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SpectraMC – Skyblock Server – Coming Soon

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SpectraMC is a no pay2win Islands Minecraft Server with a currency system, island upgrades and more!


Anarchy Antipay2win Best Citybuild Ffa Foreveryone Foryoupage Fyp Java New Nobans Nopay Nopay2win Noranks Other Plots Pvp Server Skyblock | Anarchy Plots and Skyblock

Welcome to, the ultimate Minecraft server offering you an unparalleled gaming experience! Dive into our unique game modes and enjoy a fair and exciting community. At, we proudly maintain a NO PAY2WIN policy!

What We Offer:

– Skyblock: Test your survival skills on your own floating island. Gather resources, expand your island, and see how far you can go in this challenging and rewarding game mode.

– FFA (Free For All): Jump into the fray and compete against other players in intense PvP battles. Prove your combat prowess and climb the leaderboards to become the ultimate champion!

– Plot System: Design and customize your own plots to showcase your creativity and building skills. Whether you’re creating a masterpiece or a functional base, the possibilities are endless.

Join us today and experience a Minecraft server like no other. Explore, compete, and create in a community that values fairness and fun above all else.


Events Kitpvp Minigames Skyblock Souppvp Survival Youtuber

booplayz server

Get ready for an action-packed experience with our Events, KitPvP, Soup, and so much more! Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, there’s something for everyone. Join our vibrant community today and dive into exciting challenges

Battlepass Boss Skyblock Smp Survival Towny

Direwolvz Network

Welcome to the Direwolvz Network!

Greetings, brave adventurers, and welcome to the Direwolvz Network, where boundless skies and endless possibilities await! As you embark on your journey amidst the floating islands of our Skyblock realm, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for choosing to join us on this epic adventure.

Within these pages, you’ll find the lore that guides our realm, where the majestic DireWolf reigns supreme as protector and guardian. It is a land of mystery and magic, where players rise through the ranks to become legends in their own right.

We want to extend our deepest thanks to each and every one of you for becoming a part of our community. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh-faced newcomer, your presence enriches the tapestry of our server, and we are honored to have you with us.

Together, let us explore the wonders of the Direwolvz Network, forge new friendships, and create memories that will last a lifetime. May your adventures be filled with excitement, discovery, and the joy of camaraderie.

Once again, welcome to the Direwolvz Network. Thank you for joining us on this extraordinary journey!

With warm regards,

the DireWolvz Team

Anarchy Bedwars Earth Lifesteal Minecraft Modified Pvp Skyblock Skywars Survival


Its an anarchy server but it a variation of anarchy,ww3 starting *I installed a few things to make the server interesting*You can join the server from 1.12 to 1.20.6Have fun in the server:)

Farming Gens Mining Other Pvp Skyblock


Welcome to FleetMC, the ultimate Minecraft experience where adventure and innovation collide! Explore our unique, dynamic and ever-changing mining area with shifting terrain, elemental zones, and a plethora of resources waiting to be discovered. Each visit promises new challenges and rewards, ensuring an exciting and fresh experience every time you delve into the depths.

Craft custom tools and armor with advanced recipes, including our exclusive “Enchantment Infusion” system. This feature allows you to acquire powerful enchantments and apply them to your items using an anvil, enhancing your gear’s performance and unlocking unique abilities. With tools like the Silverstriker Pickaxe and the Decapitator, you’ll be well-equipped to face any challenge.

Join forces with friends in our cooperative mining guilds, compete for control of resource-rich areas, and participate in dynamic server-wide events. Our engaging lore and quest system will guide you through the ancient mysteries of the caverns, rewarding you with exclusive items and backstory.

Dive into our vibrant economy with a dynamic resource market and player-run shops. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer, FleetMC offers a rich, immersive experience that will keep you coming back for more. Join us now and become a legend in the Elemental Depths!


Bedwars Brasil Pvp Rankup Skyblock Skywars Survival


Come to the best Minecraft server, we have our new Egypt Survival server, with Custom Armor, Custom Boss, Differentiated Pets, among all this we also have:

What are you waiting for? Join now to play with us, call your friends and be the best in pvp at GlowGames.

