Welcome to Geopolitik! {Towny} {1.20} {Under Development}

Geopolitik is a 1.20 survival multiplayer server that is similar to Towny, but with a limited map that encourages diplomacy, trade, and interaction. We have a few other plugins besides Towny to further enhance the experience, which are explained further down the line

🎮» Minecraft Version: 1.20.x

🖥️» Minecraft Platform: Java

💻» Server IP: soon

📎» Server Link:

🌎» Dynamic Map (DynMap): soon


LostCraft Reborn

Server Name: LostCraft Reborn
Server Type: Factions/eco/survival
Server Version: 1.20.4
Server plugins: Factionsuuid, essentials, anticheat, coreprotect, jobs, mcmmo, rtp,harbor, and more.
Server reset: None. Map will not wipe unless forced.
Server map version: 1.20.4
Server Admin: DJL0st12
Server Website: under construction:
Server Discord: under construction: Do /discord in game
Server IP:

Full disclosure. This server is still in HEAVY development. However, there are many things that are difficult to test without players. Come get your start on a fresh old school factions server AND contribute to it's birth. (by playing..nothing more)


AussierSMP Factions

AussierSMP is a factions SMP that features:

  • Make civilizations or join one

  • Declare war/make treaties

  • Make your own nations

  • Build together

  • Make friends!

There will also be mini-games coming soon such as:

  • Bedwars

  • Skywars

  • Build battle

  • Death run

Server Ip is in the discord.

Sign the form to be whitelisted:

Join now!

Claims Economy Economysurvival Faction Factions Pvp Smp Survival War


YarraSMP is an Australian hosted Minecraft server which provides players with an immersive faction-style experience. Within Yarra, you have the freedom to establish your own nation, declare wars, and strive to become the richest player. Additionally, we offer a custom PvP system that’s similar to the popular server LokaMC. Join us on YarraSMP for an best Aussie Faction adventure.

Custom Customplugins Economy Events Factions Hardcorepvp Hub Prison Ranks

NuLL PvP [Factions] [Prison] [Custom Plugins] [Events]

Immerse yourself in a friendly community where all the fun begins. Null PvP’s foundation is built on the players experience! Something you want to play but it’s not on the server? Let us know and we will work on adding it to the hub!

What do we offer?
[+] Any version
[+] Custom plugins
[+] Quests to keep you fully immersed
[+] Dungeons
[+] A truly unique PvP experience
[+] Jobs
[+] Plots
[+] Crazy enchants
[+] Friendly staff to help you along your journey

We are a new and thriving community but that doesn’t mean the grind stops there. We are constantly working to develop new plugins and add more games to play so your fun never ends!


Staff applications are welcome!

Economy Factions Hardcore Mcmmo Mini Games Prison Pvp


Immerse yourself in a friendly community where all the fun begins. Null PvP’s foundation is built on the players experience! Something you want to play but it’s not on the server? Let us know and we will work on adding it to the hub!
What do we offer?
[+] Custom plugins
[+] Quests to keep you fully immersed
[+] Dungeons
[+] A truly unique PvP experience
[+] Jobs
[+] Plots
[+] Crazy enchants
[+] Friendly staff to help you along your journey

We are a new and thriving community but that doesn’t mean the grind stops there. We are constantly working to develop new plugins and add more games to play so your fun never ends!
Staff applications are welcome!

Factions Roleplay Towny Vanilla


Iradriel is a roleplay based worldbuilding server that recently launched, there isnt much to say accept to expirience it yourself

Economy Factions Kitpvp Mcmmo Pvp Raiding

Valhalla RPG

Valhalla is a new and exciting approach to RPG in Minecraft! Raid and Loot Dungeons with Friends or other Players, Create Kingdoms and Nations, Duel Players, so much more!

Factions Roleplay Survival

Kingdom of Reveia

With the continent torn by strife, the Crown of Reveia grows ever-more desperate to preserve itself. From the high fells of the north to the vast deserts and jungles to the south, Reveia is a land plagued with monsters and malice; wrought with ambition and sinister aims. Fight for the Empire, your homeland, or your own self interests. Scheme your way to the top, or use an army to dominate your rivals. Experience various factions to populate the world, such as the ancient Elves or the brutal Inquisition tasked with the annihilation of the world’s mages.

