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*How do I play on the Moog Minecraft server?*
– Head to curseforge and install better MC [FORGE] 1.16.5:
– Install the latest version. We recommend you use the launcher.
– Launch your game and click ‘multiplayer’ in the main menu.
– Click “Add Server” tab and input the text on the “Server Address” box, then hit “Done”.
– Once the connection is available and turns green, you may click on “Join Server” button!

*What can I play on Moog?*
– You can play however you like! we supply a modded world for you to explore and play in.

– You can create factions and teams, or play on your own. You can build mega bases or simply explore!

– The server includes an economy you can trade with other players on, do /ah to bring up an auction interface or rent a shop at spawn to customize!

You can also use FTB Chunks to claim and protect your builds.

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GridNet Network

GridNet is a Minecraft server network that offers various gamemodes including EARTHSMP which is based on a replica of Earth within an SMP, CREATIVE where players are offered the necessary tools (Such as WorldEdit and more) to allow them to build in their own Plots or just plain Flatlands, and ANARCHY a self-explanatory gamemode where there is NO rules.

We offer support for Bedrock Edition clients and Offline-mode clients, literally ANY ONE can join!

Java Edition IP: (1.11 – 1.19 LATEST)

Bedrock Edition IP: (Port remains as it is)

​​​​​​​Need help or want to ask questions? Feel free to join our discord community!

Anarchy Cross-Play Economy Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival

Erohals Network

EroHals has continued to be a fast-growing community-based server since Nov – 2022, with 2 game modes that are continually being updated with exciting new features. We have weekly global events, tournaments and a friendly community – you’ll never get bored!

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GridNet is a Minecraft server network that offers various gamemodes including EARTHSMP which is based on a replica of Earth within an SMP, CREATIVE where players are offered the necessary tools (Such as WorldEdit and more) to allow them to build in their own Plots or just plain Flatlands, and ANARCHY a self-explanatory gamemode where there is NO rules.

We offer support for Bedrock Edition clients and other clients, literally ANY ONE can join!

Java Edition IP: (1.11 – 1.19 LATEST)

Bedrock Edition IP: (Port remains as it is)

Need help or want to ask questions? Feel free to join our discord community!

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Minecraft: New Vegas

Minecraft: New Vegas Minecraft Server

Welcome to Minecraft New Vegas! 1-1 Scaled Recreation of New Vegas
Yes, you read that right. Fallout in Minecraft. Features: Heavy Roleplay, Proxy chat, Survival mechanics, Guns, Factions, Story!
We feature completely new and dynamic gameplay mechanics. Traditional minecraft mechanics do not exist! You won’t be mining or grinding diamond armor enchantments. We feature a completely custom and handmade resource pack/mod pack which includes in-depth firearms, dynamic armor, NPCs, a fluid changing barter system, Skills & SPECIAL Skills (Which actually function) and much more

We strive to create the most authentic love letter to New Vegas imaginable and there is a heavy focus on Roleplay and Character creation. How do we do that? Our server is whitelisted and requires serious people willing to devote some time into creating a character. We use a proxy voice chat mod that allows you to speak to people in game as to prevent meta-gaming, and a detailed character creator that allows you to choose your skills. Additionally, through game-play you can level those skills up!
Understand the server is fairly hardcore in terms of survival. You’ll have to worry about food, water, radiation, and sleep to get by. Not everyone will be a gunslinging badass. Getting shot is as realistic as it gets. Most firearms can kill you instantly with a single headshot. It’s imperative you wear armor and protect yourselves in this ever changing wasteland.
The learning curve is strong, and survival of the fittest will ensure your character’s legacy is worth telling

Discord Link:

Q: What is this project? Is it a map I can download?
A: Minecraft New Vegas is solely a Roleplay based Minecraft Server and will not feature any sort of download for the world itself

Q: Do I need to have a microphone?
A: Yes, all roleplay must be done with a microphone. We use a proxy chat mod in game so you won’t hear everyone at once. If someone comes near you, you need to talk

Q: How old do I have to be to play?
A: 16+ is our requirement. No exceptions unless you turn 16 soon

Q: Are there microtransactions or loot keys/daily chests?
A: No we will never offer loot keys or any sort of microtransactions

Q: Are you guys looking for builders/mod developers?
A: No not currently, it’s just a two man show. I build and make art assets and ZRV is our talented mod developer! Doesn’t hurt to ask because things may change!

Q: Are you looking for staff/moderators?
A: Currently no! We have had staffing issues in the past and the only people we seem to have success with are ourselves

Q: Can I join the server and not play? Just look around?
A: Unfortunately not, you will have to apply just like everyone else although we do post videos and screenshots in the discord!

