Crates Crossplay Economy Fly Spawners Survival

NetheriteMC {java} {bedrock}

NetheriteMC [SMP] {Latest} {Java} {Bedrock}
In the vast realm of Minecraft servers, one experience stands out among the rest – NetheriteMC. This unique server dares players to immerse themselves in a gaming environment like no other, as it unfolds its narrative within the perilous confines of the Nether. Unleashing a fusion of challenge and excitement, NetheriteMC promises an unparalleled adventure that beckons players to explore, conquer, and thrive in the fiery depths. We also have an Overworld for players who enjoy the server but dont like the nether.

-Keep Inventory ON
-In-Game purchasable ranks
– /fly- Great kits
– AFK farming
– auction house
– player shops
– player warps
– rtp
– shop
– vote rewards
– Land claim
– Spawners
– Crates
– Friendly community

Customenchants Dungeons Economy Fly Jobs Keepinventory Mana Pve Pve Economy Scrolls Skills Survival

EldenPort 1.20.1

Eldenport offers a fun Minecraft experience, we have player warps, dungeons, rewards, advanced land claims, and offer a player based economy server.

Play our dungeons and win rewards, use your high level gear to fight through custom made dungeons to win rewards.

Create player warps and show off your builds.

make mob farms for clue scrolls and more.

Keep inventory, Fly, Scrolls, Dungeons, Player Warps, Custom Enchants, Skills, Jobs and so much more to do!

119fullrelease 119server 119skyblock Best Build Crates Fly Fun Hill Network New Newserver Paper Skyblock Small Smp Spigot Survival Vote Voterewards

|| QuasarNetwork || Skyblock || Now Open!!

Brand new fun skyblock experience.

Looking for a new server with a fresh community? Look no further, QuasarNetwork is a skyblock server about to release its first map very soon, and looking to expand to more gamemodes in the future!

We have exciting features like custom quests, mcMMO, crates, Custom enchants, Custom chests, Wands and more!

We hope you give us a chance!

Join our discord to find out more about the server!

119fullrelease 119server 119skyblock Best Build Bukkit Chill Crates Fly Fun New Newserver Paper Skyblock Small Smp Spigot Survival Vote Voterewards

|| QuasarNetwork || Skyblock || Releasing 8th of August

Brand new fun skyblock experience.

Looking for a new server with a fresh community? Look no further, QuasarNetwork is a skyblock server about to release its first map very soon, and looking to expand to more gamemodes in the future!

We have exiting features like custom quests, mcMMO, crates, Custom Enchants, Custom chests, Wands and more!

We hope you give us a chance!

Join our discord to find out more about the server!

Builder Fly Friendly Hardmode Inclusive Survival

Fortunate – Unite, Create, and Survive

It is what it is but ill probably change it

Few quality of life plugins like /fly in claims and Decoheads.

Skills to help with the LevelledMobs

Focused on building but in a challenging world.

be nice
We reserve the right to delete overly hideous builds or alterations to the world….
If you build too close to spawn ill probably incorporate it into my builds…
no cheating obviously

Claim land with a golden shovel and /fly inside your claim or your /trusted friends

LevelledMobs- the mobs get harder as you move away from spawn, but drop much more exp.

Some Other quality of life stuff

Discord –

Discord Fly Free Fresh Fun Minecraft New Shop Smp Survival

HollowMC ~ 1.20.1 ~ Survival
free /fly
Rank ups
Free crates
Voice Chat ( IN GAME )
Admin Auctions
And much more!

Community Desk Develop Earth Economy Faction Factions Fly Lopi Nations Pin Plugin Plugins Town Towny

NewAge Nations

NewAge Nations is a mod pack that aims to bring a more warfare setting to the average geopolitical server. Sometimes we get sick of the vanilla gameplay, whether that be Factions or Towny war, we just want to shoot missiles, fly an A10, drive a tank, or form a nation. The geopolitical community needs something a bit more intense, this is the goal of NewAge Nations. We have spent weeks developing and testing publicly available plugins, join us on the official server to help us test features and keep contributing.

Abilities Blu Blue Board Cosmetic Cosmetics Economy Fly Jet Jetpacks Leaderboards Rce Resourceworld Ron Skyblock

Skyblock (RON)

Skyblock BLUE from ROM aims to be a unique take on Skyblock, featuring flying boots, jet packs, RPG-Like abilities, custom UIs, a Resource World, and so much more! (RSS Pack Required!)

Join today and level your generators, island, and top the leaderboards, while you enjoy our consistent release of content!

Aves Cosmetic Cosmetics Economy Fly Grave Graves Levels Mcmmo Osmetics Playtime Pvp Survival Towny Valley

Sakura Valley

Hundreds of plugins to make an amazing and unique survival server.
Server Levels
Coin Shop
Playtime Levels
Custom Generation
Player Shops

1.14 1.19.4 Economy Feed Fly Group Hats Java And Bedrock Kit Minecraft Java Protection Pvp Shop Survival Weekly





– 24/7

– Inter daily or weekly updates

– Appreciate and look at all feedback from the community

– From 1.14 to 1.19.4

Get in now!!!


*- To invite your friends to the wasap group:


Ip Java:

Ip Bedrock:

Puerto Bedrock: 25613

Creative Pve Survival Towny

Minecraft Server Somnus Realms Review March 2024

– Creativity: 4.5 – Somnus Realms definitely brings some fresh ideas to the Minecraft experience with its unique magic system and classes. Changing the weather and turning players into vampires? Count me in!

– Challenge: 3.0 – While the survival aspect provides some level of challenge, it might not be enough for seasoned players looking for a tougher experience.

– Community: 4.0 – The community on Somnus Realms is pretty chill, and I’ve made some new friends while playing. It’s nice to have a server where players actually follow the rules and are respectful.

– Overall Experience: 4.0 – Somnus Realms offers a creative twist on the classic Minecraft gameplay, with a friendly community to boot. It’s definitely worth checking out for players looking for a more unique experience.

Somnus Realms Minecraft Server FAQ

1. What is Somnus Realms?
Somnus Realms is a fun Minecraft server designed for pure gameplay with features like survival, towns, skills, and magic.

2. What unique features does Somnus Realms offer?
Somnus Realms offers unique magic abilities like nature magic to change weather and time, and the ability to become a vampire. Players can choose from different magic classes and use emeralds as currency.

3. How can I purchase and sell items on Somnus Realms?
Players can use the unique shop book to easily purchase and sell items to the server or to other players.

4. What are the rules on Somnus Realms?
The rules on Somnus Realms include no griefing or raiding, no hacking or unfair advantages, no spamming or advertising in chat, being nice to other players, and fighting fairly without tricking or targeting others excessively.

5. How can I join Somnus Realms?
You can join Somnus Realms at and find more information at The server features Creative, PvE, Survival, and Towny gameplay modes.

Survival Vanilla

The Beans SMP

Opened an SMP server with my friends, and we decided to open it to the public, it’s just gonna be a normal fun vanilla smp, the server runs on Fabric 1.16.4 but it is not required to play on fabric, but in the discord i have included a modpack with some optimisation mods, there are some other server side mods, all the mods are listed on the discord server in #info, again you dont need to use fabric, but you can if you want, if anyone wants to join, please join this discord server:

Creative Economy Skyblock Survival

Minecraft Server Empathy Review March 2024

– Creativity: 4.5 – Empathy server offers a unique blend of survival gameplay with educational content, which sets it apart from other servers. The different maps and plugins add variety and keep players engaged with new challenges.

– Challenge: 3.5 – The server provides a decent level of challenge, especially with the PvP enabled Atlas map. The ability to claim land and have multiple homes makes survival gameplay more manageable for players.

– Community: 4.0 – The community on Empathy server is friendly and welcoming, with active players willing to help each other out. The server also offers a discord channel for players to connect and chat outside of the game.

– Overall Experience: 4.0 – Empathy server offers a well-rounded gaming experience with a good balance of creativity, challenge, and community interaction. The unique features and educational content make it a standout server for Minecrafters looking for something different.

Empathy Minecraft Server FAQ

1. What is Empathy server all about?
Empathy is a survival based server that also offers real educational content. It runs PEX, Essentials, and Grief Prevention plugins, along with some unique ones. The server provides easy travel, up to 25 homes, and 2000K claims.

2. What are the different maps available on Empathy server?
Empathy server offers the following maps: Survival (original map), Atlas (PvP enabled), Skyblock (using aSkyblock plugin), Plotworld (plot size: 200×200), and Minigames.