– Make your own character in an open world with diverse creatures, cultures, and regions, where magic is a reality and terrifying mystical beasts roam the wilds
– Join a noble family, a mercenary company, a merchant caravan, a society of knights, or be a versed mage, explore the world and build a legacy!
– Interact with other players in the world as well as NPCs
– Experience an engaging roleplay structure which allows you to influence the world around you
– Connect with a welcoming and friendly community which eagerly accepts both new and old roleplayers
– If Factions is more your cup of tea, we also have an elaborate and thriving Factions community where you can build, mine, and raid your way to high glory!

Explore the vast world. Create relationships with its inhabitants. Conquer castles. Wield magic to turn the tide of events. Build your legacy. Join Reveia today!

Bedwars Community Customitem Discord Factions Kitpvp Kits Parkour Prison Ranks Skyblock Survival Vanilla


Welcome to Craftway, your ultimate Minecraft server experience!

Craftway offers a diverse array of thrilling game modes to suit all types of players. Whether you’re looking to test your survival skills, engage in epic PvP battles, or build your empire, Craftway has something for everyone. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect:

  • Skyblock: Start on a small floating island and expand into a sprawling aerial base, complete with challenges and resource management.
  • Custom Item KitPvP: Dive into action-packed PvP battles with unique kits featuring custom items that add a fresh twist to combat.
  • Survival SMP: Join a community of like-minded players in a survival mode that emphasizes collaborative gameplay and creativity in a more natural Minecraft setting.
  • Prisons: Work your way through the ranks in the prison system by mining and completing tasks while navigating the perilous social hierarchy of fellow inmates.
  • Factions: Team up with friends to form a faction, claim lands, build bases, and dominate the landscape in both economics and military might.
  • With regular updates, community events, and a vibrant community, Craftway ensures that your adventure keeps evolving. Whether you’re a builder, fighter, or strategist, Craftway is the place to be. Join us and forge your path, make new friends, and claim your fame in one of the most welcoming communities out there!


    Chosen Few Vanilla Community Survival

    Hello fellow Minecraft enjoyers, I’ve been playing Minecraft since release and have been on and off small server owner, and also helped other server owners. i decided to make this server specifically for people who enjoy Vanilla Minecraft and like to interact and play with a community. Those who have the same experience where you would build near spawn and never have to worry about people stealing or griefing your builds, where you build together as community
    showing off builds and machines. This is for people who would be some what active in the community.

    This server is 18+ so i apologies for anyone wanting to join but no one is exempt to the rule.

    If you’d like to join my discord channel and we can have a chat either via voice chat or text whatever you prefer, just going to asking some questions to determine you’re a type of player I want on my server.


    I will only allow a small amount of people into the server at a time to make sure the server player base is manageable and trust worthy.

    be patient if i don’t message back right away. But i assure you i will.



    Server IP:

    Join NorcrasCraft today and start your adventure in a beautiful world where the only limit is your imagination!


    – mcMMO/Jobs
    – Lands – claim your builds and protect your items!
    – Economy – Server shop, player shops, auction house, and a shopping district!
    – 300+ Custom Blocks
    – Plushies and Figurines to Collect!
    – Custom Crops!
    – Reward Chests!
    – Mob/Player Heads and Mini Blocks!
    – Discord Linking/Proximity Chat!
    – More being added daily!

    Lifesteal Pvp

    NIGHT SMP Review March 2024

    – Creativity: 4.5 out of 5.0 – NIGHT SMP offers a unique blend of LifeSteal PvP and FPS Boss fights, creating an exciting twist on traditional Minecraft gameplay. The server also supports multiple versions, giving players flexibility in their gaming experience.

    – Challenge: 4.0 out of 5.0 – The combination of LifeSteal PvP and challenging FPS Boss fights provides a good level of difficulty for players looking for a competitive edge. The server keeps you on your toes with unexpected challenges.

