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Yorimskar Kingdoms! [Job Roleplay] [Economy] [Plots] [Events]


  Greetings from Yorimskar! I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected to be given a chance to join the Kingdom of Yorimskar! In our Kingdom citizens will on arrival be given a tour and set up with their chosen gathering job, these jobs include:

-Crop Farmer
-Livestock Farmer
-Tree Farmer

Gathering jobs allow players to only gather materials that relate to their selected job. For an example a Tree Farmer would not go mine for iron when it is needed, instead they purchase that iron or required material from a player that has selected Miner. This stimulates a working economy with demand and competition within our Minecraft world! Its a great way to make a good amount of money!

Money can be spent on a wide variety of things in Yorimskar, if its more materials to build with or food so you don’t starve to death! But it doesn’t stop there! Our players come up with all kinds of cool things to sell or even some services! Have a house or Redstone machine built for you, or buy god armor and weapons to use in the Arena!

Citizens can also purchase new and bigger Plots from the City. These plots can either be Housing, Business, or Club plots, each plot having different functions and laws of what you can do there. For example, everyone starts with a Starter Plot which can tend to be small, so some players decide to purchase more space. In another case anyone who selects a type of farmer will not only get a housing plot but also a farming plot where they are allowed to grow crops, trees and breed livestock which can take up a lot of space so expansion is necessary!

If you with to join you will need to apply in our discord and reach out to Serpent5 to be given a short tour to get set up with your job, plots and starting materials. I may understand this is tedious but we like to have a nice community and we would love to meet every one of you!


See you soon!

Friendly Modded Survival Vaulthunters

CozyGamerClub vault hunters

Welcome to our server!

We are looking for new/experienced players that want to join our server and have heaps of fun
on vault hunters. We will be playing the current world up to Season 4 and then there will be a community
vote on restarting.

We have commands and have also enabled waypoints inside of vaults.
it’s up to you if you want to use them!
Feel free to join us on our discord
Whilst we’d love to have you it is not mandatory and you can enjoy vault hunters without it

Economy Friendly Griefprevention Lootcrates Pve Pvp Staff Survival Vip

Koinotita Gaming – Awesome SMP [1.19] [Discord] [Ranks]

TL;DR at the bottom for those who don’t want to read the entire post!

Koinotita Gaming is an online community, originally known as FXGaming, which started off as a server on Garry’s Mod. Originally this server was for the community to play on and then it was opened to the public for more players.

The phrase ‘koinotita’ is Greek for community. We are one big community. Like a family. Many players who join and stay have had good things to say about us.

Main Features:
Discord Server (Chat with people in game from Discord)
Our Forums (Fully Programmed by Owner)
Donator Rank (Help keep our server running and receive exclusive features)
Vote Rewards (Vote for our server and receive keys to open loot crates!)
Server Economy
Land Claims
Server Events
Discord Giveaways

Standout Features:
Not a P2W (play-to-win) Server
Mature, Active Staff Team
Automated Backups
Grief Recovery
20 TPS Average
99% Server Uptime (Only restarts to update plugins)

Server Info:
Version: 1.19.3

TL;DR – We want a nice community of active players who will be chill and play Minecraft together, somewhere people can go to chat and play. We have a nice Discord already with 200+ members. Look at the bullet points to see our features. The server is constantly being updated and we are adding ideas to improve the server, feedback is welcome via our forums! Come join us!

Fabric Friendly Modded Origins Other Small Smp Survival


Hello and welcome to the FronkoSMP, we are a small but friendly community, the server is build on fabric and we have lore based around the origin mod, the server has been around for almost 2 years, the server started in april of 2021, and we are not planning to stop 🙂

119server Developers Friendly Lookingforbuilders Lookingforstaff Needstaff New Pvp Smp Survival


Are you looking for a server to call home but haven’t found the right one yet? Look no further, RNCraft is a brand new survival server that puts the community first. Our goal is simple; be the best server by listening to the best community. We have big plans for this server so be sure to check in frequently to see what changes are made!

PLEASE READ: This server is brand new so it may not seem like much yet. It is a work in progress and will improve as time goes on. At the moment I am looking for a builder(s) to help with building a spawn, as well as a dev to help with configuration of plugins. Once these roles are filled you will be a permanent member of the staff team. Come join us and start making new friends today!

Discord Friendly Lgbtq Pveeconomy Server Small Survival


Dablooncraft was based on the tiktok trend Dabloons.

The server is compatible with both bedrock and java


-Land Claiming

-Player shops

Server IP:



Port: 19132

Friendly Fun Other

The Fun Server

I made this server for Everyone to have fun on, so have fun and be safe!
We have rules for this server and mods not to be posted on planet Minecraft
Our rules are:

  • Do not spam
  • Do not bully
  • Do not do anything inappropriate for kids under 9
  • And Do not mention any external links or server addresses without permission from the owner of the server.

