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Play Survival together with your friends Bedrock and Java, available for all versions after 1.19+. A community of more than 200,000 members on Discord that contains an incredible experience.

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Viacraft is a new minecraft server that strives to be different and make a change in the Minecraft community. We are a public Towny server with a unique FlagWar system to make it exciting yet fair to those who are more casual and want to only build.

Discord: 2gVjPmS6ne


Because this is a new server, I do need staff but please don’t take that as an invitation to troll / staff hunt. This is a professional server with rules and standards which will be enforced.

The following is from
Custom Dimensions (NO MODS REQUIRED):
Sculk (Deep Deep Dark) – If you successfully kill the Warden, it will drop a key that can be used to activate the portal in the center of the city. Upon entering you will end up in a new mysterious world filled with sculk and decayed/corrupted biomes. This is the most dangerous place on the server as sculk sensors and shriekers are everywhere and multiple Wardens can spawn. The little camps and structures around the world have custom mobs in them which can one hit kill you similar to the Warden if you’re not wearing good armor. They’re like the mobs found in mansions but stronger. The air is also toxic in this world and you slowly become “corrupted” which adds negative potion effects to your character. At 70% you will start to die from poison, at 90% you will get withered, at 100% you must die to remove the effects even if you escape back to overworld.

Teleportation, flying, and town claiming are disabled in this world. You must find a naturally spawned portal to return back to overworld. Coordinates in the Sculk world mirror that of the overworld.

Why would anyone want to visit this place? There are some rare items which can only be obtained in the sculk dimension. Special totems which give effects indefinitely similar to beacons (regen, resist, water breathing, etc) as long as you hold it in your hand. A sword which gives you as many hearts as the Warden and a sword which allows you to move really REALLY fast. The sculk dimension is also a great place to hide stuff from other players.

Aether – Making a portal out of glowstone and activating it with a water bucket will send you to a sky dimension.

Super Amplified – A place you can visit to build and see epic mountains and world generation similar to old minecraft farlands.


Gameplay dynamics

  • PvP is enabled everywhere on the server except certain admin claims (like spawn) and home/core chunks, regardless of a town’s settings. All towns only get 1 chunk which has pvp disabled which is the H. This is to encourage castle building.

    Friendly fire pvp is only disabled for members in the same town and not nationwide nor allies. This is to encourage discipline and honor systems between towns within the same nation and allies. As a town misbehaving within a nation can cause them to be kicked from their nation and lose protection on chunks.

    A player may purchase invincibility from PvP for $1M for 24 hours. Useful if you want to be left alone regardless of where you are on the server. Keep in mind that this will NOT work upon visiting admin created special dungeons or certain dimensions. You will not be able to attack any players until the 24 hours has passed. Also does not protect you from mobs.
  • Chests and most storage blocks can be opened regardless of a town’s settings. This is to encourage players to actually protect their stuff instead of leaving it out in the open. Viacraft’s goal is to make gameplay somewhat realistic.
  • Town residents have the ability to fly by typing /tfly by default all town residents have access to this a mayor can disable this though. Allies (and of course enemies and outlaws) do not have /tfly in your town, however mayors and viziers can trust a person with flight in their town. VIA rank, although they have the ability to fly anywhere, they are NOT allowed to fly in towns that aren’t apart of or trusted in. Please report abuse to staff.

    This is to encourage building great things while also maintaining fairness in PvP. As I want walls to be effective and players not be required to put a roof/ceiling on everything.
  • Towns only get 10-20 claim chunks by default and does not change regardless of residents or monetary status. Once a town creates or joins a nation the amount of chunks a town can claim increases substantially; 100 chunks and then increases based on how many residents you have. This is to encourage competitive gameplay as FlagWar does not allow nationless towns to attack or be attacked. Towns can purchase neutrality which makes them invincible to being war flagged for $100K a day. Nations can purchase neutrality for $10M a day, the price is high because this protects ALL towns within the nation regardless if the town itself paid for neutrality. This encourages taxes and grinding/farming.
  • All towns within a nation have wilderness around them protected by about 2-5 chunks. Residents of the town and nation will be able to do stuff within these chunks as normal but outsiders will not be able to do much of anything. This is called NationZone or NZ. Nation capitals will have larger NZ.
  • (…)
    World and dimension borders
    Overworld, Nether, End, and Sculk are 100K by 100K. This will be increased to 1m, 5m, and 10m depending upon the playerbase growth.

