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HeroesCraft is a young server under construction where players can participate in its development.
Several game modes are available to you, so come and explore the world of HeroesCraft: p

Mcmmo Skyblock Survival


The best minecraft Survival and Skyblock experience.
Go to for forums and more!
Ranks Available!
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Mini Games Pvp Skyblock Skywars Survival Games

Humblex PVP

A 1.8 PvP based server consisting of fun gamemodes for players
What does the server include?
Practice-PVP,FFA,Uhc-Meetup,Hosted-UHC[Comming soon]

Why should you choose this server?
– Customized Knockback for Pvpers
– Server in cracked-premium mode,
for premium users to pvp with
cracked players to have a new experience
with them

Creative Factions Mcmmo Pvp Skyblock

Dimensional Networks

Welcome to Dimensional Networks Minecraft Server!

We are a proudly South African gaming community which strives to provide our players with the most seamless gaming experience possible with current technologies and softwares.

Join The Experience – IP ::
Join us on TeamSpeak – IP ::
Website –

• Factions (Full PvP and raiding)
• Creative (Free your imagination)
• Skyblock (SteamPunk style gameplay, survive on a sky island!)
• Survival (Normal survival gamemode with awesome adjusted features!)

Dimensional Networks 2016, All rights reserved.

Anarchy Economy Factions Skyblock Vanilla


The SCI Network owned and Co-Owned by 34486 and Airless(flightair). – The remaining server of the Legendary RuneCraft owned by SitaruRadu from 2010/2011 — 2015.


Economy Factions Mcmmo Pvp Skyblock

Zerania Network

You can claim a FREE RANK by going to our store and under the “Global” section selecting “Free Global Rank” and then choosing the Zeranian rank!

The Kingdom of Zerania brings you many breath-taking and thoroughly enjoyable experiences which for sure can be enjoyed by every player that is looking for quality, friendly staff and just something unprecedented. The mythic creatures indigenous to Zerania await you to join them in their fantastic traditions, such as completely revamped KitPvP, custom Skyblock that only can be found in the fantastic lands of Zerania, Skywars minigame, both OP and classic Factions with many new features and many more to come!

Creative Economy Skyblock Survival Towny


MCComrades is a welcoming, adventurous and highly engaging server where players can enjoy Towny, Skyblock, and (soon) Creative Gamemodes!
The Creator of MCComrades attempted to find a server where friends could be made, good times could be had, and fairness was the way of life.
He wanted a server he could call Home.
He couldn’t find it.
So he made it.
Welcome Home Comrade
MCComrades is a place for people to relax and enjoy themselves.
Any sort of Toxic behavior will NOT be tolerated.

Factions Mcmmo Mini Games Skyblock Survival


Previously known as The Real World Minecraft Server with the owners Davo and Sarah.

Our Skypes::


Davo: david.little737

Reality³ is a unique server that is laid back and the players have a lot of freedom to do what they wish. We have simple basic rules for playing on our server to fit everyone. We are generally a survival server but with a few extra things like, Factions and Towny. Our community is very friendly as well as the owners who are husband and wife very dedicated to the server. The owners are constantly working out ways to improve the server. On the server we have Two survival worlds, One Faction and Towny worlds, Nether plus an End world, There is also a world that is completely flat for those that wish to build on flat land. We never reset the worlds so what you build remains for the life of the server. Everyone has access to a way to claim land and earning claim blocks. There is so much more come on the server to experience it for yourself!

Skyblock Skywars Towny

savage empire

Savage empire is a new server, we opened in march, we are a skyblock, towny, minigames server, We also need a bit of staff, Thank you!

– dec

Factions Fun Skyblock


WeirdoCraft is the premier minecraft network experience. You can come on here to chill, play skyblock, kitpvp or factions. We are always looking for new players and we have drop parties and sales often. Come join WeirdoCraft and have some fun.


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