    – Community: 4.0 out of 5.0 – The NIGHT SMP community is active and engaging, with players coming together to tackle tough boss fights and support each other in PvP battles. There’s a strong sense of camaraderie among players.

    – Overall Experience: 4.3 out of 5.0 – NIGHT SMP is a one-of-a-kind server that offers a fresh and exciting take on Minecraft gameplay. With its creative features, challenging gameplay, and supportive community, it’s a must-try for players looking for something different in the Minecraft universe.

    NIGHT SMP Minecraft Server FAQ

    1. What kind of server is NIGHT SMP?
    – NIGHT SMP is a LifeSteal & FPS boss boost server where players can make history and earn ranks.

    2. What version of Minecraft is supported on NIGHT SMP?
    – The server supports Paper 1.20.1 as the native version, and also supports 1.20.1 with the ViaVersion plugin. Players can also play on versions above 1.15.x, but not below the native version. Java 17 is required to run the setup.

    3. What is the server address for NIGHT SMP?
    – The server address is

    4. Is support provided for versions below the native version?
    – No, support is not provided for versions below the native version of Minecraft on NIGHT SMP.


    Hotdog Water

    Hotdog Water is hardcore.

    You vote for world reset on the discord, and if people vote for it, the world is reset within five minutes.

    Hotdog Water is vanilla.

    There is no random teleport, there is no TP to bed, and there is no land claim.


    PVP, griefing, and fun are all allowed.
    No cheating/hacking and no being a wiener.

    🌭 Have fun! 🌭
    Server IP:



    Factions Pvp

    EuroBox Review March 2024

    – Creativity: 4.5 – EuroBox throws you into a creative frenzy with its unique game mode that combines grinding, battling, and team play in a Box server setting. The use of End Crystals and Respawn Anchors for PVP adds a fresh twist to the typical Minecraft gameplay.

    – Challenge: 4.0 – The challenge level on EuroBox is just right for 15-year-old Minecrafters looking for some intense battles and resource management. The need to grind materials and items, as well as strategize team fights, keeps you on your toes.

    – Community: 3.5 – The community on EuroBox is diverse and active, with players from all over the world coming together to battle it out. While there is room for improvement in terms of fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment, the overall camaraderie adds to the gaming experience.

    – Overall Experience: 4.0 – EuroBox offers a unique and exciting twist on traditional Minecraft gameplay, providing a thrilling mix of creativity, challenge, and community interaction. Whether you’re looking to hone your PVP skills or simply have fun with friends, this server has something for everyone. Get ready to grind, battle, and conquer in the world of EuroBox!

    EuroBox Minecraft Server FAQ


    1. What type of server is EuroBox?
    EuroBox is a Box server where players grind materials and items and battle other players to the death.

    2. How can I participate in PvP on EuroBox?
    You can create teams and fight others using End Crystals and Respawn Anchors as the preferred method of PvP.

    3. How can I obtain items on EuroBox?
    You can obtain items by mining resources and buying Coins with the resources.

    4. What is the server IP address for EuroBox?
    The server IP address for EuroBox is

    5. What is the player capacity on EuroBox?
    The player capacity on EuroBox is 2/999.



    Welcome to BrickServe!
    BrickServe is a brand new Factions server founded on the idea of finding that feeling of original factions servers from years ago, but with some changes, and absolutely NO pay-to-win features. I won't pretend that we are doing anything ground-breaking or brand-new, but if we sound like a place you could have some fun, please check us out!

    Current Features

    – Factions gameplay
    – Increased mob difficulty
    – Emerald-based economy
    – Player chest shops
    – Decreased crop growth
    – Leaf decay
    – Version compatability
    – No teleports!

    Our Promise

    We promise to never implement any pay-to-win gameplay at all. Ever. No crates, no vote rewards, no donation packs. Nada. We will always listen to our community and try to find the best way forward that benefits everyone when it comes to server and community changes.