    Gameplay Features
    Weapon cooldowns
    Because most people disliked the 1.9 combat update due to this change, Viacraft has restored hit cooldowns back to their pre-1.9 state.

    You can use items like swords and pickaxes in your offhand just like in your dominate hand. Mojang should have done it this way instead, because fighting someone with 2 swords is cool. So Viacraft made it possible.

    Notch Apples
    Enchanted Golden Apples are craftable again on Viacraft with 8 gold blocks. Notch apples are also given a little buff from their default potion effects.

    And much more!

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    Abyss MC

    Abyss MC – A Minecraft Server With Exciting Features

  • Rankups: Climb the ranks and unlock new abilities and perks as you progress through the server.
  • Dungeons: Explore challenging dungeons filled with monsters and treasure.
  • Battlepass: Complete daily and weekly challenges to earn rewards and unlock new cosmetics.
  • Higher Enchants: Unlock and use unique enchantments to give your weapons and armor.
  • Community: Join a friendly and active community of players from around the world.

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    Minecraft Iron

    The Official Minecraft Iron Server.Our Minecraft Java, Bedrock & PE server is a Minecraft Raiding survival server, a PVP Minecraft server and a vanilla survival Minecraft server.

    About our Minecraft Server.

    We find that too many servers are filled with spammy chats, too many colors and pointless features.

    The Minecraft Iron Minecraft Server is a Minecraft raiding server with a custom survival experience and lots of exciting features to make your stay fun and exciting on Java, Bedrock and Pocket Edition.

    Our Minecraft server is designed for you and your friends to gear up, build and fortify a strong base, raid other players’ bases, duel and fight other players and more.

    We’d refer to our Minecraft server as the following: A Base Raiding, PVP & Duels and Survival server.

    What you’ll find on our server.

    CUSTOM ECONOMY ⁠— We chose not to go for a traditional economy system. Collect shards (in game item) from killing mobs and selling items to use at our market!

    CUSTOM CRATES ⁠— Exciting custom crates that offer all our custom items, enchants, potions and coins to increase your power!

    CUSTOM RAIDING ⁠— Experience a new and custom base raiding experience that makes the robbing experince much more exciting!

    DROP PARTIES ⁠— Like the ‘good old days’ of Minecraft Servers, we run weekly drop parties at hub for free gear and coins!

    PVP EXTRACTION ZONE ⁠— Experince a ‘Tarkov’ like PVP zone where you must reach an extraction point to leave the PVP arena.

    ROB PLAYERS MONEY ⁠— Because all server currency (shards) are actual items, you can steal them when PVPing and raiding bases!

    CUSTOM POTIONS ⁠— Get ready for battle with our custom potions with custom effects to use on yourself and on your enemies.

    10K X 10K WORLD ⁠— We’ve pre-generated a huge 10,000 x 10,000 world. Hide your base and search for others in our mega world!

    MED KITS & SHIELDS ⁠— Heal up quicker with our ‘Fortnite’ style health packs and shields for a more interesting PVP experience.

    KILL LEADERBOARD ⁠— Reach the top of our kill leader board to earn rewards and gear in game! Visible on our site and at the hub.

    MOB LEVELS ⁠— The monsters on our server have different levels and amounts of health to make things interesting!

    Our server is also available on Bedrock!
    You can join our Minecraft server on Bedrock as our server is cross-platform! Join our Bedrock Minecraft Raiding server using the following IP address and server port: PLAY.MINECRAFTIRON.COM:19001

    Want free server ranks?
    Read the article that we have linked here: How to get free Minecraft server ranks 2023 to get free Minecraft server ranks! Be quick, there are only a few free rank codes available.

