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Welcome to SimplicitySMP, we are a relatively new Minecraft semi-vanilla server. You may be asking, however, “how are we different?” and why should SimplicitySMP be your new home?

We have a few key differences, Mainly community focused. Most servers are “community-focused” but they are not taken to their full potential. Another factor is a more vanilla style of gameplay, this server has taken steps to backtrack a bit more to the original gameplay without losing some fundamental add-ons everyone loves.

The biggest thing, however, is we have a charity based donation system, what this means is we take 80% of the profit we make each month and put it to good use by donating to charities around the world. We will let players get involved and this way we can have a fun time playing but also by playing for a good cause.

Every single aspect of the server has been carefully planned and meticulously implemented to provide the best quality server experience out there.

  • 1.16.4 java edition
  • Player shops / Player run economy with diamond shops at spawn
  • Pets & Trails
  • Server dynmap
  • 69k by 69k map
  • Ranks with unique rewards
  • Timed rank system.
  • Hard Mode (real gamers only!)
  • Community projects
  • Active and kind playerbase
  • Tight-Knit Community
  • Whitelisted Community (SMP)
  • Teleportation:

    Teleportation on SimplicitySMP is handled a bit differently than most servers, instead of setting homes we use a form of craftable warps. As I am sure we all have seen, most servers utilize the home setting feature in essentials or bed homes. We love this method however it’s too easy and sometimes makes the game not challenging. The Scroll Warp plugin we use makes players craft scrolls and set up waypoints around the world. Not only does this make teleporting more difficult but also challenges players to be more conservative with their warps.




    In addition to our teleportation system, we have also revised the default minecart system. To make minecart more relevant we have added a feature that speeds up minecarts around the server.


    For more server info click on the spoiler button.

    More Server Info
    Click to reveal

    How to Join:

    Our server is whitelisted and to join you must fit two requirements. You must be at least 15 or older. You need to be willing to have a great time and be a part of a community.

    To apply please copy the following format, fill it out and reply with the application in the comments section on this thread.

    Application format:
    1. IGN?:
    2. Age?:
    3. Discord ID (ex:Beef#1234):
    4. Why do you want to be apart of our community?:
    5. Do you have any experience with Minecraft communities?:

    Smp Streamer Survival Twitch Vanilla Whitelisted

    SMP Skedgy

    SMP Skedgy is a whitelisted 1.16.4 vanilla survival server made for small streamers. If you want to start collaborating with other small streamers or even just need content to stream, then this is the place for you.

    I know PlanetMinecraft says the port is some random number but you don’t need to use that port to connect. Just do and it should work fine.

    What do I need to join?
    We accept all Twitch streamers, no matter how big or small, as long as you agree to stream as much as you can while online on the SMP. We accept other streaming platforms too, but we don’t recommend streaming anywhere other than Twitch.
    You do not need to be affiliated with Twitch, though if you are, we can arrange to allow your subscribers on the server as well.
    If you have friends you want to join the server who don’t stream, that can be discussed as well.
    It’s also required that you join our discord at so we can make sure you’re legit.

    What if I don’t stream?
    If you aren’t a streamer then this server may not be for you. While we do allow Twitch subscribers to join, we don’t recommend subscribing to join an smp with streamers you’ve never interacted with before. If you’re set on joining though then go ahead.

    Can I join on Bedrock?
    Yes! The server supports both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft! To connect on Bedrock edition, just connect to the same ip address with the port 64516.

    Curious what our world looks like?
    You can view our Dynmap or our Bluemap. (Bluemap is 3D, but has less information than our Dynmap).

    Extra Information
    Normal difficulty
    Not cracked
    Discord required
    Vault economy enabled, though not important
    ImageOnMap installed
    Armor Stands with arms plugin installed
    Non-intrusive anti-cheat
    Casual play encouraged
    Small roleplaying aspect (better for streaming)

    Classic Mature Maturecommunity Pve Semivanilla Simple Survival Vanilla Whitelist Whitelisted

    Vanilla Republic | Mature SMP Community | Whitelisted | Pure Vanilla w/ Grief Protection | [1.16+]

    Hey everyone!

      Vanilla Republic is a NEW server looking for a mature community of players to join! We are a semi-vanilla server with the only plugins being Grief Protection, Anticheat, and Better Sleep. the goal of Vanilla Republic is to capture the simplicity of the golden era of Minecraft survival, all while embracing the new updates and ways to play the game. Our map will NEVER reset. The idea of starting fresh is fair, but I believe knowing that your builds will stay within the server forever makes it all the more valuable to build a long-lasting world! We require a very simple and straightforward questionnaire which is located on our discord server ( From there; upon a successful application, you will immediately be whitelisted to the server. Help us build an empire!!!

    I hope to see you soon!!! We are also interested in potential administrators down the line, so if you can prove yourself with enough time and dedication, you may even help the community!

    Please make your way to the #application-for-whitelist and #rules tab in discord to begin your journey!!!

    Coreprotect Heads Nolag Paperspigot Playerheads Private Server Sleep Smp Survival Vanilla Gameplay Whitelist Whitelisted

    Boredom MC (17+ ONLY) [Whitelisted SMP] {Java 1.16.3} BRAND NEW!