IP Java:
IP Bedrock:

Infinite Skyblock Survival

Infinite Skyblock

Infinite superflat!! (Join the discord and @ me if you want to play cause it will probably be offline)

Java and Bedrock 1.21


I have another server too in the discord

Casino Creative Parkour Plugins Pvp Skyblock Survival

❤️ MineLegacy ❤️ Survival, BedWars, Vulture⭐1.12-1.21 Minecraft server


Server on version 1.8 – 1.21+

— Classic and Grief Survival, BedWars, SkyPvP, SkyWars, Hunger Games, SkyBlock, Creative, Farm

— Clans, arena for clan battles, and also top clans

— Statistics of the best players

— Entertainment: parkour, trampolines, club, casino, hangout, mob-gym, fishing, beach recreation

— Unique plugins made by our programmers

— Rare wipes, and there is also a world of donators – with wipes once every 3 months

— Secret Easter eggs, secrets, hidden gifts

– Honest donation

A cozy server with experienced administration, guaranteeing you a comfortable game without lags.

We are already more than 10 years old. Excellent survival and PvP server with good online.

Beautiful buildings, there is a world with rare wipes. Unique set of plugins for convenience.

A sea of ​​entertainment, on our server you will not have time to get bored 🙂

Here you will find everything you like, and nothing extra!




Skyblock server between friends, chat and event game system, rank system, the server is in development, please be lenient and suggest ideas, thank you

Ass Awesome Class Com Craft End Erver Eso Friend Friendly Hype Hyper Ill Love New Play Player Players Raft Riendly Server Staff Style Survival Multiplayer Taff You


Come play our awesome server. We love new players. If you come play you will never want to leave. We have so friendly players and staff members.


Action Actions Active Ass Class Com Creative Eat Erver Fac Faction Factions Game Games Incoming King Looking Ming Mini Mini game Mini Games New Owny Plot Plots Plus Rvival Server Staff Sur Surv Surviv Surviva Survival Taff Town Towny

Limitless MC

*Looking for staff!* New server with Survival Towny and Factions, plus Creative plots and loads of mini games incoming!

Action Actions Ass Class Classic Com End Erver Fac Faction Factions Friendly Fun Horde Host Infinity Join Kit Kits Lms Pvp Raid Raiding Real Realm Realms Riendly Rvival Server Style Sur Surv Surviv Surviva Survival Tekkit This Thor

Infinity Realms

This is a fun friendly Tekkit Classic server named Infinity Realms with Factions, Survival,pvp,raiding,Kits, and much much more why dont you come join us for a while. 😀


Build Building Claim Death Discord Eco End Essentials Essentialsx Fly Forge Hard Home Leveling Map Mcmmo Minecraft Mmo New Open Pirate Play Player Plugin Plugins Pvp Quest Quests Rol Server Shop Shopkeepers Skills Standard Store Survival Multiplayer Vanilla Website Worldguard

Pekach2020 1.15.2 by (sc2tv) Minecraft server

Vanilla server version 1.15.2 from the website of Pekach ( Everyone is welcome.

Private, mcmmo, logs and rollback. Without wipes. The difficulty is hard.
Address –
Web map
Forum (in case of problems / offline, see here)
We also have a Discord, which you can find out by going to the server.

You can enter from the pirates, for example, through TLauncher ( You need to set a nickname in it. Do not forget to install version 1.15.2 in the launcher!

It works 24/7.

Attention! The server provides an overview with a radius of 16 chunks. Limit your visibility to client tools to standard 8-10 or less if you have a weak PC and performance is sinking.

The old server 1.12.2 has not gone anywhere and will not go soon, everything is still available, about it in the end.

Briefly about the rules:
It is forbidden any greetings, killings of players and tamed animals, insults, cheating, theft, etc. PvP is prohibited everywhere except arenas.
You can build anywhere, but no closer than 500 blocks to the buildings of other players and spawn. Extremely unaesthetic buildings, such as cobblestone boxes, are prohibited.

List of main plugins:
Cenotaph – after the death of the game character, a coffin containing the entire loot is still 2 hours;
EssentialsX – / home, / spawn, / tpa;
LogBlock – full logging of all changes in the world. Did you accidentally break something? Correct, otherwise they will be punished;
mcMMO – leveling skills;
Shopkeepers – stores. We put a chest and write in chat / shopkeeper trade;
WorldGuard – Private.

Territory privatization – with a wooden ax in hand (// wand), left-click on one block, then right-click on another block, thus select the region, enter the command / region claim nickname_region_name
The restriction on the territory is 400,000 blocks, 20 territories.
You can delete a region using the command – / region delete
To record a new member of a region, type: / region addmember. To remove – / region removemember
To find out if the territory is / rg info.

