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Ghost Towny/SMP

Java Towny/SMP Survival
fun community chilling on minecraft, towny, Smp, community, jobs, economy
24/7 public server always on unless updating it

We are looking for more active players.
Fun, awesome builders/creative in there mind.
We are Do a lot of giveaways and events for players like if its there birthday or if we gain an amount of players.
We a lot of jobs for people to do.
economy system is fully set up.
We Even have /shop for people to buy and sell some items so the server shop
Players can make there own shop at there town or in the own claim every claim is a chunk

For More Help Check server Info on our discord

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Stathford Towny – The BEST Upcoming Towny Server (LOOKING FOR STAFF)

Welcome to Stathford Towny!
The BEST Upcoming Towny Server!
Includes our very own CUSTOM 4k by 4k Map!
VERSION: 1.12.2
We offer many exciting plugins and features for you to check out!
Plugins you will enjoy:
CustomEnchants (200 Custom Enchants)
AuctionMaster – Auction House
Custom Crates (Voting Crates, Rank Crates etc)
MyPet – Custom Pet Store!
OldCombatMechanics (1.8/1.7 PvP)
Player Particles (Custom Particles)
Player Vaults (More Storage!)
A FULLY config’d Anti-Cheat with machine learning to stop any cheater
Voting for extra rewards!
Wild Plugin to travel around our custom map at no expense!


Familyfriendly Towny Townyserver Townysurvival

RatedCraft Towny Server (PLAYERS NEEDED)

Work in progress towny server. Join up! All the plugins and stuff are set up and ready to go, just building onto what we already have going. Looking for possible staff.

Automation Crates Dynmap Jobs Mcmmo Parkour Pve Economy Ranks Rankups Towny Townyserver

TribeMC 1.16.1 – Towny | Rankups | Dynmap | McMMO/Jobs

TribeMC Information:

– IP:
– Dynmap:
– Discord:

– Store:
– Applications:

Server Launch Aug. 9th, 2020

TribeMC is a brand new 1.16.1 Towny server filled with custom features and familiar plugins! Level up through 50 levels to unlock new perks and bonuses, or grind your McMMO/Jobs levels to top the leaderboards. Create your very own shop and let anyone visit with a PlayerWarp, or sell your items to the admin /shop. TribeMC features a Resource overworld and Resource nether, allowing for Towns to be created in the new 1.16 Nether biomes! Check out TribeMC today to join a fun community, we hope you enjoy your stay!

– 50 Rankups : level up to unlock perks
– Towny & Dynmap : view your town from your web browser
– Jobs : grind to earn money and bonuses
– McMMO : RPG style plugin with skills and levels
– PlayerWarps : set your own warp
– Auctionhouse : sell items in a global auctionhouse
– Cosmetics : glows and trails unlocked in levels or our store
– Day Voting : vote for day without sleeping
– Parkour : earn rewards in the spawn parkour

Discord Essentialsx Spigot Spigot114 Survival Towny Townyserver Townysurvival


BonadonMC is a Minecraft server focused on the theme of all things aeronautics! Currently, we only offer our Towny gamemode with an in-game shop and other cool features. You can access various cosmetics such as particle trails, pets, and nicknames/titles by purchasing one of our ranks. More features are expected to be added as time goes on.

Adventure Dungeons Economy Jobs Mcmmo Quests Roleplay Rpg Survival Towny Townyserver Townysurvival

World of Crunch – Survival Towny RPG – Jobs – McMMO – Dungeons – Quests

World of Crunch is a fun Towny RPG server centred around players exploring dungeons and working together to establish towns and a thriving economy. There are very little admin shops that sell or buy items, everything is in place to allow for players to create their own shops and run the economy themselves. Any player can create a town if they wish to and there are no restrictions on what they are allowed to do with that town, if they want to build a medieval kingdom they can.

