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RanderCraft PvE Non-Grief Community

RanderCraft Minecraft Server// Skyblock // Non-grief Survival // Arenas // Economy

We strive to provide the best community atmosphere possible, with our thriving chat and frequent server events! What makes us different from other servers?

For one, we are strictly against pay-to-play. ALL donor perks such as fly, speed, nick are available to all players to purchase with in game money.

We understand how much time and effort you put into your builds and how devastating it can be to lose them. Rest assured, with our anti-grief plugins any grief or raiding will be undone and PvP is disabled! Alongside that, chests are automatically protected on placement. Alongside Relaxed Survival, we have multiple worlds for Creative & Mini-games! Here at RanderCraft- we ensure our staff members know exactly what they are doing, and have knowledgeable experience of our server. You will rank up in accordance to your helpfulness and general vibe towards your fellow players. We know that all of our staff are fair, consistent, friendly and responsible at all times.

You can ask any staff member for help anytime. RanderCraft does not tolerate any form of staff abuse or ignorance towards players. That said, items are not spawned in and all of our staff (Including admins) play in survival. What are you waiting for? Join now!! IP:

Creative Mini Games Pvp Skyblock Survival Survive

MineGames BRIDGES Hide and Seek DUELS KILLER SKY BEDS server Minecraft

* Duels
*Murder Mystery
* Sky Wars
* skyblock
*Bed Wars
* Survival
* Build Battle
* Hide And Seek
* Destroyer
Big server with mini games
– Annihilation is a PvP game between 4 teams
– Your team’s goal is to destroy the opponent’s crystal
“Where can they collect resources, create defenses”
* Duels
– Mode for fans of PvP battles
*Murder Mystery
– Mystery killing games is a game where
– One of the party members is secretly playing the killer
– Arc plays a detective who needs to kill a criminal
“And the rest of the participants have to determine who the culprit is.”
– And hide from him, or kill if they have a bow and arrow
– Play the famous CS:GO in Minecraft!
* Sky Wars
– Battle on islands in the sky
– Each player/team spawns on their own island
– The goal is to be the last player or team alive
– Kill players with weapons or knock them down
* skyblock
– Survive on the island with minimal resources available
– Expand your island, develop farming and prosper
– Earn points for your island
*Bed Wars
– Bed Wars – you and teammates spawn on islands
– There is a bed on the island, your task is to protect it
– The goal is to destroy opponents’ beds, kill them to win
– Full access to creative mode
* Survival
– 5 worlds to survive: Normal, Fantastic, Village, Hell and Ender
* BuildBattle – New
Builder battle, in 5 minutes you must build the item from the task.
* HideAndSeek – New
There are Hide and Seek, there are Ghosts, there are Hunters and every team strives to win.
* Bridge – New
The goal of Bridge is to cross a one block wide bridge from your base to your opponent’s base and jump into their portal to score a goal. Each time a teammate jumps into the opposing team’s portal, your team earns a point and all players reappear at the starting gate.

Shops Skyblock Survive

⭐LOLILAND⭐❤️BEST ULTRA TECH 1.7.10❤️ Minecraft server

Welcome to the project
⭐ Come and explore the world of LoliLand with your friends!
❤️ We have high-quality assemblies and the best unique developments:

❤ LOLIENERGISTICS – unique mod
Adds tons of solar panels, 3D weapons and armor, and more!

❤ ANIME CASES (press F4)
Open cases and try your luck!

❤ ANIME CONTENT (press F4)
Decorate your home with unique anime art!

❤ BLOCK SHOP (press F4)
Conveniently buy the necessary goods directly in the game!

Get coins for activity!

▂▂▂ HiTech ▂ 1.7.10
technical server. Stock up on energy and boldly go towards the future!

▂▂▂ MagicRPG ▂ 1.7.10
A magical server filled with magic and fantasy creatures.

▂▂▂ DarkMagic ▂ 1.12.2
Magic server on the new version. Take a step towards the magic!

