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Play and play

Play to play here in this server you can find shops and can be most powerful in the server make builds farms house help people create team fight do what your mind says

Play and play Minecraft Server

Lookingforstaff Players Smp Staff Survival

SMP Server – Looking for Staff & Players !


SMP Server – Looking for Staff & Players !
SMP Server – Looking for Staff & Players !

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Ace’s Lifesteal SMP

Welcome to the Planet Minecraft page for my lifesteal server.
For information on how to join please use the discord link below.


247server 247uptime Fun Lifesteal Players Season2 Survival

Life steal season 2

this is a lifesteal remake we are n ow in season 2 server started 12/04/22 rules are no hacking no spawnkilling and you get one warning everyone have fun and play life steal

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Theme park

a Survival server LunaPark, a server that has been running now for more than 4 years, but wasnt public for a long time, now, after restarting the community we decided to publish it
our discord –

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survivalcraft server

The 1st minecraft server ever

Survivalcraft is a straight-up survival server where you can rank up by voting, everything is 100% grief protected, and the staff are friendly and helpful. We do our best to preserve your semi-Vanilla survival experience. We don’t allow raiding or griefing, which means all your builds are completely safe. If you like pure survival, this is the server for you!

We run a high performance server with next to no lag, but with so many new players we do experience some spikes from time to time.

Each vote gets you closer to the next rank up, and each new rank gets you an extra /sethome.

Aside from claiming commands, the only commands are /spawn, /sethome and /vote.

The world border is 100k so there are plenty of unexplored biomes to discover and build in.

I Hope You Enjoy Playing On Survival Craft And Read The Rules With /rules And Thats All!


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AnarchySG – Always Online – 20 TPS – No Lag – Cracked


Welcome to AnarchySG! The anarchy server thats trying to be as vanilla as possible, we are active 24/7 with 20 TPS at all times.

Join today and make history!

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[PLAYTEST] CrossroadsRP | TRPG Hosting Platform

Join up on Crossroads RP and partake in fun tabletop campaigns set in Minecraft while relaxing in a casual roleplay environment in-between!

Crossroads RP is a medieval fantasy Minecraft roleplay server with plugins to allow for a TTRPG system homebrewed from Dungeon Crawlers Classic and an old web series called “URealms”. As well as mechanics decided upon from years of DMing on Minecraft. It is generally loose in lore, system, and everything else to just offer as a grand medium for our Dungeon Masters to entertain different people. However, this is not the final idea for Crossroads.

Discord Invite: [​b=false][​/b]

Throughout your time on the server, you will be able to roleplay your “Tavern Character” casually in between Tales (campaigns) and events. The main gameplay comes from the Tales of course. Within a Tale, you will play a separate character, akin to playing a TTRPG game, where the Dungeon Master will set up Minecraft builds for you to progress through. Maybe you will be a dwarven swashbuckler or maybe a construct bard.

Crossroads RP focuses is a roleplay community that uses the medium of Minecraft as a way to tell interesting and diverse stories. The strong focus on such allows for the server to be devoid of intensive politics, and arguments. The server has been designed with the simple sentiment of: ‘A place to have fun whilst enjoying roleplay in a grand spiralling storyline’ and this comes in from a mixture of interesting gameplay, longstanding character pay-off, and a LACK of players trying to enforce a certain RP dynamic onto someone.

Join up on Crossroads and get ready to learn the secrets of the tavern!


Fun Multiplayer Players Rank Smp Survival


Hello, viewer
This is a Simple chill SMP so please dont be shy and join!
everyone here is friendly!

heres my socials


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SMP more coming soon!


Owner: Unshavendart





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