    Some notes…

    – Currently the server is whitelisted as we continue our development and testing
    – The world border is set to 2500×2500, but can be expanded as people join
    – You must play for 30 minutes before creating a faction in order to prevent new players from spamming faction creation
    – No teleports/sethome/etc… the only way to change your spawn is with a bed
    If this sounds interesting, please follow the link to our Discord and join the conversation!
    BrickServe Discord

    Anarchy Hard Superflat Survival Vanilla

    Yeho's Superflat #2

    A modified superflat world with the original superflat challenge. The biome is set to snowy taiga. The world generation consists of 1 layer of bedrock, 18 layers of lava, 40 layers of stone, 138 layers of dirt and 1 layer of grass. Structures do not generate. There is nothing in this world at first glance. Almost everything is obtainable though, from full netherite gear to advanced farms and machines. There are no rules.

    Join the discord for guides and to connect with the community:

    Creative Factions Mcmmo Pve Pvp Raiding Survival

    Lands of Eden

    Lands of Eden ⋙
    Survival⊁ ⊀Creative⊁ ⊀Bending⊁ ⊀Factions⊁

    Come join us on Lands of Eden! We feature a survival world, a creative world, factions, and more! You can even bend the four elements (plus Chi Blocking) like in Avatar: The Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra.

    Anarchy Cross-Play Mini Games Survival

    Silver MC Review March 2024

    – Creativity: 4.5 – This server really pushes the boundaries of creativity with its unique mini games and anarchy mode that keeps you on your toes at all times.

    – Challenge: 4.0 – The challenges on Silver MC are no joke, especially in the anarchy mode where anything goes. You’ll need to stay sharp and on your toes to survive in this server.

    – Community: 4.0 – The community on Silver MC is top-notch, with players always willing to help each other out and engage in some friendly banter. The discord server is always buzzing with activity and memes.

    – Overall Experience: 4.25 – Silver MC offers a fun and exciting gaming experience with a touch of chaos that keeps things interesting. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to Minecraft, this server has something for everyone. So grab your diamond sword and join the fun on Silver MC!

    Silver MC Minecraft Server FAQ

    1. What versions of Minecraft does Silver MC support?
    – Silver MC supports Minecraft BE (Bedrock Edition) and JE (Java Edition) 1.9-1.20.4.

    2. What is the IP address for Silver MC?
    – The IP address for Silver MC is

    3. What is the port for Bedrock login on Silver MC?
    – The port for Bedrock login on Silver MC is 19132.

    4. What is the uptime for Silver MC?
    – Silver MC has always uptime with a daily reboot at 6:00 a.m. (GMT+01:00).

    5. Are there any rules for playing on Silver MC?
    – Yes, the rules for Silver MC include no cheats/mods, allowance of Optifine/performance mods, prohibition of XRay resource packs, no advertisement, and no griefing in admin/protected areas.

    6. How can I access the server selector on Silver MC?
    – To open the server selector on Silver MC, simply enter “/tp” in the game.

    7. What types of gameplay are available on Silver MC?
    – Silver MC offers Anarchy, Cross-Play, Mini Games, and Survival gameplay.

    8. Can I use resource packs on Silver MC?
    – Yes, resource packs are allowed on Silver MC, but XRay resource packs are prohibited.



    🎉 Congratulations! 🎉

    You've just won the ultimate gaming sweepstakes – a golden ticket to the world of SoulCraft!

    Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure like no other.


    • Mature
    • Hermitcraft-inspired
    • Active
    • Reward riddled

    Community, is buzzing offering you the chance to unleash your creativity, forge new friendships, and claim epic rewards along the way.

    Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join our vibrant community. Step into the winner's circle and elevate your Minecraft experience to new heights with SoulCraft! 🏆✨

    Bedwars Economy Kitpvp Mcmmo Mini Games Skyblock Survival

    Crackex Network Review March 2024

    – Creativity: 4.5 – This server offers a wide variety of mini-games and modes, providing players with endless entertainment options. The unique twists in each mode keep things fresh and exciting.