▂▂▂ TechnoMagic RPG ▂ 1.7.10
Tech server. The perfect fusion of magic and technology.

▂▂▂ NanoMagic ▂ 1.12.2
Tech server. Take the best from the world of magic and the world of technology!

▂▂▂Galaxy ▂ 1.12.2
Galactic Server. Create a technological empire and conquer space!

▂▂▂TM SkyBlock▂ 1.7.10
Techno-magic server where you have to survive on a tiny flying island.

▂▂▂ PixelMon ▂ 1.12.2
Pokemon server. Play with Pokémon and become the best trainer!

▂▂▂ FusionTech ▂ 1.12.2
A state of the art technical server at the forefront of technology.

▂▂▂ ElectroTech ▂ 1.4.7
Industrial server on an old version. Well suited for players with a weak PC and not only.

▂▂▂ Power Magic RPG ▂ 1.4.7
Techno-magic server on an old version, combining magic, technology and old-school versions of mods.

▂▂▂ UltraTech ▂ 1.7.10
Complex server based on technical mods, but without the GregTech mod. Explore space, chemistry, technology and more!

▂▂▂ TerraFirmaCraft ▂ 1.7.10
Server with mod TerraFirmaCraft. Go through all the development eras to reach your limit!

❤️ Come visit us and explore the world of LoliLand with your friends!
We are already waiting for you.

Creative Parkour Pve Pvp Skyblock Survival Towny

That Houchens Server

Welcome to That Houchens Server!

Hi there! Welcome to my server! Here you can find some of the basics of Minecraft like survival PVP (player vs player) and even survival PVE (player vs enemy)! We also offer creative mode in a flat world that allows players to release their imagination with no limitations! Need something different? We offer SkyBlock and Parkour! Learn more about each feature below!

Survival PVP

Survival PVP (Player VS Player) is just normal Minecraft on the normal difficulty with Towny!

Survival PVE

Survival PVE (Player VS Enemy) is also just normal Minecraft on the easy difficulty with Towny as well!


SkyBlock is the servers first ever minigame added to the server! Create your own island in the void world by doing the (/island) command. A GUI will appear with many options you can access for your island. SkyBlock is a harder way of survival where you have to survival on an island and expand to become the biggest sky city!


The newest minigame added to the server is parkour! Jump around and try to avoid falling into the void or death block, make it to the end and get rewards like in-game currency, blocks, or even items like diamonds!!!! You can access the parkour lobby by doing the /pa lobby and clicking the join signs of the courses you would like to beat!


What is towny? Towny is basically another land claiming plugin to allow players to claim land and build their own town and expand to cities and even nations! Towny will protect your land from other players from stealing and destroying your creations. You have full control over your town by inviting other player to your town and charging them plot taxes and just so much more! Towny is only available on survival worlds like survival pvp and survival pve. To get started creating your own town, just use the (/t create )!


There are bunch of ways players can make money on the server. A player can get a job or even create their own shop! Creating shops is extremely easy and safe! After creating your own building or creation shop, just follow these steps and you’ll have your very own shop in no time!

  • You need to have these items before you’re able to create your own shop! Chest, Sign, Redstone Dust, Golden Axe.
  • Place down your single or double chest and put the amount of items or block you are wanting to sell.
  • Place the sign next to the chest and on the first line put ( [​Buy] ), this is not case sensitive. The second and third lines can be anything you want, while the fourth line will be the price. Simply but ( 10 ) without the symbols for $10.
  •   4. After creating the sign, and with the Redstone dust in your hand, left click the chest first, then left click the sign. This will link the chest with   the sign. However many items or block you placed in the chest is how much the player will get when purchasing from your store. For example;   if you placed 10 oak logs within the chest and charging 10, the played will be charged $10 and receive 10 oak logs. After linking the chest with   the sign you can then add more oak logs into the chest, this will not change how many the player will get after purchasing.


