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Newbieblock! – We’re all newbies at heart who are trying to progress one block at a time!

Not your traditional MMinecraft server.

NO WORLD BORDER!!! 😀 This means that there is no limit to how far you can physically travel.

SURVIVAL – a purely skill based survival server.

SEMI-ANARCHY – Claims are available but that won’t stop TNT cannons and creativity!




Towny and community!

Not your typical uptight staff/admins.
Have a blast with Admins and kick back and enjoy the ride!

Plugins installed on server: Find you for yourself 😛

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Oasis Craft

Welcome to Oasis Craft! Here we have an anti grief survival server, both with a kind community and caring staff. Come join us for a fun time! We take players opinions very seriously as well, join our discord at to stay updated on any announcements/updates we may have!

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Zelkyn MC

1.7.0 – 1.19.2
+Bedrock Support

Custom Survival – beta*
Vanilla Survival – beta*

Years of minecraft server hosting experience and many hours of care are going into the creation of your new go to Minecraft server!
We are now in open beta and are looking for new players to try out our server and join our new and budding community.
For more info feel free to join our server any time or come chat with us on our discord server.

*Beta world/player data will be wiped apon leaving beta

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MadCraft Heroes

However, it is in a closed beta testing phase! Please message me, or join the discord to be added to the whitelist!

Im STILL looking for players experienced in java for possibly paid positions as well as a handful of players to help test features and balances.

Use discord below if interested:


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Cloud Prison is a family-friendly server created on July 3rd, 2022 by Tahzir for everyone to play on! This server has everything it takes to become a true prison server, it took some time to add new features but we think it is ready for everyone to play for now, even though the server is still under development don’t think we will stop adding new features once it is finished! Cloud also takes suggestions so if you have an amazing suggestion, let us know! Your suggestion will not be forgotten, if it is not chosen, it will still be in our files for the future! Hope to see you guys on Cloud!

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★★MineRaze★★ ➤1.18 Survival ▎ McMMO/Jobs ▎ Custom Items ▎ Dungeons ▎Towns ▎ Custom Plugins

MINERAZE is a Minecraft survival server. Our primary focus is providing a high-quality survival experience, which we aim to achieve through our many custom features and our unique content.

❄ Custom Towny
❄ Custom Items
❄ Custom Blocks & Plants
❄ Custom Mobs
❄ Jobs
❄ Dungeons
❄ Spleef
❄ Dance Parties
❄ Friendly Community
❄ Economy
❄ Land Claiming
❄ Player Shops
❄ Auction House
❄ And so much more.

Join with:

We hope you will join us and become part of the community!

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Welcome to shrimp craft
our server ip is
We are a community driven minecraft server with owners as dedicated to having a fun experience. We offer survival, hemlocke, pixelmon, creative. All our worlds are linked so all you need is to connect! With the exception of Aethei’s special world Hemlocke.
You can check that out here!
Survival Server
A server where all are treated equal with focus dedicated to proving your worth by building up your city, becoming a merchant king by ruling the economy, or just working the day away as a simple farmer. With mcmmo and jobs you’ll never get bored!Don’t want to tear up your beautiful area or surrounding ones? Head on over to the resource world in survival spawn to gather resources to your heart’s content!If you have any issues be sure to contact this world’s designated staff!

Creative Server
It is what it is. Find a place make your town and build. Vote to earn in game money for more claim blocks
Pixelmon 1.12.2
The thing everyone knows and loves currently in beta on our server! No promises on progression kept untill we get everything all wrapped up.

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Gargantuan 1.18.2 Economy SMP | Advanced Enchantments | Slimefun | PlayerShops | KeepInv

Gargantuan is a Keepinventory SMP with a variety of plugins to help enhance the vanilla experience. You can play like normal survival or delve into our many plugins such as Slimefun & some features you could find useful for getting stronger or making complex systems!

