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Matrix is a HCF, Kitmap, and practice server that has completely custom plugins and features. Our staff are high quality and do not abuse or do anything that breaks server rules. We hope that you will embark on our journey and enjoy the server that is Matrix.

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👀 In need of an OP Prison server? Look no further than AsylumPrison! We are a community who loves to grind, interact and play together. We love our community of players and seek to give them the best Prison experience out there. We take all suggestions and consider them and love to host events and see the server grow. We have many features on our server so you guys can play & not get bored! 👀

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👀 We here on AsylumPrison are a server which cares a lot about its community. Whether its making our donor ranks affordable or making it a fun experience for those who don’t spend a single penny on the server. We appreciate the whole community and just playing the server helps us out and means a lot to the staff and community. The staff know all of the players very well and the dedicated staff love too take your suggestions and help build on the server too make it better. 👀

👀 When you join the server you can instantly get right into the fun of AsylumPrison. The community is very helpful and if you encounter any problem or maybe need some support to help rankup, the community will help support you so you can have the best of fun on AsylumPrison. Here are some of our server features listed below! 👀

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– Autosell- BattlePass
– Crates
– Daily Rewards
– Duels
– Gambling
– Gangs
– Bombs
– Mobcoins
– Plots
– Quests
– Tokens
– & Much much more
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🏹 Discord: 🏹
🏹 Server IP: 🏹

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Gym Gymleaders Gyms Landclaim Landclaiming Other Pixelmon Pokemon Quest Quests Reforged Safarizone Vaults


Designed to be the open-world RPG Pokemon game that we all so badly wanted in our childhoods, Pokehills offers each player the chance to forge their own journey through a gorgeous, interactive world.

After receiving their shiny starter, players can roam through the world, building their team up and challenging the gyms scattered across the expansive region. After progressing through the Elite 4 to become the champion, a new region becomes available, with a new series of gym challenges!

Want to up the ante by challenging yourself after beating the game? Pokehills offers a ton of post-game content (because who wasn’t a little disappointed with SwSh’s lack thereof?), including a Battle Tower — where you can take on consecutive trainers to earn Battle Points, a Battle Dome — where you can challenge other players with Showdown rules, and a unique new Battle Crane system — where you can reel pokemon out of a pond to build your team, then take on other players with it!

Buy a ticket to our Regular Safari for ten minutes of entry, during which you can capture tons of new, rare pokemon for your team. If you’re the Champion of the region, you can even enter our Legendary Safari — which is just about what it says on the tin!

In addition to all these features, we have a robust player-driven economy with a digital marketplace, fun minigames and events — plus boosters and pokemon editors that run off tokens you can win from these events, Pokemon auras, and lots more unique features that you won’t find anywhere else.

Join us at!

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Wrath MC Skyblock


We are please to announce the opening of the Wrath Skyblock server. Our Skyblock server provides many features to keep you entertained in our version of Skyblock.

Features we have to offer:

  • 775 different achievements
  • Custom Ore Generator
  • Auction House
  • Full Menu system
  • Player Chest Shops
  • Crates
  • Lottery
  • Elevators
  • Stackable Spawners and Items
  • Ranks purchasble with in game money
  • Changeable prefixes
  • Change your prefix to any prefix you have unlocked at any time!
  • Turn obsidian back into lava if you make a mistake
  • Player Vaults
  • Minions to work for you
  • Tons of cosmetic items
  • Daily rewards
  • Vote rewards
  • Temp fly
  • Tons of ways to get temp fly time without spending real money!
  • Ability to turn fly off so you don’t waste your fly time.
  • Voting rewards
  • Tons of vouchers!
  • and much much more!
  • Come join us for a new Skyblock adventure!

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    GrindMC Beta Premier

    This is the PREMIER of our Minecraft Server!!!
    We are offering a unique survival experience with pve, pvp, raiding, and LOADS of other amazing features.
    We want you to come experience something unique and give us all the feedback you are willing to give us, to further our development and create and overly amazing experience for any kind of player.
    We have things like Specific blocks the build your base and make it stronger. Custom Bosses to fight and get items to help you progress on the server. Custom Crafting and mob drops. Player shops and auction house to sell your valuables. hourly Envoys to help you get more loot! Daily crates and achievements to complete and compete against other players. Quests to help you Rank Up to higher Tiers. Unique weapons, tag prefixes and vouchers to help you experience some, somewhat premium features without having to pay! We even have Monthly crates that will be rolling out in the coming weeks, and i plan to make them worth while for anyone considering to purchase.
    Overall i would love for feedback from anyone that has anything to say. even if its something negative that we can improve on.
    Come join in on the fun would you?
    We even have staff spots open so come apply if you think you have the experience needed to provide an amazing experience for everyone!

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    Venture Survival (Grief Protection)

    Venture Survival is an SMP server that offers a variety of features for players to enjoy. Our goal is to provide a place everyone can rely on for Minecraft entertainment at its peak. With a player-based economy at the heart of our server, innovative gameplay, and a thriving community, you would be stupid not to join us! Whether you want to chill out and meet some new friends or make yourself known as the best on the server, you won’t be disappointed.

    Don’t miss out, join us today at:

    Main server features:
    – Rank ladder that unlocks new perks as you progress through the server
    – Quests to challenge your skills and earn huge rewards
    – Grief-prevention system to protect your builds
    – PvE oriented gameplay, with the additional ability to toggle PvP
    – Custom Enchantments to enhance your experience
    – Jobs to earn a steady source of income
    – Chest shops so players can create their own markets
    – Auctions
    – McMMO
    – Loot crates
    – WildTP
    – Cash from mobs
    – Lottery
    – And much more!

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    By joining you understand you are playing a server that is not complete and WILL have issues at some point down the line until fully developed. The owner will be busy building and installing/managing plugins but will still be attentive to helping you out. The server is by no means anywhere near full release so please be kind, itll be worth it 🙂