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Kritech is a dedicated survival community server of likeminded players who all contribute to designing and building huge farms and technical projects over a longer a period of many months. Our ultimate goal is to design and build our own custom resource, rate, and lag efficient farms for everything in the game of minecraft.
We are currently looking for more dedicated players that want to be apart of a more longterm server. Our playstyle is exclusively using vanilla mechanics, the only change is one player sleep. Other than that we strive to achieve amazing things and complete gigantic projects as a community in vanilla survival.

Kritech is hosted from the USA on the latest version of Java Minecraft, the server is running fabric with optimizations

To join you must submit an application via our discord link



Hello there! We are a new Medieval RPG Themed survival server! We have plenty of features to keep you entertained.

Ranks – free and paid
Claims (GriefPrevention)
A fantastic new fishing experience
Weekly and Monthly Rewards
An amazing selection of Cosmetics
Player Vaults
Vote Rewards

Stop by and check us out!

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Katarina.GG | Survival | Creative Plots | 1.16.2 – 1.16.3

Welcome to my server!

Katarina.GG is a survival server with an option to protect your areas with WorldGuard in the open world.
There is also a plots world for the players that like to play on creative game mode!

Important Commands:
– /help (shows you the basic commands)
– /plot (shows you all the plot options)
– /play (join a minigame, Spleef is currently the only one)

Don’t forget your daggers 😉
I hope you will have fun!

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VanillaPlus SMP

VanillaPlus SMP is an 18+ Vanilla survival server with a few minor plugins (mob head drops, armour stand statues.)

A small, friendly community, we’re looking for active and friendly folks to join us for collaborative builds and co-operative gameplay.

Griefing will result in instant bans, but that’s not an issue on our server..

Apply here to join us – the server is Whitelist only.

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UnfnyMC is the server for the popular Minecraft TikTok account Unfunny! Go check out our brand new server, and our TikTok, hosted by the great server hoster Nodecraft. Enjoy and have fun here!

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Strawberry Milk SMP

Welcome to the Strawberry Milk SMP!

The Strawberry Milk SMP is a vanilla multiplayer server for people who just want to have a fun time playing vanilla Minecraft without things like towny and guilds and custom bosses and, you get the idea. I wanna make a fun place where people can play and enjoy Minecraft with people who want the same and create a nice tight-knit server for people to just relax and play some minecraft B)

Server IP Address:

We have a discord server! Click on the link here and you will be invited to join: (btw, the discord server is mostly just for voice-chat and isn’t the main focus here.)


(Doing any of the following will most likely result in a permanent ban, with some exceptions)

crop_din – This server doesn’t tolerate greifing, stealing, hacking etc.

crop_din – Derogatory speech towards any member or admin will result in a temporary ban.

crop_din – Just use common sense.

Helpful info:

crop_din – This server runs on a diamond economy, meaning items sold in shops (hand built and managed, without plugins. btw.) will need to use diamonds as currency. In addition to that, please keep the prices fair, price an item according to its rarity and how useful it is!

crop_din – This server isn’t exactly technical, players of all skill levels are allowed as long as they follow the rules. I will say this server is more aimed towards being chill tho, so don’t be all redstone pro 69,000x diamonds per minute farm, k?

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[1.16.3] CygnusCraft Survival Server


CygnusCraft is a dedicated 24/7 survival server started January 1st of 2019. Since then, empires, alliances, and talented players have come and gone. Make your place in the server’s history!


  • Freedom of speech
  • Hard mode difficulty
  • Default Minecraft world size (30 million by 30 million blocks)
  • Ramped up mob spawning to supply mob farms
  • Building/griefing anywhere
  • Unintrusive premium anti-cheat
  • No map resets
  • AFK farms allowed
  • Building/griefing anywhere
  • Explorable player builds/ruins
  • Rules

  • The creation of machines directly targeted at crippling TPS and/or server performance is not allowed.
  • Disrupting economies by duping or other game-breaking methods is a bannable offense. 0-tick farms have been disabled.
  • Third-party/hacked clients giving the player an unfair advantage over others (x-ray, ESP, etc.) will result in a one-week ban.
  • Doxing others is an instant permanent ban.
  • Our Discord ⇒

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    Welcome to HamboPvP!

    HamboPvP is a Conquest Factions Server. Never heard of it? It’s cause we made it! Compete with friends and enemies to claim the most land possible, but be careful! Some land is more valuable than the rest.

    Nab a good piece of real estate, and watch the cash start to flow! Some chunks of territory will contain spawners, others might have structures, and a few might even contain permanent supply drop locations! You’ll be getting top tier loot for free! But there’s a catch: claim too much land or die too many times, you’ll lose power, and your enemies will be able to take over your land! It IS factions after all, so don’t get TOO claim-crazy.

    The server map is 3K x 3K blocks, but can be increased anytime in the Buycraft shop (maximum of 5K x 5K). The map contains permanent locations (like those fortnite places) that each provide you with some resources. Mine it up in the coal mines for some easy XP and mining levels, take on a dungeon with some custom rewards, or grab a buddy and ham it up in the mighty 1v1 Colosseum. Whatever you wanna do for fun, we got you covered.

    But beware: some of these dungeon bosses… well, they’re not your average everyday zombies. Some of them can’t be beat with just a sword. You’ll have to outhink your enemies if you want their juicy rewards. (Pro Tip: Some of them REALLY don’t like fire.)

    So come and take a look around! The server’s in super early beta, and we’re handing out free ranks all season long. Come and get one before Season 0 Ends!

    Join Us Today:

    Anarchy Anarchypvp Anarchysurvival Building Builds Pvp Survival

    World Anarchy

    No rules, just do what you want ! it’s a server I’m hosting on a home-made computer
    You need to be in 1.16.3 to join
    You will be in survival

    — NO MAP RESET —

    Reddit : r/WorldAnarchy

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    Classic Vanilla! 1.16.3

    Try vanilla Minecraft using the latest version 1.16.3! We have no plugins that alter gameplay, map has no limit, pvp is on. Everything is like on vanilla 🙂

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