.2.5 – things 0.2.19+1.19 – thonkutil 2.15.3+1.19 – tooltiprareness 1.0.6 – trinkets 3.4.0 – trinkets-curios-theme 0.1.2 – visualoverhaul 4.1.1 – wilderworld 2.3.0 – windchimes 1.2.1 – worldedit 7.2.11-beta-01+6200-0877589 – wthit 5.5.1 – xp_storage 1.4.3+1.19

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A Raid Stream Pvp Raiding server!

Raid Stream PVP/Raiding Server 1.18.2 FORGE
This is a pvp/Raiding server, We encourage you to kill other players and loot there stuff!
We have 160 forge mods full of technology and magic to defend your base or raid others!
Custom mod pack get it here on CurseForge—->
Or Dropbox—–>

Some mods are Ars novena mana and Artifice!
Balistic Missles! Tinkers construct!
This is a hardcore pvp/raiding server! Feel Free to make your own rules/Towns
(cheating is a perma ban)
We have economy arenas and events!

Adventure Fantasy Mmorpg Rpg Survival

Avaron Survival MMORPG – INDEV

Avaron is a minecraft survival MMORPG server focused on creating stories and bringing all sorts of different players together in 1 world.

The server is currently in development and we would love to get some builders

and lore writers on the server to help us create this magical world

Join the Discord here:

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HappyWRLD! *NEW* Adventure-Survival MMO!

HappyWRLD is a huge server packed with plugins and custom features to make a unique MMO experience, we are still at the beginning of our journey and constantly updating, come shape the future with us!!

Join our discord or read our medium article to learn more about HappyWRLD, who are the Happy Homies? and all thats planned for the server!

We hold regular events, games and contests with opportunities to win $WRLD and NFT’s! (My name is Jish on discord or Gollybash in MC, come say hi!) (this outlines our original vision for HappyWRLD) (our creative and survival world dynmap)

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S!Lunar Is A survival Server to just relax!
A Mostly Vanilla Server, Usually on Easy or Normal.
The Rules In Place are to Insure there is No conflict.

Join The Discord!

We have Friendly Mods and (Hopefully Soon) a nice community!
There You Will Find Updates and Announcements, as well as different ways to talk, set up trade, and more!
Hope You Enjoy!

Adventure Fun Mod Modded Origins Survival


We are a friendly bunch from all over the world. The Server is been hosted by RavenRea
The Server IP:

We are running a whitelisted Minecraft modded server (Origins adventure 1.18_3.5.jar).
Origins adventure server is run on Curseforge, TWM the wild mod has to be removed from your folder as it crashes the server.

What we expect of players joining our server:

Mature players that respect the other players. Interaction is cool, but always make sure the other is up for it as well.
Just don’t touch other peoples stuff without permission meaning no stealing/grieving etc.(why do I even have to say that, just don’t be a dick.)
We do want to be in contact with you, sometimes talk while we play together. So having Discord is always well appreciated though not always necessary.

So now its your time to tell us a little bit about yourself.

What are your plans on the server?
Tell us a bit about yourself(Name, Age and where you are from)
Do you prefer playing alone or do you rather hang out with other people?
What made you choose our server?
Your Ingame name:

Thank you for your time and hopefully we will get in contact soon!

If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask. I am more than happy to help.

Follow RavenRea here:

On Youtube:
On Twitch:
On Instagram:
On TikTok:

Adventure Discord Fun Goodcommunity Goodstaff Hard Hardcore Hardcore Pvp Help Herobrine Heroes Hub Mcmmo Pve Economy Roleplay Rpgsurvival


A Minecraft rpg with magic wands and a lot to discover. With custom biomes and custom wands. There are many staff that are very friendly and their if you need help. Also there is a report system using ./report we will be there immediately!. Thank you guys you helped us alot and thank you so please join and have fun! Also we will like a lil bit of staff that will help us alot so we dont need to be online all the time so byee
So thank you bye and have a fun time playing on saikou and enjoy playing here because we spent a long time

Adventure Smp Survival

Enchancia Survival

Enchancia Kingdoms is a new Minecraft server that is available to everyone! Come and join us right now! Begin your trip, establish your kingdoms, and begin your races. Defeat bosses and become the greatest King! and, of course, a new friend and ally, Enchancia Kingdom!

Please keep in mind that our server is available to everyone, even if you are running a cracked version of Minecraft.

Look forward to seeing you on our server, Adventurer / Player!

Java version – 1.18.2

Bedrock/Pocketmine version – 1.17.40, 1.18.0, 1.18.1, 1.18.2, 1.18.10, 1.18.12

Java IP –

Bedrock/PocketEdition IP:


port: 25668

Adventure Factions Lore Modded Moddedsmp Origins Originsmod Survival


EquinoxSMP is a modded server, based around the origin mod but with only custom origins

There is also alot of world changing mods with new biomes and new items too.

The server is a faction server with 4 factions (Celestials – Sirens – Beastmen – Demons) with 1 faction leader each
you can also choose to be rouge if you dont feel like playing by faction rules.

For mod install info you will have to join our discord, where we gladly will help with mod install 🙂

Discord link:

otherwise we are a small server with many great people, we help each others and we will welcome you to the server with open arms 😀