    🏆 Boredom MC 🏆Boredom MC is a private/whitelisted vanilla gameplay SMP server focused on keeping Minecraft the way it’s meant to be played. We now only accept players that are 17 years of age, or older. We have a dedicated staff team and an amazing community of tightly-knitted players who make this an experience to never forget. Don’t hesitate to become a part of our amazing, and active community.
    Some Server Features:

  • View the server map and builds made with DynMap! 🌎
  • Night-time skips when a portion of online players sleep! 🛏️
  • Stop your items from getting stolen with private chests and containers! 🔒
  • Amazing server security plugins to protect you even when you’re offline! 🚔
  • Pure Vanilla Gameplay – Nothing will interfere with you and your Minecraft experience! 🍦
  • Engage in really fun interactions with other players, and find a community that perfectly suits you! 💬
  • 📝 What are you waiting for? If you are interested in applying or have any questions at all, join here – free to check out our website as well –

    18plus Northamerica Smp Survival Whitelisted

    🍺The Tavern 🍺| Whitelisted | 18+ | Java | 1.16.3 SMP | Dynmap | Datapacks | Extra Advancements | North America | Discord |

    🍺Welcome to The Tavern🍺

    A Whitelisted 18+ Minecraft Server

    Server Location: USA/Miami Florida
    Game Version:1.16.3
    25k x 25k Border
    Difficulty: Hard
    Gamemode: Survival

    🍺What does The Tavern Bring to you? 🍺

    18+ members, small tight-knit group.
    A Whitelisted server experience. No loss of all your hard work from random people griefing.

    We use discord text & voice for communication outside of in-game. Mic not required. You will need to join our discord when approved.

    🍺A Long Term Map & Community 🍺

    No map resets, unless necessary, discussed, or voted on.
    We will update to the latest game versions as they release. Border expands on updates.
    Newbies are welcomed, new to Minecraft or a veteran, We’re here to help answer any of your questions about the game.
    We try to have server events, themed spawn around holidays.
    We use discord, voice chat is optional.

    🍺SMP Experience + Spigot/Paper🍺

    Our server runs on spigot/paper. This means we have plugins and spigot/paper by default optimizes the server. So those who are interested in hardcore Redstone, you may have a difficult time as you will need to adjust your redstone to paper/spigot. It by default disables duping and optimizes how items stack when dropped. We have a test server from time to time where players can test their redstone machines.

    The map started as of September 11th, 2018. With a good variety of biomes, and lots of space!

    The nether was also soft-reset for 1.16!
    There are 2-10 users online throughout the day.
    Our spawn & market theme is Medieval, but of course, if you choose to build anything out in the world, you can build it in anything theme you’d like. Diamond based economy + Market.

    🍺What are we looking for? 🍺

    Politeness and consideration of others.
    Enjoys chatting and working with others. We love working together and overall just friendliness.
    See something, say something. Communicate with our community.

    Got a question comment concern? Ask someone. Got a problem? Speak up. Got suggestions? Tell us.


    Survival Vanilla Vanillasurvival Whitelist Whitelisted

    Spellbound SMP

    – Dedicated and Friendly Community
    – Amazing builds!
    – 24/7 Uptime
    – Frequent Backups

    TO JOIN:
    Join our discord and check #sams-server-info for whitelist application! Looking forward to seeing y’all!

    Discord Vanilla Vanillatweaks Whitelisted Youtubers Needed


    Welcome to the Latenighters server! We are a vanilla+ server with minimal add-ons.
    This server is just starting out, so the world is fresh, spawn is fresh, and just looking for new people! For applications, apply on the discord server:

    NO griefing, stealing, or being disrespectful to anyone. Doing so will result in a ban. We do allow cursing in moderation.
    We encourage our community to stream and make videos, but you don’t have to.

    Globalwarming Plugins Spigot Survival Vanilla Whitelisted


    We are a community driven server with friends playing together.
    Some of us know each other in real life.
    Some of use are family members.
    And we all love to play together.

    We looking for adult new players who are looking for a layed back server to play on.
    Have fun building and dont want to bash each others heads in.
    Players who dont need holding hands to get started.

    To apply :

    Adult Adultcraft Adultcraftnet Community Mature Minecraft Server Spawn Survival Whitelisted Wwwadultcraftnet

    Adultcraft – Adult Only Minecraft Server 21+

  • Server Name: Adultcraft – Whitelisted Adult Minecraft Server
  • Location: Canada,
  • Website:
  • Server Address/IP: – –
  • Minecraft Version: 1.10.2
  • Game Play Type/s: Survival, Adult, Creative, Skyblock, Minigames, Modded
  • Description: Adultcraft is a well established whitelisted spigot and modded adult minecraft server that strives to give you an excellent experience with all our members in mind. Why not come and see what you’re missing out on! Whether you join up with others, venture the wilderness and build a house, the choice is yours!
  • Rules: No Griefing, No stealing, No Children
  • Plugins: Lots across our servers too many to list.
  • Owner/Admins/Moderators: underestimate, Harry4of4, Boardwalk91, Eliandrah, MamaDuck76,
  • Categories
    Community Communitydriven Communitysurvival Fun Hermitcraft Mature Maturecommunity Relaxed Survival Vanilla Whitelist Whitelisted

    The Squirtle Squad – Vanilla Survival

    Welcome to the Squirtle Squad, we are a small group of players that run a Hermitcraft-like server and are looking for mature dedicated players who are interested in joining!

    The server is pure vanilla with the exception of a few Vanilla Tweaks datapacks such as multiplayer sleep, crafting tweaks etc. as well as some additional advancements for players to work towards!

    If you’re interested in applying please visit the discord server!

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