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Yorimskar Kingdoms! [Job Roleplay] [Economy] [Plots] [Events]


  Greetings from Yorimskar! I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to be given a chance to join the Kingdom of Yorimskar! In our Kingdom citizens will on arrival be given a tour and set up with their chosen gathering job, these jobs include:

-Crop Farmer
-Livestock Farmer
-Tree Farmer

Gathering jobs allow players to only gather materials that relate to their selected job. For an example a Tree Farmer would not go mine for iron when it is needed, instead they purchase that iron or required material from a player that has selected Miner. This stimulates a working economy with demand and competition within our Minecraft world! Its a great way to make a good amount of money!

Money can be spent on a wide variety of things in Yorimskar, if its more materials to build with or food so you don’t starve to death! But it doesn’t stop there! Our players come up with all kinds of cool things to sell or even some services! Have a house or Redstone machine built for you, or buy god armor and weapons to use in the Arena!

Citizens can also purchase new and bigger Plots from the City. These plots can either be Housing, Business, or Club plots, each plot having different functions and laws of what you can do there. For example, everyone starts with a Starter Plot which can tend to be small, so some players decide to purchase more space. In another case anyone who selects a type of farmer will not only get a housing plot but also a farming plot where they are allowed to grow crops, trees and breed livestock which can take up a lot of space so expansion is necessary!

If you with to join you will need to apply in our discord and reach out to Serpent5 to be given a short tour to get set up with your job, plots and starting materials. I may understand this is tedious but we like to have a nice community and we would love to meet every one of you!


See you soon!

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KingHills MMORPG

Sorux Network presents: KingHills ⚔

Hello! You’ve been invited to play Kinghills! 🏰
We’re very organised and you’ve been lucky enough to come across it!

We offer:
• custom bosses
• a storyline with a custom map
• almost flawless rpg leveling system
• nice textures (more coming soon)
• welcoming community
• quests and storylines are powered by betonquest and dungeonsxl
• uncountable amount of custom items

We’re quickly expanding and now we’re at the testing phase, Your goal is to play the game with a new player experience on King hills whilst looking for bugs and glitches (Refer to ArcSid#5816). ⚔️
Version: 1.19.3 🐉

Extra, ❗
If you’d like to apply as a staff or an observer please contact ArcSid#5816.

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Globalyz Kingdom

Welcome to Globalyz Kingdoms!
Hi, my name is Deus2 and I am one of the founders of Globalyz Kingdoms. I want to invite you to our new server, which we have been working hard on.Start, join or fight a kingdom! Start your own Empire or help to take one down. Become a mercenary or trade in the wide world! Your options are endless!
Our server includes:
– A kingdom system, including a war mechanic and siege weapons.
– A custom economy based around players and gold.
– Roleplay and political systems, you decide what you do!
– Classes and professions.
– Custom skilltrees.
– A active staffteam which is working to keep the server fun and safe!

Join our discord for more info!

See you soon!
– Deus

Creative Cross-Play Economy Factions Roleplay Survival Towny


WOSK is the oldest City RP RPG Server that began on Xbox 360 in 2012 we are in the early stages of development (Beta) on JAVA and are currently looking for new players that would be interested in helping to kickstart the community or helping build on the server as a Admin/builder. Everyone is free to join and check it out! Make sure to join our discord for updates, info, help, and talk to the crew.

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Warcraft Empires



We Warcraft Empires provide a welcoming and kind community that will help you along your way. Our server is a towny server filled with kingdoms and player lead wars and governments. You will be in a Minecraft experience, but treaties and battles will be fought all around you. We are a semi-roleplay server, but we do encourage people to have fun during their time on the server. The server is based during the time of the 2nd century BC. We also host events and game nights as we want you to feel welcomed and a part of our community. Our server also includes a functional economy that players can enjoy, along with a dynmap.
Key points:
– A kind and welcoming community
– Active Staff
– Towny
– Semi Roleplay
– 24/7
– Events/Game nights
– Keeps the community informed
– Economy
– Dynmap



Are you a doctor who fan?

If you are, this is the server for you, with amazing tardis mods, such as new tardis mod, regeneration mod and more.

Join our discord to get the packs you need to join.


Roleplay Survival

Yellow Athestic

We are a cool group of people we are so excited for new players to join our server. feel free to join the discord while in our server. Mods are always active.

Plugin List: Voice Chat, Better Mobs, ChestShop, DeathCounter, Duel, EnchantLevels, Infernal Mobs, Lucky Bounties, MarriageMaster, MyPet, TradeShop, Enchantments_Plus.

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Mob Arena

Mob Arena is the #1 Mob Arena server in Minecraft.

It’s dedicated to Mob Arenas and you can choose from over 16 classes.The classes include Thor (Mjolnir weapon), Hades, Poseidon, and more.

Team up with your friends and fight in close combat with endless rounds of mobs. Fight in multiple arenas like The Colosseum and Pagoda which contain different bosses,

Roleplay Survival Vanilla


Welcome to AlixiMC, where you will live epic adventures as if you were a survivor in the world of Minecraft! It is such a fantastic server, that if you were a chicken on this server, you would start dancing with happiness!

If you need to supplement your virtual economy, you have a lot of jobs to choose from, including farming, building, exploring and selling tradeables. In addition, if you feel like a little action, you can participate in quests to test your skills and get great prizes.

And don’t forget the Daily Reward, which is the best thing in your virtual day! It’s like receiving daily gifts to help you develop more in the game. So come and be part of our wonderful community on AlixiMC!

Government Mock Nation Roleplay Survival

The Commonwealth of Insaw

The Commonwealth of Insaw is a new mock-nation Minecraft server.

  • Apply for government positions.
  • Build yourself a life
  • Join the military
  • Etc.