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Small little oneblock server with dungeons and more… We have a discord server and you can buy ranks. We are java and bedrock compatible. I hope we see you on the server soon. 🙂

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Wysteria Online | Enhance Survival 1.18.2

Wysteria Online | Enhance Survival 1.18.2 Minecraft Server

Welcome to the world of Wysteria!

A vanilla survival server with new blocks, furniture, mobs and overall content to enhance your experience while also giving you more things to do on a day to day basis!

What can we offer?

– Over 100+ new blocks for building

– 40+ new mobs to find around the world

– 400+ new furniture and decorations

– multiple world bosses to discover such as amethyst golem, queen bee…

– custom pets with skills and leveling
– hats and back cosmetics

and so much more!

For more information and sneak peaks join our Discord server!

[​Join Discord]

Dungeons Earth Geopolitical Pvp Survival


A cool new minecraft earth server with custom bosses and armours using lands you can enjoy some geopolitics and relax make friends and enemys join us and have fun

Custom Dungeons Economy

Kingdom Z

Kingdom Server[li]- Team Play[/li][li]- dungeons[/li][li]- friendly staff[/li][li]- custom maps[/li][li]- economy[/li][li]- Jobs[/li][li]- Classes[/li]

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Gargantuan 1.18.2 Economy SMP | Advanced Enchantments | Slimefun | PlayerShops | KeepInv

Gargantuan is a Keepinventory SMP with a variety of plugins to help enhance the vanilla experience. You can play like normal survival or delve into our many plugins such as Slimefun & some features you could find useful for getting stronger or making complex systems!

Many of the helpful commands you’ll find yourself using are /enchanter /sethome /warp /home /spawn /ah /pw /f /sf /playtime /tpa

X-ray & radar is accepted! any other form of cheating or exploiting is bannable.

Ranks can be acquired by doing /warp crates and opening the Rank Crate! It has a 5 day cooldown with a 50/50 chance of ranking up, or not ranking up. Higher ranks give special permissions such as/ec & chat colors

You will never lose your items because of KeepInventory, however, if your faction becomes venerable another can attempt to take it over and take your base! (highly unlikely to ever happen unless you stop playing for a month or two nonstop)

You can setup your own shops with the Chest-Shop plugin, example is in spawn!

Feel free to join our discord & give us your thoughts & suggestions for the server!

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Lycanth (Paper 1.18.2)(Survival)(Magic)(Pets)(Terralith world gen)(DNL)

Just a small family friendly Paper survival server with ~

-Terralith terrain
-Better villages/outposts

All ages welcome

No tolerance for griefing you will be banned no warnings.

Server located in US west

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Kingdom of Isles Skyblock Server

Welcome to Kingdom of Isles Skyblock Server! – NOT OPEN YET –

This is a Skyblock Server created and run by HearoP. We are hoping to create a friendly community full of growth.
We are looking for friendly players, eventually we are looking for those friendly players to become Staff.
The Owner is VERY active and is always working on the newest feature, So it will never be boring!
Some of our features are:

– Not P2W – Crates      
– Tokens     – Dungeons
– Events      - Kits
– Key Alls      – Bosses
– Omni Spawners  – Custom Spawners

Please Join the discord while we are finishing the server!

– Owner: HearoP

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Pixel Dungeons – Dungeon PvE, Economy, 100’s of items! [1.18]

=== Custom crafting! ===
=== Crazy weapons! ===
=== Epic armor! ===
=== PvP! ===
=== Cool mobs! ===
=== Hard bosses! ===
=== Player economy! ===

Join today for a new experience!

Join Pixel Dungeons for a new unique experience! Fight through tons of custom dungeons, slay bosses, and craft tons of custom items! Each dungeon is gives a unique experience, so try each one out!

Join our Discord if you want to talk to us, because your feedback is important to us!

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north peaks

Meet the vast world of Norden Peaks, a world created by gods of unimaginable abilities that has been in constant struggle throughout eons of history giving rise to life for all creatures.
This is where your adventurer comes in!

