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BirbMC [Semi-Vanilla] [SMP] {Greylist} {16+} {1.16.3} {LGBTQ+}

BirbMC is a semi-vanilla MC server Java that launched on June 13th2020! We are looking to grow our community of active and friendly players. We are LGBTQ+. We aim to keep the game-play feel like vanilla, so our plugins are primarily QoL and administrative. Our staff are experienced moderators of large semi-vanilla MC servers. We even have our own developers that keep everything streamlined as well as enable us to provide additional capabilities to enrich the experience for our players. Please respect others in the community and follow the rules.

Please stop by! We have a greylist so anybody can come look around before applying! :

Our server address is:

– Custom Advancements
– Dynmap
– Dedicated Server more info below
– Periodic Community Events
– Stats Page

General Info
– Server Address/IP:
– Server Locale: East Coast Canada
– Game Play Type: Semi-Vanilla Survival on Hard Difficulty

Server Specs
– Intel i7-7700K – 4c/ 8t – 4.2GHz/ 4.5GHz
– 64GB DDR4 2133MHz
– 2x450GB SSD NVMe Soft RAID
– More info at

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World Of Wizards Online – RPG Server

~~Economy – RPG – Survival – MMO – Magic – Classes – MythicMobs – PvP – Custom Items ~~

What is World Of Wizards Online?
The answer is out there, and it’s looking for you, and it will find you if you want it to.
Unfortunately, no one can be told what World Of Wizards is.
You have to see it for yourself


  • This is not Minecraft, This is World Of Wizards, and it’s an RPG Server that uses Minecraft at its core.
  • The server can be hard to play on, so be wise and know that your Vanilla gameplay won’t get you far on it.
  • If everyone is super, no one is. On our server, you will have to make an effort to level up.
  • PvP is allowed, And the winner gets 5% of the other players’ power levels.
  • You can protect your land with Residences.
  • Your choice of Class will affect your gameplay.
  • Mobs are leveled.
  • Worlds are Levelled
  • Custom Items
  • Custom Weapons
  • Custom Mobs
  • Companions
  • RULES:

  • 1. Behave Nice
  • 2. No Racism
  • 3. No Sexual Content
  • 4. No Grief
  • Categories
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    Tired of getting bored from a survival world? Join us on, a server featuring a vast array of new ways to creatively look at a survival server!
    CoomWare: is a focused 1.16 enhanced vanilla SMP server. We host a valley of new ideas and features to improve the vanilla experience, without giving away the fun of the classic game.
    We host a dynamic shop and supplemented economy, custom crafting recipes, and many more!
    Start off your world in a new open environment with only your own limitations holding you back. Don’t worry about grief, looters, or anybody from stopping you! We house a means of undoing any damage done to your land by outsiders, so build and thrive in peace and freedom!
    Want to be the richest of them all? Or maybe you’d rather create the biggest empire on the server and show off to the rest of the users! Whatever the case may be, you can get it done on

    -=- Features -=-

    – Dynamic shop with a balanced economy to ensure you can get what you need without the hassle
    – Customize villager professions as well as animal skin textures with the custom MobCycle plugin!
    – Craft mob eggs, music discs, chainmail armor, and so many more uncraftable items featuring the custom Uncraftables plugin with so much for you to discover!

    – An anti-grief system and anti-looting system set in play to ensure your time and valuables are never in jeopardy of being taken from you.
    – Take advantage of our numerous functionality and enhancement plugins! VeinMiner allows you to mine entire veins of ore while sneaking, as well as chop down entire trees, or clear out a huge patch of sand or gravel! CraftBook let’s you sit on stair blocks like chairs, create and operate gates and bridges, and more! NetherTrees makes the netherwart blocks and warped wart blocks on nether trees decay and drop items, just like trees in the overworld! There’s so much you can do here on!

    – Loveable staff, and overall friendly community who are also sharing the same interests as you!

    Here at, our aim and policy is to ensure the most enjoyable SMP experience possible to the playerbase. If you need anything, don’t be afraid to ask! We’re always looking for new people to enjoy the game with us, and we hope you join us on very soon! 🙂

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    CorruptionCraft Vanilla+ Server

    CorruptionCraft is a server dedicated to taking the traditional vanilla+ format and making it have a bit more of a challenge and be less economy dependent. This server has all the commands you would expect from a vanilla+ server, rtp, home, tpa, etc but with a cool-down. And unlike other servers where death has little to no penalty this one will test your skill and resolve by making death a lot more punishing.