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    Custom Addons, Newest Updates, and best of all Single Ladies 😉 InfinitRealms is a RPG Factions based Java Server. We support 1.7.X to the newest releases! We offer plenty of exciting and new features, all while keeping the original Vanilla feel. Choose to start your own Kingdom and join up with others, all free of you!

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    Kitsune Survival

    Kitsune Survival Minecraft Server

    Kitsune Survival

    The Kitsune Inn is happy to provide its first game server to its users: The Kitsune Survival Minecraft Server.

    The goal of the Kitsune Inn is to provide users with a professional platform to make friends, play games, and call a new place their home. The Kitsune Survival server is feature-rich with both custom builds and plugins to bring an exciting and new twist to the Survival experience. We also prioritize accessibility, and take all steps necessary to ensure your friends on Bedrock can join the fun too!

    We are completely based off of Discord – no confusing or complicated websites to sign up for. Everything on the server is achievable through grinding the levels and the shops. This server is feature-rich with cosmetics, quests, levels, and challenges – join in the competitive scene, or live peaceably in the wilderness!

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    TektaCraft | Realistic SMP

    The server is played in survival mode and have been tweaked to really stimulate REAL LIFE survival situations, this was all made possible by a plugin called MCRealistic because survival mode realistically mimics what would happen if you were dropped into a wild area with nothing; it forces players to have to rely on their own wits and skills in order to survive, forcing them to think critically about how they’re going to gather resources and build their camp. You can’t just run out into the wilderness with a pickaxe and expect to come back later with a stack of diamonds or an overflowing chest of gold.


    MCRealistic ( Thirst, Broken Bones, Fatigue and much more )
    Clans ( Create a CLAN, conquer and strive together )
    HealthBar ( Health displayed just under mob and player names )
    HuskHomes ( Max homes of 2 and TPA )
    Terra ( A more realistic, beautifully, massively map for SMP )
    Airdrops ( WILL BE ADDED SOON )

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    VBgames Survival 1.19.2

    VBgames Server Banner

    Welcome to VBgames Survival Server!
    [V 1.19.2]

    * SMP with Skills – Jobs – Quests – Shops
    * Griefprevention – Mythic Mobs – Economy
    * Procedurally Generated Custom Dungeons
    * 26 Custom Server Plugins
    * Custom Terrain Generation
    * Custom Server Resource Pack Download

    *****// //*****

    Cracked Crossplay Dungeons Survival Vanilla


    A Filipino Minecraft Community that started during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Currently includes:
    1. SMP
    4. 1V1
    6. EVENTS (CARNIVAL [weekly])

    Civs Customeverything Dungeons Economy Pve Pvp

    Nerdy Spectre Gaming – Civs, Peace or War

    Server Name: Nerdy Spectre Gaming

    Currently offering Minecraft, soon to expand to 7D2D and Valheim

    Server Location: North America

    Server Address:



    Version: Built on 1.19.2 (Accepting clients with 1.18+)

    Game Play Type/s: Civs – It’s like factions meets towny. Read more below.

    NS gaming is dedicated to not using a pay to win structure on our servers. All ranks can be obtained by voting and the few donator only features that we do offer are integrated for everyone after a couple of weeks.
    We currently offer the Civilizations game mode. It’s like factions meets towny and factorio. You start a civilization, pick a government type and decided if you want to be peaceful or participate in raiding. Be careful, each govt type has different advantages and disadvantages. We currently offer over 20 Govt Types.

    All civilizations can build factory structures to automate resource collection and transport systems to move those resources between mines, farms, storage, factories and shops.

    You can also build defensive structures that link in to the transportation and factory system for supplies/ammo.

    Daily Events:
    King of the Hills
    Envoy Drops
    Fishing Tournaments

    Our best feature are our dungeon like rpg missions. Every couple months we release a new event. Each dungeon has very custom mobs, bosses, mechanics and high level loot.

    Rules: It is stupid to have a list of rules no one reads, but here is the minimum to not get banned.

    NO Cheating/Hacking

    Treat Each Other with Dignity

    Thanks for reading this ad. Hope to see you soon.