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LifeSteal Central

Welcome to Lifesteal Central! Our server includes Survival, PvP, & MUCH more! Our server is DDoS protected to ensure the uninterrupted gaming experience! We host our server on a dedicated bare metal to ensure the best performance! We are a friendly survival server that is pretty much like a SMP. We also have a PvP server! Besure to use /server to go around! We also support bedrock edition on a separate server! We always keep up to the latest version!

Survival: Our survival server is a roleplay server where you or you and a couple of other players can make a kingdom and live in and protect it! You can stage WARs! For large scale wars you must notify the admins!

Roleplay Survival Vanilla

The Peasant Server

survival server – essentials commands – 24×7 admin – random spawn point – friendly community – rewards & more

Economy Mcmmo Pve Roleplay Survival Towny

Quake Syndicate

Quake Syndicate is a brand new small vanilla towny server with firm anti-pay-to-win beliefs, with a focus on a balanced economy and a focus on a player-controlled market. With McMMO allowing for more depth to the game.

We have a strict zero tolerance rule regarding racism and homophobia, we openly support and embrace the LGBTQ+ community and completely bar any discrimination.

We ask that our members be at least 13+ while joining the discord as to comply with Discord’s terms of service. We also ask that our members read the rules before even entering the server as to not be surprised or confused as to why they got punished.

To further elaborate on the anti pay-to-win statement, quake syndicate has a strict, one paid rank rule that will not change, the rank is ten dollars while on other servers it averages between 80 – 100 and the exclusive perks are cosmetic only, as the ability to do /fly is also obtainable for free-to-play players (rank perks cycle in the daily crates every week)

We have an anti-cheat and anti-grief plugins to prevent foul play and your hard work from being ruined. The server asks for a minimum minecraft version of 1.17.1 but can be joined from and played on with 1.18+ clients.

Quake Syndicate is the perfect server if you just want that place to hang out with your friends on a cool summer night. We want to be the server that you’ll eventually go “Man! Remember when __!” If you were looking for a small, friendly server to have such experiences on, Quake Syndicate is for you.

Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival Towny

Minecraft Modded Kingdom RP

Come join our Minecraft Modded Kingdom RP, this server works with Custom NPC’s & The Towny Plugin in order to create custom Kingdoms and Factions for groups of players, join the waring bug races of The Hive & The Nest or fight off the Vikings alongside the Templars and Romans!

It’s your freedom to make and claim land on our 7000×7000 block world!

Join today and start your adventure!


Flashbang s Roleplay

RO- This is a roleplay server with the following modes:
MrCrafish’s Vehicle Mod / Obfuscate

EN- This is a roleplay server with the following mods:
MrCrafish’s Vehicle Mod / Obfuscate

Roleplay Survival

Envoy RPG Craft

Tired of the vanilla minecraft experience?
So are we, thats why we crafted this gamemode!

In this gamemode, you start out weak, but work to gain more and more power!

Start off with level 1 mining, allowing you to only use a wooden pickaxe, and mine until you reach the next milestone!
You can become the best and compete with your friends in a friendly competition!

We have Fun active staff, land protection, custom shops, a disenchanting blacksmith, a RPG-like inventory system, and way more.

Want to have the full experience?

Economy Pvp Roleplay


Perfectly Modded
Nice Community
Mo’ Structures
Active Moderators
Java 1.18.1 Fabric
Custom Origins
Tech & Magic Mods
Better Dimensions
Custom Modpack

Economy Roleplay Survival Towny

Arte Feral Furry

Arte Feral Furry is a complete server of news, for you to have fun and make friends! You’ll have the map changing as the seasons pass, you’ll be able to ride vehicles, found cities and have pets with different abilities to accompany you on your journey!

Pve Pvp Roleplay Survival

AustBot43 Middle School

This is the server created by austbot43 on twitch and both bedrock and mobile are capable of joining, this server includes plugins which are similar to mods but no installation is required the server is undergoing changes right now so it would be appreciated if you try it

Pvp Raiding Roleplay Survival


Kohen Minecraft Smp is just a fun little modded server who loves all new players! You get a super power when you start the game too! We are just here to have fun and gain power together!

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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