    – Challenge: 4.0 – The challenges on this server are engaging and provide a good balance of difficulty. Whether you’re exploring Survival mode or competing in Duels, there’s always something to push your skills to the limit.

    – Community: 5.0 – The community on Crackex Network is super friendly and welcoming. Players are always eager to team up, chat, and help each other out. It’s like a big virtual family where everyone looks out for each other.

    – Overall Experience: 4.5 – My overall experience on Crackex Network has been fantastic. From the creative mini-games to the challenging gameplay, there’s never a dull moment. Plus, the awesome community adds an extra layer of fun to the mix. Joining this server was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my Minecraft journey.

    Crackex Network Minecraft Server FAQ

    1. What games does Crackex Network offer?
    Crackex Network offers a variety of mini-games including Bedwars, Skyblock, Economy Survival, Arcade, and Duels.

    2. What makes Crackex Network’s community special?
    Crackex Network prides itself on having a friendly community of players who create an amazing and welcoming environment.

    3. How can I join Crackex Network?
    You can join Crackex Network by entering the server address and exploring the various mini-games and modes available.

    4. What makes Crackex Network unique?
    Crackex Network offers unique modes within each mini-game that are designed to provide a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

    5. What is the server IP for Crackex Network?
    The server IP for Crackex Network is

    6. What types of gameplay can I expect on Crackex Network?
    Players on Crackex Network can experience a range of gameplay styles including PvP, economy management, and survival challenges.

    7. How can I get started on Crackex Network?
    Simply click on the “Click to join” button and start exploring the exciting world of Crackex Network today!


    Badcraft Vanilla

    On top of a vanilla SMP, Here are a few features that make this SMP unique:

    ● Vanilla Anarchy (Players will be on the same playing field. This means no hack/cheat clients, unfair modifications, or exploits This experience should bring you back to the old days of Minecraft when there were no rules, but everyone was on the same level.)

    ● Bedrock Support (Support both Java and Bedrock editions, so everyone is welcome to join, regardless of which device you are playing on.)

    ● Trade System (Allows you to trade items with anyone no matter how far away you are. This prevents item scamming and creates a global economy.)

    ● Head Drops (Heads will drop from your enemies! Whenever you kill another Player or Mob, you have a chance to receive their skull.)

    ● Leaderboards (Compete to be better than the rest of the players in combat, building or mining, and or more. We have a system that tracks statistics of our top players in certain categories.)

    ● Fixed Phantoms (Unlike many servers, we have fixed phantoms to work correctly. When you go to sleep, In addition, they will leave you alone for 7 days.)

    ● Member Rank (Annoying spammers or advertisers are delayed. To post URLs and chat without delay, you must verify yourself.)

    ● No Sethomes, Warps, or Tpas (All forms of travel are completely vanilla. This makes the world feel much bigger and immerses players in the environment more.)

    ● The Map will never Reset (The goal is never to reset any form of data like Map, Player, or anything else as long as the server lasts.)

    Server Rules:

    1: No usage of Hack or Cheat Clients, X-Ray Resource Packs, Mods, Tools, Software, or any other form of external assistance that provides an unfair advantage over others.

    2: Using any form of exploits, bugs, or flawed game mechanics is strictly prohibited.

    3: Do not intentionally lag or cause disruption to the server system.

    Server Information:

    Established » 8/19/2023

    Server IP »

    Bedrock Port » 19132

    As of writing this post, 2,783 unique players have joined this server and counting!


    Fractured SMP

    About Us

    Fractured SMP is a newly released semi-vanilla server. We strive to provide a great vanilla experience, with a few additions that enhance the multiplayer experience. As we value the community aspect very much, each player contributes to what happens and what is added to the game.

    We've been a community for almost a year now; we are experienced in creating and hosting a community, providing a great server experience & well developed features. Nevertheless, we are open to any suggestions you may have for the server.


    🌐 Website

    🔵 Discord

    🗺️ Dynmap

    Some of Our Features

    • DynmapThe map shows the whole world in real time, and you can see the builds of other players.
    • DiscordSRVOur discord server allows you to communicate with members in game!
    • Player ShopsDespite the lack of an economy plugin, our economy is entirely player-controlled, based on the value of diamonds.
    • Random Teleportyou can teleport randomly in the world, skipping the long process of walking thousands of blocks out.
    • Friendly, helpfuland experienced staff who respect players' permissions and use them fairly.