Many of the helpful commands you’ll find yourself using are /enchanter /sethome /warp /home /spawn /ah /pw /f /sf /playtime /tpa

X-ray & radar is accepted! any other form of cheating or exploiting is bannable.

Ranks can be acquired by doing /warp crates and opening the Rank Crate! It has a 5 day cooldown with a 50/50 chance of ranking up, or not ranking up. Higher ranks give special permissions such as/ec & chat colors

You will never lose your items because of KeepInventory, however, if your faction becomes venerable another can attempt to take it over and take your base! (highly unlikely to ever happen unless you stop playing for a month or two nonstop)

You can setup your own shops with the Chest-Shop plugin, example is in spawn!

Feel free to join our discord & give us your thoughts & suggestions for the server!

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[No grief] [SMP] ElvenEmpire [Residence] [Jobs]

On ElvenEmpire, you are allowed to shape the world to be however you want it to be. We have rules that make the game fair and fun, but the way the world works is up to you. With constant gameplay additions and features, there will always be something to do.

Trade, cooperate, and thrive in this community.

with the following features, you’ll love your time here!

land claiming through the assistance of residence using a stick and /res create

Jobs that earn you in-game money through the use of /jobs browse

/shop to buy cool stuff like unique items, daily and weekly items, convert your in-game money to points

/ah to sell items to other players

/trade to trade points, jobs points, in0game money, items, exp and much more with other players

and many more features,

from spawners being minable with silk-touch to custom mechanical modifiers written by our team such as an alternate combat system

join today if you love survival and wanna play something different!

don’t forget to read the /rules upon joining as you will have agreed to them and any future changes to them upon connecting to the Minecraft server

NVIDIA – Fragrance for men!

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About the server:
DRGSurvival is a Minecraft SMP survival server with protection from griefing/griefers. We have multiple features for Minecraft players to take advantage of. These features include the common jobs, quests, rankups, land claiming/protection, mobarena and balanced economy. We also have custom and unique features like lucky mining [​slight chance to level up the enchants of your items]ability to ride any animal or mob, a voting shop that allows you to buy perks such as protection from fire and lava damage, as well as a lot more.

We are a survival server with “Normal” difficulty. We provide grief protection to our players through the form of a command; /claim. You can add friends to your claims with /lands trust . We also have ranks that you can grind and gain new perks, kits and commands as rewards for ranking up. Anyone can use SilkTouch to mine spawners. There are several events that we have listed below that run regularly.

Our community:
Our community may be small but it is mature and laidback. We try to go easy on our rules and punishments but we will not tolerate players who are only looking to troll, advertise or harass our players. Freedom of expression is something we strongly believe you should be allowed especially with how sensitive the world is becoming towards jokes, insults and whatever crybaby nonsense. DRGSurvival is a server that tries to take away the outside world so you have somewhere to just relax, so please do not bring politics and other stressful crap onto our server.

Staff members:
We have a few staff members but we are looking for more to add to our server. We are trying to recruit members with a decent knowledge of Minecraft, knowledge of running Spigot based servers [​including plugins]knowledge of plugin usage and who are genuinely invested in our server.

Feedback and improvements:
Lastly, we are constantly looking for feedback and suggestions. If you join our server and do not like something, let us know, we’ll do our best to change/fix/improve it. The owner [​me] is active on a daily basis and constantly trying to improve the server and it’s quality.

Rules: We’re pretty lax when it comes to rules but please abide by the following:
Swearing is allowed but please keep it within reason.
Spamming is annoying so please don’t do it.
Do not impersonate staff members or pretend to be one.
Don’t advertise.
Don’t threaten malicious/common afterschool activities such as doxing, ddos, suicide, etc.
Mods are allowed as long as they do not give you an unfair advantage [?KillAura, Aimbot, etc. are bannable.]
Do not grief, we will roll it back and you will be banned.

Recruiting Helpers/Moderators/Administrators here:

Social links:
Twitch Streamers: