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Noob Netwook

A Minecraft Network Server
/ WaterFall
Our Server Has More Then One Server Linked Witch Lets U Have More GAME Modes LINKED
(Our Network Has KITPVP , Lobby , LifeSteal)

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VictusNetwork – Your Minecraft Haven | Survival | Creative

Welcome to VictusNetwork – Unleash the Adventure!

🚀 Version: 1.20.2
🎮 Gamemodes: Survival and Creative

At VictusNetwork, we are dedicated to providing the ultimate Minecraft experience for players of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a creative genius, our server offers a unique blend of Survival and Creative modes to cater to your every Minecraft desire.

🌐 Connect with Us:

  • Twitter: @VictusNetwork
  • TikTok: VictusNetwork
  • ✨ Server Features:

  • Version 1.20.2 support for the latest content
  • Engaging and challenging Survival mode
  • Creative mode for unleashing your imagination
  • Constant updates and improvements for an ever-evolving world
  • Ambitious team dedicated to the best player experience
  • 🛠️ We’re Hiring!
    As we gear up for our grand opening, VictusNetwork is actively seeking passionate and talented individuals to join our staff. If you have a love for Minecraft and want to be part of a growing community, apply today!

    🌐 Server IP: play.victusnetwork

    🎉 Join the Adventure!
    VictusNetwork is not just a server; it’s a community of players who share the love for Minecraft. Join us on our journey to create something extraordinary. The adventure begins soon – stay tuned!

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    Noob Network

    A Minecraft Network Server
    / WaterFall
    Our Server Has More Then One Server Linked Witch Lets U Have More GAME Modes LINKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Competetive Fun Gang Gangs Leaderboards Network Parkour Prison Prisons Pvp Skyblock Staff Survival Top

    SkyCraftia – Network

    SkyCraftia Network – An upcoming Minecraft Network with Prison – Skyblock – Survival – & More!
    Jin now to experience our server and have fun interacting with our community.
    Actively looking for staff members! Apply in discord

    Bungeecord Dedicated Faction Pvp Network Other Skyblock

    MineStruck | Factions & SkyBlock | $1000 USD PRIZES

    SALE ➠ We have activated a 50% OFF SALE on our store

    :MineStruck: MINESTRUCK INVITE REWARDS :MineStruck:

    Invite your friends to our Discord to earn exclusive rewards.
    PLEASE NOTE: Make sure your link doesn’t expire!

    20 Invites » $5 Buycraft Giftcard
    30 Invites » $2 PayPal
    50 Invites » $15 Buycraft Giftcard
    75 Invites » $25 Buycraft Giftcard or $5 PayPal
    100 Invites » $50 Buycraft Giftcard or $10 PayPal

    – Rewards do not stack
    – Anyone that invites bots/fake accounts will be banned from the Discord

    Make sure that your own invite link is set to permanent to ensure that we can track the invites


    Anarchy Community Discord Factions Friendly Hiring Minigames Network Parkour Pvp Skyblock Survival


    Looking for an immersive Minecraft experience? Join OnWatch Network, a dynamic and ever-growing community, hosting various servers like skyblock, factions, survival, and anarchy. With more games on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to join and be part of a thriving and inclusive community. Don’t miss out on the fun – come and play with us!

    Factions Minions Network Pvp Skyblock Smp Survival

    The Ultimate LokoCraft

    Title: Welcome to LokoCraft – Your Ultimate Minecraft Network!

    🌟 Explore the extraordinary world of LokoCraft, the ultimate Minecraft network that offers a multitude of realms to suit every player’s taste. 🌟

    🌍 **SMP Realms:** Dive into our survival multiplayer realms and embark on an epic journey through lush landscapes, resource-rich terrains, and vibrant communities. Whether you’re a master builder, a redstone engineer, or a nomadic explorer, you’ll find your home in our SMP realms.

    ☁️ **Skyblock Adventure:** Take to the skies and conquer the skies with our immersive Skyblock realms. Build your island from scratch, create advanced farms, and complete challenging quests as you soar above the clouds with your friends or forge new alliances.