    What We Offer

    • Community – Fractured is a player-driven game where player suggestions and feedback are taken seriously. We are transparent with all decisions we make, asking for input from the community and explaining our reasoning.
    • Welcoming – Our mission is to create a diverse community where everyone feels welcome, included, and accepted.
    • Stability – To ensure a stable experience, we use top-of-the-line, dedicated hardware.

    Basic Rules

    • In order to build a mature community where staff doesn't need to parent players, we aim to be fairly relaxed. However, exploiting, griefing, stealingand any kind of abuse of other players will not be accepted. It's a safe place for everyone, and people who don't share that interest won't be tolerated here.

    To sum it up all together, we're a great community looking for new players! From server events, to our high-performance dedicated server, we strive to provide a great player experience. We hope this post caught your attention – Join the Discord! Our staff will walk you through everything you need to know about joining.

    Anarchy Roleplay Survival

    SKULK SMP Review March 2024

    – Creativity: 4.5 – SKULK SMP definitely delivers on the promise of custom items, blocks, weapons, and structures. The RPG elements add a new layer of depth to the gameplay experience.

    – Challenge: 4.0 – The server provides a good balance of challenge, with plenty of opportunities for players to test their skills and strategize in order to survive.

    – Community: 4.0 – The community on SKULK SMP is active and welcoming, with plenty of opportunities for players to connect and collaborate with each other. Discord integration also makes communication easy.

    – Overall Experience: 4.3 – SKULK SMP offers a unique and engaging Minecraft experience that is sure to keep players coming back for more. With its creative custom content and active community, this server is definitely worth checking out.

    SKULK SMP Minecraft Server FAQ

    Q: What is SKULK SMP?
    A: SKULK SMP is a fun new RPG-based community server with custom items, blocks, weapons, structures, and more.

    Q: How can I get more information about SKULK SMP?
    A: You can join our discord for more information and to download the Mod Pack.

    Q: What is the server IP for SKULK SMP?
    A: The server IP for SKULK SMP is

    Q: What type of gameplay is available on SKULK SMP?
    A: SKULK SMP offers Anarchy, Roleplay, and Survival gameplay modes.

    Anarchy Earth Parkour Survival Towny Vanilla




    Foggy Willows

    Foggy Willows is all about simplicity. Running on the latest vanilla jar with no datapacks or plugins, unlike 95% of servers that claim to be vanilla. We strive to give you a plain boring vanilla experience. There is no fancy confusing spawn or 100 anecdotes you have to read. Be warned, players are expected to sort out their own social issues. Play how you want to play. We have a small player base of normal people, but are looking to expand.

    • Always on the latest stable vanilla jar
    • Dedicated high spec host on fiber optic
    • No world border
    • No plugins
    • No tp/sethome
    • Hard mode
    • Discord
    • Java Only


    Cross-Play Skyblock Survival

    WarpMC Review March 2024

    – Creativity: 4.5/5.0 – The WarpMC server offers a wide range of unique features, such as the Un-Duppable Crate Key system and AI based features, making gameplay exciting and unpredictable.
    – Challenge: 3.5/5.0 – While the server offers competitive Skyblock Seasons and Dungeons with Bosses, some players may find the challenges to be lacking in difficulty.
    – Community: 5.0/5.0 – The active and friendly community on WarpMC makes the overall gaming experience enjoyable, with players eager to collaborate and help each other out.
    – Overall Experience: 4.0/5.0 – WarpMC provides a fun and engaging Minecraft experience with its innovative features, though some players may find the lack of challenging gameplay a drawback. Overall, the server offers a great environment for players to explore and interact with each other.

    Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comments below! 🌟

    Anarchy Survival Vanilla


    LambdaKore is a Classic Survival Server with tons of funs. We added a GriefPrevent Plugin so you can secure your house and belongings. You can gain higher ranks by playing. In conclusion, If you like Survival servers, Join LambdaKore today!




