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McMarmalade is an economy server. This is the initial launch. Be the first to succeed and buy the best spawn shops.
Admin shops are priced to encourage players to shop with other players instead.
Jobs give small amounts of money to add to the sold items to spawn shops.
Shop stalls can be rented for a weekly fee.
I set up the economy to be anti inflationary and be stable long term. I’m open to criticism and suggestions.
Website coming soon…

Pvp arena
Spleef arena
mob arena (coming soon)
Purchasable town portals

1. Treat each other like you’d want to be treated.
2. No griefing, stealing, or killing outside of pvp areas.
3. No hacking, duping, or other form of cheating.
4. Explicit content will not be tolerated.
5. No spamming of links or repeated messages.
6. Do not cause excessive lag.
7. All redstone must have an off switch.

Notable Plugins:
grappling hook

Build Chestshop Community Discord Dynmap Eco Lottery Money Survival Vote

we are a 100% Dutch-speaking server.
we want a nice community and hopefully you can contribute to that 🙂
hopefully we will see you soon online.

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Captive Prison [1.8 – 1.18]

Captive Prison

In need of an OP Prison server Look no further than Captive Prison. We are a community who loves to grind, interact and play together. We love our community of players and seek to give them the best Prison experience out there. We take all suggestions and consider them and love to host events and see the server grow. Features of the server are: Free Autosell, Token Enchants, Crates, Good Economy Much More. If you play Captive Prison expect many features too be added and a friendly community and staff team who loves to see new players come and fit in with the community. Come check us out! There is nothing to lose!

We here on Captive Prison are a server which cares a lot about its community. Whether its making our donor ranks affordable or making it a fun experience for those who don’t spend a single penny on the server. We appreciate the whole community and just playing the server helps us out and means a lot to the staff and community. The staff know all of the players very well and the dedicated staff love too take your suggestions and help build on the server too make it better.

When you join the server you can instantly get right into the fun of Captive Prison. The community is very helpful and if you encounter any problem or maybe need some support to help rankup, the community will help support you so you can have the best of fun on Captive Prison.

Just some of the things we have to offer:
[+] Auction House /ah
[+] Free Autosell /as
[+] Free BattlePass /bp
[+] Crates that offer many rewards
[+] Daily Rewards /rewards
[+] duel / duel
[+] Gambling /gamble
[+] Gang / gang
[+] Lottery
[+] Minebombs
[+] Mobcoins
[+] Free Playervaults
[+] Pets
[+] Plots
[+] Trails
[+] Prestige Multipliers

Server IP:

Lootcrates Lottery Semianarchy Shops Survival

Anarchists Economics

Anarchist Economics 1.18.2
Economic Semi-Anarchy

  • -In Game Money
  • -1.18.2 – Java
  • -All Bedrock Clients Can Join
  • -Custom Enchants
  • -Shops
  • -Key Crates
  • -Lottery
  • -No mics
  • -Bank
  • -Auction
  • About:
    This is a 2022 Semi Anarchy Server where you can enjoy the freedom of a never resetting map.
    Build in a community that I encourage players to work together but as all
    Semi Anarchy Servers go, you have to expect that there could be chaos around every corner.

    How’s it Different:
    We all have joined into an older server with a destroyed spawn
    and exhausted resources you don’t really feel like you could ever catch up.
    Well then this server is for you. I want to try to keep the basics of Semi Anarchy
    but adding the Economy, Lottery and Loot Crates
    to keep a balance between new and old players on
    a reasonable scale by selling items & killing mobs for in game wealth


  • No Item Hacks, X-Ray Hacks, Teleport Hacks, Flying Hacks, Time hacks, or enabling No-clip.
  • Cheaters WILL be banned without Recourse!
  • Going forward it will work on a honor system. Let’s have fun and minimize an unfair Playing field.
  • Duping will not be accepted by our community. Play Fair
  • Port 25648 bedrock Players
  • Java Players

  • Categories
    Anarchy Auctions Ecnomy Lottery Shop Survival

    Anarchists Economics 1.18.2

    Anarchist Economics 1.18.2
    Economic Semi-Anarchy

  • Land Claim
  • Item Shop – In game cash ONLY
  • Lottery
  • Lucky Crates – in game cash ONLY
  • Daily Rewards
  • Custom Enchants
  • Auction house
  • Bank for items,money PLUS EXP
  • Starter kit (one-time)
  • Cross-platform between Java/Bedrock

