Hyperion Gaming Survival

Survival with Anti-Grief! Hyperion Survival is the true economy Survival experience. We offer fun and general add-ons such as player shops, anti-grief, in-game ranks.. With a unique chill friendly community and friendly staff that will make sure it stays like that forever. Join us today!

-Address: πŸ”Ή **** πŸ”Ή
-Version: **1.17**

– Quests βš”οΈ
– Free Ranks πŸ”Έ
– Player Shops πŸ›’
– Chest Shops πŸ›’
– Economy πŸ’Έ
– Anti-grief ❌

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Faded Royals

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RoyaltyRealms – Survival [1.17.1]

Royalty Realms is a semi-vanilla Minecraft survival server offering a lot of fun events to enhance your experience!

Looking for something you can progress in, our in-game leveling system is just for you then. Progress and earn more perks by leveling up through earning money and playtime. Need a server that offers special abilities like skills? We got you, we have 5 skills that will make your in-game experience more alive and active.

Come check us out and see what we have to offer by joining us today @

Join our discord for announcements and server news @

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Glistering Melon | Lands | Jobs | Economy | Custom Enchants | +More!


  • AdvancedChests – w/Custom recicpes to craft MASSIVE chests!
  • Advanced Enchantsments – w/Over 150+ Custom enchantsments that work with Vanilla methods as well!
  • Tags – Lots of tags that can be earned from Crate Keys!
  • AngelChest – Don’t worry about losing your gear all over the place!
  • Auctions – Player hosted Auctions!
  • Dark Auctions – Rare items are posted here every few hours!
  • BeaconPlus2 – Upgraded beacons for all of your needs!
  • BetterBackPacks – Craftable backpacks that will satisfy your hoarding needs!
  • Blood Moon – Night become much scarier every few day cycles but is worth the risk to venture out!
  • Chest Shop – Setup your own shop on your land to sell to others!
  • Lands – Claim land, make nations, rage wars, it is all up to you!
  • Chat Colors – Get custom chat colors from Crate Keys!
  • Custom Recipes – Awesome recipes have been setup for making spawners, chests, and various other things!
  • Minepack – Virtual storage that is expandable over time!
  • EpicFunaces – Upgradeable furnaces that make your life easier!
  • EpicSpawners – Spawners have never been so awesome with the boosts you can apply!
  • HiveChecker – Makes managing your Bees so much easier!
  • Jobs – With several jobs available to you there is surely something that will fit your game play and earn you money!
  • PetBlocks – Earn several different types of pets from Crate Keys!
  • Banking – Earn intrest on money you store in your bank!
  • TempFly – Earn flying time every day or purchase with in-game currency!
  • Quests – With over 900 quests you will be busy for a long time to come!
  • So much more!
  • Discord: Click me

    Website: Click me

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    Citizens of Gaming – Towny 1.17

    Welcome to Citizens of Gaming! We’re a Semi Vanilla Survival Minecraft server with Towny, RTP, Set Homes, economy, and more!
    [+] Free Fly Time
    [+] LGBTQ* Friendly
    [+] McMMO
    [+] Multiple Sethomes
    [+] Random Teleport
    [+] Towny
    [+] TPA / Player Teleport
    [+] Free Ranks
    [+] Economy Plugins
    [+] Crates
    [+] Shop
    [+] Daily Rewards
    [+] Always adding more to make it fun for players

    Discordserver Minecraft Mods Pluggins Survival


    ┃We invite you to our MINECRAFT server┃ WOLDMASTERCRAFT
    We have a survival server with mods and plugins 1.12.2 forge

    β €β €β €β €β €β € What we offer you
    β”Œβ”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€ β‹†β‹…βœ¦β‹…β‹† ───────────┐

    ┃┃0 toxicity.
    ┃┃Staff always active.
    ┃┃Voice channels, music.

    └─────────── β‹†β‹…βœ¦β‹…β‹† β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”˜


    β€· Growing community.
    β€· We are looking for active people.
    β€· Open applications.
    β€· Grand opening!

    ┃Store: List.
    ┃Tpa: Ready.
    ┃Sethome: Done
    ┃Home: Ready.
    ┃Donations: In process via Paypal, add money in the store, items and some advantages in the discord.
    TO TEST, CALL Millykoust_YT # 4435
    Thank you and we hope you like the server.

    Noplugins Nowhitelist Survival

    ChaosCraft (NEW WORLD)

    Welcome to Chaos…..

    ChaosCraft is a Semi-Anarchy Server
    Everything is allowed excepts Hacks


    1.Griefing is Allowed

    2.No Spamming

    3.No Advertising

    4.No Bullying

    5.No Trolling/Flaming

    6.No Banned Items

    7.No Asking for OP, Ranks, or Items

    8.Respect all Players

    9.Obey Staff Their the Law

    10. No Racist or Sexist Remarks.

    11. No Mods/Hacks

    Bedrock Caves Claims Cliffs Dungeon Dungeons Extrabiomes Godungeon Godungeons Java Kits Pve Rank Smp Smppve Survival Survivalserver Worlddungeons

    Go Dungeon SMP 1.17.1 – {Java & Bedrock}

    Java Port: 25565
    Bedrock Port: 19132
    Go Dungeon SMP is a Simple 1.17.1 Server!
    We Use New Caves and Cliffs, Extra Biomes and Dungeons Throughout The World to Explore, Conquer and Destroy.
    If You Play With Friends/Player On Server Through Dungeons, You Can Revive Each Other If One Falls During Combat Using (Shift).
    + (Online Only) Java and Bedrock Access.
    + Players Rank Up and Unlock New Kits.
    + Players Increase Skills/Stats While Exploring.
    + Claim Land to Prevent Griefing.
    + Co-Op Friends With Teleports & Revives.
    + Updated World Biomes, Caves, Cliffs, Dungeons to Explore
    + Updated Nether To Explore.
    + Custom Loot.
    >> Join Today and Check Out Our Dungeons!
    We Look Forward To Seeing You Join And Build With Us.

    Customterrain Pve Survival

    Cubit | 1.17.X | Vanilla | Mod-like Plugins | Custom Terrain | Custom Textures

    The goal of Cubit, is to emulate a modpack experience in Vanilla Minecraft; including dungeons, tech, recipes, and quests. It is still a WIP currently, but if you would like updates on progress, please join the discord listed on the server page. The end goal is to eventually have custom plugins that exactly emulate all of our favorite mods, and create “modpacks” that split off from a bungee hub.


    Knight SMP

    Whitelist has been turned off so feel free to join whenever

    We can chat in the discord vc and have fun!

    New Discord server called VoidCraft! come join!

    plz join am very lonely and need friends. We can build a city together and/or other things like pvp maybe.

    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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