    ⚔️ **KitPvP Mayhem:** Are you a combat enthusiast? Join the fray in our adrenaline-pumping KitPvP realms. Equip yourself with the finest gear, hone your combat skills, and engage in fierce battles against fellow players. Rise through the ranks and prove yourself as the ultimate PvP champion!

    🎮 **Game Modes Galore:** LokoCraft offers a range of exciting game modes and features to keep you entertained. Join regular events, participate in custom mini-games, and uncover hidden treasures across our network.

    💬 **Active Community:** Join a thriving and friendly community of players who share your passion for Minecraft. Collaborate, trade, and make lasting friendships as you explore the many realms and adventures LokoCraft has to offer.

    🔥 **Dedicated Staff:** Our team of experienced and attentive staff members are here to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all players. Any issues or questions you have will be promptly addressed.

    📈 **Constant Updates:** We are committed to continuous improvement and expansion. Expect frequent updates, new content, and exciting features that will keep your Minecraft journey fresh and exciting.

    🔒 **Secure and Lag-Free:** Our network is secured to protect your hard work and investments. With high-performance hardware, we ensure a lag-free environment, so you can play without interruption.

    🔗 **Connect with Us:** Join LokoCraft today and immerse yourself in the diverse worlds of SMP, Skyblock, and KitPvP. Connect to our server using our IP address and start your adventure:

    LokoCraft is the Minecraft network that caters to every type of player. Whether you’re seeking peaceful survival, high-flying adventures, or action-packed battles, we’ve got you covered. Join us today and embark on your ultimate Minecraft journey!

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    🏆 BEST Parkour Around! 🏆 | 🌎 Join Over 1,000,000 Unique Players 🌎 | 🛡️ Renatus Network 🛡️

    ⚔️ The BEST Parkour Around ⚔️ | 🛡️ Renatus Network 🛡️ | 🏹 1.8.x - 1.20.x 🏹 Minecraft Server
    The Renatus Network hosts a wide variety of different game modes to choose from including:

    Creative 🚀
    Battlegrounds ⚔️
    Parkour 🏃‍♂️
    Survival 🏹
    And More Coming Soon!

    ⚔️ The BEST Parkour Around ⚔️ | 🛡️ Renatus Network 🛡️ | 🏹 1.8.x - 1.20.x 🏹 Minecraft Server

    Version – 1.8 – Latest
    Server IP –
    Discord –
    Website –
    Twitter –

    Renatus Network features top-quality game modes seen in our Battlegrounds and our Parkour experiences. Join today to experience them yourselves!

    ⚔️ The BEST Parkour Around ⚔️ | 🛡️ Renatus Network 🛡️ | 🏹 1.8.x - 1.20.x 🏹 Minecraft Server

    Are you ready to take your parkour and racing skills to the next level? With over 400+ levels, including iconic levels like Rainbow, Rocky, and Dungeon, and our unique Infinite Parkour and racing feature, you’ll be in for an adventure like no other.


    Ascendance is an exhilarating open world free-roam map designed for the ultimate parkour experience. Explore a vast map filled with over 50+ levels to conquer. From the towering skyscrapers of Formed Metropolis to the abandoned Bleeding Well, every level is a test of skill and agility. Take on the ultimate test of courage and mastery at Devil’s Tower, a towering structure that will push your parkour abilities to their absolute limits. With endless possibilities for exploration and rewards to discover, Ascendance is a playground for the fearless. Explore abandoned buildings, climb towering structures, and push your parkour skills to the brink in this exciting, action-packed map. Unleash your inner parkour master and conquer Ascendance!

    Infinite Parkour

    Our Infinite Parkour feature allows you to push your limits and parkour for as long as you can without falling. With every two jumps, you’ll earn 1 coin, which can be used to unlock a wide variety of cosmetics such as hats, colors, and wings. The longer you parkour, the more coins you’ll earn, and the more cosmetics you’ll be able to unlock.


    Our Racing feature takes the excitement to the next level, where you can race against other players on custom designed tracks where players can place bets against each other to make the race even more challenging and thrilling. The winner of the race will earn coins and the glory of being the best.

