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Echo Network

Echo Network, KitPvp and much more coming soon! Keep in mind this server is currently in beta, please report any bugs in our discord. This server also supports all versions!

Creative Discord Economy Paper Ranks Survival Vanilla


Vanilla server with a nice plugin package. Including Silk spawners, HorseTp, Skin restorer, DiscordSRV, and more! Join us today!

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FactionsPlus is an unrestricted factions server that is against Pay to Win practices.

We organize through discord

The Server has combat plugins to make fights more varied and strategic, adding some firearms as well as various magic items. We run slimefun on the server which allows you to use exp to unlock new crafting recipes for powerful combat and utility items. Phantoms are disabled, bats drop phantom membranes. Evokers and witches drop spell books or magic wands, elytra are now a 10% drop from the ender dragon. Zombies, wandering traders, and pillagers have a chance to drop flintlock pistols, muskets and musket balls, along with a few other fun custom drops.

1. No Hacks, X-ray, cheating, or exploits
2. Do not spam
3. Do not ddos, dox, or build lag machines
4. Do not grief your own faction/team
5. It is okay to be a dick but do not harass players
6. No advertising without Vadim’s permission
7. Golden Rule- Use common sense texturepacks used in screensots

10k Discord Dynmap Griefprevention Longerday Longernight Map Paper Seasons Smp Survival Vanilla

Turtlecraft [1.16.4] [SMP]

Server IP:
Turtlecraft Official Trailer: Here
Server Spawn Reveal: Here
Discord Server: Join

Welcome to Turtlecraft, which offers multiplayer fun for everyone! Feel free to hang out on this SMP and build, explore, socialize, and generally just have a good time! This server has no whitelist, either, so as long as you agree to follow the rules, you and any friends or family members are welcome to join the game and write your own legend!

– A small but beautiful spawn filled to the brim with turtles (obviously)
– Plugins to claim land, monitor player activity, and get rid of trouble-makers
– Simple commands like /tpa, /sethome, /home, and /spawn to get around more easily
– A 10,000 x 10,000 block map, all pre-rendered and with a Dynmap, so you never get lost
– DiscordSRV, so you can stay connected even when you’re not in-game
– A custom resource pack for every season, switched accordingly with (Northern Hemisphere) seasons in real life (current pack is Autumn)
– No whitelist, meaning anyone can join at any time without having to apply!
– A day/night cycle twice as long as in a vanilla world- A sleep plugin that advances the night faster the more people are asleep (instead of 1 player sleeping and it instantly turning to daytime)
– A toggleable inventory/chest sorting system so you don’t have to spend all your time organizing your belongings!
– An efficient system for getting rid of trouble-makers (first strike is a warning, second strike is a ban)

1.) Be respectful and civilized (in Discord and in-game).
2.) Use common courtesy in-game and don’t cheat/exploit the game or other players in any way.
3.) No prohibited content.
4.) Follow Discord’s TOS and Community Guidelines.
5.) No spamming (unless you’re in #spam).
6.) No advertising.
7.) Stay on-topic.

These rules are elaborated upon both in our Discord server’s #rules channel and in an in-game Rulebook you receive upon joining.
Come say hi and vibe with us on the Discord server and in-game!

Anarchy Bukkit Paper Slimefun Spigot Survival

Vanilla+ Anarchy

Vanilla+ Anarchy is a lightly altered 1.16.3 SMP Anarchy server with plugin utilities including slimefun, vanilla with a twist.

PvP is on but there is no grief protection.

sachoproject World War I and Thalyrus Medieval Warfare resource packs used in screenshots,

WWI resource pack recommended for weekly events

Server Rules:
1. Spawn is the ONLY safe zone, respect it
2. Absolutely no spawncamping
3. No hacking or x-ray
4. No scamming inside the safe zone
5. Do not grief the area immediately outside of spawn

Don’t be afraid to report any suspected hacker with /helpop then message and an admin will investigate.

The + in vanilla+ is an array of extra weapons, magic items and utility plugins, and random events on fridays.

Admins will sometimes teleport to players and engage in silly antics

Bukkit Claims Creative Economy Paper Pve Pvp Survival


CokeCraft is a brand new server aimed at players who want a simple, no lag, vanilla experience without worry of griefing.
We currently offer both a Survival and Creative experience.

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The Atlas Network

Join The Atlas Network, a 1.16.3 server with Earth, Kitpvp, and Creative Plots!
– Fictional and Non-Fictional nations
– Wars
– Bustling Economy
– Quests and Lore Events
– Warp Envoy & custom plugins
– Large plots
– Cosmetics
– Large Kitpvp Arena
– Weapon Upgrades

IP: TheAtlas.Network

Active Activecommunity Activeowner Activestaff Awesome Build BuildCraft Builders Building Buyandsell Cool Cosmetics Crates Create Creation Creative Creativeplot Creativeplotme Creativeplots Creativeserver Creativeworld Creativity Discord Disguise Disguises Eco Economy Esports Event Events Fun Funny Inventoryminigames Minigames Paper Paperspigot Pcmasterrace Popular Ranks Spigot

Creative Haven

If you like the high quality banner, you’ll love this high quality server! Welcome to The Creative Haven Minecraft Server! This server is a creative plot server with several custom features like economy, cosmetics, large plots, crates, utilities, inventory minigames, leaderboards, and more! This Server is not only for people to build and have fun if they choose, it is also the making of a competitive building server to promote builders!

Economy Faction Pvp Factions Paper Survival

Illuminate Assembly Suvival Realm

Illuminate Assembly Survival Realm

This is an iconomy survival server , the goal is just to play and build in peace with some minor additions such as infernal mobs to give it a bit more challenge.

Plugins : ChestShop, CrateReloaded, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsGeoIP, EssentialsSpawn, FastAsyncWorldEdit, Harbor, HolographicDisplays, InfernalMobs, Jobs, PermissionsEx*, SilkSpawners, Factions, Stargate, Enderchest, Vault, Votifier, VotingPlugin, WitherAC, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

Discord :

Server events

On holidays and important other days we shall give out event keys which you can use at our crates for funny & rare items , Events can be a treasure hunt , kill & trace , or other events…

Free To play

The server is free to play , we will not accept donations in any kind or add buycraft or anything , all ingame perks will be obtained trough grinding :p , fully eula compliant.

Freebuild Noranks Paper Pve Pvp Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillalike

RXTXCraft Vanilla SMP 1.16

This server is a (almost) pure Vanilla server with no resets.

There will be no ranks or the likes, except admin of course.
The world is freely accessible, so there is no direct grief prevention.

This is NOT an anarchy server, so hacking, trash talk, etc. will be banned or muted.

The only differences from vanilla are:
– No phantoms
– Teleporting is possible via /spawn, /(set)home, /tpa(here)

We will try to keep the server as lag free as possible.

As of now, the server has 100 player slots, which we will increase or decrease depending on server performance.

This is actually a second release of this server, the first one in 2019 was not stable enough.


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