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Echo Network

Echo Network, KitPvp and much more coming soon! Keep in mind this server is currently in beta, please report any bugs in our discord. This server also supports all versions!

Adventure Creative Factions Minigames Network Survival

Pixel Island – Survival / Creative / Minigames / Adventure

Pixel Island is a community filled with people who love to play minecraft. The pixel network provides a hub for all of us to connect with one another and enjoy the game we all love to play. Currently the server is in development and will have even more to come! Join us in a lag free experience that we hope all come to enjoy 🙂

Servers: Survival, Creative, Adventure, White-List Survival, Factions (In Dev), Minigames (In Dev)

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HyplexMC Network | Season 2 | Survival – Whitelist Removed | 1.16.3 | Arenas Coming Soon | HermitCraft Inspired

HyplexMC Network

Website –

Our Goal |
We created this Minecraft Server to form a friendly community. We are not in it for the money. We play Minecraft legitimately and assist our friends to improve at the game and in real life as a person. A good form of communication is a must to ensure that nobody is left out and everyone is in touch of each other and knows what is going on, on the server. Our goal is to help people form healthy relationships with others despite the distance that the screen creates. In addition, we provide a variety of fun for our members, give them space to express themselves without being judged, and overall a chill and relaxing server to be in.

Our Discord:

What we offer |
– Friendly and professional staff
– Great form of communication (Discord)
– Friendly community
– Legitimate, hard survival world
– Mob/Player Heads
– Multiplayer Sleep
– Shulkers drop 2 shells 100%
– Community projects, activities, and events
– Ranks, Quests

Server Values |
Show maturity among other people
Be polite to one another
Have friendly conversations
Help each other out
Be socially appropriate
Respect other people’s belongings and builds
Play legitimately
Ask before you borrow or use something

Who we look for |
People who can:
– Dedicate a decent amount of time playing in the server,
play legitimately and follow the rules to the best of his/her ability.
– People who enjoy trading with others!
– Accomplish personal projects and contribute to community established ones.
– Participate in community events and activities (not always mandated).
– Interact with other people in a mature way.
– Have fun, interesting, and appropriate conversations.
– Use Discord as a way of communicating with other players (Mandatory to have as it is required for linking).

Survival |
HyplexMC Network Survival is a 10k by 10k hard difficulty map, where players can get together and build to their harts content, we have 8 set districts (like hermitcraft), where each district has a certain build theme that you have to follow. We have a custom built spawn where you can access each Portal to all 8 Districts and where you can find out Vote Chest and Crates, with loads of fun stuff scattered around.

– Quests | Complete Quests, earn Pixels, buy Ranks and earn a multitude of perks
– Shopping District| Sell your items and become the richest on the server!
– Ranks | Purchase ranks with Pixels to earn more perks and become the best.
– Player-Driven Economy | A unique economy system that allows players to determine the market price and compete!
– Double Shulker Shells | Get a guarantee 2 shulker shells from each killed shulker
– And many more!

We hope to see you on the server and have a wonderful stay! More Game-mode’s coming soon.

Community Friendly Mcmmo Network Other Skyblock Staff Survival


Vorplex is a community based Minecraft Server Network!

Here at Vorplex, we want everyone to feel safe and secure. Vorplex was originally released in October of 2019 but after issues with ownership changes we were forced to merge with another server, but after that went bust we decided to re-release and run our own server again. We have a dedicated team of staff members to keep our community as friendly as possible!

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Current Gamemodes:

  • Hard Core Survival
  • Planned Gamemodes:

  • Skyblock
  • Eco Survival
  • Prison
  • Categories
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    Time of opening is still not set

    – Best GKITS !
    – Flawless PvP
    – No Lagg

    – New Map and Spawn
    – New Custom Made Plugins
    – New Flawless Faction System
    – Max Protection is 2
    – Premium Anti Cheat

    & Tons more features being added before the reset is live!

    #1 – 30$ Paypal + 15$ Buycraft
    #2 – 45$ Buycraft
    #3 – 35$ Buycraft

    Discord Invite:

    New ranks added
    – God
    – Diamond
    – Emerald
    – Gold
    – Silver

    Invite giveaway :

    For every 2 players that you invite to the server and they join you get:

    1 Summer Crate Key ! With awesome rewards ! And will get you ahead !

    You have to have proof of them yourself sending the invite, and then i will check if they have joined!

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    SurvivorNation is a new network which we are happy to finally release to you! We welcome everyone to come to check us out and grow this new community.

    Our Prison server is the most developed with tons of custom features/enchants as well as including guns, kits, gangs and loads more! We also have a large selection of cosmetic items/pets!

    Skyblock is still in Alpha, it is playable but still requires attention, We are looking for help to get this finished sooner.

    BedWars is all playable, we currently have a few maps and plan to add a few more very soon!

    We have a discord server @ Here you can talk to the staff and interact with the community.

    We look forward to watching this community grow!

    Hope to see you join us! 🙂

    – SurvivorNation Team

    Cracked Faction Faction Pvp Factions Mcmmo Network Pvp Raiding Ranks Rankup Rankups Survival


    An always innovating server without any pay to win features, here you can rank up with in-game currency to gain better benefits and commands! We have a great community and we are always hosting events. We’re also hiring staff!

    1v1 Bedwars Buildbattle Bungeenetwork Duels Factions Hub Network Skyblock Skypvp

    Goldy Network [1.8.X] Factions SkyBlock SkyPvP Bedwars BuildBattle

    Balkan minecraft server Factions, SkyPvP, SkyBlock, Bedwars & BuildBattle

    Gamemodes Kitpvp Network Other Practice Pvp Surivival


    welcome to our server its a network server its really fun to play on you can join our discord at

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    Timecraft Survival [1.16.4] [Free Rankups] [Land claims] [Friendly] [Crates] [Spawners]

    TimeCraft offers 10 free ranks, to get them you use in-game cash that you can easily earn in order to rank up. We also offer a large range of plugins such as Gems, Banks, McMMO, Player shops, Jobs, Grief prevention and everyone’s favourite crates, We also have a nicely built spawn. TimeCraft has a great community that anyone can be apart of some come on an give it a go!




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