Economy Factions Prison Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival


Voted best Prison server for 3 years in a row 🙂
Played by Gumbario_13 ChubbyFanmade24 & XterioGG over 2 million other players!
Join our fun and friendly community today! <3

Economy Mcmmo Roleplay Survival Towny


Welcome to GreenFieldCity
Population of 100
still in development – if you like to donation toward the server
best town youll ever visit
with stores , mall, restaurant, houses, jobs etc
Follow the law

Roleplay Survival Vanilla

EnderEye Junior High

EnderEye SMP is modeled after Hermitcraft, an inclusive place where you will experience friendship, trust, respect and fair treatment. This server is an oasis away from drama and stress, where you can play a video game and not get judged for being who you are. EnderEye SMP is a 3 week old server modeled after Hermitcraft. This means that we operate on a system of trust, with a communal mooshroom spawn island/shopping district! Please abide by the golden rule of trust and common sense, as we value it above all else on this server. We do not use any claim plugins, we depend on trustworthy members and attentive staff to make sure everyone’s space is respected.

Economy Pvp Roleplay Survival


Sup bitches welcome to CringeCraftHub! Start having FUN at my server today! Promise it will be good!!! Let’s do this! Gentle staff and working on improving. When the time comes I’ll tell you all to start throwing money at the screen for perks and what not to help the server survive! If not we’ll not be here next month hahahaha!

Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival Vanilla

Cookie SMP

Nice SMP that just started, vanilla SMP, with nice admins and a good community. Join for free cookies. Come join our community now!

Mcmmo Roleplay Survival

Origin Mod Junior High School Rp

Minecraft Origins Mod Minecraft Server. This has a bunch of mods in this server. Enjoy! This server has rules in the discord make sure to follow them or else you will be getting banned.

Economy Roleplay Skyblock


Welcome to Skyblock.Buzz and behold your new advenutre.

Here at SBB, we offer you a unique RPG skyblock experience with a native 1.16.5 server but yet joinable from all clients between 1.8 and 1.16.5 allowing everyone to play, also we offer you dungeons, quests, envoy, bounties, and much more giving you the ultimate fun…

Anarchy Factions Pvp Roleplay Survival


A NederlandSMP server Free access and Free own countries create quickly join the discord server to access the proximity chat and the Dynmap
I hope to see you soon on the Server

Pvp Roleplay Survival Vanilla

Junior Noobus

Welcome To Noobus SMP we welcome you to our community! WE Have A big and good Countminty you will Like A lot.

Pve Roleplay Survival


Enter the Tokie Heim – a magical land full of magic and evil that is just waiting to be explored!
Many unique features such as:
Custom Mobs / Loot
Custom Boss Fights
Rideable Pets
Mythical Enchants
And much more!

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