Q: Roleplay? What kind of roleplay? What am I supposed to do?
A: Yes roleplay! Our discord houses the character creation process and it is very simple to create one. You must be whitelisted via application in order to join. However once accepted you can use the #create-a-character channel to create anything you can dream of as long as it fits within the lore we have set. Roleplay will be done in game exclusively and requires a microphone as we have a in-game voice chat mod that serves as proximity chat

Q: How do I get whitelisted?
A: You must read and agree to the rules first before you can gain access to the channel. From there click the dyno link and submit an application. Include as much information on there as you want us to see

Q: So do you guys use bows and arrows for combat?
A: No we actually have a fully functioning combat system involving a very dynamic gun system. The mod includes many more mechanics and features and was made by our mod developer ZRV01. It has mag loading/unloading, iron sights, projectile ballistics, bullet penetration, different ammo types, customization, and bullets deal appropriate damage and bleeding affects as you’d expect by being shot. Bullets also register different amounts of wounds depending on where you’re shot. Aim for the head? You hit the head. Aim for the body? You hit the body. There are many different types of weapons included from New Vegas. the full game guide for mechanics and guns is listed in discord

Q: Can I make any kind of character?
A: Yes you can technically write any kind of character. There are so many different people you could be. Farmers, Ranchers, Mercenaries, Faction members, Prospectors, Politicians, etc. Note that if you want to write yourself into a high standing position or rank you must request it in #role-request and a verbal interview will be done

Q: Can we be robots, ghouls, or mutants?
A: Yes it is intended to have these races implemented. They will all have their own strengths and weaknesses, currently being a ghoul is possible but the mechanics for robots and mutants are a work in progress


Relicit: Map builder, Resourcepack builder, Owner
ZRV01: Mod developer, Co-Owner
DsTheSecond: Contributed Animal Models

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We are a cracked Battle Box minigame server from MCC (Mine Craft Championships)
Version 1.16.5

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Minedonia | Free Build | Role-Play | World Edit

Est. 2021 | Turning Your Dreams to Reality

Server Version

We’re on 1.19.2
We currently do not support older versions.

About Us

Minedonia is an open-world, free-to-build roleplay server with two worlds – a collaborative city world (main world), and a free world for build creations that may not fit in the city; or for just letting your imagination run wild! We have a dedicated community of builders, and laid-back players to play and hangout with! We have server rollbacks and daily backups created so all your creations are safe! We also have many resources to help you build anything you may dream of, including World Edit, Armor Stand Editor, Head Database, and more!

How to Join

We offer support for both Java and Bedrock Editions! Come join us with the IP’s below!
Java Edition –
Bedrock Edition – | Port: 8162
Discord Server –

Economy Factions Parkour Pvp Roleplay Survival Survival Games


EuphoriaCraft Server is more exciting minecraft survival server, more features are coming soon. please support to our server and become a top player in our survival games and more.

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MedievalTales Minecraft Server

MedievalTales Minecraft Server

The time of war was long and arduous for the people of Elbora and even now, a year after the great revolution, the wounds have not fully healed. But despite the great battle between the western and eastern principalities, most people look forward to the uncertain future with cautious joy. Because the king, who ruled the country and oppressed the citizens, has fallen and while the surrounding principalities are busy with the reconstruction, completely different considerations are being pursued in the capital Neo Libera.
Because one thing is certain:
There will be no other king. But how should government be governed instead?

MedievalTales Minecraft Server

MedievalTales is a medieval fantasy roleplaying server.
The world of Elbora is divided into five different and culturally different principalities, each ruled by a prince. In addition, the crown lands are located in the center of the country, whose capital Neo Libera contains a democratic system and can therefore be managed and shaped jointly by many players.
A ranking system specially developed for this purpose, as well as the possibility of pursuing various main and secondary jobs, allows every player to develop their character from the ground up and to advance within society. Whether than easier
Servant or wealthy citizen, powerful count or member of a respected order, each rank offers the players new possibilities and ensures variety and successful role-playing interactions. Our server not only offers you the opportunity to build a long-term game, but above all the opportunity to actively help shape, change and further develop the game world and game content. With our own plugins, we ensure an immersive gaming experience and refreshing new features.
Our dedicated and diverse server team looks forward to welcoming you and providing advice and support.

Main occupations:

Secondary occupations:
horse breeder
pipe maker

Norland – “To the Horizon and Beyond”
In the western part of the country is the Principality of Norland. The rough land with its high cliffs and the wide sea is inhabited by a seafaring and merchant people who, due to their natural urge to explore, not only cultivate the inland with arable land, but also inhabit numerous small islands. The Norse rarely inhabit areas far from the coast and, as a true seafaring people, there are few people dedicated to farming and agriculture.

Eisenweit – “Our heart is made of ice, our fist is made of iron”
The Iron Reach lies far north and is covered by a year-round layer of ice and snow. The outwardly rather hard and cold-looking people, who mainly live from fishing and hunting due to the infertile soil, are known in the remaining parts above all for their coal trade. So it is that the small settlements in the mountains of the Iron Reach can be found near the numerous coal mines, where the people toil not only for trade with other principalities, but above all for the prince’s palace, which is enthroned high on the Silver Passes.

