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ValhallaCraft | Welcome to Valhalla Minecraft server

ValhallaCraft is a new survival fantasy server for minecraft 1.16.4. The project administration has been working for days on improving the project, constantly supplementing it, improving and polishing the “corners”. The administration is constantly in contact with the players, in every possible way adjusting the work of the server, as well as setting it up so that it is convenient for the players. Low online, at the moment, as well as powerful hardware guarantees the game without delays and lags, in pleasant conditions. Events and raids on bosses are held on the server, which allows you and your friends to relax and move away from the standard minecraft game. Soon, the server will have automatic arenas and dungeons with grandiose rewards. The server is hardcore: economy without extra zeros, difficulty is set to “High”, PVP is on. To earn virtual currency, there are many mechanics associated with merchants; in the shortest possible time, quests (tasks) will appear, for the completion of which a reward in resource or currency equivalent will be issued. The map also contains secret villages selling legendary weapons from that era. Come into the game and see for yourself.

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Last Element

Welcome to Last Element

A inspired Server from the anime The Last Air Bender – Here you will be able to use the magic of many elements such as Fire Water Air Earth Chi With even more extra elements coming to the server such as Thunder, Ice, Blue Flames, Blood Bending & Much more to come!

The Goal is to become the Avatar! By having the 5 Elements Fire Water Air Earth Chi You will be able to achieve Avatar Status to boost all of your bending powers making you a force to recon with!

We have 3 Main City’s in each city’s you can rent out house or apartments which allows you quicker access to that city’s perk such as Shop to buy and sell certain items.

You get 3 Set Home points so you can use one for your house/apartment

We also have a player Market where you can buy a plot and build your own shop selling whatever you like to other players even offline!

In game currency is very important as there will be weekly pop up Shops & NPC that you can buy more elements and more claim blocks and rare items!

Each player will start with 300 Claim blocks which would allow you to go out and claim an area for yourself, You will generate 6 more blocks every hour of game play (You do not have to worry about height or deep of your area] You will be able to claim up to 3 area of land however big or small is up to you!

You can add friend to your land and they can add you! making it possible to claim land side by side and giving each other access for a much larger shared area.

We update our server on a daily basic so you will never get board from having boss fights and a new party system coming very soon and even dungeons with great rewards! this server will keep you playing and playing able for you to leave an impact by becoming one of the strongest out there wanted by many to clear such fights for such rewards!!

If This Is You Then Join and Enjoy!! IP:

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DreamLand offers a Skill-based PVP and PVE experience, Full of highly detailed custom Dungeons, Mobs Treasures. The Adventures never end! Claim your spot in the Hall of Heroes!

Building Custom Dungeons Farming Free Generator Mobs Pve Pve Economy Pvp Skyblock Skygens Unique


Skygens is an unique game type, with some inspiration from Hypixel Skyblock. In Skygens, you start out in the sky, and quickly get generators from the merchants and start a base in the player-based map. With an extremely large worldborder, you can make a base as far as you want.
When you progress far enough, you can do /warp dungeons where you fight mobs, and collect specific items for fighting specific mobs.
Some of the commands are /warp dungeons, /sethome, /home and /spawn
Enjoy your time on SkyGens!

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Emberfall 1.16.4 – GRAND OPENING

Lucfours here,

Welcome to Emberfall MC – a Towny, RPG and SMP all together! If you’re looking to group up with your friends to take down some of the toughest bosses, to build some of the biggest empires or to have the most immersive Minecraft experience. Then Emberfall is the place to be.

When I set out to design this server, I wanted to incorporate all the features of a large-scale server network SMP world, but keep it community focused where everyone works together and knows the server inside out. We have everything you could find on another server, and then some – mix that with our Grand Opening this weekend and our awesome Community so far and you can’t go wrong.

Our community is prized on our friendly players and our Staff Team who love to get involved. With our fresh world. Amazing custom bosses. Awesome Towny alongside golden shovel claiming there is a style of living for everyone.

Rather than me writing paragraph on paragraph here, check it out yourself on our Features page from the official Emberfall site:

And hop in our Discord to ask us any questions you would like to have answered and meet our people:

Can’t wait to see you in game,

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Looking for challenge and excitement? To recapture that sense of adventure – the hunt for the dangerous and unknown?

Join Monumenta – a free Minecraft-based action MMORPG in the spirit of “Complete the Monument”, particularly Ragecraft.

If you’ve enjoyed other great (unaffiliated) CTM series like Super Hostile, Untold Stories, Vinyl Fantasy, or Uncharted Territory, Monumenta is right up your alley.
Monumenta is unlike any other Minecraft MMO server – fight your way through dungeons, slay bosses, and complete quests mostly in survival mode, allowing you to place and break blocks as Notch intended.
Monumenta offers 10+ square kilometers of custom-built terrain including expansive towns with quests to complete, respawning dungeons to conquer, and massive multi-hour instanced raid dungeons to test your skill and obtain exotic loot. Monumenta is a cooperative server, where you can play with friends (or solo) to tackle its many challenges.
Monumenta has an expansive player class system (mage, warrior, etc.) and over 1000 custom items. Unlike most MMOs, there is no grinding to level up. Items and skill points are obtained by defeating dungeons and completing quests – and you can switch classes at any time and use your existing skill points in that new class. There are no tedious “MMO-style” skills like mining, etc. to level up by endless repetitive clicking.

