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hey guys,
Good news for you. If you play minecraft java version, we have just launched our new server named Pixeledge. you can join the server by putting the ip below in the game. Its hosted on Bangladesh and that means you will get very low ping when your playing. Also this server basically runs on 64GB ram. So dont even think of lag.

Server ip-

V2 – ( vanilla ) 1.16.2
The Bridge- a minigame. minecraft version 1.8-1.16.2 (1.8 pvp)

To keep up with the updates stuffs check facebook, discord or the website

Creative Discord Economy Free Ranks Skyblock Survival Vanilla

NRG Network

Welcome to NRG Network. We are a newly opened server which currently consists of a vanilla+ survival server, a Creative server and soon to come a skyblock server. We have a non-griefing policy and we have a PvE environment. We have an economy system which also includes quests/jobs and in-game ranks of course. In the upcoming months we will be adding more servers to the network which we will be adding through polls, that our players will be able to vote on. We intend to grow together with the community so we match our communities wishes in the best way possible.

With NRG Network we strive to give the best player experience for all of our players by having active staff and frequent updates on bugs and new features. We have officialy launched since the 15th of february, so we are still a small community looking to grow.

Feel free to join our discord server to recieve regular updates and get to know our community.
We hope to see you soon.

Skyblock Survival

Biemcraft [1.12 t/m 1.16]

Biemcraft Survival & Skyblock.

Discord Prison Skyblock


UltraNetwork – OP Skyblock & OP Prison (Cracked)

Our network consists of a variety of different features we enhance the experience you would regularly have on an OP Network to allow you to have a joyful time playing on the server.
You can join the server by connecting to the

1.7.10 – 1.14


Prison Skyblock Vanilla


We are a new minecraft server, we have versions 1.8 – 1.16.4


SkyBlock 1.8.x
Vanilla 1.16.4
Working in prison

Creative Mcmmo Mini Games Pvp Skyblock Survival


Bulgairan server. Perfect for any players! It has minigames, PVP, survival and creative worlds! Working site and voting system! For Version 1.8-1.16.4!No lag server! If you wanna play with friends this server is for you!

Creative Mini Games Skyblock Survival


Cool place to spend the quarantine: D
Cool place for dealing with the quarantine!

Factions Kitpvp Pvp Skyblock Survival Games

Marshal Network

Marshal Network opened …
We started the Marshal Network, which we have worked for you players. For now, we have activated our Emek Skyblock and PvP games. In the near future, we will add our Survival Games and Single Block game to our household.

Kitpvp Skyblock Skywars Survival

LatamCraft Network

Latin survival server 1.16.3, with compatibility / support for versions 1.9 to 1.16.3
Our server contains:

> OP Charms
> Special missions
> Unique crafts
> Protection system
> Staff always attentive 24/7
> Economy with jobs, auctions, user store and common store
> Rental pitches next to the spawn
We are not pay-to-win, we have 0 lag, stable ping and we have an active community. Come in now!

Creative Mini Games Pve Pvp Skyblock Survival


SlothMC aims to take it slow and to provide our users with a fun and safe community to enjoy. We have 2 survival worlds- one is PvE, one is PvP. Our PvE world features a nice shop to buy and sell items from your inventory. We have 2 Creative worlds- 1 plot worlds for all users to enjoy and one flat world for donors. We also have a Mini-Games world! lolsloths is the Owner of the server. He’s helped to staff quite a few servers. He started work on SlothMC in September of 2020. Thanks to help and support from his friends and staff team the server was ready to be released by December 2020. Our server is not flashy. We aren’t setting out to compete with big name servers. However, the entire staff team enjoys playing Minecraft. If you’re looking for a chill server where you can hang out with chill people, look no further- SlothMC is waiting for you!

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