    Server rules:

    [1] Be respectful
    [2] Be ethical
    [3] No hacked clients
    [3.5] Mods like mini maps are allowed, but nothing that gives a clear advantage
    [4] No exploits
    [4.5] If you find an exploit please report it
    [5] No offensive builds/skins in public areas, you will not be punished for these if no one reports it
    [6] No scamming
    [7] No tp traps
    [8] No spam
    [9] No redstone devices that cause heavy lag (simple auto farms are allowed)
    [10] Griefing is allowed but not in or around claimed areas/spawn
    [11] No begging in chat for items/ranks
    [12] Do not claim within 100 blocks of another player without permission

    Since this server was just made i will be taking suggestions and pretty much everything is subject to change.

    This server also has a discord! Which is also subject to change

    Coreprotect Creative Economy Essentials Lwc Mcmmo Survival Towny

    Project of the Day

    Come join us at Project of the Day, a small, friendly survival Minecraft community with
    plenty to see and do thanks to our array of customized plug-ins, including:

    Essentials, LWC, Economy, MCMMO, Creative Gates, Towny, Coreprotect and many more!

    Recently we have just added:

    + Quests with handsome rewards for players who complete them
    + Pocket Games if you’re ever feeling bored!
    + Advance Enchantments for stronger gear!
    + Skyblock for something a little more challenging than normal survival
    + Ultimate Timber for faster wood-cutting

    Some future plugins that will be coming soon include TNTRun, HideandSeek, and Cuberunner so as to make the server more fun and interactive! With so many plugins, you’ll never run out of things to do with your fellow players!

    Our server currently consists of four worlds for our players:

    + A survival world for all players to enjoy
    + A resource world for you to tear apart looking for resources
    +A creative world with normal terrain generation
    +A creative-flat world where you can claim a plot and put your favorite creation on display for all to see

    In the survival world PvP is not allowed, but we have constructed a PvP arena for players wishing to duel each other.

    Our server staff is friendly and active, and will be happy to assist new players in learning how to use our plugins, while also working to maintain a family-friendly and troll-free atmosphere for the server.

    The following are absolutely not allowed:

    + Spamming
    + ALL CAPS
    + Raging in chat
    + Real life threats
    + Advertising
    + Threats or actions of DDOS
    + Using hacked clients to gain an advantage over other players such as but not limited to: ForceField, Aura, AutoClick, AutoBow, AutoEat

    Finally, we have a discord server, the address of which can be found at our website, though it does not always stay as family-friendly as our server chat!

    Coreprotect Dynmap Lgbtfriendly Oneplayersleep Survival

    Fairy’s Realm


    We are a newer Survival server with only one goal. To have fun. (We are an age 18+ server)

    With so many “Like Hermitcraft” servers coming out, we decided to make a server with a similar theme, but still
    our own.

    We don’t want to be Hermitcraft, we want to be our own server and style, so come on it and have some fun!

    Our server is primarily Vanilla with a few plug-ins just for some quality of life improvements such as:

  • OnePlayerSleep
  • AntiCheat
  • CoreProtect
  • PlayerHeads as well as a couple other Vanilla Tweaks datapacks.
  • Dynmap
  • WorldGuard
  • Custom Recipes such as Cooked Pumpkin makes orange dye!
  • In addition to these we will also have player run shops, events and community build projects! Come give us a try, have fun, meet new people and lets build a community! We are LGBT Friendly, be respectful, otherwise it’s just a way to get a fast ban 😉


    The goal of this server in addition to just having fun, is to find a core group of friends to later change over to White-list. This is so we can all be able to truly be able to rely on trust and never worry about potential griefing. This is a long term and will take a while to get going but we are hopeful.




    We HAVE ONE! Feel free to join and have a blast with us 😀
    OR if you have some questions first? Join and drop a message or ask if we’re in there!


    When 1.6 launches we will be resetting the Nether to enjoy all the perils that the new Nether brings.