  • No Item Hacks, X-Ray Hacks, Teleport Hacks, Flying Hacks, Time hacks, or enabling No-clip.
  • Cheaters WILL be banned without Recourse!
  • Going forward it will work on a honour system. Let’s have fun and minimize an unfair Playing field.
  • Duping will not be accepted by our community. Play Fair
  • Port 25648 bedrock Players
  • Java Players

  • Categories
    Auctions Economy Headshop Jobs Lands Lottery Shops Survival Townysurvival Wars


    Welcome to The Lab, your one stop for high quality gamemodes and minigames! Come talk with our amazing community and play some of your favourite games on Minecraft!

    Empires Survival is an advanced take on the classic Towny gamemode. Featuring more advanced claims and plots than the original counter part, offering more expandability and customisability to your Towns.
    It also features custom economy plugins to help make the experience feel more immersive, as well as classics such as Chest Shop, Lottery, Admin Shops, Jobs and more!
    To add to this, the entire server is built from the ground up to support the latest 1.18.1 version! This means you’ll get to experience the latest and greatest terrain generation and features that the game has to offer! On top of this, we plan to update to the latest version as and when it is available so you’ll always get the newest features first!

    We also feature popular minigames such as Build Battle and COD Zombies with maps built by highly skilled architects. With an ever growing roster of high quality games, your experience will keep on getting better!

    We offer high quality Intel based servers hosted in the US for low latency and smooth gameplay!


    Auction Casino Coinflip Customenchantments Customenchants Faction Faction Pvp Factions Factionspvp Factionsserver Lottery Mcmmo Oldpvp Pvp

    GypsyPVPâ•‘KOTHâ•‘Factionsâ•‘Casinoâ•‘GenBucketâ•‘McMMOâ•‘SellWandsâ•‘MiningDrillsâ•‘Any Version 1.7+

    Welcome to GypsyPvP, a Factions server with older styled play in mind!

      We’ve structured our server to feel similar to an older, 2014-2015 server but with newer mechanics and plugins in mind!
    PvP is set back to the old 1.7-1.8 mechanics, and cannoning has been debuffed so corner pillars/wrap arounds are no longer
    necessary for a safe base. We have many economy/casino plugins that provide players access to armor and custom items
    that are unique to our server! Come play now and enjoy PvP, raiding, and gambling in a well balanced and fun environment!

      The old meta of grinding for 18 hours a day for a 3 week map just to claim /f top is outdated and frankly, boring! we’ve crammed as many different minigames and PvP/raid events as we saw feasible in order to create the perfect environment to collect loot, grind out god sets using a list of over 240 custom enchantments, create brand new grinder designs using our over 20 available spawners, find rare Hero Armor/tools by fishing, mining, or killing mobs, raid your enemies, and much more! Come join us today, and start your factions farm so that you can participate in our lottery games, our casino, slot machines, bar gamble drinks, coin flips, and many more casino games!

      Sick of spending days if not WEEKS building a base, just to get split by an OP CANNON in less than 10 minutes???
    We’ve fixed all of that by DISABLING leftshooters and midairs, as well as adding GenBuckets and 3x3x3 pickaxes to
    make base building a breeze! No longer are corner pillars and wrap around walls necessary for a safe base – build it
    like we used to in 2014 – with just a few wrap around walls and basic defenses!

    Farming on a large server can be annoying – but with our Harvester hoe and Sell Wand items, you no longer have to waste hours of your play time going back and forth to warp shop or trying to pick up crops off of the ground. These items allow you to spend more time PvPing, Raiding, and building the best base on the server!