3. What unique features does Empathy server have?
Apart from the standard survival gameplay, Empathy server also provides real educational content, along with plugins like PEX, Essentials, and Grief Prevention. The server allows easy travel, up to 25 homes, and 2000K claims.

4. What is the IP address for Empathy server?
The IP address for Empathy server is

5. How can I learn more about Empathy server?
You can visit the server’s website at for more information.

Creative Economy Mini Games Survival

Minecraft Server Amentrix Review March 2024

– Creativity: 4.5 – Amentrix really pushes the boundaries of creativity by offering a mix of Creative, Survival, and Mini-game play styles all in one server. It’s like they took a cocktail of Minecraft game modes and blended them together to create something truly unique and refreshing.

– Challenge: 3.5 – The challenge level on Amentrix varies depending on the game mode you choose. Survival can be pretty tough if you’re not prepared, but some of the Mini-games offer a more relaxed and fun challenge for players looking to unwind.

– Community: 5.0 – The community on Amentrix is beyond amazing. The staff are super friendly and always willing to help out, and the players are just as welcoming. It’s like joining a big family where everyone is there to support each other and have a great time together.

– Overall Experience: 4.7 – Amentrix is a game-changer in the Minecraft server world. With its innovative blend of game modes, friendly community, and overall fun atmosphere, you’re guaranteed to have a blast here. So put on your best diamond gear and join the party at Amentrix!

Amentrix Minecraft Server FAQ

Q: What can I expect from the Amentrix Minecraft server?
A: The Amentrix Minecraft server offers a combination of Creative, Survival, and Mini-game play styles.

Q: What makes the Amentrix server unique?
A: Amentrix is revolutionary with its unique combination of game styles, friendly staff, and community.

Q: How can I join the Amentrix Minecraft server?
A: You can join the server by visiting or

Creative Pvp Survival

Minecraft Server Dragoncraft Review March 2024

Creativity: 4.5 – Dragoncraft offers a unique twist with the bwyw creative worlds, allowing players to build wherever they want without limits. The addition of a VIP option for perks adds an extra layer of creativity to the server experience.

Challenge: 3.0 – While the server offers a variety of game modes including survival and PVP, the level of challenge may not be as intense as some players might prefer. More challenging tasks or events could enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Community: 4.0 – Despite being a smaller server, Dragoncraft’s community is welcoming and friendly. There are opportunities to connect with other players and collaborate on projects, enhancing the sense of community within the server.

Overall Experience: 4.0 – Dragoncraft offers a unique and creative gameplay experience with the bwyw creative worlds and VIP perks. While the challenge level could be increased, the friendly community and variety of game modes make for an enjoyable overall gaming experience for 15 year old Minecrafters.

Dragoncraft Minecraft Server FAQ

1. What types of game modes are available on Dragoncraft?

Dragoncraft offers Survival, Creative (Build whatever you want), Creative Plotworld, and PVP game modes.

2. What makes Dragoncraft unique compared to other servers?

One unique aspect of Dragoncraft is that 2 of the 3 creative worlds are bwyw (Build where you want), meaning there’s no plots to bound you. Additionally, Dragoncraft offers a $2 a month VIP option which provides various commands and perks in both creative and survival modes.

3. What are some benefits of becoming a VIP on Dragoncraft?

Becoming a VIP on Dragoncraft grants you all commands in creative mode (minus a few such as /ban /kick and /stop) and various perks in survival mode including /kit diamond, /fly, /hat, /disguise, and more.

4. Where can I go to purchase a VIP membership on Dragoncraft?

You can purchase a VIP membership on Dragoncraft at

5. How can I join and start playing on Dragoncraft?

You can join Dragoncraft by connecting to the server at and choosing from the available game modes of Creative, PVP, and Survival. Enjoy your experience on the server!

Creative Factions Mini Games Survival Games

Minecraft Server Castle Crafters Review March 2024

– Creativity: 4.5 – Castle Crafters definitely brings a creative twist to the typical Minecraft server experience with its unique mix of game modes. From Factions to AcidIsland, there’s something here for every type of player looking to unleash their imagination.

– Challenge: 4.0 – The server offers a good balance of challenge across its various game modes. Whether you’re looking for intense PvP battles in KitPvP or a more strategic approach in Factions, Castle Crafters keeps you on your toes.

– Community: 4.5 – The Castle Crafters community is lively and welcoming, making it easy to jump right in and start playing with others. With roleplays on the creative server and friendly competition on the acidisland server, there’s always something to do with fellow players.