    Coffee Coreprotect Customplugins Freebuild Friendly Hard Noclaims Nogriefsurvival Nolag Shop Shopgui Survival Trade Vanilla Vanillasurvival Votifier Votingrewards Voxel Worldguard

    ☕ VoxelCoffee | Vanilla Minecraft Server ☕

    VoxelCoffee | Vanilla Minecraft Server

    Voxel Coffee is a 100% free Vanilla Minecraft Server. Ranks are given out based on time played not donations. The server is an adult-only server with a focus towards building and redstone. This is a hobbyist server and has no commercial intentions ever. Saying that it has better performance and reliability than most paid servers because it is 100% custom. I just got sick of poor performing free servers and wanted to build a chill place for people to play Minecraft.


  • High Performance: Server runs on NVME SSDs in raid0 in a datacenter. We stay constantly at 20 ticks per second.
  • Custom Shops: Build shops that you can trade with other players at. No in game currency only bartering.
  • Homesteads: Your own chunk of the world, a true survival experience right when you log in.
  • Grief Protection: CoreProtect is enabled backed by MySQL to rollback any greifing.
  • Rank System: Ranks are also backed by a MySQL database and promotions are based on play time and community contributions.
  • Custom mods: I write custom mods only available only on VoxelCoffee. Custom menu systems, custom shop system (built with bartering only).
  • Difficulty: Hard, spawn rates are not modified farms will work at optimal efficiency.
  • Mature Players: Servers is intended for adults (18+).
  • Please join and give it a go!

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    Crystal Dream World

    CRYSTAL DREAM WORLDSoaring Through the Sky ♥ Even Just For A Day
    Discord: Click to Join Our Dreams

    On the server, we always try to make sure that you’re having a good time. Sometimes there will be bugs and perhaps some crushes but always remember that we always try to work on the issues as soon as possible. Also here are just some of the features that you will find on the server when you do join.

    BetterSleeping: Receive buffs from sleeping. Bloodmoon: A night time that keeps you hiding, but better drops. Chairs: For those who like to roleplay, teaparty anyone? ChatGames: Many chat races to compete with other players and get rewarded. CoreProtect: If you don’t like being griefed, we can restore it. CrystalSparkle: When you die, you wont lost your stuff but you have to pick it up. Glowing: Luminous Objects glow in your hands Jobs: Get a job and make some money. Civs: Make buildings that make money and invite friends. Marriage: Form a bond with your partner and get benefits. McMMO: Gain levels on different skills Custom Dungeons: Explore new dungeons with new loot Player Radios: Broadcast a Station and listen to music TreeFeller: You cut down alot of trees already, so we make it easier Slimefun: Advance your research to discover new recipes


    We are interested in our players helping us monetize our server but we aren’t going to do it the way other servers have done it. Our server strives to be friendly to both adults and chidren. We decided to remove loot crates; it kinda feels like gambling to be honest. We might add it in future but we won’t make it such that you used actual money to roll. We want our players to have fun so we provide almost everything on a progression basis. Which means you can even earn fun cosmetics for free. Monetization is done through donation mainly and we improve the server even more for each donation goal we achieve.

    We Hope You Enjoy Your Visit On The Server ♥ Even though it might just Be For A Day

    Amplified Community Coreprotect Fly Mcmmo New Server Small Survival

    Bushi Craft

    Bushi Craft is my response to rejoining Minecraft and wishing for the kind of server I used to play all the time in 2013. Building a tight community is my goal, and this is a simple SMP server. One cool thing is that everyone can /fly in survival mode, which can’t be done in solo Minecraft. Anyway, I hope you check out Bushi Craft and join, whether you’re a veteran player or brand new.

    Claim Claims Community Coreprotect Essentials Friendly Greatstaff Greifprevention Jobs Jobsreborn Keepinv Keepinventory Keepitems Keepitemsondeath Mooshykong New Nophantom Nophantoms Player Playershops Positive Positivecummunity Rtp Shop Shops Simplysurvival Small Smp Staff Staffneeded Survival Teleport Tydi Warps



    Simply Survival is an open world Minecraft survival server that is made for fun, and only fun. There are jobs you can join with a working economy. We are planning to build a wonderful community that’s built like a family. We look forward to seeing you there!

    – No Phantoms
    – Keep Inventory
    – Jobs
    – Player Shops
    – Active Staff Members
    – Grief Prevention


    Server IP:

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