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Apollo smp 1.18.2 [Land claims] [world border] season 2 starting soon

Welcome to Apollo nations smp,

this is a community-run semi-vanilla server

the main goal of this server is to create and rule a mini-empire with limited resources

the world border is set to 25k blocks, which means that you will have to fight nations and small clans for land and power, griefing of buildings will not be allowed, but scavenging items from chests will be allowed due to limited resources

Alliances with other factions and nations will benefit you greatly

This is a public server, however there are a few requirements that we have for everyone’s saftey


Must be 13+

Must have a paid Minecraft account, no cracked clients

Staff info: We are hiring staff for any active players that would like to contribute to the moderation

Other questions: for any other questions please message Burpleguy#0001


Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival Whitelist


We are a whitelisted vanilla survival server, one day maybe we can establish a small community and build lots of cool stuff! to enter the server, join our discord server or comment your username below if you don’t have discord.

I hope to meet and play with you soon!

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TwistedCraft Season Two


Welcome to TwistedCraft Season Two; I’m Twisted, creator of TwistedCraft.

TwistedCraft was born back in late 2020. I wanted to join a mature community running a hermitcraft style experience. Still, no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t find a vanilla SMP that wasn’t a younger player-base, vanilla+, or frankly toxic. So with absolutely no prior experience in server management, I decided to make my own! To say it was a learning curve is quite the understatement, but learn I did. Season one ran for quite some months before the season’s end. Now armed with far more knowledge in this, I’m starting season two of what was a thriving project. Keep reading to find out more about the heart of TwistedCraft…

What is TwistedCraft?
TwistedCraft is an adults-only vanilla SMP Minecraft server. At its heart, it is just good old fashioned Minecraft, with no fancy extras, no mods, and no complications.

Heavily inspired by the hermitcraft style of gameplay, TwistedCraft aims to create a community of like-minded adults who hang out and play Minecraft together.

We understand that adulting takes up most of your time, so we don’t have any strict activity time requirements as many other SMP servers do. Just come hang out in the evenings, and enjoy some Minecraft.

We are an adults-only server, so adult humour is welcomed here.

TwistedCraft is a content creator friendly server, creators are welcome here.

We do use discord for communication, which is a requirement to join. Don’t worry if you don’t have discord, it’s free to use!

🔞Over 18s Only. Free vanilla SMP server!✅Adult humour welcome✅Whitelisted by application only✅Java 1.18.2✅Dynmap plugin✅Vanilla tweaks datapacks✅Discord proximity chat enabled✅Youtuber friendly✅New Minecraft players welcome✅Pranksters welcome✅24/7 uptime❌No mods❌No cheats❌No pay to win.🌍Brand new world. The server is live and pregenerated to 5k blocks in all directions to remove chunk lag.💻Check out our website to find out more and apply to join!

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We are a small community of (mostly) mature players (18+). We’ve been playing together for almost two years, from vanilla mc to heavily moded skyblock. We also play other games such as ark or among us etc. Nonpay-to-win, we despise “crates” or OP gear for donations with passion.

Friendly and helpful staff and players. Suggestions are always welcome, we strive to build a community with like minded people. We are not for everyone, and that is ok. Looking for players that will fit in within our community. Vanilla smp launch after 1.19 release

Feel free to join our DISCORD and hang out until the server launch. We do have a creative world plots server that is open for all members as well if you would like to check out other peoples builds or build your own.

Applications are open and you may fill them out on our website which is very much a work in progress so don’t be alarmed. We require a short voice call in discord upon joining.

we have these servers available for our members (some only after a trial period)

– SMP (launch 1.19) – this will be our main focus, stay tuned for launch date
– Creative with plots and world edit – available for all new members

servers bellow available after probation period

– Moded Skyblock
– Hardcore
– Battle of Helms Deep co-op siege
– Minigames (coming soon)
– RLCraft (coming soon)
– Pixelmon (coming soon)

*moded servers are subject to demand, if members want to try different modpacks we can change those out*

Dreamsmplike Vanilla Vanillasurvival


Completely vanilla 1.18 Minecraft server!

No grief protection, no plugins, mods, or texture packs, no player shops.


Basically a 100% DreamSMP/2b2t type server.


~ No hacking

~ No spamming

~ No TNT block/TNT minecart spamming (though griefing is allowed just not too much tnt)

Nogrief Noraid Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival Whitelist

Kanto Survival


Kanto Survival is a whitelisted, friendly, community based, peaceful survival server. We do not allow grieving or raiding.

We hold frequent events in both Minecraft and Discord and offer a very supportive and down-to-earth staff team.

Kanto Survival is a few years old with a well-established community, and we recently reset to 1.18.2 in April of 2022.

We want to keep your minecraft experience with us as close to Vanilla as possible; though, we do have a dynmap and a few small plugins for quality of life such as single player sleep, fast leaf decay, and mob/player head drops.

We look forward to playing with you!

* We do require players to be whitelisted. Please join our discord and post your in-game name to the #whitelist channel to connect.

Friendly Survival Suvival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

Homeworldz Survival

Welcome to Homeworldz!

This is a new 90% vanilla survival server with only a few essential plugins.


1. Trolling/griefing is a permanent ban!

2. Mods/hack are allowed so long as they don’t ruin the server for other players.

3. Claim your builds! We won’t replace lost items.

4. Be polite, keep chat PG13.

5. Do not ask for OP/mod/admin rights. We aren’t looking.


Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

Breadsticks Server

Hello im Red! Im one of the owners of the server! This server is ran by me and My other friends Riot and Tea Dino. Please join our discord

1182server Clans Factions Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

Pixel Planet

Pixel Planet: A Survival/Factions Hybrid

Pixel Planet is a Survival/Factions hybrid server that is running on Paper with the latest Minecraft version. Pixel Planet features ranks, tags, crates, a server shop, player auctions, monthly rewards, parkour, special events, and more! It is free to play but you can donate to receive permanent perks and increased monthly rewards. You participate in special events and earn many rewards, such as ranks and crate keys. Crate keys can also be earned by just mining ores.

118x Dutch Dutchsmp Nederland Nederlands Nederlandsesmp Smp Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

1.18.2 (Latest Version) Vanilla Survival!

— Join the discord for a whitelist! †

Similar to well-known servers such as Hermitcraft, but for all Dutch people!

Open since April 24, 2022