    Plugins / Features :
    – Factions
    – McMMO
    – KOTH
    – Drop Parties
    – Item Crates
    – MoneyPouches – Win a random amount of money!
    – Trivia Games – Win Crates by answer correctly!
    – Sumo Minigames (Knock your opponent out of the ring for rewards!)
    – Parkour for better sell rates per-inventory and rare drops!
    – Admin bases that respawn weekly, with different levels of difficulty and rewards!
    – Custom Enchantments – Create your own unique god set!
    – Gen Buckets (Generates a line of blocks for in game $)
    – 3x3x3 Pickaxes – Easily mine a base!
    – Harvester Hoes – Place items directly in your inv, or sell them automatically! (for a reduced rate)
    – Sell wands – sell items by right clicking chests (for a reduced rate)
    – Auction House (Auction up to 5 items at a time)
    – /coinflip
    – Player Satistics, track blocks broken, mobs killed, and more! All on a leaderboard
    – /bargames (gamble money in different casino games!)
    – SlotMachines
    – /Lottery
    – MobCoins (Earn tokens from killing mobs!)
    – MobArena
    – SilkTouch Spawners
    – 2 Factor Authentication, to prevent people from accessing your base if your account is hacked!
    – Obsidian Destroyer
    – EnderChest Vaults (More Private Vaults!)
    – RankVouchers (earn ranks as rare drops)
    – Debuffed Cannoning (No Midair, Leftstacking, or AC130)

    Creative Jobs Lottery Mcmmosurvival Mcmmotowny Shopschestshop Slimefun Slimefunskyblock Slimefuntowny Stockmarket Survival Survivalserver Towny

    Elemental Network | Towny | Skyblock | Creative | Slimefun

    Hello there, welcome to Elemental Network! You’re looking at a new, thriving network of high quality servers!
    WIth 4 fantastic gamemodes, you can be guaranteed to not get bored anytime soon!

    **NEW** Skyblock and Ultimate Survival modes now open! Fight harsh temperatures and conditions in Ultimate Survival and build the island of your dreams on our Skyblock server!

    Our server has one of the most up to date and feature packed Towny servers on the market, featuring the newest 1.16.3 update and great plugins such as: Towny, Lottery, Chestshop, Slimefun, Jobs reborn, Auction House, Stock Exchange and the ability to run your own company! With an economy that’s not too easy but doesn’t take hours of endless grinding to get anywhere, you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy the experience. With many pre existing towns from our current players, you can join and help with theirs or start your own!

    Creative, a place for Minecraft’s best architects to let loose and build amazing contructions! With a custom ranking system and dedicated flatworld, build your way up the ranks to earn cool new perks!

    Ultimate Survival is our newest gamemode. We wanted to go back to basics with a simple survival server with none of the fuss of Towny or Factions, however to make it interesting we gave it a twist. Nights and Days are now both 45 minutes each, food now spoils so make yourself a farm and watch your food! Mobs are now RPG style with levels and attack abilities which are unique to their level. Harder and more challenging mining and cave exploration! Your character now has a temperature so monitor to make sure you aren’t too hot or cold! With many of these features, it is certainly a challenge, but a fun one at that!

    We hope to see you online soon for an experience you won’t forget! From our amazing servers, community to our very helpful and experienced staff, you sure won’t regret giving us a try!

    Thanks, Oswin and Kayleighh

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    ✨ TheLifeMC ✨ (Economy/Survival – Industrialize – Upgradable Spawners – Custom Enchantments – Quests – Jobs



    TheLifeMC is a survival server focused on bringing a unique aspect to Minecraft survival while still maintaining the usual Minecraft feel. Work your way through 1,000 ranks while earning special perks, items, and permissions all while leveling up special skills and abilities. What are you waiting for? Join us now!

    Balanced Bounties Chatreaction Cosmetics Crates Customplugins Dedicatedstaff Donorranks Duels Dungeons Economy Events Grind Hardmode Jobs Lottery Mcmmo Parkour Pets Pve Pvp Ranks Survival


    HadesMC is a high intensity survival server with a very well balanced economy. We offer a unique experience with jobs and pets you can level up in addition to a custom dungeons plugin that reigns supreme. HadesMC has a highly involved staff team with a strong playerbase.
    A unique twist in modern Minecraft; through server events and a broad spectrum of objective completion, you are able to access new parts of spawn that enhances your gameplay. Go solo or play with friends, reap the rewards of an underworld that offers nothing short of the best minecraft survival experience.

    Join the trials and tribulations of HadesMC, full of unpromising truths and even more promising lies.