– Overall Experience: 4.5 – Castle Crafters is a must-visit for any Minecraft player looking for a fresh and engaging server experience. With its diverse range of game modes and active community, you’ll have a blast exploring all that this server has to offer.

Castle Crafters Minecraft Server FAQ

1. What gamemodes does Castle Crafters offer on their servers?
– Castle Crafters offers a unique Factions server, a creative server for roleplays, a kitpvp server for battling, and an acidisland server for survival competition.

2. How can I join the Castle Crafters community?
– You can join the Castle Crafters community by visiting their server hub at or visiting their website at

3. Can I participate in roleplays on the creative server?
– Yes, you can show your imagination and participate in roleplays on the creative server at Castle Crafters.

4. What is the objective of the Factions server?
– The objective of the Factions server is to be the most successful raider and aim to be the best cannoner.

5. Is the acidisland server more challenging than the other servers?
– Yes, the acidisland server is harder and much more fun to play, as you try to compete with your friends to become the best at survival.

Friendly New Survival

Zulu Middle School

Looking for an exciting Minecraft Survival Multiplayer (SMP) experience? Join us on Zulu SMP, where adventure, community, and creativity await!

🏡 Survival Experience: Dive into a vibrant world of exploration and building. Survive, thrive, and create your own unique Minecraft story!

💰 Economy: Build your fortune and trade with fellow players in our dynamic economy system. Earn money through various activities and use it to enhance your gameplay experience.

🏪 Auction House: Take part in thrilling auctions where you can buy and sell rare items, resources, and treasures. Make deals, strike bargains, and build your wealth!

🛡️ Player Claims & Grief Protection: Protect your hard work with our robust claiming system. Ensure that your builds remain safe from griefing and unwanted interference.

🌳 Community Collaboration: Join forces with other players in ambitious community projects. Work together to construct stunning builds, organize events, and create lasting memories.

🚀 Regular Events: Participate in exciting events hosted by our dedicated staff team. From building contests to PvP tournaments, there’s always something fun happening on Zulu SMP!

🔨 Active Administration: Our friendly and responsive admin team is here to assist you with any questions, concerns, or issues you may encounter. Your satisfaction and enjoyment are our top priorities!

Join Zulu SMP today and embark on an unforgettable Minecraft journey with a welcoming community of players. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a newbie adventurer, there’s a place for you here!

Factions Kitpvp Mini Games Pvp Survival

Minecraft Server NeoCrafters Review March 2024

– Creativity: 4.0 – NeoCrafters offers a diverse range of game modes like MiniGames, Survival, KitPvP, Factions, SkyBlock, and MobArena. The server also supports a Spanish-speaking community, which adds a unique element to the overall experience.
– Challenge: 3.5 – While some game modes might be more challenging than others, overall, NeoCrafters provides a decent level of challenge for players looking to test their skills in various PvP and survival scenarios.
– Community: 3.5 – The community on NeoCrafters is active and engaging, with players from different backgrounds coming together to enjoy the server’s offerings. However, there can be occasional discord banter and memeing that might not be everyone’s cup of tea.
– Overall Experience: 4.0 – NeoCrafters is a vibrant and dynamic Minecraft server that caters to a wide range of players, offering creative gameplay options and a strong sense of community. The server’s unique features and active player base make it a fun and enjoyable place to spend time building, fighting, and exploring.

NeoCrafters Minecraft Server FAQ

1. What type of games are available on the NeoCrafters server?
– MiniGames, Survival, KitPvP, Factions, SkyBlock, MobArena, etc.

2. Is there any lag on the NeoCrafters server?
– No, the server prides itself on having no lag.

3. What language is spoken on the NeoCrafters server?
– The server is Spanish-speaking, but it is open to players of all languages.

4. Is a premium account required to play on the NeoCrafters server?
– No, the server is non-premium.

5. What Minecraft version is supported on the NeoCrafters server?
– The server supports versions 1.7.2 and 1.7.4.

6. What is the IP address for the NeoCrafters server?
– The IP address is

7. Are there any additional features or game modes available on the NeoCrafters server?
– Additional features include Factions, KitPvP, Mini Games, PvP, and Survival.

Economy Friendly Jobs Keepinventory Mcmmo Pve Pve Economy Ranks Smp Survival

MilkyCraft 1.20.4 » Friendly Community, Economy, KeepInventory, McMMO, GriefPrevention, and more!