    Vanilla Semi-Anarchy Server With No Limits

    Established on July 1st, 2023, VanillaAnarchy (VA) is dedicated to delivering the ultimate vanilla experience.

    • World Size: 30 Million Blocks
    • View Distance: 10 Chunks
    • Simulation Distance: 9 Chunks
    • Mob Spawn Distance/Rates: 8 Chunks/Vanilla
    • World Resets: Never
    • Start Date: July 1st 2023
    • Joinable on: 1.19 – 1.20.4
    • Discord:
    • Store:

    At VA, we're all about breaking the limits. No player caps here – thanks to our cutting-edge server hardware and software, we can scale to accommodate over 1000 players seamlessly if needed. All while having unlimited mob caps, a default world border, 10-chunk view, 9-chunk simulation, and an 8-chunk mob spawn distance. With the goal to provide the most expansive and immersive vanilla Minecraft gaming experience out there.

    Our commitment to authenticity is reflected in our no-reset policy and minimal rules. We embrace the essence of Minecraft, staying true to its original vision. The only restrictions we enforce are against exploiting and hacking to preserve the game's core experience the way Mojang intended it.

    Economy Factions Pvp Raiding Survival

    MenacingPvP Review March 2024

    – Creativity: 4.5 – To be honest, MenacingPvP brings back the old school vibes of Minecraft with its pre 1.9 pvp style. The limited Shop with essentials like creeper spawn eggs adds a nice twist to the gameplay, making raiding even more challenging and rewarding.

    – Challenge: 4.0 – Acquiring good gear on this server isn’t a walk in the park, and breaking obsidian with 4-7 tnt/creeper explosions definitely tests your patience and skills. The Jobs feature also adds an extra layer of challenge by requiring players to work for their money.

    – Community: 3.5 – The community on MenacingPvP is still growing, so you might not find a bustling player base just yet. However, the players you do come across are usually friendly and ready to team up for some epic faction battles.

    – Overall Experience: 4.0 – Despite being a new server, MenacingPvP manages to capture the essence of old school Minecraft pvp while adding exciting features like Crate Keys and silk spawners. If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience, give MenacingPvP a shot.

    Minecraft Servers to Join

    The Minecraft servers are looking for dedicated players who will participate in their gaming community. Minecraft servers are completely free to play. Join today and play the best Minecraft servers in of the most popular games in the world! Players can join the server in a few different ways. First, you can download the Minecraft launcher, find the server and join with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you want to become a regular user of the Minecraft server, you can also apply to become a member of the community and make your presence known.

    Minecraft Servers List

    A Minecraft server (Java/Bedrock) is a server program that allows players to play the game of Minecraft. In this list you will find hundreds of online servers running the game of Minecraft. These servers offer players a safe place to play the game and have fun together. There are servers for just about any kind of game you can think of. This list contains many different types of top Minecraft servers and new Minecraft servers. Each server on the list is unique, hosting a variety of custom mods, game modes, and features that cater to the diverse preferences of Minecraft players.

    Minecraft Servers Survival

    Survival is the most popular servers type for Minecraft to play. You can find a lot of mods for it, and its population is really high. Minecraft survival servers are based on a more realistic Minecraft, and players here get to play on a world that has a lot of possibilities for how the game will play out. You can play on these servers with friends, and with the same servers and its features, your session is going to be more or less unique. In addition, it is more complicated than the other Minecraft servers, and to play you are going to have to become familiar with the game.

    Minecraft Skins for Minecraft Servers

    Show off your unique skin in the world of Minecraft with this huge variety of Minecraft skins. No matter if you're diving into survival challenges, enjoying community games, or just exploring server lists, you can stand out with a skin that matches your personality. Minecraft skins have something for everyone - whether you prefer simple or intricate designs. Looking for a skin of a specific color? You can easily find Minecraft skins sorted by color, making your search quick and convenient. So go ahead, give your Minecraft skin a fresh look!