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hype | [1.10 – 1.19] | Without vypes | Voice chat | Mini-games | Helicopters | Clans | Skill leveling!

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Hi all! We will be glad to see you on our server!

Hypegrief is a griefer server with rpg, rp elements and lots of mini-games. The server has a huge number of features, for example: voice chat, professions, unique items, and so on. The main feature of the server is a unique survival without wipes, privates, with many vehicles, clans, nations, pets, weapons and voice chat. In general, a world where there are many adventures


Our social networks:
✅Fan group discord:

Address: (1.10 – 1.19+)


Main mini-games:

• Bed Wars

• hide and seek

• Murder Mystery

• sea battle

• 2048

• sapper

• 4 in a row

• Chipmunks
• parkour

• survival


Here are the advantages of the server:

■ Ability to change the skin right in the game

■ Voice chat – /audio

■ Pets – /petinfo

■ Runes

■ Unique Items

■ Crystals

■ Mob spawners

■ Clans – /c

■ Nations – /f

■ Weapons – (coming soon)

■ Weddings – /marry

■ Friends

■ Transport (airplanes, helicopters, tanks, cars, submarines, etc.)

■ Autoshaft

■ Lumberjack

■ Automatic parkour

■ PVP arena

■ Animations

■ Auctions

■ Survival without wipes

■ Donate happens instantly

■Frequent updates

■ Vulture

■ Support for almost all versions (1.10 -1.19)

■ Improve skills

■ Earning money for the time in the game

■ Pirate

■ Choice of professions


PS The server has recently opened, so if you find an error, please write to our discord.

Anarchy Skyblock Survival

DobroCraft Server Minecraft


? Survival

? Anarchy

⛅ SkyBlock

Citizens Economy Enchantedpvp Enchantments Farming Farmingbased Mcmmo Mining New Pve Pvp Server Skyblock Skyblockislands Skyblockserver Survival Team

UnityCraft Skyblock

UnityCraft Skyblock is a brand new server. Endless tasks and adventures await! Ranks, PvP, Economy, all here at Unity. Searching for dedicated members and staff to make the atmosphere even better! Recommend 1.19+ but all can join. Thanks for choosing UnityCraft as your new server!

Server Location: NA East

Creative Hub Minigames Networkserver Other Survival

The Isaiahman03 Network

This server is not just a smp server we have alot of amazing and fun things such as.
Hub server where you can use cosmetics such as gadgets and play games and do parkour and more. We have alot of things such as mystery boxes.
Minigame events Participate in minigames during events to earn Gems. What are gems for exactly ? Well let me tell you! you can earn gems by playing on the server or participating in our weekly events! you can use those gems to buy ranks which gives you access to more commands and more abilities and more kits
we have claims
we even have a PVP arena
all these things listed ubove are what we have for the SMP survival server to join click the NPC
To buy ranks just do /Points store and click the bedrock and it will take you to the ranks store GUI
We have a Creative CMP server for players who want to play on creative mode
Cracked is off
No Racism/hate/discrimination
No Swearing
No Hacking
No Ban Evasion
No Staff Disrespect/Impersonation/player impersonation/Disrespect
Do Not Ask For Op you will be banned if you do
please read /rules for more info

Port: 58040
Cracked is off
There Is ViaVersion So Dont Worry about Not Bring Able to join!

Don’t worry if you get banned we have a Hacker Jail where wee keep banned players you may appeal on our discord only if you have been falsely or unfairly banned!

1192server Customsurvival Launch Launching New Newserver Rpg Rpgsurvival Smp Smpvp Survival Update Updated

Balanced RPG survival 1.19.2

Viserion History
The emergence of viserion came very spontaneously. Due to an illness it limited my life.
Because of this I was looking for a passion that I could do from home.
I always dreamed of a minecraft server and took the step.
Viserion is a vision of my brain. How I see a survival server with custom elements.
I still have a lot to learn and hope to give you as a player a nice experience.
If you have any feedback I would love to hear it!
What is viserion?
A survival RPG server with a custom twist. In this server everyone has chances and everyone can show how good he or she is.
The server works with a level system and skill system.
You earn the levels through various activities. You can also see these levels in the TAB and CHAT.
This way everyone knows what level you are.
You can also see at the top what the high score is and what rank you are.
The leaderboard is based on the richest player. But that can fluctuate a lot because
if you want to buy a lot of land, you will also need a lot of money. What’s also nice is that you can get crate keys while leveling.
You can use these for a chance to win donor ranks, pets, and much more… You won’t get bored easily in version.
And we hope to continue to grow
Viserion features
– Player leveling
– Skill leveling
– Pet leveling
– Gain crate keys by playing
– Over 150+ custom enchantments
– Custom textures
– Auction house
– Jobs
– Questing
– FIshing contest
– Custom rank tags
– Voting rewards and voteparty
– Mobs that level based on your level
– Buy protection stones to claim land
– ECO shop with spawners
– And most important a owner that listens to the community
Join our discord and have a chance to win the giveaway:

