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Obios Survival | griefprevention & population density

Obios SurvivalDamn-Near Vanilla
This server is trying to bring back an old school vanilla-ish survival experience, which means: No kits, no /back and an focus working together.

There are no donations, voting rewards or ranks, just minecraft, with a few anti-griefing and quality of life features added in.
If you’re looking for a chill, coop experience without flashy gimmicks and pay-to-win, than come join and give the server a shot.


  • GriefPreventions
  • PopulationDensity
  • NoCheatPlus
  • Rules:

  • Be nice
  • No griefing
  • Try to be mature
  • No hacking

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    NO WORLD RESETS!!!! NO WHITELIST!!!! MATURE adult players!!! DISCORD Channel for adult players!!! No penalties upon death and KEEP INVENTORY ON!!! Love DIABLO STYLE LOOT???? Want FREE FLYING and other FREE PERKS most servers require donations for??? Looking for a MATURELY RUN server??? Want to see BLOOD effects when you attack mobs??? Want to LEVEL and CUSTOMIZE your CHARACTER’s class PERKS and ATTRIBUTES? Want to CAST SPELLS from a WAND? Want to earn INTEREST on your in game MONEY when ONLINE AND OFFLINE?? Want to LEVEL UP YOUR PET?? Want to brew and drink BEER? Want to SMOKE Pipes and craft your own PUFFWEED?? Tired of having nobody to sell all your loot to??? Enjoy player vs. environment???

    Come check us out at

    PolsonRim is a lite RPG survival server that is filled with NPC initiated quests, dungeons, custom lore, an emerald based villager economy (villagers sell custom items and buy custom items), loot chests with respawnable cooldowns, boss fights, as well as tougher random spawning hostile mobs to provide a rewarding experience that balances with the custom armors and weapons.

    All enhancements, such as MCMMO, custom mobs, or custom items are set up in such a way to add to the overall vanilla survival style with an RPG twist that doesn’t overpower or make things too easy. Players are able to build anywhere they like that isn’t claimed by an admin or other player plot. Players also get free pets, which can be changed at any time and leveled up!!

    Players also have the ability to choose a custom class, such as the ranger, warrior, or mage. Equipable gear is also based on what profession you choose, such as archer, spellsword, pikesman, knight, etc. Players then earn attribute points by leveling up their class with experience points from completing quests or killing hostile mobs. The attribute points can then be used to upgrade stat attributes like additional health, stamina, damage, mana, etc. Players also cast spells from a wand that they can upgrade to cast more powerful spells!

    List of Installed Plugins:

    Nogrief Noraid Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival Whitelist

    Kanto Survival


    Kanto Survival is a whitelisted, friendly, community based, peaceful survival server. We do not allow grieving or raiding.

    We hold frequent events in both Minecraft and Discord and offer a very supportive and down-to-earth staff team.

    Kanto Survival is a few years old with a well-established community, and we recently reset to 1.18.2 in April of 2022.

    We want to keep your minecraft experience with us as close to Vanilla as possible; though, we do have a dynmap and a few small plugins for quality of life such as single player sleep, fast leaf decay, and mob/player head drops.

    We look forward to playing with you!

    * We do require players to be whitelisted. Please join our discord and post your in-game name to the #whitelist channel to connect.

    Fun Nogrief Semivanilla Survival

    Head Hunter Community Minecraft Survival Server

    Head Hunter Community Minecraft Survival Server


  • Not pay to win
  • 678 player quests
  • Dungeons
  • Reward crates
  • 70 player levels
  • Unique shop system
  • Resource world
  • 13 player kits
  • Black Market
  • Land claiming
  • Supply drops
  • Fun fishing
  • Vote for time
  • Head drops

  • Categories
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    hahaa funni monke

    hahaaaha the funny monkey!!!! heehoo hahaaha the funky little guy….,., lookatem go!!!!! aahaaahaaahahha!!! what a craazy little fellow.. hahaa silly little dude ahha.. 🙂 :DD

    Boost Customcurrency Events Jobs Mcmmo Nogrief Rewards Survival

    JDSCraft – 1.18.2

    Welcome to JDSCraft!
    Hello everyone, my name is Jake and I would like to introduce you to JDSCraft. We are going to be a survival server with many features such as boosters, buyable warps, voting rewards, rewards(daily, weekly, monthly), quests, and maybe a rank system where you can level up your main character.

    Currencies – Released (Red Essence, and Influence Points)
    We currently have two currencies. The first currency is Influence Points, which players can use to buy in-game items that they earn through jobs. You will also eventually be able to buy commands with Influence Points. The other currency is Red Essence. This is our donation currency. You will be able to buy many things. Some stuff you can buy is disguises and other cool stuff. We will probably add a voting currency, which will be called Blue Essence, which can be used to redeem donation features and other get cool rewards. Alright, that’s it for currencies. I hope you are excited! There is more stuff to explain.

    Warps – Not Released Yet
    You will be able to buy warps to speed up the process of traveling. You will be able to instantly travel to a designated area of your choice. The warps will cost IP (Influence Points) anyone can use that. Become the most popular player and be able to travel to many warps and areas! The price of the warps is not determined yet. The thing is there is so much more to tell you!!

    Boosters – Not Released Yet
    This is fun, you will be able to spend influence points to buy boosters for Jobs and Mcmmo! You will be able to get 2x experience and money for jobs. Mcmmo will level up 2x faster. Hopefully, you enjoy that. The prices are not yet set in stoned, but I have an idea in mind. You will also be able to buy voting boosters with influence points to earn better rewards!