Welcome to MilkyCraft!

We do our best to ensure that our community is safe, friendly, and happy! ❤️

Here at MilkyCraft, we have many great features that are certain to give our members hours upon hours of fun!

To name a few:

• Economy

• Mcmmo

• Keep Inventory on Death

• Ranks

• Jobs

• Weekly End Resets

• Player Shops

• Experienced Staff

• Friendly Community

And More!

We would absolutely love for you to join our community! You can play with us using our server IP:

We also strongly advise joining our discord for news and updates!

I hope to see you all soon!



Welcome to rainc, are u ready to play?
Lets go! Modes: bedwars prison vanilla roleplay rpaaa
Ahauaueieujejdidieheneuuehebeueujejdjduejehejejjehejdjdjejjehrjejdjdjdjjejejeneuur of a football field in a workplace for which a photo tour was made with a couple of photos of a castle

Pve Survival Vanilla

Minecraft Server EndlessSurvival Review March 2024

– Creativity: 4.5 – EndlessSurvival definitely brings a unique twist to the typical PvE server with its focus on community and player protection. The ability to obtain different ranks based on longevity adds an interesting layer to the gameplay experience.

– Challenge: 3.0 – While the server provides a safe space for players to build and explore without the fear of griefing, it may lack in challenging gameplay elements for more experienced Minecrafters looking for a tougher survival experience.

– Community: 4.0 – The active and friendly staff, along with the welcoming Minecraft community, make EndlessSurvival a great place to hang out and connect with other players. The protection against griefing also fosters a sense of trust and cooperation among members.

– Overall Experience: 4.0 – EndlessSurvival offers a refreshing take on the traditional PvE server, emphasizing player collaboration and long-term engagement. The community atmosphere and staff support make it a worthwhile server to invest your time in.

EndlessSurvival Minecraft Server FAQ

FAQ for EndlessSurvival:

1. What type of server is EndlessSurvival?
– EndlessSurvival is a PvE (Player versus Environment) server.

2. How many slots are available on the server?
– Currently, there are 50 slots available on EndlessSurvival.

3. What kind of community does EndlessSurvival have?
– EndlessSurvival has a friendly community with active and friendly staff members.

4. Are there any rules on EndlessSurvival?
– Yes, there are rules that can be found in the “Rule book” at spawn or by using the “/rules” command.

5. Is there protection against griefing on the server?
– Yes, there are protection against griefing plugins installed on EndlessSurvival, and you can ask staff to protect your buildings.

6. What are the different ranks on EndlessSurvival?
– The ranks on EndlessSurvival are Default, Veteran, and Donors, each with different commands and privileges.

7. How can I obtain the Veteran rank?
– The Veteran rank can be obtained by staying on the server for at least a couple of map resets.

8. What commands do donors have access to?
– Donors have access to all donor ranks, prices, and commands stated by using the “/buy” command.

9. How can I join EndlessSurvival?
– You can join EndlessSurvival by visiting their website at

Community Nogrief Survival Vanilla

Augustus NET



No-Grief Vanilla/SMP, where you can freely build and make friends in our community. Augustus is a server where it’s not allowed to grief, if you still grief, you will be permanently banned from the server; we try to give a chance to our players. Build and enrich the history, our map won’t reset, and we will try to keep it as it is.


Minecraft Server LockedMc Review March 2024

– Creativity: 4.5 – LockedMc puts a fresh spin on the traditional prison server experience with unique features and gameplay mechanics. From the custom mines to the exclusive quests, there’s always something new and exciting to discover.

– Challenge: 4.0 – The server provides a good balance of difficulty, keeping players engaged without feeling overwhelmed. The progression system offers enough of a challenge to keep things interesting, but not too difficult to discourage new players.

– Community: 5.0 – The community on LockedMc is one of the most welcoming and supportive I’ve encountered in my Minecraft server adventures. Players are always willing to lend a helping hand or offer advice, making the overall experience more enjoyable.

– Overall Experience: 4.5 – LockedMc is a standout prison server that offers a unique and engaging experience for players of all skill levels. With its creative features, challenging gameplay, and supportive community, it’s a server that I highly recommend checking out.

LockedMc Minecraft Server FAQ

Q: What is LockedMc?
A: LockedMc is a prison server in the game Minecraft.

