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RegionMC SemiAnarchy

RegionMC is a very new up and coming semi-anarchy 1.19.2 Minecraft server. We have a few plugins that add interesting aspects to the vanilla experience, including tons of custom enchantments, custom weapons, custom structures, and magical books.

Semi-Anarchy, as the use of exploit clients or xray is not permitted, but griefing, stealing, rk, ect, is allowed.
With a world border of 10,000, to keep players in a general area for now, you will never run out of interaction and fighting if that is what you seek.

There are many goals of RegionMC, which you have full control of. You could start a faction, make it official and keep yourself in power. Get some friends or a faction and create cities, protecting said city from people who want to bring you down. Create allies, interlock cities, create maps and trade routes. Get rich with the in game currency of gold, powered by a plugin. Become a nomad, creating a secret base and protecting your gold from others. Become a trader, collecting rare custom enchantments and selling them to others. Make friends, or enemies, within RegionMC and see how it all turns out.

Vanilla Vanillasurvival

Subtle Magic

A brand new vanilla survival server. I’ve never done this before and definitely need some help. For the most part, though, this should be a chill space for new friends to survive in. Care to join me?

P.S. Sorry for the image. It’s temporary, I swear.

Multiplayer Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival


a non p2w server with no mods join the discord to know when the server is on! filler text for description please ignore this odd long filler text so i may fill this description in thank you have a good day!

Publicsmp Smp Streamerfriendly Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

Vanilla Survival SMP – Yummy SMP *Revamped* (1.19.1 | No Chat Reporting)

Version: PaperMC 1.19.1 (Chat Reporting is deactivated)

Server Hosting Provider: (Premium Plan)

A multiplayer SMP with decent backups and anticheat. Server Spawn and base near spawn has been revamped to address the issues and feedback we get from new players. Another response to new player feedback has been the reset of the End. Server is as vanilla as we can get with a few plugins installed for anticheat purposes. I stream the server sometimes as well and you’re free to stream on here as well if you want. Feel free to join the Guilded Server for text and voice chat with the community!

Server Rules:

– Do not ask for free stuff or beg for items from admins

– Do not hack or cheat to gain an advantage that would not normally be available in regular gameplay.

– Do not build any type of farm with the purpose to overwhelm or cause a negative impact on the server.

– Modifications that control your player or automate actions are prohibited.

– If you disagree with another player or are uncomfortable with their messages, please notify a staff member.

– Please use English in public chat.

– Impersonating staff members is not allowed

– Advertising of other servers in public and private chat is prohibited.

– Never share your account’s information with anyone.

– Do not attempt to use our server for the purpose of scamming other players. (xdPurge)

– Any threat or attempt to DOX/DDoS/SWAT another player or server will result in a permanent ban.

– Do not send any link that is deemed inappropriate or malicious.

– Do not send the same message in quick succession in public chat.

– If you encounter any disrespectful players, please report them to a staff member.

– If you are not sure if something is against the rules, please ask a staff member.

– Discrimination is prohibited in public chat.

– Keep the chat civil and appropriate for everyone.

– Do not talk or joke about inappropriate subjects.

– Being rude or arguing with other players in a hostile manner is not allowed.

– Being excessively rude or abusive towards another player is not allowed.

– Do not make any type of serious threat towards another player.

– Inappropriate builds are not allowed.

– Abusing a bug or a glitch in the server to gain an unfair advantage is prohibited.

– Using an alternate account to bypass a ban is not allowed.

– Do not use any form of automated programs or scripts.

– You are not allowed to advertise anything that is not related to the server.

– Discussing anything inappropriate in public chat is not allowed.

– Do not repeatedly ask or beg for mod status.

– Do not encourage other players to break rules.

– Do not argue or harass staff members.

– Please keep the chat friendly for all ages.

***If you break any of these rules, you could get a warning, temp ban, or perma ban depending on what you did. Best thing to is just follow the rules***

Lifesteal Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

VanillaLifeSteal (Season 1)


Hello! Ever wanted to join a normal SMP without any useless plugins? Join VanillaLifeSteal!

It is LifeSteal, but it still has the old vanilla vibes!


We have a friendly Community and an active owner!

There is no P2W or Admin Abuse!

We dont even have a hub! It is completely vanilla!


The only plugins installed are anti hack/xray and AntiCombatLog!

(And of course LifeSteal)


All recipes and updates are in the discord server!

If you have discord, you should join!



Community Customorigins Minecraft Modded Moddedserver Nogrief Notpog Origins Originsdatapack Originsmod Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

The Origin Oasis!

The Origin Oasis is a Server for followers of NotPog’s Origin Creations as well as those looking to play a Vanilla-feeling yet Modded Playthrough!

Join the Discord to be kept up to date on the latest updates, events, news and more!


Some Gameplay on The Demon Slayer Origin, Created by NotPog

Archanea Builds Custom Custommobs Economy Fireemblem Fireemblemserver Fireemblemthreehouses Lockette Mcmmo Minecraftserver Nicestaff Pvp Roleplay Rpg Smp Staff Survival Survivalserver Threehouses Vanilla Vanillaish Vanillasurvival World Ylisse

FEInfinity MC Server – Fire Emblem-themed Survival – 1.18.2 – 1.19.2

FEInfinity is a budding tight-knit Fire Emblem community. This is the community server, open to all in and out of the community! Started on 8/21/22, the server’s goal is to create a fun time for Fire Emblem and Minecraft fans!

Included in the server:
* New items and weapons
* FE Regalias, such as Sieglinde and Siegmund
* Custom Mobs
* Vanilla Survival
* Lockette

* Shops
* Custom Resource Pack

If you’re a fan of Fire Emblem, come join the server and Discord! We’d love to have you! 🙂

Smp Survival Vanilla Vanilla Gameplay Vanillasurvival

Triro’s Vanilla survival

After many years Triro’s SMP has returned with a new name!

Triro SMP provides a Vanilla experience like other survival servers just without the annoying stuff like claiming etc.

420craft 420friendly Canada Chill Colourful Discord Semivanilla Semivanillasmp Semivanillasurvival Smallcommunity Smallserver Smallsurvivalserver Survival Vanilla Vanillaish Vanillasmp Vanillasurvival

Maple’s Server / Semi-Vanilla Survival / TPA & SetHome & RTP


This is my server “Maple’s Server.” It’s a semi-vanilla server where the only plugins are TPA, RTP (Random Teleport), and SetHome. Otherwise it’s completely vanilla! (aside from our anti-cheat of course.)

We don’t have any annoying chatbots, no nosey staff members, or anything of the sort. Just a small, chill community of players 🙂

We also have a discord in the works! Ill post it here once it’s open.

But anyways, like I said… This is a vanilla server. You’re gonna get what you expect; No more no less.

We just ask that you be kind to other players. Hopefully once we have a good community, we can whitelist the server, and only add cool folks B)

If that’s cool with you, please join!!
baby boy

Maturecommunity Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival Whitelist

Mint Vanilla Server


I am posting my private Vanilla server here to the public.

If you are interested in joining a small community of mature Minecraft players with out plugins or any B.S this is it for you.

I would like to keep this server a apply and join type basis to keep out players that don’t fit the servers player base so there is a fee to join the whitelist.

Feel free to message me on here for more details or discord

Discord: Dis9turbed