Some stats:

  • 17 unique raid dungeons, each providing hours of gameplay.
  • 170+ respawning mini-dungeons scattered across the 100% custom overworld terrain.
  • 90+ quests with story, puzzles, and unique rewards.
  • 7 player classes with over 100 unique abilities to choose from.
  •       Mage – Arcane and Elemental magic user. Strong AoE and crowd control abilities
          Warrior – Sword/Shield/Axe Master
          Scout – Mobility, Utility, and Archery
          Cleric – Healing, Buffing, and Undead-slaying
          Rogue – Evades and fades in to deal huge single-target damage
          Alchemist – Supports allies and debuffs enemies through potions gained through combat
          Warlock – Combines abilities and debuffs for massive burst AoE damage

  • Loads of side content: Cooperative boss battles, daily quests, races, parkour challenges, and more.
  • Easily 120+ hours of mainline playtime with weekly updates; many players have > 1000 hours of game time.
  • A friendly, mature community of experienced Minecraft players
  • Monumenta has remained live since Closed Beta in June 2017 and continues to grow. It is a community-driven project which is and always will be free to play.

    Join today at (Minecraft version 1.16.3)

    Discord (our main community hub):


    Optional resource pack, which adds custom textures for our unique items (requires Optifine):

    Wiki –

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    Reborn Gaming

    Join Reborn Gaming! One of the biggest Gmod communities as it takes aim at Minecraft, delivering a custom and unique expierence like no other server can offer. 1.16.4

    Anarchypvpsurvivalfun Creative Discord Dungeons Economy Survival


    Venture Keep is a survival server with special enchantments, economy, mcmmo, fly in land claims, dual wielding weapons, silk spawners, auction house, discord, lottery, mounts, NPCs, dungeons, creative world and more.

    Challenge Dungeons Economy Faction Faction Pvp Factionpvp Pvp Raiding Survival Teampvp

    {Grand Opening VillagerPvP} Factions//Survival//PvE & PvP // Economy 1.16.3

    VillagerPvP is a faction/survival server that will test your limits at adaptability! We are proud to present a unique experience for you to have, looking to raid, fight dangerous monsters with improved intelligence to keep you on the edge! Dont expect to ease your way, you have to work to grow your empire and make a stand in the wilderness!!

    Gameplay Addons

    VillagerPvP has a lot to offer for your entertainment, such as the following :

    Randomly Generated Dungeons

    Custom Mobs -> Vampire, Crabs,Iceologer, Goblins, Ogre, Mummy’s, and many other mobs

    Unique Weather patterns such as -> Erosion, Tornadoes, Sandstorms, Meteor & Asteroid Impacts, and much more

    Custom Armor – > Can create many other armor types, more information at /warp tut

    Muskets -> Can create your own musket to survive the wilderness!

    Teleporter Portals -> Can create your own portal for quick fast travel, more information at /warp tut

    Turrets – > To watch your six and protect your land

    Kingdoms -> Many neat features for factions includes buffs, soldiers, income

    Mob Arena-> How long can you survive?

    Bloodmoon -> Survive the horde

    Herobrine -> White Eyes can see through your soul

    And much more, you have to discover them yourself ^_*

    Server Rules
    1: No Hacking/Xray
    2: No Spam/Dox
    3: No NSFW
    4: No Abuse/Harassment
    5: Use Common Sense

    Faction Rules
    1: Griefing/ Raiding is allowed
    2: Spies are allowed
    3: Take advantage of any situation
    4: Got beef? use #faction-beef on our /discord to talk things out ^_*
    5: /k create name to start!!

    Important Information
    You will need wits, intelligence the the drive to face the unknown this server will test your limits be prepared to face new challenges!
    Soon To Come
    – Server Website
    – Faction Competitions

    IP or

    Server Information
    The Server is Made From Players For Players!

    Comingsoon Creative Dungeons Events Networkserver Skyblock Survival

    =Sprisky Network=

    Sprisky Network

    Hello, Welcome to Sprisky Network!

    Sprisky Network is a Survival focused server that uses a multitude of plugins to give the best possible Minecraft Experience.

    Here are some plugins we use to benefit our players

    – Land claims (To protect your build)
    – World Guard
    – Player Logging
    – Shop
    – Pets
    – Jobs

    Come and join our friendly active staff on Minecraft and Discord!

    We aim to create a peaceful and friendly atomosphere for all players.

    Current active Gamemodes


    Coming soon


    Join Sprisky Discord for all the latest news and to connect with other players!
    Minecraft Server Ip: or

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