There are commands / sethome, / home, / spawn.
You can send teleport requests to other players – / tpa, / tpahere

The world is limited at coordinates 16000.

The server restarts at 3:45 (UTC + 2) daily. Restarting takes approximately 2 minutes.
The map is updated daily in the morning. Full daily backup is also performed.

And do not worry about your buildings. In case of server closure (in the distant future), the game world will be packed and laid out in open access.

The old server 1.12.2 has not gone anywhere and will not go soon, everything is still available:
Address –
Web map
Forum (in case of problems / offline, see here)

Active Adult Adults Arena Arenas Aus Build Chest Class Craft Creativity Dawn Dynmap Economy End Enjoy Erver Experience Fun Inecraft Mall Map Mine Minecraft Oriented Plugin Plugins Pvp Rvival Server Shop Small Survival Teen Town Towny


A small 40 slot server run by a couple of UK teens (adults?). We run the server because it is fun and we enjoy encouraging creativity here.

Server is Survival and mainly build oriented, but we have PVP arenas available.
We run BOSEonomy, Towny, Dynmap, Chest Shop and many other plugins to give variety to your Minecraft experience.

Action Build Class Com Community Craft Diamond Easy Ect Erver Experience Fac Faction Factions Fun Game Games Great Happy Has Help Join Large Mod Network New Play Prison Pro Server Special Staff Star Start Style Unique

MontyCraft Network

Montycraft is a server with a large variety of games. The server is unique in its own way, it has a great community and great staff which are happy to help the server out. The server is constantly trying to improve itself, so you can always expect something new.

Many of the game modes are easy to start off with, especially Factions. In factions, you start off with diamond armour from the start. In prison, you start off with diamond pickaxe and you use that to build your way up. The rest of the game modes are just a few minute game modes, but are pretty fun. Join the server now and experience the fun yourself.


100 Ass Auto Blo Block Car Class Ect Enjoy Erver Hack Hut Ill Lin Mine Minehut Nline Online Play Player Players Rol Role Rules Rvival Server Sur Surv Surviv Surviva Survival This Title Vanila

Survival no rules

This is a server with no rules. You can even hack. This server will be up alot but not 24/7. The more players, the more it is online. Enjoy. (100% vanila)

Active Arcade Best Capture Community Craft Create Creative Custom End Faction Factions Forge Friendly Games Mine Minecraft Minigame Minigames Mod Network Parkour Play Player Plugin Plugins Prison Pvp Rol Server Servers Ships Sky Skyblock Spleef Staff Survive Unique Who


Minecraft Superior Gaming is the Minecraft server for all your favorite gamemodes and minigames! We have a network of different servers using our own custom plugins, such as our Arcade and Control minigame servers! Create something with your friends on our Creative server! Survive and defeat the enemy in PvP or Factions! We also have other games and servers such as Spleef, Parkour, Capture The Flag, Skyblock and more to come!

Our server isn’t only about the games however – it’s also the community that makes the server all the better! With over 900 000 unique players join our server, you’ll be sure to meet many different people and make friends with anyone. We have over 10 friendly and experienced staff from all timezones who will always listen to you and aim to help you as best as they possibly can, and are more than willing to have a chat with any player on the server and get to know you more on a personal level. With countless people having formed friendships on the server, you’ll be guaranteed that your stay with us will be unforgettable experience!

Ass Class Com Community Conomy Craft Eco Econ Econom Economy Erver Ming Mmu Ommunity Orc Owny Raft Rvival Server Style Sur Surv Surviv Surviva Survival Town Towny Welcoming


ArborCraft is a Survival Towny Economy server. We are a community of welcoming individuals and we hope you can come by and see us.


Action Anarchy Ass Button Class Cod Com Command Commands Craft Discord Dom Erver Free Freedom Ill Inecraft Mine Minecraft Non Private Raft Ree Server Survival Multiplayer Ter Tes Tps Vote

Kanongg Minecraft Server

Description of the server On our server you will not see unnecessary plug-ins, privates, commands. Only anarchy and freedom of action. Server discord:

65 VoteGet button code

Active Amazing Class Community Craft Custom Economy Emo End Environment Features Forums Friendly Fun Game Giveaways Gyms Home Inecraft Join Legendaries Mine Minecraft Mpet Network Networks Npc Npcs Old Pet Pixelmon Pokemon Rules Server Sign Special Weekly Youtube

Zooke Pixelmon Server W/Custom NPCs

Welcome to the Zooke Network Pixelmon Server.

