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Fate SMP PVPπŸ™ˆ Survival🌯 pets🐱 and moreπŸ‘€

Welcome to Fate SMP
Fate SMP is were you can play with your friends.
Were you can play in game items with in game money at the shop at spawn.
Were you can play survival.
Were you can play sky block.
More coming soon
Hope you have fun on Fate SMP

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Team Alacrity

Alacrity is a community survival Minecraft server that is aiming to be a positive place for everyone. We have things such as custom items, a positive community, land claims, and more! The server is still under construction so make sure to stay tuned for what is to come!

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OthilaMC Custom Survival – 1.17.1 Semi-Vanilla server | Custom Map | Land Claim |

Ø π‘Šπ‘’π‘™π‘π‘œπ‘šπ‘’ π‘‘π‘œ π‘‚π‘‘β„Žπ‘–π‘™π‘Žπ‘€πΆ ! 𝐴 1.17.1 π‘†π‘’π‘šπ‘–-π‘‰π‘Žπ‘›π‘–π‘™π‘™π‘Ž π‘†π‘’π‘Ÿπ‘£π‘–π‘£π‘Žπ‘™ π‘ π‘’π‘Ÿπ‘£π‘’π‘Ÿ Ø
Welcome to OthilaMC!
We are a new semi-vanilla survival server! OthilaMC is a semi-vanilla survival
server with land claiming! We have many features, such as a custom generated map with 1.17 features, custom enchants, purchasable commands and perks, land claiming and more! We also have a PVP arena and a parkour course that can be used as well, as well as temporary and purchasable /fly to help experienced builders and explorers. We aspire to create a community of mature and friendly players and provide a safe space for players of all ages! There is lots to do and lots to explore, it’s all up to you to decide what you’ll be doing. So what are you waiting for?
Join us at
π‘‚π‘‘β„Žπ‘–π‘™π‘Žπ‘€πΆ πΌπ‘›π‘“π‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘šπ‘Žπ‘‘π‘–π‘œπ‘›IP:
Website: (Work in Progress)
Donation Store:
Discord: To be added

We currently accept staff applications! the following positions are open:[​Admin]
Contact OthilaMC in game or on PMC if you’re interested

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HG Survival [Casual] [Land Claim] [Friendly]

Welcome to The Interactive HG Minecraft Server
We are a Simple Survival Multiplayer server bringing you everything you would want from a server! We offer a great community, awesome features, and an amazing staff team! Read everything below to see the features we have:

– Kind players and respectful staff
– Land Claim to protect your builds
– Great logging plugins like CoreProtect so you can keep your builds safe
– A Vanilla feel to your gameplay
– Bedrock and Java Support

Join The HG Minecraft Server today by joining our discord server!ο»Ώ

Conomy Economy Freebuild Jobs Land Lands Pvp Survival Tropical Tropique


Most orginal and Tropical minecraft server!
Create your own lands on 4 huge islands and meet your friends!
Get job,sell minerals,build, become emperor
Write your story not to be forgotten!

We waiting on you! <3

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Green Gem

Green Gem is a Survival Multiplayer server with the following features:

Keep Inventory is ON
Players have the /back command
Phantoms are turned OFF
Players can claim land with a golden shovel
Players can rank up and get new kits
Sand Worms spawn in the Desert (not joking)
We have McMMO – a plugin that adds RPG vibes and skills
We have NEW GEMS players can find while mining
We have PyroMiningPro – an enhanced mining experience
We have NEW FISH players can catch while fishing
We have PyroFishingPro – an enhanced fishing experience
Player Vaults, Player Shops and Player Warps
The owner of Green Gem is active and adds new content often
Our community is friendly, helpful, and awesome
All types of people are welcome – hate is not welcome on Green Gem

Anarchy Claim Claims Faction Factions Land Lands Pve Pvp Server Survival Troll Trolling


This is a regular factions survival server and i might mess around with people a little bit because I have nothing bettter to do. But other than that its a pretty fun and chill server.

1163server Claim Land Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival

#ragecakes Vanilla

Mature community server. Brand new world with no resets.

Vanilla gameplay with a few grief prevention plugins. Expanding playerbase.

Building Chairs Chairstairs Chestshop Chestshops Discord Discordserver Events Exciting Factions Fun Land Landclaim Landclaims Multiplayer Multiplayerserver Nation Nations New Nowhere Protection Protections Pve Pvp Shop Shopchest Shops Singleplayer Smp Solo Soloplay Stairchairs Survival Survivaleconomy Town Towns Towny Townysurvival Townysurvivaleconomy Worldborder

Nowhere Land [SMP] {1.16} {Towny} {Economy} {Survival} {Semi-Hardcore} {Solo Player Friendly}

Server IP:
Reddit: r/Nowhere_Land

Come checkout Nowhere Land, a place to be who, or whatever you want! Nowhere Land is a mostly western/frontier type server (we also love even older styled builds) with a reliance on gold and iron as a physical currency, and Towny for creating your local frontier towns. Be anything from the Mayor of a gold rush city to the outlaw who’s constantly on the move.

We’re a Towny server; a plugin which has very similar game play to factions, but with more of a focus on building and community. Our server is very difficult, and you will need to avoid death at all possible costs. Otherwise, you will be randomly teleported and everything you’ve built will be lost to another part of the map upon death. This makes game play exciting when playing with other server members, and will force you to make the tough decisions necessary for surviving the wilderness. This and the fact that we don’t have teleports on this server, make it a great place for solo players to join, since they can explore out into our vast and growing world, and find others to work with that they may have never met before!

We’re also a new server with an enthusiastic owner who has tons of past experience. If you have any questions, just stop by our Discord server and let’s chat. Even if you don’t want to or can’t play MC, come hang out with our community.

Current Events: Nowhere Beautification Contest

Current Plugins: AnimalPlague, BasicRTP, BetterTownyWars, Chestshops, LuckPerms, MineableSpawners, ore-control, PwnPlantGrowth, TheNewEconomy, Towny, TownyChat, TownyNameUpdater, UltimateChairs, WorldBorder

Coming Soon: DeathCommands, Companies, NewGods, and SO MUCH MORE

Guilds Jobs Land Lands Minecraft Minecraftserver Openblox Openworld Survival


Openblox is a whole new take on the survival experience, claim lands, create or join a guild, work and get a job, go to war, and so much more! With daily updates and a growing community, you’ll have the best experience here!

ο»ΏJoin now! We’d love to have you!

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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