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PermMC KitPvP

PermMC Is A KitPvP Server compatible with 1.8 To 1.16 (1.8 Recommended For Best PvP)
– Crates
– Playervaults
– Kits
– Voting
– Leveling System
– 1.8 to 1.16
– Duels
– All Crates Add up to 100%

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Dawn Of Genesis

Welcome to Dawn Of Genesis!

This is a normal survival server with RPG elements. Here you will face the world of Genesis and build up your own settlement. Finding new players, doing quests, rankups and fight in arenas. Become one of the strongest players on Genesis!

~ Mcmmo.
~ Economy.
~ Jobs.
~ Crates.
~ Custom enchants.

Join our disc for more information:

It’s a early state of development but we have much to look forward to with our community!

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Spectre MC Network!!

Spectremc es un servidor no premium de Minecraft que existe desde 2020. Nos encargamos de ofrecer una experiencia diferente con una gran variedad de juegos, para que todo el mundo, hasta los que no puedan pagar por el juego, tengan un servidor de calidad.

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PFpvp is a KitPVP server we are implementing more games, but at the moment KitPVP is the only game!

Kit Proteccion Survival Tienda Warps


Bienvenido seas cuando entres al servidor pon /register ejemplo /register 12345 12345.

Es un servidor creado el 30-08-2020 con 0% lagg y cuando salgas del survival recuerda dejar tu inventario vacio, ya que tenemos un pequeño bug y puedes llegar a perder las cosas que tenias en el inventario, asi que dejalas mejor.

Cuando entres por primera vez podras poner /jobs browse y mira los trabajos, puedes presionar click derecho al trabajo y te uniras, comienzas a laborarlo y cuando ganes dinero y llegues a $100 pesos podras proteger tu casa poniendo /chunk claim, tambien puedes poner un kit poniendo el comando /kit, no te contaremos màs sorpresas y mejor entra _D si quieres aprender màs pon el comando /shop. o /menu.

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New 1.16.1 Survival server. Looking for staff! JustCraft has McMMO, GuiShop, Claimland, and much more! Staff apps will go up within the next week so the more you play on the server the more likely you will get picked to be a helper/mod!

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Cynical Events! (1.16.1 Survival/CASH PRIZE Events)

Hello! Welcome to our server, Cynical Events!


Owned by DoorMqtt and Massacr3Dr. We will be hosting 2-4 events a week with prizes (CASH)! We also offer Survival and KitPvP (COMING SOON).

– Surival is currently out, and is played on 1.16.1.

– We are up and running 99% of the time.

– On Cynical, we have a diverse group of kind, approachable, and dedicated staff who have been working extremely hard to bring a high quality experience on our server. We will be hosting all types of fun, interactive events such as Dont Fall, Block Party, Last to Stop Jumping, Musical Minecarts, Redrover, Anvil drop, and much more yet to come. We have plans to add in other game modes, such as Survival Games, and KitPvP. KitPvP is very close to being fully complete, and open to the public. We have a custom map, with different kits that get better if you have higher ranks. We have Youtube ranks that are obtainable if you record the events and post them to Youtube and help grow the community. Again, we have worked really hard on this server and would love to see the community grow as there are huge plans for the future of Cynical! We would love to see you join the community!

Thanks, and hope to see you on Cynical!

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All Craft

This server is a KitPVP server that has a lot of special elements. First of all this server is mostly Skripted. Everytime you kill someone you get 1$ and you have to save up for more money to upgrade and then unlock a new kit if you vote here than you will get a free 20$

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TrillCraft Survival

★ Hey there! ★

TrillCraft is a 1.15.2 Minecraft survival server. We pride ourselves in maintaining a smooth-running, close-knit community that keeps it simple but spicy. We run the latest version of Spigot loaded with an array of handpicked plugins (including almost half a dozen premium plugins) that help to define our server’s identity and uniqueness. Now, we have no desire to bore you with an essay of a server description, so we have compiled a brief list of why your quest of seeking an enjoyable and interesting server has most likely come to an end. 🙂 We hope that you will give us a shot, as those who do are rarely disappointed!!


– RPG Style experience powered by the original “McMMO” plugin and “Citizens”
– Premium GUI shop system available anywhere, anytime
– Premium land claiming plugin (“Lands”)
– Wage war with other players
– Build an empire
– Economy (create a fortune!)
– Ranks (player ranks as well as donor ranks)
– Playerkits
– Mobile player auction house (/ah)
– Incredible community!
– Active administration
– Active updates

Common Qs:
Is pvp enabled? – Yes
Is griefing allowed – Yes, however you can avoid griefing by claiming your land
Is the map infinite? – Nope, the dimensions are listed at spawn to help guide you 🙂


Thanks for your attention and we truly hope to see you online!!!
– LordTrillToke

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SUGUnion | 1.13.2 – 1.15.2 Network

Our community is expanding and always improving. We do this for the players, and we are constantly adding new ideas.

Features :

– Factions!
– Skyblock!
– KitPvP!
– Creative!
– Survival!

One of the most passionate and extending communities over planet Minecraft. We’re a network with active and friendly staff and an amazing community. Our network is unique because we bring an experience of Survival you won’t forget…

Come check us out today!

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