This server was built for all users to come together and have fun. You can also gain special privileges through signing up to our forums at where we host weekly competitions and giveaways.

Our server holds many fun features such as gyms, options to purchase Legendaries, VIP, or just regular shiny Pokemons. ALL for very cheap prices.

This server is made for fun so rules are very limited, just be sure to act friendly to other members to keep our server a fun positive environment to hangout. Enjoy your stay!

Make YouTube videos? Join our YouTube network home to an amazing community of gamers. Join the fam:

Ass Build Class Com Community Craft End Everyone Exp Experience Friend Friendly Friends Fun Gaming Inecraft Mad Mean Mine Minecraft Ming New Ommunity One Play Pure Riendly Riends Rvival Style Sur Surv Surviv Surviva Survival Survive Vive

Wizmo Pure Survival Experience

Wizmo Gaming, a pure survival experience that can only be named “community”. Everyone here is friendly, and you are meant to play Minecraft like how it was made. Survive, build, and have fun with friends and meet new friends.


Ass Blo Blood Clan Class Construction Craft Creative Creativity Dom Elf End Erver Eth Free Freedom Friends Group Kind Limits Mew Oup Play Player Players Ram Real Ree Riends Ring Rings Server Style Who


A = TN = Craft brings you the freedom of self-forgotten construction. Here, really, only your creativity can set limits.
You want a creative server in your blood, which is also well put together with demanding players – You get it.
We are waiting for all our kind creative players who want to play within the framework of an informal group of friends.


Admin Class Craft Creative End Fly Free To Play Minecraft Game Gameplay Ill Inecraft Interesting Limited Make Mine Minecraft Minecraft Clans Minecraft Economy Minecraft Marriages Minecraft Survival Mini No Dupes No Launcher No Resets People Play Pve Pvp Resource Resources Russian Minecraft Server Unlimited Vanilla Vanilla Like Wip World

VanillaOnly – Unlimited World – No Wipe Minecraft Server

VanillaOnly is a Minecraft server for serious people. Here you will not find such privileges as fly, creative or op. The server administration does not issue resources, which makes the gameplay honest and interesting. Also on our server there will never be wipes, and the world is endless.

Active Ban Challenging Class Craft Create Eco Element End Environment Experience Factions Free Game Games Ill Law Mcmmo Mmo Old Pixelmon Play Player Players Plugin Plugins Pve Pvp Raiding Road Server Simple Survival Unique War Who World


Welcome to Hitmoncraft!

A one-of-a-kind pixelmon server where you can shape the world and your game as you like. Be warned that this is not a simple server. It requires intelligence, maturity, and a broad general knowledge. You can also expect references and nods to the early games for those who grew up with Pokémon.

In general players are free to do as they wish to each other and to the pixelmon of the world, but be aware that behaving badly will have repercussions and may result in your being branded as an outlaw.

Select plugins have been added to create an immersive experience. mcMMO allows you to grow and endure harsher environments with its PvE elements, whilst the PvP aspects allow you to become prodigious bounty hunters or bandits.

Pixelmon may be battled and caught in the usual fashion. Our safari zone holds exclusive pixelmon not found anywhere else and our league is as unique as it is challenging.

Best Class Community Cool Craft Custom End Fac Faction Factions Friendly Fun Game Games Kit Latest Mine Minecraft Minigame Minigames Mod Network New Paintball Parkour Pvp Server Sky Skyblock Skywars Spleef Survival Survival Games Team Tnt Unique War Wars Xrun


Welcome to Dusty Network. We are a fun, friendly, and exciting community. Our server includes many custom and unique plug-ins giving you the best minecraft experience you will ever have. Our team will always work on adding the latest and coolest features and gamemodes based on your feedback.

Our server includes:

Minigames: Survival Games, Spleef, XRUN, Missile Wars, TNT-Tag, Paintball, Parkour, Skywars
PvP & Kit-PvP

Hope we will see you soon.

