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*VKS* Multi Realm Survival Island

Welcome to VKS
Vanilla cooperative survival on Survival Islands!
Join and choose your realm to survive in! Get daily login bonuses, buy and sell items, visit the casino with the emerald based economy!

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[Semi-Vanilla][1.16.3][Survival][BuildBattle][Skyblock][Quests][​BlockBall][Paintball][Spleef][PvP Arena][Economy][Pets][Marriage][Creative Build Contest] is a player-economy survival server operating on 1.16.3. We have multiple worlds to offer for most desired styles of game-play, such as GriefSurvival (PvP and Griefing allowed), AntiGriefSurvival (PvP allowed/no griefing), FriendlySurvival (no PvP, no griefing), and Skyblock.

In addition to survival worlds, we currently run three styles of mini-games: BuildBattle, Spleef and Paintball (a paintball style shooter game). Playing these mini-games will earn in-game currency, which we call Rupees. The server also offers player-owned shops or an auctioneer role in order for players to exchange currency and items with ease! Admins are active and always looking for new ways to improve gameplay. A recent addition to the server is the role of Pet Owner. New skins and interactions to be added soon.

1. Plain and simple, we want people to have a good time!
2. Follow the posted rules for each of the three survival worlds: FriendlySurvival, GriefSurvival, and AntiGriefSurvival.
3. Aggressive and foul behavior will not be tolerated. Teasing is fun up to a point.
4. Don’t complain if you lost items because of failure to read the information given to you.
5. Racism and hatred are not allowed on this server. We want everyone to be able to play and have fun.
6. Don’t ask for admin or OP immediately after joining the server. It makes you look like an amateur. We may be interested in adding staff or builders in the future, but you need to play with us for a while and get to know eachother.
7. It shouldn’t need to be said, but NO CHEATING in any form! You will be punished or banned.


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[1.16] Daily.Dose.Club | Softcore Survival PvP | 1.7.3 Worldgen | F2P | Player Trading Economy | Faction Protections

  This server is focused on survival, while still keeping the features of a general PvP themed server. It’s a bit softer than the usual faction server, as teams have higher power, and there are some restrictions in place to make raiding more difficult for the attacking team.
  The server is targeted toward adult players and those with more experience with the game. I made this because I wasn’t happy with how other servers were setup, the lack of traditional PvP servers, and how often PvP gamemodes were only made to scam children of their parents money. I’m not sure if other likeminded people exist who want this type of server, figure I’d see for myself.

The world map is generated using the Modern Beta world generator. Which keeps most new features of the game while adding a 1.7.3 beta inspired terrain. The Nether and End are generated with the normal 1.16 settings.

Some general things to know before playing

– There are minimal in game rules. Just try not to cheat, intentionally spam chat or build massive lag machines. Say what you want and do what you want.
– The world map is 20,000 to -20,000. The Nether is 2,500 to -2,500. The End is 10,000 to -10,000.
– Faction land can be damaged by TnT, but is protected from everything else
– Offline factions are protected from TnT. A faction is considered offline 20 minutes after their last member logs out
– Factions can overclaim eachother if their power goes below their total land
– Each player has 16 faction power, and loses 4 on death
– There is no digital economy, Trader NPCs can be hired by players by giving 10 emeralds to wandering traders.
– Trade NPCs will trade items for you with other players. You can setup shops, their storage can be raided if not protected.
– Logging off in PvP combat will kill you. Try to avoid that
– I will not try to sell you anything. It’s really stupid how bad microtransactions got in this game.

Please use if the domain doesn’t work

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World Of Atlantida | Vanilla 1.16.2

Welcome to World Of Atlantida Discord Server

Server address:
Minecraft community:

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ZephCraft // Java & Bedrock Crossplay // Epic World Generator // Family Friendly

ZephCraft is a family friendly, tight knit community of Minecraft players. We have a custom map that is beautiful and is great for builders. Whether you are an experienced builder, or a newbie, you are welcome in our community.

JAVA and BEDROCK both supported.
Server Address:
Use port 25567 when connecting to bedrock.

Custom Map – Beautiful terrain with custom biomes
mcMMO – Train Skills and unlock new abilities
Graves – When you die, your stuff isn’t! A grave spawns to protect your stuff
Animated Drawbridges, Castle doors and more – For an immersive building experience!
Bottle XP – Store your Xp in bottles to sell, or for safe keeping!
Online Map – See the world online, track your homes and the land you own
Anti Grief System – Claim land with Golden Shovel to protect it
Flying in Claims – Unlock flying in claims through tokens or server subscriptions
Parkour – Need a break from building? Try a parkour course
Custom Villager Shops – Hire villagers to handle trades for you to other players
Silk Spawners – Silk Touch Spawners to move them somewhere else
Disable Mob Spawning – Disable mob spawning in your personal claim with tokens or a server subscription
Bedrock compatibility – Play from your phone, tablet, windows 10 edition, or PS4


Click here for the discord.

