Economy Factions Pvp Raiding Roleplay

Hogwarts Roleplay and Factions

Welcome to Hogwarts! Play how YOU want. Go into the wild and make a faction or stay in the castle and learn spells and do quests! Many features such as McMmo, Quests, and Custom NPCs!

Creative Economy Pvp Roleplay Survival



Datecraft is a roleplaying server where any player may assume a role in the town of Rosendar, builid alone or with friends in creative, and survive on our wild server. Our server allows players to have a great roleplaying experience as players can claim their own land in survial with friends, get married, date, and create relationships through player interaction.
One Mine, One Love, DateCraft

Economy Roleplay


From Wolf roleplays to Pirate roleplays we have them all. The RP Hub is always available for you to get on and play roleplays with your friends!

Hardcore Roleplay Survival

Isle of Thalin

Isle of Thalin – Roleplay Server
Isle of Thalin is a beautiful role-play project that has been worked on for almost a year now. This project has been long in the works, and if you like what you see, please feel free to visit our website at to learn more and see how you can help!
Isle of Thalin is in OPEN BETA
Thank you for visiting this project! Please leave a diamond if you’ve liked it, and stick around for so much more to see! Thank you.
Again our website is

Dutch English Nederlands Nederlandssurvival Roleplay Survival


Welcome to SouthCraft | SouthCraft has been operating for almost 2 years Southcraft a well-known name when it comes to Minecraft Servers. SouthCraft is known as one of the nicest servers in the Netherlands and Belgium. After a short break we are back again. Will you also take a look (again)?

SouthCraft offers various worlds (Survival) and periodic events especially for the SouthCraft community. Over the years, some unique players have played on our servers.

Besides the Minecraft server, we also have a close-knit Discord community, in which we would like to welcome you. A large group of our players is on our Discord server almost every day to catch up. Hopefully see you soon.


Creative Economy Kitpvp Pvp Roleplay Survival

FNaF Sister Server

Welcome to the Official Sister FNaF Server! We are new and improved and a better FNaF server than ever before! In our server we have replicas of the FNaF maps 1-4, Fredbear’s Family Diner, FNaF Sister Location, the Pizza Simulator, Ultimate Custom Night, and the many spin-offs such as FNaC and TJoC as roleplay maps! We have also an Undertale section to our server for all of those Undertale Fans! But not only do we just have detailed role play maps, we also feature WORKING Factions and PlotMe, and Survival Plots! We are adding more as time goes along, our most recent additions to our server includes Bendy and the Ink Machine roleplay maps and Survival Plots! We have a very hardworking staff team who are always available to help. We hope you enjoy our server! Join us at Also, check out our website at! We are in no way affiliated with Scott Cawthon, the makers of Undertale, or Disney.

Factions Roleplay Skyblock


Enjoy our server we have five nights at freddys and Roleplay and skyblock and War so come on by Server is really fun and we may add more games!

Factions Roleplay Skyblock


Enjoy our server we have five nights at freddys and skyblock 2.0 and WAR and factions! so come on by Server is really fun and we may add more games!

Economy Parkour Pve Roleplay Survival

Dawn to Dusk Warrior Cats

This is a warrior cat themed community. Come and join the fun!

Bedwars Creative Roleplay Skyblock Survival

Ocean Sanctuary

Welcome to the Ocean Sanctuary! This server is meant to be a successor to TR (Treasure Realm) which has shutdown, but we are not affiliated with TR, we are simply fans.
We currently offer; Skyblock, Survival, Creative Plots, Bedwars, and Roleplay Maps!

Join our discord server here:

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