Earthmap Factions Survival

Damascus Earth

Damascus Earth is a 1.17.1 Factions Earth SMP on a 1:2000 scale earth map. The world was started fairly recently and much of the earth is still unclaimed. When you join, make sure to join the discord for all of the rules and for better communication with admins and other players. Also, the server has a dynamic map which is accessible from the discord. I can’t wait to see you all on the server.

Economy Faction Factions Survival


Downlift – Crypto Nations

We aim to create the ultimate combination of Cryptocurrency & Clans in Minecraft.

!¡Public BETA, be PATIENT¡!

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Goldenleaf – Factions

This is a Factions server, you can claim land, build a base and then raid other factions! This server is all about PVP, RAIDING and Having a good time! The server is BRAND NEW! Dont You miss playing Old factions or are you a Hardcore Faction player?. We also do Payouts to the leading faction! We are also looking for mods and admins for the server at the moment! JOIN NOW!

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The Lost Kingdom [1.19] [Custom Factions] [Economy] [Lands, War, Taxes] [MCMMO]

The Lost KingdomCustom Factions Server

Subjugate your people, claim taxes, make money, crush your opponents, steal their land, raid their coffers, and rule the land in The Lost Kingdom.


Wars (steal land)
Playtime rewards
Grief Prevention
Raiding/griefing allowed

Factions Survival Vanilla

Apollo smp 1.19 [Season 2] [Land claims] [survival]

Welcome to apollo smp, we are a community run and driven public minecraft server!, anyone can join our server to meet friends and hang out! What do we offer?

  • -A semi-vanilla experience, vanilla minecraft but with a twist
  • -friendly and active staff -non p2w(non-pay-to-win) we do not offer any ranks that could grant you advantages, we appreciate any donations that go directly to funding the server
  • -A Factions plugin that enables you to Claim Land,Create Nations, and control territory -pvp,building and resource control based economy, in the limited world border world, you will have to compete with other factions and nations for Land and Power, but most importantly the limited resources that are available -Wars,enemies and allies are a big part of our server, Declaring wars will enable you to pvp and claim enemy terriortys this will grant you even more power
  • -this server is up 24/7 and is consistently maintained by the owner and staff So why wait to join? Join now using our ip at We are always looking for staff to help us grow our community, Admins, Moderators are needed to provide a safe environment for anybody and everybody!

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    ——-Bloom Network 1.19———-
    – Custom Rank System with Perks using in-game money
    – PlayerEconomy with QuickShop and PWarps
    – Jobs & /sell to earn money
    – McMMO for an RPG experience
    – Towny claim system with no-grief surviva
    – Crates for voting and voteparty

    Economy Factions Pvp Survival Vanilla


    Join RoiCraft!

    Who is a vanilla farm2win faction pvp server and one of a kind!

    quality pvp
    Multitude d’events
    A unique server
    Unique Bosses
    And even Capybara!

    ip not yet present!

    Bedwars Factions Mini Games Pvp Skywars

    RIOT Network

    RIOT Network (START 1.7.)

    Czechoslovak PvP Minecraft server

    You will find with us:
    • PvP Minihry
    • SkyWars
    • BedWars
    • Practice (Build UHC, Pot PvP atd.)
    • Factions

    Follow our Discord!

    Economy Factions Mcmmo Pve Pvp Raiding


    Welcome to the PackFactions beta! Help us test our unique format for a classic MC Gamemode with monthy custom world boss events! Earn unique rewards while you master Magic skills, or MCMMO abilities. Build an empire with your friends and conquer the world. Express yourself with cosmetic skins for your weapons, effects, trails, and pets!

    Economy Factions Pvp

    Omega Factions

    Welcome to Omega Factions! We are a server that offers PVP, Raiding, Economy, Survival and much more. We wanted to bring back some of the original ideals of Factions. With how hard it is to find a good factions server these days we thought we would do our best to bring that experience back. Join now and check out what we have available for you.

    Our server is filled with lots of content to keep you busy for hours and are hosted with ZERO lag. We will continuously be working to upgrade the server as time goes on and will take recommendations from players on additions or modifications.