Anarchy Mcmmo Pvp Survival


Brand New Australian based minecraft server intended for relaxing gameplay. Feel free to join and enjoy yourself, perhaps with a brew.

Mode: Survival / Anarchy
Map: 2000 x 2000
-Land Claims
-Website Map

Mcmmo Survival

Kaeda Survival

We are Kadea, an MMO/RPG survival server made up of nice but long-experienced developers and a small handful of players. Still fresh and practically in open beta, we welcome any growth. Our community is the most important thing for us because it is only thanks to you that we can improve the gaming experience and fix bugs. We are constantly working on new features and accepting suggestions and ideas from our members and of course trying to implement them.

Cross-Play Survival Vanilla

mcodium Survival


1.19 Small minecraft server focused in providing a very vanilla survival experience, with no P2W and limited plugins, you can enjoy minecraft as it was created.

Friendly Staff are always happy to help

Factions Mcmmo Survival


Hi Welcome to mine craft Server Hosted in Sydney NSW.
factions , mcmmo , jobs , shops,AuctionHouse.

a modded 1.19.2 survival factions server base on RPG play.
please note this server is [email protected] 18+
Hoping To add dynmap & Vault Hunters.

Economy Survival Vanilla

Galaxy Network

Welcome to Rede Galaxy, the most amazing server you’ll ever find.

We currently offer the following game modes on our network;

Survival – 1.19.2:

– Job System (JOBS)
– Clan System
– PvP
– Economy
– And much more

Economy FTB Roleplay Survival


*How do I play on the Moog Minecraft server?*
– Head to curseforge and install better MC [FORGE] 1.16.5:
– Install the latest version. We recommend you use the launcher.
– Launch your game and click ‘multiplayer’ in the main menu.
– Click “Add Server” tab and input the text on the “Server Address” box, then hit “Done”.
– Once the connection is available and turns green, you may click on “Join Server” button!

*What can I play on Moog?*
– You can play however you like! we supply a modded world for you to explore and play in.

– You can create factions and teams, or play on your own. You can build mega bases or simply explore!

– The server includes an economy you can trade with other players on, do /ah to bring up an auction interface or rent a shop at spawn to customize!

You can also use FTB Chunks to claim and protect your builds.

Pve Skyblock Survival


Welcome to Anylands
The version of the server is 1.19.2

What do we offer
Anylands is a new skyblock server. We offer a great staff team, cool crates, a rankup system, lots of giveaway and the greatest fishing experience!

Server Information
IP Address:

Survival Vanilla

Abraham Love

Plain minecraft server , survival 1.19, 8GB ram and 20 players. Please join and have fun, no foul play just regular minecraft survival

Economy Parkour Pvp Survival


The Philippines Minecraft server of KozmeCraft would like to warmly welcome you to their new semi-survival server. Its providing a minimal, smooth and fun experience gameplay with other cool features such as daily/weekly events, custom enchantments, quest, parkour and more! Come and join us for the adventure of a lifetime! 🙂

Anarchy Creative Cross-Play Earth Economy Roleplay Survival

GridNet Network

GridNet is a Minecraft server network that offers various gamemodes including EARTHSMP which is based on a replica of Earth within an SMP, CREATIVE where players are offered the necessary tools (Such as WorldEdit and more) to allow them to build in their own Plots or just plain Flatlands, and ANARCHY a self-explanatory gamemode where there is NO rules.

We offer support for Bedrock Edition clients and Offline-mode clients, literally ANY ONE can join!

Java Edition IP: (1.11 – 1.19 LATEST)

Bedrock Edition IP: (Port remains as it is)

​​​​​​​Need help or want to ask questions? Feel free to join our discord community!