Norden Peaks is a Spanish-speaking server that is characterized by being focused mainly on pure roleplay but without neglecting the factors of a good RPG game, making a hybrid experience in which players can have a good time telling their stories and the time having fun on a good adventure with colleagues through a challenging dungeon.

In the world of Norden inhabit all kinds of creatures of all shapes and colors where you will embody a creature among the wide catalog of possibilities, you will begin your story in the kingdom you choose where there are more people like you who also live their lives and experience all kinds of stories and adventures, as you progress you will be able to meet more friends, those who could be your co-workers, your greatest enemy or even the love of your life.

All the characters create the whole story together so they could influence you as you influence them and that’s the fun of roleplaying!

Progress is the key, when you start your story you may be a nobody, but as you progress you can become what you want, there are thousands of hobbies you can have, such as a simple farmer, a warrior, a powerful magician or even reach to influence your close ones so much that you can become the king of a powerful kingdom.

We keep our community prepared for the adventure, we have a created lore to which everyone adapts since we promote an impeccable organization that allows us to execute a role more effectively thanks to the strict roleplay system that allows us to give rise to supporting all players. to maintain a playable character and fully consistent with the functioning of our universe.

The world of Norden awaits you, for those who dream, those who are looking for great adventures, discovering new frontiers or simply relaxing in a tavern.


❈ ROLEPLAY AND PROGRESS, We are a serious roleplay server since we have a lore focused on universal bases that give rise to worlds, places, kingdoms and races of all kinds, thanks to this we ensure that players can have a fully immersive experience and that is generated by the creative team to develop stories and events that influence all the characters as if it were a movie.
❈ CHALLENGING GAMEPLAY, we have various systems to improve the vanilla gameplay, such as dungeons and RPG systems which work together to give a diverse gameplay experience by discovering all kinds of places that exist and where the characters can venture both to roleplay or to farm, so get unique items and be even more powerful every day.
❈ Unique OBJECTS AND ENVIRONMENT that generate a special and immersive experience, in addition to hundreds of incredible objects that will serve you for your future war arsenal or even cosmetic objects that can be customized as you please.
❈ COMMUNITY We are an active community that always promotes unity and interaction between players. We know that the server is for roleplay but we also seek to go further, generating events and experiences either in the game itself or in our specialized networks.
Send us a private message through our networks:




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Starship Arvia

The Starship Arvia
A Unique Roleplay Experience
  Welcome to the S.S. Arvia! You have just awoken from cryogenic slumber. The S.S. Arvia is the flagship for the Space Colonization Program launched by the Republic of Draea. The mission of this program is to establish new colonies on unexplored planets in our solar system.
  The S.S. Arvia began its journey with 200 active crew members, and over 1,000 cryogenically frozen colonists. The starship was doing a fantastic job, and had already established five colonies on various planets before catastrophe hit.
On the seventh year of its mission, the crew of the starship suddenly found themselves surrounded by complete darkness. They called this phenomenon The Void. Crew members began to go missing the farthest depths of the ship, and search parties were formed. Few members of the search parties returned, and the ones who did needed immediate medical attention. They told tales of of terrifying monsters that took pleasure in killing and consuming their friends and families.
  By the time a fighting squad had been assembled, it was too late to save most of the ship from the infestation. Now the Spawn Hub and Eco Hub are the only remaining spaces that are safe to inhabit. The Alpha Sector that connects the ship has been sealed, and the crew is extremely small.
  The Admiral, in sheer desperation, enacted Operation Failsafe. This program allowed for colonists to be awoken from their cryogenic slumber to become active crew members.
Your job as a crew member is to complete quests, assist in research, and protect the endangered Space Colonization Program.

Complete Quests
Through the use of plugins such as Citizens, Denizen, and Quests, users can experience an immersive RP experience by completing a variety of different types of missions. Of course, the completion of these quests do not go unrewarded.

Fight Monsters
Crew Mates are able to fight custom monsters that have unique drops.

Conquer A Challenging Economy
Our goal is to create an economy where users can set goals, and face the necessary task of budgeting their money. Several NPCs act as shopkeepers, and are spread throughout the ship.