    Rewards – Not Released Yet
    JDSCraft would like to welcome you to the amazing rewards you get for logging in and you will be able to claim the rewards daily, weekly, and monthly. The rewards will probably be a key or items or something. We really appreciate players playing our server. We want you to feel welcome. It means a lot that you are playing our server and giving us a chance. I hope this server can fit your needs and you all have a blast!

    Quests – Not Released Yet
    Well, this is going to be interesting. I have never made a quest before, but I am wanting to learn how so my goal is to add a quest to JDSCraft. The quest will probably be basic then it will get more and more advance as times go on. Questing will be able to get you more features and you will even be able to claim rewards! I am thinking of having a separate world for the quest. I’m so excited!

    Our main plugins are Mcmmo, Ultracustomizer, and some others. Ultracustomizer is a great plugin that lets you customize your server and do custom stuff. If you are a server owner I 100% recommend it. We also have Jobs, and PyroFishing, along with PyroMining and PyroWeather. None of the Pyro’s are configured, so it’s not released.

    Red Essence Emporium
    One last thing before I forget! The Red Essence Emporium is what the donation shop is called. This can be accessed with /red or /menu > Red Essence! We will soon have an IP shop where you can buy many items, but for now, the Influence Points Emporium is not released. You will soon be able to buy items from the in the game shop with ShopGuiPlus+ (which is separate from the Influence Points Emporium)

    Special thanks to anyone who read this far!
    You are truly amazing if you read this far, but if you scanned through it that’s fine too! I hope you have a spectacular day.

    One last thing…..
    We are recruiting staff. We currently only have one other person than me that is working on the server. If you are interested please let me know! Builders also are appreciated! Omg, I forgot. We are a no griefing server.

    Staff team
    JDSCraft – Owner
    Swolp – Admin

    Community Discord Events Friendly Jukebox Lgbtq Music Nogrief Nonpvp Smp Survival Vanilla

    | ♪ Rhapsody SMP ♪ | 1.18.2 | ♪ Beautiful World ♪ | Hosted by Tiktok Musician | ♪ LGBTQ Safe! ♪ |

    Join us to create a wonderful community on our paper-run server! Come find your forever server, where you’re always welcome and valid~
    Make lasting memories with us on Rhapsody- what makes us unique is our love to share music throughout the server, bringing players together through song.

    Rhapsody is a wonderfully unique server- come join us and help us grow. ♡
    What makes Rhapsody special?
    Rhapsody is hosted by tiktok musician, StegosaurusBunnywho aims to create a safe and welcoming environment for other artists in the nonbinary community. They have culminated a safe space for the growing LGBTQ community on TikTok, discord, and Minecraft, and they want to welcome you as well!

    What’s New?
    Events! Join us on Rhapsody to participate in our awesome events, varying in activities and rewards monthly!
    Rhapsody is now several months old and has expanded! Come join the fun in exploring the new areas! Always online!

    Happening Now! 1.18.2 Update JUST RELEASED! New Jukebox Plugin added. Choose from over 300+ songs to listen to in noteblock form anywhere in the world.

    CURRENT EVENT: Custom structures and biomes are being scattered randomly throughout the overworld for exploration by players.

    Hosted by a musician and their friends, Rhapsody SMP invites you to join in and have a wonderful time!

    Bosses Chill Customenchants Customobs Hard Mmoitems Mmorpg Nogrief Nogriefing Skill Skillsystem Survival Worldgeneration

    Moonlight Middle School |

    Server Details

    :diamond: Friendly Community
    :heart~1: Challenging vanilla+ survival experience
    :iris~1: Custom world generation for 1.18
    : moddevrole: Claims | TPA | Sethome | Sit/Crawl | Timber | Playerheads | RTP
    :diamond_sword: Semi-PvP / PvE
    : galaxy_gif: Full skill-based levelling system
    :autumntitle~1: Unique randomly-generated custom items – Over 15 billion possible combinations!

    :mythiccraft: 100% Custom modelled bosses
    :crystalball_gif~1: Over 200 Custom enchantments
    :diamondpickaxe~1: Builder-oriented

    Server info:
    Version: 1.18.x
    Platform: Java & Bedrock
    Bedrock port: 19132

    We’ve been operating for over 2 years now, and very rarely reset. I hope to see more friendly faces, all are welcome! And if you ever have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to reach me in the discord! Cheers <3

    Chestshop Discord Economy Nogrief Survival


    Welcome to TrouvailleMC!
    (pronounced true-vay)

    We’re a semi-survival server with economy, player/server shops, strong community with over 60 people
    on discord. To join the server you need to make a whitelist application at Minecraft Forums because that’s our main platform for taking care of that. We also hope to see you ingame and on Discord!

    Minecraft Forums – Whitelist application
    Discord – invite

    – Staff of TVMC

    Economy Lgbtq Nogrief Peaceful Smp Survival Welcoming

    BuzzCraft | LGBTQ+ Friendly | Cross-Play | Economy

    Welcome to BuzzCraft!! We’re a welcoming, LGBTQ+ friendly SMP where you can make new friends, explore 1.18.2 world generation, build AWESOME houses, and just have fun!!

    If you’re looking for a new server to call home, this is the place for you!! We have many quality of life plugins, like /sethome, /tpa, /rtp, /back, land claiming, an online mapand a community based economy. If there’s something you want added to the server, VirtualizedTrash will add it!

    We specialize in delivering a familiar yet unique experience you can’t get anywhere else! Catering a friendly community of people who love Minecraft, and are always happy to see new members around! If you have any questions please don’t be hesitant to ask in-game, in discord, or in the comments and I’ll get back to you ASAP!