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Ip java:
Ip bedrock: Puerto: 27015

————————————————————★ 10BEASTS ★——————————————————————–

Be part of our community and come have fun with us in a world full of adventure, laughter, fellowship and much more!

10Beasts we are a server that listens to the community with your suggestions and we have just officially opened, we are also looking for staff.

RPG,Roleplay y survival:

➤ 5 races (to choose)

➤ Free tenders

➤ Teams

➤ Events around the world

➤ Daily Rewards

➤ Protections

➤ Nightmare Mode

➤ Missions

➤ Summons

➤ Crates

➤ skills

➤ Monsters with levels

➤ Bosses

We are waiting for you to be part of this community that is just beginning with all the adventurers who want to come with us!!!

Beadle Bosses Cosmicpvptest Cosmictest Dungeons Faction Factions Lootboxes Mercypvp


The Best Minecraft Factions Server.

Bosses, Dungeons, Expeditions, Crate Keys, Slotbot, Lootboxes, Drop Packages, Custom Enchants, and much more.

CosmicTest Styled Factions, CosmicPvPTest Styled Factions, Factions, Cosmic Styled Factions, Treasure Wars Styled Factions, SaicoPvP Styled Factions, Archon Styled Factions. JOIN NOW!

Dungeons Economy Friendly Pets Pve Pvp Skills Survival

DestiCube |

Our server IP: »»» Our Website: »»» Our Discord:

DestiCube is a 1.19 Java Minecraft Server where we value our players first. As we are centered around this great community that is DestiCube, we regularly create events, polls, builds and updates to keep our community involved in this huge project that everyone is part of. We are offering a wide variety of custom features (listed below) and we are opened to any suggestions. We here at DestiCube listen to our community and as a result, this server is built for the players, by the players!Being fairly new, it was important for us to have a good, competant and devoted Staff Team. We are very picky when it comes to chosing Staff Members and this can assure you to be between good hands on our server. Finding your spot won’t be an issue. You are more than welcomed to join our server and start building your destiny!
⚡️ Values
We keep these values in mind whenever we start working on our Network. They help us make sure we follow a strict guideline so quality is never left behind.

Every single detail, build and feature on our server as been custom made so it fits with our gameplay. Our team is very experienced and we make sure that everything is perfect before releasing a new update. We also make sure to give our players the best support possible!
We evaluate every decision and make sure our community agrees with it. Most of the feature you will find on the server comes from players that voted for it in the first place. Unless we are preparing a secret and huge update, we will always ask for the consentment of the community!
Our team will make sure that you are having a great time by being available to help you and by making sure everything on the back-end server runs great. We are using top of the line hardware to ensure no lag and bad experiences. We spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours to make this server the best one you will ever join.
⚡️ Features
We are trying to stay true to the Minecraft Experience, but we added a few extra features to create a fun gameplay and enjoyable experience. We also update our server with the latest Minecraft version as quick as possible.

There are 15 free ranks for you to rankup. We also added 5 paid ranks (Non P2W) to help us cover the server expenses. By supporting us you will have access to cosmetics features and small but useful perks!
Land Claiming:
We are using a land protection plugin so unwanted players cannot grief your builds. It also comes with a useful GUI where you can add members, give them a role and setup some flags and cosmetics options!
Jobs and Skills:
We have 6 different Jobs you can sign in for. As part of our economy, working in a job will grant you money as you are working.We also have Skills that will help you on your daily basis with custom abilities once you reach a certain skill level!
Dungeons and Enchantments:
There are dungeons you can explore and drop custom items and resources from. Each dungeons have their own storyline, monsters and bosses that you will love to explore.There is also a lot of new custom enchantments that you will find in our crate system. If you are bored of the old enchantments that Minecraft as to offer, this is perfect for you!
Toggleable PvP:
We all know the struggle about players that always want to pvp and unfairly kill you everytime. For this reason, we implemented a way to toggle your pvp state.We also made it so the Nether and The End are worlds where pvp is always enabled. This adds an exciting and scary feeling when going in these worlds. Be aware that spawn killing and tp killing isn’t allowed.
Friendly Community:
Our community will welcome you as one of their own! They will make sure to help you with your questions and maybe even help you start as we all know it can sometimes be hard to find shelter quickly. You won’t have to worry about toxic players or griefers as both of these are punishable offense and quickly taken care of!
⚡️ Map Information
Each world as their own dimension and can be explore until you are blocked by the border. As the community grows, we will expand these borders!

Survival: 30,000 x 30,000 – PvP if activated
Nether: 10,000 x 10,000 – PvP ON
The End: 30,000 x 30,000 – PvP ON
Dungeons: 1,000 x 1,000 – PvP if activated
⚡️ Join us now
Interested? Well, we are waiting for you.
Our server IP: »»» Our Website: »»» Our Discord:

Custom Dungeons Pvp Survival


Survival Server 1.18.2

Custom Texture Pack
Protection Stones
TPA / HOME / RTP Commands

18plus Adult Art Casino Dungeons Mcmmo Pyrofishing Pyromining Slimefun Survival Towny


Shroomia – An Adult Minecraft Server

18+ Java and Bedrock Server

Shroomia is a new Towny server made for adults! Slimefun – Dungeons – Mcmmo – PyroFishing – PyroMining – Casinos – Cash Prize Minigames – Economy Based – Custom Items – Art – And More!

Join us!

