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[NEW] TerraCraft

Welcome to the NEW TerraCraft Community, a small semi-vanilla server opened in 2023. Join our welcoming and active player base in an expansive world of adventure and creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned Minecraft veteran or just starting, there’s a place for you here.

What sets us apart?

A dedicated and friendly community, always ready to lend a hand or team up for exciting projects.

Regular in-game events, competitions, and challenges to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.

A balanced mix of gameplay enhancements, like land claiming, player shops, and a dynamic economy, to make your experience even more enjoyable.

A commitment to maintaining the core Minecraft experience, with minimal server plugins to keep the gameplay as close to vanilla as possible.

Looking for a new home in the Minecraft universe? TerraCraft is the place to be! And if you’re passionate about making a difference and contributing to our community, we’re hiring for all staff positions. Join us and become a part of something extraordinary today!

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Middle School Oasis [1.20.2] Claiming | Skills | Fishing | Jobs

[​1.20.2] [​]

Oasis SMP is a brand new SMP server being released in beta. It features land claiming, skills, custom fishing, a custom world, and an economy full of jobs and other sources of income. Connect and play now! πŸ™‚

Version: 1.20.2

Join our discord:

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Green Gem SMP

Green Gem is a Minecraft Survival Server that specifically serves players using the Java edition of the game. The server aims to provide a friendly and welcoming environment for players to enjoy a balanced and engaging Survival experience.

The server is online 24/7
Join now!

-Random Teleportation
-No Phantoms
-Pvp On/Off
-Land Claim
-Keep Inventory ON

Graves Landclaim Sleep Vanilla


A 99% vanilla server with only Grief Prevention (land claims), 1 Person Sleep (with ability to cancel), and Better Graves (for 15 minute of protection that only you can claim). This is a brand new server. Come help get it started!

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CarsonSMP is a semi-vanilla, survival world with an almost infinite border. A small community, but dedicated to playing survival. The owner, Cdcarson99 loves to share and loves to help other succeed in any project. This server includes a few plugins, none of which are overpowered!

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UHC 2.0 – Resurrection

This is a Hardcore mode anarchy server where you gain claim blocks as you play. You can claim plots of land for yourself that are grief and theft proof, only allowing players that you give permission to interact with the claim and its contents.

Players are able to craft a special ‘Totem of Rebirth’ consumable that allows them to revive another player that has died on the server.

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And Solito

This is a survival server with economy there is alot of ways to earn money! You can beat the game in multiple ways, Beat the ender dragon or become the richest person on the serverHub Sneak peak

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The New Deck


We offer:
– Simple, True to vanilla gameplay.
– A fun, customized and amplified world seed
– A mature and fun community not afraid to think outside the box to have fun- Public use plugins like item lore, nickname, & item name!
– Quality of life plugins like claims, co i and player heads that drop on kill

We are a semi-vanilla server doing our best to develop a true-to-vanilla experience that doesn’t differ too far from the original game, while still offering some fun plugins! We are mainly community driven and oriented when it comes to how the server is ran and gameplay wise, and hope you enjoy your stay with us. We Get ready and boot up your launcher for the best experience possible! Well be giving you plenty of brain damage and braincell decay to go along with your time here on the SILLY CAT SERVER (insert ten exclamation points here)

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Welcome to our new anarchy server WildKraftia! This is an anarchy almost vanilla server with few tiny fixes that we believe were always missing in vanilla game (defense, automation, economy). Furnaces: defend your land with in-game furnaces mechanics, no extra commands; dispensers with extended functionality: automated turrets and automated block manipulators (break, chop, plant, kill); paper: passwords; chests: shops. In-game currency are emeralds as it should be.

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🌟 EmeraldsMC πŸ’Ž [SURVIVAL] 🏑 [LANDS] πŸ‘‘[PVP] πŸ›’ [SHOPS] & [CHALLENGES] πŸŽ‰

🌟 Welcome to EmeraldsMC! πŸ’Ž

Discover a world of endless possibilities with our active staff ready to assist you anytime. Your opportunities here are endless. Show off your leadership skills by creating a town, become rich by gathering resources and completing weekly challenges, and run custom chest-shops!

– 🏑 Build thriving towns to show off your creativity.- πŸ›’ Run successful shops and amass riches in-game.- πŸŽ‰ Challenge yourself and others with exciting weekly tasks.

Join us today and embark on an epic Minecraft adventure!