Anarchy Mcmmo Pve Pvp Raiding Roleplay Survival


Survival SMP Server
-Custom Enchantments
-Custom World Generation
-Pets with levels and Abilities
Feel Free to Join brand new server still in Beta looking to make a good community.

Creative Roleplay


CreateMC is a brand new Creative server with freedom. Redstone’s enabled, most blocks are enabled, lightly filtered chat. Everything that’s been bad about Creative servers is no more on CreateMC!

Economy Prison Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival

Usrus Craft

Welcome To Usrus Craft. We Are A Pretty New Server Looking To Be The Next Big Thing.
We Have 64 Custom Made Prison Ranks And Unlike Others You Can BREAK FREE.
We Are Hosted On A Powerful Machine So Uptime Isnt An Issue.
Please Give Us A Shot And Let Us Know What You Think

Economy Mcmmo Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival Towny

Craft Town

Welcome to Craft Town. This is a difficult Towny server with rpg, pve and pvp elements. We have leaderboards for various tasks. Level ups that uses mcmmo, jobs and economy to obtain. Items that alter your characters health, damage and lots more. Custom craftables. Custom world map, aswell as a resource world.

NO real money store that breaks the game. Just play for fun and to become a legend on Craft Town

Server Map:
Server IP –

Roleplay Survival


This is Minecraft Server. You can build a house and do more! (Idk what i have to put in description)

Factions Raiding Roleplay Survival Vanilla

Empire Smp

[Empire Smp]

— What Do We Offer —
We Offer A Discord Server Based Around The Minecraft Server “Empire Smp”. Where People Can Play On A Low-Lag Server, With Lots Of Good Plugins, Which Make Minecraft Better Then It Already Is. The server is a Factions & Skyblock server with more gamemodes to come, such as: kit pvp or tnt run. Although The Server Only Has 20 Player Slots, It Could Be More Depending On How Many Players Play On The Server. The Rules Are In The Discord Server, And So Is All The Information About The Server.

I Hope I Could See You There!

– The Server Owner; Rick (Astley)

Economy Factions Mcmmo Pvp Raiding Roleplay Towny

Warrior World

Warrior World is a Kingdom server based on the countries of Europe.
Win the war, conquer territory and become the new king!

Anarchy Economy Factions Pvp Raiding Roleplay Survival

Mining Luxuriously

Free For All

Server of the Nations!
Found your new nation/civilization, explore and create allies or enemies in this free for all, no rule server.

Small plugins may be added to the request of players.

Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival

Derp SMP

Derp SMP, is a Survival, Roleplaying, Lore Rich, Friendly Server. We are PVE and PVP server however; there are rules around what we deem as ok PVP. Derp SMP is the vision of PeanutDerp, who is CO-Owner and a Streamer. Her vision is to have a Semi-Vanilla Server with a Lore and Roleplaying, as the core.

Economy Hardcore Mcmmo Pve Raiding Roleplay Survival

Dungeon Sweep

Here at Dungeon Sweep we deliver a unique 1.16.5 RPG experience. Start you adventure with a party of 6 or less friends! Experience our dungeons and quests in Dungeon Sweeps’s custom built map! We are a new server and still adding new content. You can leave your footprint with us! All you need to do is leave a suggestion on our discord! We will be sure to give each one a close look! Our staff is very helpful and will always be there with any questions you might have!

Please note: Players are unable to build in our world (for now)

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