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Do you want to play on a cool server with lots of gamemodes? Then ArtisaryMC is the server for you! We got: Bedwars, KitPvP, SkyPvP, Skywars, and much more! Head on over to to start playing!

Fungamer Network Survival

Fun Gamer Network

Hello! This is the Fun Gamer Network! Where u can have fun playing some games but some games are broken and not done, i guess u can try it well try to join our discord server! Enjoy.

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We are a small community of (mostly) mature players (18+). We’ve been playing together for almost two years, from vanilla mc to heavily moded skyblock. We also play other games such as ark or among us etc. Nonpay-to-win, we despise “crates” or OP gear for donations with passion.

Friendly and helpful staff and players. Suggestions are always welcome, we strive to build a community with like minded people. We are not for everyone, and that is ok. Looking for players that will fit in within our community. Vanilla smp launch after 1.19 release

Feel free to join our DISCORD and hang out until the server launch. We do have a creative world plots server that is open for all members as well if you would like to check out other peoples builds or build your own.

Applications are open and you may fill them out on our website which is very much a work in progress so don’t be alarmed. We require a short voice call in discord upon joining.

we have these servers available for our members (some only after a trial period)

– SMP (launch 1.19) – this will be our main focus, stay tuned for launch date
– Creative with plots and world edit – available for all new members

servers bellow available after probation period

– Moded Skyblock
– Hardcore
– Battle of Helms Deep co-op siege
– Minigames (coming soon)
– RLCraft (coming soon)
– Pixelmon (coming soon)

*moded servers are subject to demand, if members want to try different modpacks we can change those out*

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Alcatraz Network


A reminiscence of the past, we are a Minecraft Network aiming to bring back old game modes that are packed with new trendy features to expand your multiplayer experience and entertainment.


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FallenAngle Is A Minecraft Server Made By A Three Developing Teams

We Tried To Make The Ultimate Server

FallenAngle Consist Of



10+ Minigames


It Is A Remake Of Hypixel Skyblock By Freepixel Mc Dev Team
Has Most Of Hypixel Features


It Is A Factional Survival By Artic Empire Mc Dev Team
Has Crates Pets Auction House Quests Grief Prevention And More


It Is A Remake Of Hypixel Bedwars By Smallpixel Mc Dev Team

Has solo duo triple and squad modes and best maps

It Is a Practice Server By Smallpixel Mc Dev Team

Where You Can Practice 10+ Gamemodes


It Is Ultimate OneBlock Server By Artic Empire Mc Dev Team
Its OneBlock But Next Level With Crates Stats portal parkour dp and more


Newaccount aka Owner of Freepixel
Nikilyt aka Owner Of Smallpixel
Mumbo_jumbo aka Owner Of Artic Empire



Active Activecommunity Chatting Discord Friendly Network Other Pvp Smp

Revive Network

Hey everyone!

🧑‍🔧 Revive Network is a world class network with tons of action packed fun features!
We provide all the amenities necessary, with lots more to come soon!

What’s on our Network?:

⛏️ | A Vanilla Experience

🏅 | Fun Events

🫂 | Active Members

🤯 | Action packed network

😆 | Multiple enjoyable Servers to play on (Soon!)

👫 | Friendly Community

👮‍♂️ | Convivial Staff

Network Info:

👑 | Network IP –

📱 | Port – 25574 (For Bedrock)

💻 | A Seamless and Lag-Free Experience

💎 | Upcoming New Servers

📌 | Java Edition and Bedrock Edition (Latest Versions)

🎮 | Discord –

🚧 | Banner –

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Skydistricts – Skyblock [NEED STAFF MEMBERS]

Skydistricts is a Skyblock server that just opened its doors with a different approach than other skyblock servers.

This will give you a unique experience from the moment you play on this server. Experience it yourself and give us a chance. Try our server today and give us feedback.

We are currently in a beta phase, so your review really still counts! With your advice we can only improve our server and we can build a nice community together.

Staff applications are open.

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Vision Survival

Welcome to the Vision Network
We are a new growing Network!
This is a survival SMP 1.18.2

Bring your friends with you and come enjoy your time!
We have cool features like MCMMO, Fishing Contest, Player warps and Shops, land claim, and jobs!
Hope you find the fun your looking for here!
Join our discord for other information on our network!

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Bamboo Network | Survival, Bedwars & More!

Bamboo Network is a multi-purpose Minecraft server featuring many game modes, from Survival all the way to fun minigames such as Bedwars.

Checkout our rules via our website:


Feel free to purchase packages from our online store:

Bamboo Network | Welcome (

Faction Mcmmo Network New Skyblock Staffwanted Surival

Upvaded Network

Welcome to Upvaded Network!

We are a brand-new Minecraft Server network Administrated and Developed by active and passionate staff.

Many of us have been playing Minecraft for over a decade now and we strive to bring some of the features and feelings back from the old-school days of Minecraft.

We are currently running three gamemodes:
– Factions
– Survival
– Skyblock

Factions is and will always be our CORE server and is always getting love from our developers! Factions operates on a NO P2W platform, leveling the playing field for all users!