Avaritia Insanecraft Lucraft Superheroes Survival

The Dragon’s Den

New InsaneCraft server with good plugins. Griefers will be banned and chat spammers will be muted.
8 gigabytes recommended for medium performance.

Owner: DragonLord1226

Aktiv Survival Svensk Swedsih

NightCraft V2

Want an active Minecraft server to play on?
Want to be part of a fun, interesting Minecraft community?

Then you should apply to join NightCraft V2 today!

The application is sent to [email protected] where I and other moderators will review your application and send you a response back as quickly as possible!

You will receive an invitation to the server’s discord in the acceptance email

Hope to see you!

Magic Skyblock Survival



survival magic

skyblock magic


server shops



wand & spell progress


need help join the discord!



GreenLineMC focuses on the economic / role-play and nation building part of the game.
You will start out with nothing and need to find a town to join or survive in the wilderness. Build your fortune and fame!


-Towns can be created. Multiple towns can form Nations. these can go to war with each other using the advanced war system

– The map is limited in size and nations must fight to claim it all

-Survival is not easy!

-The further you go out from spawn, mobs will increase in difficulty.

-There is a temperature and thirst system. so make sure you prepare for your next trip

-Airdrop system with balanced loot to encourage pvp

No loot crates – VIP etc.

Mmo Mmorpg Mods Plugins Resourcepack Rpg Rpgsurvival Server Survival


MMORPG server with custom dungeons (at the moment there is only 1) with MODS and PLUGINS, dungeon mods so you can travel the world at will. We create a story so that the most curious can discover what is happening… In turn, as time progresses, the players will become part of it!


isla limboknein

At the beginning of everything, when the titans, gods and other abnormally powerful creatures, even spawns resulting from physical anomalies, disputed their place in the universe and, more importantly, their contribution to it… of course, when we talk about contributions we talk of creatures and events that modern physics cannot describe or explain… those disputes in the space abysses before all it was known as the great blirtlak war, since this would be the winner of said events. Those wars gave rise to when in the battle of barok, the name of the space abyss in which all the participants of the great war deployed their armies and subjects throughout the abyss, many of them died… others were killed, and some escaped. …. in the end all the creative creatures fought face to face and those who died created worlds, although of course… not all wounds heal… the weapons and artifacts used in that war will die with the universe, and not before yes… `however, death gave rise to life, such is the case of limboknein, a creature from the bottom of the abyss to which the blirtlak himself stuck his sword, thus skewering 12 of his competitors, traversing to the first through a From its multiple deformities, from that sword was born the life of the future world where water and life abound, as well as the death and desolation of the unclean creatures that these beings created.

You are in limboknein, the summoner has brought you, a new Eithon ardhon to see if we can stay out of reach of the creatures that roam around, for starters they will give you some basic tools and you will have to face the pathetic blords, deadly defects that are created starting from the sword and they emerge from the darkness, well as long as the gloom exists, the lords will keep emerging from it, you must talk to the sage, one of the summoner’s experiments, she will tell you how many of those pathetic creatures she wants to see die by your hand in the infinity cave, before sending you to kortrum, a name it shares with a titan that makes up the jumble of galactic anomalies strung on the blade of blirtlak, the only haven of civilization known to the inhabitants of limboknein outside of the reach of the rottenness and desolation left by those wars, there you can find other Eithon ardhon with whom you will be safe from tears. heights that the great war forgot…
The summoner has accepted that you come here to observe how you increase your power against the dangers that the future holds, your stay in limnoknein will be brief, so do not listen to the gnirs because they are there to defend the island for all eternity, punished by the invoker himself for his blasphemies and condemned as blirtlak in limboknein, since they do not deserve access to the orb, a place that can only be accessed with glory and honor if one is worthy of reaching it after death. The gnirs are neither alive nor dead, do not fear for them, have pity on them.