Q: Where can I find LockedMc?
A: You can find LockedMc at

Q: How can I purchase items in LockedMc?
A: You can purchase items in LockedMc at

Economy Factions Pve Pvp Raiding

Minecraft Server Desteria Review March 2024

– Creativity: 4.5/5.0 – Desteria’s class system with custom skills and rare Sacred Items bring a new level of creativity to the Minecraft server experience. The NEX Boss Fight and King of the Hill events also add exciting twists to gameplay.
– Challenge: 3.5/5.0 – While Desteria offers a variety of challenges with its PvP, PvE, and raiding elements, some players may find the difficulty lacking in certain areas.
– Community: 4.0/5.0 – The Desteria community is active and engaging, with players from multiple regions coming together to share their experiences and strategies. The discord server is filled with memes and inside jokes that keep the atmosphere light-hearted and fun.
– Overall Experience: 4.0/5.0 – Desteria offers a unique and enjoyable Minecraft server experience with its creative features, diverse challenges, and active community. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, Desteria has something to offer for everyone. Highly recommended for those looking for a mix of fun and competitiveness in their Minecraft gameplay.

Desteria Minecraft Server FAQ

1. What features does Desteria offer?
– Class System with custom skills
– Extensive level system
– Alternate token currency
– Rare Sacred Items
– NEX Boss Fight
– King of the Hill / KOTH
– Compatible with versions 1.7 – 1.11
– 99% Uptime

2. What are the different server locations for Desteria?
– US:
– EU:
– AU:

3. What is the server address for PvP on Desteria?

4. What game modes are available on Desteria?
– Economy
– Factions
– PvE
– PvP
– Raiding

5. Where can I find more information about Desteria?
– Visit

Creative FTB Pvp Survival Vanilla

Minecraft Server Infinite Apples Review March 2024

– Creativity: 4.0 – Infinite Apples definitely has a unique approach with their multiple worlds and PvP/Creative/survival mix. The FTB server with modpack poll pending adds an extra layer of creativity to the overall gaming experience.

– Challenge: 3.5 – While the server offers a variety of gameplay modes, the level of challenge may vary depending on the world you choose to play in. The PvP aspect can be quite challenging, adding an extra thrill to the gameplay.

– Community: 4.5 – The supportive staff and great group of players truly make Infinite Apples stand out. The server has cultivated a welcoming and engaging community that enhances the overall gaming experience.

– Overall Experience: 4.0 – Infinite Apples is a server that truly values its players and offers a diverse range of gameplay options. From creative building to intense PvP battles, there’s something for everyone here. Joining this server means diving into a world of creativity, challenge, and camaraderie. It’s definitely worth checking out!

Infinite Apples Minecraft Server FAQ

1. What type of server is Infinite Apples?
Infinite Apples is a PvP/Creative/Survival server with multiple worlds.

2. When was Infinite Apples started?
Infinite Apples was started by jeex in 2010.

3. What kind of staff does Infinite Apples have?
Infinite Apples has supportive staff who are dedicated to creating a positive player-centered experience.

4. What other features does Infinite Apples offer?
In addition to their main server, Infinite Apples also has a FTB server with a modpack poll pending for players to vote on.

5. How can I join the Infinite Apples community?
You can join the Infinite Apples community by connecting to or visiting their website at

Custom Pvp Smp Survival

Custom SMP

The Custom SMP NEED YOU, the custom smp is going to be a small war SMP that will be starting soon, we are looking for any players who exel at pvp or grinding and want to join to make a difference, we are looking for about 5-6 players that have interesting personalities!

In the discord link go to #minecraft-Application and click the link to apply, you will be accepted/denied within the day
In the meantime you can interact with the current community and player base to see how your personality mixes with them GOOD LUCK EVERYONE


Minecraft Server Alphacraft Review March 2024

Creativity: 4.5 – Alphacraft offers a mega modern city with 20 slots which is perfect for unleashing your creativity. The creative map allows you to build anything you want, making it a haven for budding architects and designers.
– Challenge: 3.0 – While the server offers a semi-RP survival experience, the challenge level may not be as intense as some players would prefer. It’s a great place for relaxing and building without too much pressure.
– Community: 4.0 – The community on Alphacraft is welcoming and accepting of new builders, creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere for players to connect and create together.
– Overall Experience: 4.0 – Alphacraft offers a fun and unique Minecraft experience with its modern city and creative map. Although the challenge level may be lacking for some players, the community aspect and creative opportunities make it a great server to explore and build on.