– Dungeons
– Ranks
– Quests
– Jobs
– Player ran economy
– Custom Enchants
– Custom Plugins

Dungeons allow you to obtain relics, these relics can be used to purchase custom items in the /menu. These items are enchanted and get progressively better as the tier increases. You can access the dungeons through /warp dungeons. These items can be sold to other players for Coins.

Players can also progress through several rank trees such as the swordsman tree, through leveling a relevant McMMO skill and spending coins players can purchase perks that aid in their adventures, such as bigger backpacks and more hearts. Players can also choose their own title from those that they have unlocked, titles can be unlocked through purchasing ingame ranks, donating, or in the future completing certain questlines.

There are custom items that can be obtained through working jobs, looting dungeons and trading with players, these items can do a variety of things, from repairing an item to adding extra health to armour. There are also custom enchants that offer a wide variety of new and exciting enchants to use, such as blinding your enemies or digging a 3×3 area with a pickaxe.

Regular enchantments can be applied to items by dragging and dropping the book onto the item you want to enchant, you no longer need an anvil.

Jobs allow you to earn money that can be used to trade with players or admin shops, money is also required to create a town. You can earn custom items such as relics or repair scrolls while working a job.

Minions Mmo Mmocore Mmoitems Mythicmobs Survival Towny Townyserver Townysurvival

GoldenMC – 1.16.1 – Towny MMO – RankUp – Custom Mobs – Custom Items – Custom World Generator – Minions


Release Date:
Saturday, July 11 – 2:00 PM EST

Community Links:


(releases July 11, 2:00 PM EST)

Customenchants Customitems Jobs Jobsreborn Mcmmo Poop Poophole Ranksystem Survival Towny Townyserver Townysurvival


We are IommiMc! We are fun and simple towny server that offers a plethora of different activities to choose from. Ranging from jobs to custom items, and towny, we have so much to offer! Please come join us today!

Spigot Survival Towny Townyserver Townysurvival Vanilla

Inizicraft – Towny Survival Server

Inizicraft is a Survival Server for You and Your Friends!

A server that has grown and changed in its almost three years of existence, Inizcraft aims to allow players to join and play along with their group of friends or collaborate with others who are on the server. Rather than pay for a server to play with your buds, hop on Inizicraft and enjoy a survival experience that allows you to do as you would alone, but with the additional plugins that Inizicraft has to offer!

Our Plugins Add to Your Experience, But Keep it Vanilla!

With plugins like towny and residence, you can protect your builds and create thriving towns, but the game keeps its vanilla feel and doesn’t stray away from that classic Minecraft theme! Plugins like BigDoors and CMI allow the server to have an interactive building environment and a dynamic economy. Finally, JobsReborn provides players with new tasks and adventures to go on, always keeping your gaming experience fresh and exciting. Dynmap allows players to see the server’s beauty in a whole new way!

A Dynamic Rankup Structure and Town Tournaments!

Inizicraft’s rankup structure and town tournaments allow players to set goals to strive towards, while also proving their towns value, and attracting new players to their towns. Ranks are available for all types of players, from builders to fighters and everything in between!

Home of the Minecraft Building Toronto Project!

The Inizicraft Server is also home to Gamefruitpulp’s Building Toronto Project. This ambitious creative project aims to recreate the City of Toronto, Canada on a 1:1 Scale. Players on the Inizicraft Server are able to warp to the project and walk around, exploring its beauty and attention to detail!


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Barangay Craft

Barangay Craft is a Friendly Economy Towny Server where people can enjoy playing survival mode with your friends, join a town, create a town, and more. Also, this server has a ranking system where players earn features by ranking up. Also, you can earn money by auction, lottery, voting, opening crates, and Jobs. No need to worry about finding hard to earn in-game money, we also have server events such as Job Boost, drops party, and more! So what are u waiting for Join now!

Note: Please read the server rules to avoid any trouble when playing the server.

Join us on Discord for more updates!


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