    (No costs used in the making of the server, Minefort used for free to make this server)

    Buycraft Chill Claimland Claims Economy Essentials Friendly Mcmmo Minecraft Modded Online Playershops Popular Ranks Shop Shopguiplus Spigot Streamer Survival Twitch V119 Viral Welcoming

    SkinCraft Survival+ & Economy

    Server IP:

    Our Server is all about a mostly Vanilla Minecraft Experience, with a few “Quality of Life” Plugins added. Ask a MOD to join the STAFF TEAM! you think you’re a good fit! Think you’ve got what it takes? /mail either 2econdSkinTTV or Racingwithmj In-Game to Apply! (Requirements are: MUST have purchased a rank or command on the site before applying.) We look forward to meeting you!
    Some Plugins include, but are not limited to:

  • Economy – The very thing that has brought this game back to life! Buying and Selling hard earned items with currencies!
  • EssentialsX – The Essentials, C’mon.
  • Jobs – Assign yourself up to 3 Jobs! Earn money for completing tasks like Mining, Farming and Woodcutting!
  • Ranks – Different Ranks with different sets of permissions and commands!
  • ChestShop – Create Player Shops where people can either buy your goods or sell theirs to you! No taxes, you get everything!
  • Colored Signs – Color your signs with “&” Color Codes!
  • GriefPrevention – Claim land with a Golden Shovel!
  • Tree Feller – Tree’s “Fall” when hit from the bottom log!
  • PlayTimeRewards – Get rewards and keep up with your playtime stats!

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    The GucciVerse

    The GucciVerse is a towny based RPG/Survival server with an economy focused around player trading and community building.
    As of right now the server only has a few active players. Mostly just myself and my girlfriend. I’ve hosted small Minecraft servers and have been a part of the Minecraft community since Beta 1.3. With all of the new and exciting things being brought into Minecraft I’ve decided to make my return as a server owner.
    We have a custom map made by McMeddon called Okarzion. You can view it at
    The map comes packed with pre-made structures full of loot and stuff to explore. Outside of the borders of the map default Minecraft terrain will begin generating.
    We’re running some exciting plugins to bring an RPG aspect to the game like Elite Mobs, MCMMO, and Levelled Mobs. This makes the game more difficult, and the game difficulty is set to Normal. I’ve implemented a death chest plugin to help alleviate some of the pressure. Please note that fighting monsters is supposed to be difficult and that you should play accordingly. Joining a town and beginning your adventure in Elite Mobs will keep you safer than roaming the wilderness. The choice is ultimately up to you however.
    The server is about a week old and I’ve been working out all the details to get ready to make it public. Currently all of the active players are in or around their mid 20’s. There are no rules surrounding the type of language used or topics of discussion. Anyone is welcome to join but being 18+ is encouraged.
    Lastly the only rules are no verbal harassment and chat spam, and of course cheating is not allowed by any means. Failure to comply will result in consequences determined by admins such as but not limited to Permanent Bans.
    Look forward to making some new friends, thanks for checking us out!

    1192server 119server 119smp 119vanilla Community Friendly Friendlyserver Friendlystaff Helden Heldenmc Market Mc Mcserver Minecraftserver Minecraftservers Minecraftsmp Playermarket Semivanilla Server Skills Smp Survival Vanilla

    HeldenMC | A new enhanced survival experience!

    🌹 Experience Minecraft in it’s best form!

    Server IP:
    Discord Link:

    Let me tell you about Helden,

    Helden is a server that has been around for many years! We’re a community filled with friendly and adventurous members, our priority is creating a safe and fair experience for everyone.

    If you’re looking for a server to spend time on, make new friends and enjoy the best aspects of Minecraft Survival, this one is for you!


    (ℹ) What makes it so fun?
    We are working with many plugins combined to ensure the best experience possible.

    🏹 Levelled Mobs ↩

    All of our hostile mobs are levelled to a players capabilities, if you’re just starting out on our server you won’t face too many difficult monsters, but the more you advance, the creatures get stronger as well!
    ✨ Eco Enchants ↩

    We have over 100 custom enchants to enhance a players experience, do you think you know all of Minecrafts enchants? There’s many many more to explore here!
    🕵️‍♀️ Active Staff Team ↩

    Our staff team is very active and constantly making sure the server stays a safe and welcoming place, we’re also rolling out updates frequently and hosting events every now and then!
    🪂 Skill System ↩

    You’ve got many things to learn! Learn to fish, build, hunt and much more! With over 7 different skills to master there’s always something to do.
    💸 Jobs ↩

    There’s many jobs to choose from to start making in-game money on our server! Hunt monsters, chop wood or head into the mines! Working has never been so fun!


    🔨 Build Team

    We’re encouraging players to unleash their creativity into their builds.

    We have a build team of over 20 players on our server, these people help us provide new structures to explore for the players! Have you always wanted a place to show what you’re capable of? We’re here to help you with anything you need!


    Question 1: How old do I need to be in order to play on this server?

    There is no age requirement to join our server, as long as you’re mature enough to handle situations and play by the rules you’re welcome!
    Question 2: What version do I need to play on?

    Currently we’re operating on 1.19.3 which is the latest version of Minecraft
    Question 3: I want to join the build team! Where do I apply?

    Join our Discord that is linked above and open a ticket to apply for the build team!
    Question 4: Are there resets on this server?

    Our world has remained the same since the beginning of the 1.19 server, we have no plans on resetting the world so your builds are safe!
    See you on the server!