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💥 Fabled Network 💥 – Vanilla SMP / Non-Vanilla SMP

Welcome to Fabled Network
We currently only have 1 open server. Which is Vanilla SMP. We will be adding a Non-Vanilla SMP soon.

Our Rules: (This applies to both of our servers.)

Griefing Allowed
Stealing Allowed
Pvp Allowed (Stay strapped or get clapped.)
Hacking & Cheating Not Allowed (This includes Auto Clickers or Hacked Clients.)
Swearing is allowed (Don’t say the hard r. If you don’t comply you will be sent to the gulag)
Advertising isn’t allowed (This includes links & server IPs)

We hope to see you online and playing on our server.

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TWWOM – The Wizarding World of Minecraft – HARRY POTTER [1.15+]


Wizards, witches and muggles! Have you ever longed to receive your acceptance letter from
Hogwarts, learn all the spells of the wizarding world, fly on broomsticks
and have your own pet?

From the ashes a server is reborn… The Wizarding World of Minecraft has arrived!

On our server we can offer you the most fun at the lowest cost… no Forge or mods necessary,
just put the IP in your server list and get in. you will be prompted
download a texture pack, which you can pre-download at

You will be able to explore the entire magical world of JK Rowling and become part of
the community as if you were a real Hogwarts student.
You’ll pass places like Diagon Alley, Kings Cross, 93/4 station and
finally… you will arrive at the best school of magic and wizardry in the
world, to finally be selected and manage to learn the beauty of
to magic.

You could say that we are in a “beta” mode
from the server, because there is a lot of content missing to add so much of
this saga (as of others *cough* *cough*) and there is still a lot of work to be done
end up. However, you will not have a bad experience, since the
content that is missing itself, are they cosmetics or advanced stuff for a
new user. All kinds of bugs can be reported on the Discord forum or community.

⌁ Forum:

⌁ Textures/textures: click here!

⌁ Store/shop:

⌁ Discord: click here!

⌁ Facebook: click here!

⌁ Instagram: click here!

What can our community offer you?

We have more than 90 spells that you can learn in the academy, and with that explore Hogwarts to complete more than 40 missions (more will be added over time) that will immerse you in the magical world. You will be able to carry out special missions to be able to choose your side within the community.
All this you can do alone, or with your friends and/or your clan. We have a clan system, with the idea that more sides are created and thus, a kind of clan war. Each clan has its grade, and its “power-ups” that will benefit it in every fight or encounter they have in the magical world.
We can also offer you some beautiful pets, highlighted as strange magical creatures, who can help you a lot when you need it.
And last but not least… we can offer you a very friendly community. Both the users and the STAFF will be willing to help you and be your adventure partner.
What are you waiting for to enter?



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Mythical Network | An Anime Network

This mod pack is base on My Hero Academia created by

Kohei Horikoshi and the Mod Creator is R3TR0st

Make sure to join the discord if you have any questions or concerns!

Are you looking for a story? An action filled with adventure and to PvP with all kinds of opponents with different quirks? My Hero Academia Mythical is the place to be! You can choose to either become a hero or if you want to be free from society and all of its rules you can also choose to become a Villain.

Server Release! 1/18/2023! Server IP:

If you’d like to support this Modpack you’re free to join our Patreon so we can work on finding devs and having a better server connection!

Minecraft Network Smp Survival

Craftopia Network !

The new and fast growing community !

We are aiming to provide smooth and the best gaming experience for our gamers.

We currently have HUB with minigames and Survival server.

We are going to add much more so come to play with us !

Thanks for joining our server !

Network Survival Vanila

Minecraft Brasil

Hello player, welcome to our Minecraft Brazil server, it is a network of servers from version 1.8x to the most “RECENT” that has several modes made by server developers!

Minecraft Brasil is supposed to be an open server where if the person knows enough and has experience and confidence, he can create his mode with us.

Common doubts:
1) Is the server 24 hours online?
-yes, we try to keep online as much as possible without restarting, only shutting it down for bug fixes and updates!

2) Where can I play? for mobile?
-you can both play on Java and Bedrock, normally it’s more common to see people playing Java on computers, and Bedrock on mobile and consoles, so YES it can be played on cell phones, PCs and VideoGames!

3) Will I find people to talk and play with?
-We have our own server Discord, where there are always people to talk to whenever you feel like it! it will be at the end of the description

Any more doubts? enter Discord at the end of the description and we will answer your question there

Top most played mode:
Survival (Remake & Classic)
It has the following mechanics:
– Skills
– Quests
– Kits
– Clans
– Wars
– Modified mobs
– Terrain protection
– Among several mechanics…

MinecraftBrasil thanks you for your attention!!!

You can login using Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition by IPs:


Porta: 19132

Discord: Link

Building Community Discord Fabricserver Friendlystaff Moddedserver Network Safe Smp Survival

Wanna try out the mods from the new streamers Purge SMP? Here is your chance!!!

Have you been watching the Purge season 2?

Are you itching to try out the mods that your favorite streamers are playing?

This is the server for you.

A few of us noticed that quite a few people were interested in trying out the mods from the purge season 2. So we decided to put them together, so that people will be able to play together on it.

The server doesn’t just have the mods from the Purge SMP, but also mods that will help keep the game safe from hackers and griefers.

Its a welcoming community, who are all looking to have fun and play together.

Every month we will have events with in game prizes, that all players can participate in.
By joining the discord you gain easy to understand instructions, allowing you to join the server. All files needed can be found through the discord.

So join the discord and begin your adventures.

Customblocks Customitems Custommobs Eco Economy Landclaim Network Pvp Survival Vehicles

BEANMC Network

BEANMC is a network of Minecraft servers built to offer a fun and lively experience for all that stumble upon it. Bean is a new Survival Minecraft experience with a ton of new features and additions, which include:
– An expansive Economy
– Customized Terrain Generation
– Brand new fully modelled Mobs
– Tons of new items and blocks
– A brand new Dimension
– Vehicles
– Custom Enchants
– Magic Wands
– Teaming System
– Mob Arenas
– Quests
And Loads more.

We hope to see some new faces appear in our ever growing community, see you there!

Network Survival

KingsMC Network

Minecraft Network LifeSteal, Survival with Crates, Jobs, Quests, Rewards, Kits and much more…From 1.8 to 1.19.2

the ip is:


Join this beautiful community now!

Hardcore Pvp Minecraftpvp Minecraftserver Minecraftsurvival Network Pve Pvp Pvpsmash Survival Vanilla

pvpSmash Minecraft Cloud Network

We are a Unique Minecraft PvP Server Network.

  • Java IP:
  • Bedrock IP:
  • 💎Vote for our Server Network💎

    Version: 1.17.x – 1.19.x
    420 Slots.
    Bedrock and Java Support.
    🌈Quests ❖ Dungeons ❖ McMMO.
    ❖ PvP and Raids ❖ Custom Maps ❖ Custom Mobs.
    🎁Regular Events ❖ Player Parties.
    ❖ Fantasy RPG, and much more!

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    VailtyMC Network

    VailtyMC is a Cracked & Premium server which you’ve never seen before! We offer cool features like balanced economy, duels, custom enchantments, KOTH and much more!
    What you waiting for? Join us right now!

    Our available games:







    And more coming soon!