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SprigCraft is a Survival PVP Server with 5 Tribes to Choose From. Pick a Tribe, Collect Your Kit, Claim your Land, and Conquer Minecraft!

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Slime Girls Minecraft Server

Kawaii Gang live

It’s not a secret that girls love being violated by slimes because slimes are HOT and SPICEY. You’re right, they really do that to you. But their intentions are to make you a better person.

They swarm around her naked body like the savage slimes they are. The bite is so raw she can barely move. Patches of slime gather above her naked chest. Her heart stops and then she starts. This is like the different sensations she had in her “Minecraft dungeon” that she was alive and now an adult. The sensation of finally being naked and true. A refreshing sense of liberation. The pleasure is something her brain cannot fathom. A pleasure so intense that it is almost unbearable.

Slimes taming a bunny monster girl inside the villagers jail in Minecraft.

Bunny girl likes having slimes around when her toiletries need to be cleaned up. They want to clean off her soft cotton panties and holes so she lets them slither around her hands before they do so. She probably hates the fact that they are slippery and pucker her hands around, but it feels great! That is, until she smells them and they have to be washed. She can’t get enough of slimes. They are so dirty and slimy, but she doesn’t mind it. She loved to get to clean off the slime off her mouth! The carrots add even more magic to the futa transformation.

Slimes successfully tamed a bunny.

Slime girls are different from regular girls in boob size, pussy color, and/or breast development.

But boobs do not mean that a slut is a slut, but it does mean that a girl who is smaller than average is less likely to be part of a community. However, if there are exceptions to this rule, we’ll need to find them. (i.e., fat girls who still support the lifestyle of having sexual relations and we have not yet identified an example of a fat slut!)

Furthermore, not all fat girls are big breasted. Other things besides boobs can indicate a fat girl’s power, especially the ability to manipulate men in various ways. But no matter how many other traits these girls might have, large breasts are still slimes favorite.

Slime monster girl and Alex playing with each other in Minecraft.

Some girls pretend to be real but ive seen a lot of girls who look pretty but act bad as if they are fake. I felt this really affected me, I was able to save some girls from shifting into slimes a while ago but honestly it makes me not want to give up just because it’s difficult, as the slimes are getting more active they make me harder and harder, this is sad. She even forced my hand to touch her big bazoongas and had no shame like she had something on her mind.

Steve touching slime girl on a Minecraft server.
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Ruin Crafters

MC.RUINCRAFTERS.NET is a survival server with an emerald based economy.
Go through the portal at spawn into the wilds, create your base, farm materials to sell for emeralds and buy weapons, armor, and potions.

Things to know about this server:

  • No land claiming
  • You tp with your mount
  • the forests will naturally regrow
  • save your emeralds with /deposit
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    Craftbros V2 Pixelmon Server

    Welcome to CraftBros V2! Originally created in 2013. The Pixelmon server ran for years providing tons of great memories for all with our small but friendly community & Staff, Player based Gym leaders and much more. After many years it is time for the return of CraftBros! With the following features..

  • Pixelmon Reforged 8.0.2
  • GTS Player Owned Shops
  • Player Based GymLeaders
  • SafeFactions
  • PvP-Disabled
  • Free Roam
  • Pixelmon Reward Crates & Keys
  • Gym Leaders Required
  • Safari-Zone
  • Complete Server built
  • Biomes warps
  • Voting Rewards
  • Pokemall
  • Anti-Grief
  • Donation Rewards & Much More!
  • Please feel free to stop by and say Hello! If you have any issues installing the correct mods you can visit our Forums page & our friendly staff will be happy to help.

    Customplugins Faction Factions Mcmmo Shopkeepers

    KegS Survival

    General Server Information


    Version 1.15.2

    We are more than just a Minecraft server, we are a cosmopolitan community with people from all over the world – some of which don’t even play Minecraft.

    KegS Survival server, a simple Faction RPG based server.

    Play to gain points, spend them however you want. Unlock skills / boosts / factions and so much more!

    There is absolutely zero corruption or pay to win. This server is funded and backed by myself.

    World Information

    Hardcore factions server with McMMO and lots of players! Griefing and PvP is allowed.

    Vanilla Server, but with some basic mods that don’t alter core game architecture.

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