    Everyone enjoys a rank on the server, to broadcast their power over the server. With That Houchens Server ranking system, we allow players to to buy ranks with in-game currency. Since That Houchens Server is fairly new, we do not offer many ranks but expect to add more in the future with even more fun commands to do! Below will be a list of ranks that players have access to buy with in-game currency!

  • Newbie (Default Starting Rank)
  • Member (No extra permissions but broadcast you played on That Houchens Server long enough to surpass $10,000)!
  • Builder (Players with this rank get access to the /fly command to assist in building)
  • As I said, not many buyable ranks just yet! But more will soon to come! Moderators and Administrator ranks can be applied for when the time comes! Announcements will be made when applications are open!


    If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read all of what we have to offer! Updates will be posted on our website which has not yet been posted, and on PlanetMinecraft! We will also try to post the announcements on the Minecraft server!

    known issues

    We’re aware that when using the Nether portal that your inventory does not stay, we attempted to disable the Nether until this issue is fixed, however, even after disabling the Nether and the End worlds, players are still able to access these worlds and even the default server world ‘world’, if you do travel to these worlds, be aware your inventories will not transfer and all items and blocks will not be saved when returning to your home world. Thank you all for your patience and we try to resolve this issue.

    Skyblock Survival

    Kurved Networks Skyblock 1.18-1.19

    Hello, We are currently a large network that specializes in SCP:SL (A role playing horror game) throughout our network we already have an active user base of over 10,000 members throughout our network! Our minecraft server currently features a Lobby and Skyblock world with many more game-modes to come!

    Cross-Play Prison Pve Pvp Skyblock


    PrimeGames is a thriving Minecraft server that has been in operation since 2017. The server offers a variety of engaging game modes including prison, sky block, and more modes that are set to arrive soon. Players can expect an immersive and interactive experience that will keep them entertained for hours on end.

    One of the standout features of PrimeGames is its amazing community and player base. The server has fostered a welcoming and inclusive environment where players can come together and enjoy the game modes on offer. The community is active and supportive, with players from all around the world participating in the various modes.

    In the prison game mode, players will find themselves incarcerated in a virtual penitentiary, where they must work their way up through the ranks to achieve freedom. This is accomplished through various tasks and activities, such as mining, farming, and trading with other players. The sky block game mode is set on a floating island in the sky, where players must use their wits and resources to survive and thrive.

    As mentioned, PrimeGames is continuously expanding and adding new game modes, providing players with fresh and exciting challenges to tackle. With its impressive community and engaging gameplay, it’s no surprise that PrimeGames has become a beloved Minecraft server among players of all ages and skill levels.

    Bestserver Creative Funserver Kitpvp Parkour Pixelmon Prison Skyblock Survival Survivalsmp


    OPBlocks is a high-quality Minecraft Prison, Survival SMP, Skyblock, and Pixelmon server featuring unique content and an amazing community, friendly staff, and awesome players like you!


    JAVA IP:
    BEDROCK IP: (Port 19132)

    1.8 -> 1.19 are supported!

    » Prison
    » Skyblock
    » Survival SMP
    » Pixelmon

    Economy Factions Skyblock Survival Towny Vanilla


    Brand new survival with lots of features to make the greatest survival multiplayer server.

    Quests / Jobs / Grief protection / Bosses and much more to come. Improve and become powerful in certain areas of the community whether that is the most money or the best builds or even maximising your skills the possibilities are endless on Hydracraft!

    Prison Pvp Skyblock Skywars Survival Survival Games

    mine toy

    Welcome to the MineToy Network Minecraft server!

    Here you will find a unique and exciting gaming experience, with a variety of game modes, events and activities to suit all tastes. We offer a friendly and fun environment, where you can meet players from all over the world and make new friends while having fun. Our server has a large number of features, among which are: Custom game modes: we have various game modes.

    Economy Pve Pvp Skyblock


    – Mobcoins
    – Pets
    – Farming Tools
    – Mining Worlds
    – Bosses
    & more!