Dungeons Fishing Kits Levels Military Skills Survival Veterans Worlds


We us at GruntSMP wanted to offer more than just the traditional survival experience. We know it gets boring pretty quick especially if you have been playing as long as we have. That’s why we’ve added tons of content and features to keep it interesting and to offer countless hours of gameplay. Here’s just a small amount of the features we offer;

Unique Shop System: Gone is the standard and boring player shop where players can just buy and sell everything. Now you can browse through advertised shops created by players themselves!
Extraordinary cosmetics: Our custom made cosmetics plugin contains no less than 208 trails and can be expanded without limitation. Together with ACubelets, these 2 plugins form an excellent combination.
70 Player Levels: Player levels are a great way for players to get their hands on items they normally can’t get. This way we eliminate the advantage of the so called ‘pay to win’ experience.
678 Player Quests: YEP, a whopping 678 player quests have been added to our quests plugin, so you will never run out of them! This gives unlimited challenges that comes with loads of fun.
Dungeons: Dungeons adds a new dimension to the survival experience. Fight new and stronger monsters and get your hands on powerful items that can be unlocked by shards dropped by these creatures.
Loaded Crates: Crates play an important role on almost every server. They serve as a reward for various actions. Our crates are therefore packed with all kinds of prizes from different tiers.
Unique Death System: This feature improves the survival experience. When you die you get the chance to store your items in a special inventory slot or you can immediately claim them back through gravestones.
Land Claim System: Claim and protect your builds and loot!
Spawner Breaker: This custom feature allows players to mine spawners at a certain player level. We have implemented many more features that require certain player levels before a player can use it.

That’s not it! We have a lot more and we’d love for you to come check them out!

Bank Banks Bosses Claims Crates Customislands Dungeons Economy Levelsystem Mcmmo Minions Playerclaims Playerlevels Pvp Quests Resourceworld Skyblock Smp Survival Worlds



Allay is a server for the community, created by members of the community! Our goal is to create the best server for you with features that you want, the support you expect, and an experience you deserve. We offer not just survival but an immense experience with many different things to do!

Super In-depth Survival
– Levels
– Quests
– Jobs
– Playershops
– Auction House
– Blackmarket
– Resource World
– Dungeons
– Mystery Sorcerer
– Courier
– Crates
– Buckets
– Ancient Traveler

[​BRAND NEW] Super In-depth Skyblock
– Custom Island Presets
– Levels
– Quests
– Island Minions
– Island Levels
– Island Bank
– Island Warps
– Co-op Islands
– Island Missions
– Island Upgrades
– 100+ Island Settings

Each mode has so much more than what’s listed! Come check out what we offer!

Adminshop Cosmetics Dailyrewards Discord Dungeons Jobs Mythicalraces Mythicmobs Parkour Quests Survival


※CRAFTSHIRE※ ❘ Java ❘ 1.19

Craftshire is a server packed full of exciting new features to keep you entertained! We have anti-cheat plugins to keep away hackers.

Features Include:

►Discord – In our discord server you can share your builds, art and get to know the community.
►Players Vote For New Features – We want everyone to feel heard, in our discord server you can suggest and vote for new features in our server!
►Daily Quests – Every day you will be given three quests with rewards for competition.
►Dungeons – Battle your way through new and exciting dungeons either alone or with friends!
►Parkour – Original parkour maps for you to jump your way through and earn rewards.
►Player Warps – Set up a warp at your shop or base!
►Player Shop Area In Spawn – Buy a stall in our market area in spawn.
►Admin Shop With Wearable And Decorative Items – Customise your character with hats and wings! Spruce up your base with various decorations and furniture!
►Jobs – Earn money while you play, choose from a wide range of jobs.
►Mythical Races – Want some extra perks to help you along your journey? Pick out a mythical race to boost your playing experience!
►Grief And Chest Protection – Feel safe know your items are protected against unwanted guests
And much more!

These are just a few of our server’s features, if you want to find out what else we have, why not join us?

At Craftshire we welcome everyone to join our community of dedicated, friendly and open players. Our staff are committed to keeping you safe and making sure you have the best time here!

Craftshire is a growing project, while we already have a bunch of features for you to enjoy, we’re always adding more! And we are also open to suggestions, we want you as a community member to feel safe here and feel heard. If you want to give your thoughts remember to join the discord and visit our #suggestions channel!

Join our Discord –

We look forward to meeting you!

Bosses Dungeons Rpg Skills Skyblock Survival

FarLands Network

Welcome to the FarLands – a server survival rpg

Basic information

✧ ip:
✧ version: 1.16.5
✧ modes: survival, SkyBlock (coming soon)


+ The Farlands are back
+ Dungeons, missions, coliseums, enchantments, bosses, etc…
+ Weekly Events (if there are active players)
+ Skills
+ Protections
+ Armor beyond netherite (more armor is planned to be implemented in the future)
+ New weapons and tools
+ Cosmetics (more cosmetics are planned to be implemented in the future)
+ ResourcePack required for survival:

And much more!

SkyBlock Coming Soon!!


You can suggest what you want as long as it is logical


Store: (nothing available yet)


Bosses Creative Dungeons Earlyaccess Lgbtqfriendly Minecraftserver Mmorpg Quests Rpg Rpgsurvival Servershop Space Spacestation Staff Staffneeded Staffwanted Survival Systemfriendly

Lunar Community Café

We are Plural & LGBTQIA+
= Lunar Community

  • Space/RPG Mystical theme
  • 65+ Plugins
  • MMO, Quests, Dungeons, Space,
  • lots of custom mechanics!
  • Ask for creative for building!
  • We’re looking for staff!
  • We are community server moving towards slowly, but making big idea
    appreciate anyone coming to play
    Lunar Community comes from our other discord server
    = Lunar Music Community