-DustyNetwork Team


Active Arena Craft Diamond Donate Donation Donations Economy End Fac Faction Factions Games Join Kit Kits Knight Medieval Mine Minecraft Mini Games Minigame Minigames Mob Nations Nether New Old Play Player Playing Pvp Raiding Rank Ranks Roleplay Server Shop Spawn

CCFactions and Minigames

Welcome to Creed Craft Factions! A new, fresh server in the hands of an ambitious Owner, BTS107. We include a shop with over 100+ items, a newly done, medieval style Faction Spawn (As for the Main Spawn), the Nether, and mini games such as the Mob Arena, and Last Man Standing! We hold drop parties every time 20 or more players are currently on and actively playing. And of course we accept donations, plus show off how much you donated by receiving a special donation rank! During Easter weekend (Sunday through Saturday), you will get 15% off on any prices above $20 of purchase! And if you can’t donate, there is in-game money where you can buy different /kits like “Knight”, and “Duke”. (NOTE: *Different than Donation ranks*) Speaking of kits, once you join, your kit of a “New Comer” includes items such as diamonds, potions, and wood to start off your Minecraft journey!

Ass Class Erver Gaming Ill Mall Ming Play Player Players Pot Rvival Server Small Style Sur Surv Surviv Surviva Survival Ten Vanilla Way

SGN Vanilla Survival

Small server with lots of potential & players.


Adventure Anti Arena Arenas Boss Bosses Class Classic Craft Crafting Eco Econ Economy End Event Events Inecraft Interesting Item Items Legendary Lit Mine Minecraft Mob Mod Mods Money Mpet New Pvp Resources Rewards Server Shop Shops Unique War World

LuvEndCree 1.15.2 Minecraft Server

– Lack of launcher. You can put any mods at your discretion
– Anti-cheat and AntiX-ray
– The economy. You can talk a lot about her. You can stuff money and resources in arenas, or you can in the mine. Or you can just sell the unnecessary in the classics. There are also many different shops. Shop ordinary things. Shop goals, shop legendary things.
– Of course, privates.
– Bosses with a quality drop.
– New crafting recipes
– Mob Arena, Pvp Arena. Many events and competitions. Unique rewards and items.
– Many worlds, such as the world of Permafrost (Very interesting in terms of adventure).
Group with news and guides:

Ars Block Build Car Cars Class Create Earth Empire End Enjoy Explore Farm House Lit Lore Map Nation Nations New Newest Play Player Players Political Pro Project Roleplay Scale Server Simple Title Town Towny World

Project Reimagine

The newest geo-political towny server , we give players access to create nations, form empires and even dominate the world.

We also have other ways for players to enjoy our server, you can drive cars, build the house of your dreams or even just build a simple farm On our 1-1000 scale map of earth their is endless possibilities for you to explore

Minecraft Servers to Join

The Minecraft servers are looking for dedicated players who will participate in their gaming community. Minecraft servers are completely free to play. Join today and play the best Minecraft servers in of the most popular games in the world! Players can join the server in a few different ways. First, you can download the Minecraft launcher, find the server and join with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you want to become a regular user of the Minecraft server, you can also apply to become a member of the community and make your presence known.

Minecraft Servers List

A Minecraft server (Java/Bedrock) is a server program that allows players to play the game of Minecraft. In this list you will find hundreds of online servers running the game of Minecraft. These servers offer players a safe place to play the game and have fun together. There are servers for just about any kind of game you can think of. This list contains many different types of top Minecraft servers and Live Minecraft Servers. Each server on the list is unique, hosting a variety of custom mods, game modes, and features that cater to the diverse preferences of Minecraft players.

Minecraft Servers Survival

Survival is the most popular servers type for Minecraft to play. You can find a lot of mods for it, and its population is really high. Minecraft survival servers are based on a more realistic Minecraft, and players here get to play on a world that has a lot of possibilities for how the game will play out. You can play on these servers with friends, and with the same servers and its features, your session is going to be more or less unique. In addition, it is more complicated than the other Minecraft servers, and to play you are going to have to become familiar with the game.

Minecraft Skins for Minecraft Servers

Show off your unique skin in the world of Minecraft with this huge variety of Minecraft skins. No matter if you're diving into survival challenges, enjoying community games, or just exploring server lists, you can stand out with a skin that matches your personality. Minecraft skins have something for everyone - whether you prefer simple or intricate designs. Looking for a skin of a specific color? You can easily find Minecraft skins sorted by color, making your search quick and convenient. So go ahead, give your Minecraft skin a fresh look!