Economy Roleplay Survival Towny Vanilla

The Wester Isles

Welcome, traveler, to the wild, vast and mostly-uninhabited archipelago known as The Wester Isles.
Within these four continents, and innumerable minor islands, there exists a tumultuous struggle for power and wealth. It is your decision: go to war to claim your slice of land through conquest; build an economic empire through trade and monopoly; or be a parasitic pirate that lives on the open seas and thrives off the plunder of others!
Whether you decide to live peacefully as a hunter in the snowy taigas of the boundless North, or as a war-mongering Sultan in the sun-drenched deserts of the harsh South, you are welcome in The Wester Isles.
• Movecraft: a plugin that allows you to create huge ships to sail the open seas, transport immense cargo (or troops…), and order naval bombardments.
• Cannons: gives you the ability to build cannons, whether to mount on ships or as defensive installations for your settlements.
• Brewery: brew and ferment your own alcoholic drinks (or get drunk, if you’re so inclined).
• Towny: claim and protect land for your town or nation,
• Cartographer2: gives you a minimap of The Wester Isles without the need for client-side mods.
• Lockette: place signs to protect chests and doors.
• BagOfGold: an in-game currency plugin.

Economy Mcmmo Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival Towny


Have you been looking for a server with custom items, mobs, structures but based all around towny? Then look no further, Raven Quest seems just for you!

We are an extremely new server, having been in development for a couple months to get to the point now where we can release an “alpha” build to the public. Due to this Alpha stage, we’ll be implementing Alpha rewards which are in place for players who join during this time and help out with finding and reporting any potential bugs, good suggestions, or just spending time on the server playing as normal! We recommend joining our discord first, but it’s not a requirement! (click the discord url)

We love the idea of making minecraft more fun for each individual player, which is why we have a multitude of different things for you to put hours and hours into! Have an urge for fishing? Try out the more custom fishing experience we have! Want to explore the world and stumble upon brand new randomly generated structures? We have those too! With much, much more to do – you’ll never get bored!

Hardcore Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival

SGS Survival & Roleplay (pve&pvp)

1.16.3 Survival Roleplay server.
We care about you and want everyone to have a fun time!

WINTER THEMED (lot’s of fun gifts and events)

Endless possibilities, true survival!

PVE Focused with rules for PVP

Anarchy Creative Factions Roleplay Survival

The Creativerse Universe

This server is a creative server, build what you want when I have it open, I will have it open often, you have creative, have fun.

Once in a while I may have fun games/start random minigames for everyone

Economy Mcmmo Pve Roleplay Survival Vanilla

Uplifted SMP

A simple SMP server with slimefun, races, werewolves, a shop and more. Ranks are extremely cheap and suggestions are constantly being added. I really hope you enjoy the server!~

Economy Mcmmo Pvp Roleplay Survival Towny

Flow MC

Welcome to Flow MC! We’re a fresh, totally new innovative Towny server with a wide variety of features to offer. Our sole purpose is to provide a unique, fun, and action-filled experience. We’re economy-based, featuring 100+ unique and fun plugins, such as Greek-like powers, a balanced economy, and many in-game ranks. We are also a non-P2W server, meaning you don’t need to spend a dime to reach last rank! We offer 10 different crates. We even offer a possibility to earn a free donor rank through our crates! We have a great community and a welcoming environment. We have active staff, including the owners. We do holiday drops, even on minor holidays! Sometimes we even do random party drops. We also have an active discord server with consistent announcements and updates. You can report any bugs and problems there. We hope you enjoy our server! Stick around for more in the future.

Economy Pvp Raiding Roleplay Survival Towny


GaeaMC is a geopolitical sandbox minecraft server. Create your own town, form nations and conquer the world, but wait…. there is more
– Custom mobs
– Dungeons with custom loot
– Bosses with mechanics
– Global events where it can change parts of the map
ex: Volcanic event would affect a continent and drop special ores (this is not shown in the video as it is being worked on)

Watch the youtube video for a glimpse of what we have to offer.
Join our discord for more info:

Economy Roleplay Skyblock Survival

The Minecraft Server

The Minecraft server is a new server looking for new members.
We have holidays, you can make shops, farms, and houses without being bothered (Within reason). We now have skyblock, So come on down you won’t regret it. Don’t like 1.16? well, we support 1.16 to 1.7.

Economy Pvp Roleplay Survival Survival Games


The PrlekCraft server offers a Slovenian survivor experience on version 1.16.3. For a better experience, we’ve also added some unique features, objects, and commands.

Economy Mcmmo Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival Towny

Tropical Realms

» TR is a new 1.16 server dedicated to creating an active friendly environment around the globe.
We offer an Earth experience like no other, featuring a committed community and staff team to guide the way to the top of the jungle! With custom crafting, personalized cosmetics, and custom plugins, this once in a life time experience will change the way you play forever.

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