Hammerfold – “United we are strong”
The Hammerfold principality has a long history of strife and war, as the people were once made up of 12 different tribes that were as different as the land they inhabited. Much of the country is dense, deep forest that is teeming with wildlife, so it is not surprising that the Hammerfold people are some of the most skilled hunters and huntsmen, as well as the most gifted archers. Accordingly, their trade goods naturally consist of bows, as well as hides and buckskins.

Cazar – “Eternally Defying”
Cazar is located in the east of Elbora and is probably the hottest part of the country, because the sun burns tirelessly on the vast desert landscape, which is surrounded by the so-called red mountains to the east and makes life possible mainly thanks to the green vein whose river crosses the principality. True to their motto, the tanned people of the Cazarites have settled here despite all resistance and are also considered “different” in many other areas of life, because they break with almost all social conventions. They are best known for their trade in precious stones and precious fabrics, as well as in intoxicants.

Ametani – “Turtles can tell you more about the path than rabbits”
The Principality of Ametani is located in the southeast of the country and is characterized by dense jungle and high humidity due to the high temperatures and the monsoons that occur again and again throughout the year. As a result, the people have specialized in rice cultivation and the silk trade. Otherwise, they live rather withdrawn, because although they are extremely hospitable, they prefer to keep to themselves. Honor is at the heart of their actions, so it is not surprising that the Ametani swear vengeance should their honor be tarnished, even falling on their own sword if they are defeated.

Crownlands – “Free as a Bird”
The crown lands lie in the center of Elbora and form the heart of the old kingdom, in whose capital Neo Libera the people from all parts of the country gather and bring not only goods from all corners of the country, but also the customs and customs of their mother countries. This cultural diversity, which is as numerous as humanity itself, is united above all by one thing: freedom. Because the crown lands, whose name still reminds us that a royal family once ruled here, fought for their freedom and have since proclaimed the republic. Away from the cultural diversity and flourishing trade in the capital, there are simple farming settlements, numerous fertile farmland and countless roads on which travelers make their way to the capital.

Order of the Sun – Order of Bliss and Faith
The main task and core of this order is the Holy Inquisition. Their task consists of the hunt and destruction of heretics, curses and dark beings and the exorcism and pastoral care as a prevention against the dark conversion. The order places much emphasis on rites and the “purification” of the people. The greatest goal of the above actions is namely to educate a “sinless and pious population” according to the views of the order’s leadership. This, in turn, they achieve through public sermons and ceremonies.

Astral Order – Order of Science and Magic
The subject and area of ​​expertise of the members of the order includes not only scientific research, architecture, oceanography and engineering, but above all research into the nature of magic and all its brightly colored facets.
High-ranking members of the Astral Order are considered polymaths and sages, often consulted by nobles and valued for their argumentative forte and sharp mind. The order also pursues the instruction of the people pragmatically. Classes are held across the land, and the theories uncovered and the results of relentless innovation are constantly passed on to the people by Order members.

Order of the Rose – Order of War and Healing
While other orders have a fairly homogeneous structure, the Order of the Rose is generally divided into two strands: On the one hand, the most capable fighters on the continent are trained under its banner, on the other hand, the members of the order devote themselves to medicine, pharmacy and botany. This creates a heterogeneous, martially very potent mixture of expertise. The fighters of the order not only guard ancient secrets and ways of martial arts, but also ensure the order of the continent and form the executive of the country. Meanwhile, the healers and herbalists of the order deal with the health and well-being of the people
population and combat diseases and infirmities.

Demonslayermod Demonslayerserver Modded Pvp Roleplay Survival

Humanity’s Fate.

About Humanity’s Fate.

We are a 14+ server modded server.
Humanity’s Fate is a server based off of the well known anime demon slayer.
We don’t care if your new, experienced or whatever. We allow anyone too join.

As long as your respectful. Roleplay is a big thing in our server but you don’t have too do it of course.
We have ranks such as the basic slayer ranks and some custom demon ranks. Aswell as Upper Moon, Lower Moon, Tsuguko, Demon King/Queen, Hashira and Slayer Commander.
There’s lot’s more but too see that you’ll have too join the server!

Server Specs

Ram: 8gb
Platform: Forge 1.16.5
CPU: Ryzen 7 5800X 4.7GHz
Location: England, United Kingdom


We have our own custom-built mod pack that we play on the server.

A Few of the Mod’s (more will be added eventually)
Kimetsu no yaiba (Demon Slayer)
Alex’s mobs
Biomes O Plenty
Farmer’s Delight
Voice Chat

How to join

Join our discord server:
That’s it XD
I hope too see you there!
Have a good day!