    The Levels

    Our levels are designed to be both challenging and visually stunning, with unique obstacles and designs that will leave you breathless. Each level presents new challenges, and with every challenge, you’ll become a better parkour master and racing champion. With over 400+ levels, the possibilities are endless.

    The Community

    But our server isn’t just about the gameplay, it’s also home to a friendly community of parkour and speedrunning enthusiasts from all around the world. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and share tips and tricks, or simply have fun and compete against each other to see who can conquer the most levels or finish first in the race.

    Over 400+ Levels

    So, if you’re ready to take your parkour and racing skills to the next level, join our server now and experience an adventure like no other. With over 400+ levels, a unique Infinite Parkour, the possibilities are endless. Don’t wait, join us now and become a parkour master and champion!


    Are you ready for the ultimate PvP experience? Introduce Battlegrounds, the newest and most thrilling KitPvP gamemode out there. With a roster of over 20+ unique champions, each with their special abilities and power-ups, you’ll have the chance to play as your favorite character and dominate the battlefield.

    Unique Champions and Abilities

    Our champions can also be leveled up, unlocking even more overpowered abilities and power-ups, making you an unstoppable force on the battlefield. From the beefy Tank, to the sneaky Scout, the potion-wielding Alchemist, and the prickly Cactus, each champion is unique and requires different strategies to master. Choose your champion wisely and lead your team to victory. And with 6+ maps that the community can vote on, you’ll never get tired of the action.


    The excitement doesn’t stop there, every 30 minutes, a domination event takes place, where players will have to fight for control of a specific point on the map. Whoever conquers the point will be rewarded with XP and Coins, making the competition even more intense.

    Become Legend

    Join Battlegrounds now and experience true PvP like never before. With over 20+ unique champions, leveling up and power-ups, 6+ maps, and domination events, the possibilities are endless. Don’t miss out on the action, join Battlegrounds now and become the ultimate champion!

    At Renatus, we try our best to offer a fun, enjoyable, and relaxing Creative experience. Chat with your friends while building, enjoy our huge 153×153 plot size, and enjoy Creative, made simple. No longer worry about stressful plot systems or alerts in your face all the time, relax and build as everything is made easy for you.


    Our Survival experience is like no other. With key features such as Custom Upgradable Backpacks, a Custom Bounty System, OVER 100 Custom Enchants, Mob Skull Drops, McMMO, 5 Custom Crates to hunt for, rare mineral blocks that have a chance to drop Crates, the ability to mine and pick up spawners for free with silk touch, and the ability to express yourself with features such as /marry and /feelings! Our Survival experience has A LOT to offer and even more to experience.


    Renatus Network has been around since 2013! Over the years, we’ve used that time to refine our game modes into something truly special for every player. With our over 10 years of experience, we understand the importance of community. So we welcome YOU with open arms. Join Renatus and be a part of the community that is standing over 10 years strong.

    Economy Network Skyblock Survival

    MMGA Network

    Just launched looked for active players that are loyal and love a community based experience. We have survival and are in the processes of adding skyblock and much more so far and 100 player slot we hope to see you there

    Economy Fun Hsn Hsnc Hsnu Network Ntw Rpg Simplevoicechat Simplevoicemod Survival Survivalrpg Voicechat Voicemod Zombies


    HSNCreate is a Server all about Chaotic Fun!
    (SideNote: We reccomend adding the Simple Voicechat Mod)
    We are a small community of… 3 people but we all enjoy and embrace the chaos of this server
    The content the you will find here is…
    Open World To put it simply a Survival RPG/RTS thing with events and things happening

    Micro Survival Though it may be a Zombies Rip-off Its surpisingly fun! it is a side mode to earn money and get rewards but still fun!

    Now on this server specificly for Open World you can form your own faction or Join one an example is the Network you can join them and help them with tasks and earn money and build your base and defend it from any pesky hostiles! (forshadowing)
    While you are building your base or home you can also partake in the many RPG aspects like the Undead Ritual where you kill mobs until its day and where you will get some nice rewards after!
    (SideNote: We reccomend adding the Simple Voicechat Mod)

    We Hope if you join that you have Lots of Fun 😀
    -St1nk_B0mb / TheNTW