Alphacraft Minecraft Server FAQ

1. What is the server capacity for Alphacraft?
– Alphacraft has 20 slots available for players.

2. What type of city is available on Alphacraft?
– Alphacraft features a Mega modern City for players to explore and build in.

3. Does Alphacraft accept new builders?
– Yes, Alphacraft accepts new builders to join the server.

4. Are there any specific rules or gameplay styles on Alphacraft?
– Alphacraft offers a Survival semi-RP gameplay style for players to enjoy.

5. Are there any additional features or maps available on Alphacraft?
– Players can also access a creative map where they can build whatever they want.

6. What is the server address for Alphacraft?
– The server address for Alphacraft is

7. Are there any alternate ways to access Alphacraft?
– Players can also access Alphacraft through the domain


PerfectMC – SMP

Welcome to PerfectMC.

Back online. As of April 2024, the server is running season 6.
Don't hesitate and join our server.

PerfectMC Is a Minecraft server with a nice number of regular players!
Our game mode? We use Countries. You can set up your own country and invite your friends to your country.

You can also make friends with other countries and discover the world together.

We also have our own discord, join it to stay up to date.

We would like to see you again on our server.

Economy Mini Games Skyblock

Minecraft Server Skyblock Review March 2024

– Creativity: 3.5 – Skyblock offers a familiar setup, but their addition of Challenges and Mini Games adds a unique twist to the traditional Skyblock experience. It keeps things interesting and gives players more to do beyond the usual grind.

– Challenge: 4.0 – The Challenges on Skyblock are surprisingly tough and will definitely put your skills to the test. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, there’s something here to challenge you and keep you on your toes.

– Community: 4.5 – The community on Skyblock is super welcoming and friendly. The helpful staff are always there to assist you, and the players are always up for a good chat or some friendly competition. It’s a great place to meet new friends and have a good time.

– Overall Experience: 4.0 – Skyblock offers a solid Skyblock experience with added elements of challenge and creativity. The community vibe is upbeat and inclusive, making it a server worth checking out for any Minecraft player looking for a good time.

Overall, Skyblock is a fun and engaging server that offers a unique twist on the classic Skyblock experience. With challenging tasks, a friendly community, and plenty of things to do, this server is definitely worth a try for Minecrafters looking for a fresh take on Skyblock gameplay.

Skyblock Minecraft Server FAQ

Q: What is Skyblock?
A: Skyblock is an economy based server where players can participate in challenges, mini games, and have an awesome Skyblock experience.

Q: What can I do on the Skyblock server?
A: On the Skyblock server, you can participate in challenges, play mini games, and interact with the friendly community and helpful staff.

Q: Where can I find more information about the Skyblock server?
A: You can find more information about the Skyblock server on Skyblock.Tv, EconomyMini GamesSkyblock, and

Economy Factions Survival Vanilla

Minecraft Server FreshCraft Review March 2024

Creativity: 4.5/5.0 – FreshCraft offers a diverse range of activities, from towny to economy to MCMMO, keeping players engaged and entertained with plenty of options to explore and experiment with.

– Challenge: 3.5/5.0 – While the server provides a good balance of difficulty, some players may find the challenges a bit lacking and may crave more intense gameplay experiences to keep things exciting.

– Community: 5.0/5.0 – The FreshCraft community is top-notch, filled with friendly and helpful players who are always willing to lend a hand or engage in some hilarious banter on Discord. The sense of camaraderie and support elevates the overall gaming experience.

– Overall Experience: 4.5/5.0 – FreshCraft is a vibrant and welcoming server that offers a creative and engaging environment for players to enjoy. With its diverse gameplay options and lively community, it’s a fantastic choice for any Minecraft enthusiast looking for a fun and memorable gaming experience.

FreshCraft Minecraft Server FAQ

1. What kind of server is Freshcraft?
Freshcraft is a friendly building server that includes features such as Towny, Economy, and MCMMO.

2. What is the IP address for Freshcraft?
The IP address for Freshcraft is

3. What are the gameplay modes available on Freshcraft?
The gameplay modes available on Freshcraft are Economy, Factions, Survival, and Vanilla.

4. Is there a website where I can purchase items for Freshcraft?
Yes, you can visit to purchase items for Freshcraft.

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