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Fort Crumble

Welcome to a new Anarchy Server. Join for the Chaos stay for the fun.
While right now the server is bare bones there is plenty of old ruins to explore and lute from previous servers.
We are starting out vanilla and will add mods later as we gain popularity.
There is only a few RULES: No hate speech, No verbal bullying
This is an ANARCHY server so take what you want and protect what is yours.
Lets have fun.

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Solar Anarchy

Solar Anarchy is a fresh new anarchy server with no anticheat and no whitelist. You can do whatever you want there are no rules! You can grief, steal, PVP, lavacast or anything the choice is yours! The server is running on paper spigot but if you find any dupes I will not patch them

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Shulkerbox Anarchy

On Shulkerbox there are no rules. Vanilla survival at it’s purest. Explore a map touched by over 1000 unique players. Build. Explore. Fight.

Server has run on every version since Beta 1.4 and the map started on 16/02/2020.

0b0t 1b1t 2b2t 2b2tclone 3b3t 4b4t 5b5t 6b6t 7b7t 8b8t 9b9t Anarchy Anarchyserver Anarchysurvival Hacksallowed Noreset Norules Vanilla

VERSION: 1.17.1

No lag & stable TPS

no rules

no queue

true vanilla

minimal quality-of-life plugins (tablist, antinetherroof)

no game-breaking changes continues the goal of long term vanilla survival, with no rules outside what groups decide to enforce on their own as they claim territory. I created this server because waiting in a queue for 5hrs is no fun.

started LATE October 2021

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[1.17.1] AnarchyCraft | PvP | Custom Weapons | Guilds | Events | Enhanced Vanilla

[1.17.1]  AnarchyCraft | PvP | Custom Weapons | Guilds | Events | Enhanced Vanilla Minecraft Server——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

0b0t 2b2t 2b2talternative 2b2tanarchy 2b2tclone 2b2torg 2builders2tools 5b5t 7b7t 8b8t 9b9t Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchypvp Anarchyserver Anarchysurvival Anarchysurvivalminecraft Constantiam Dumbledore Hardcore Hardcorepvp Hausemaster Headmasteralbus Invincibleanarchy Netheranarchy Nomapreset Nomapresets Oldfag Phoenix Phoenixanarchy Purityvanilla Pvp Pvpsurvival Raiding Survival Survivalpvp Survivalserver Vanilla Vanillaserver Vanillasurvival – 1.17 Anarchy Server – [Anarchy] [PvP] [Survival] [Vanilla] [No Rules] [No Resets] [No Bans]

Welcome to Phoenix Anarchy !
Visit our Website:
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Our IP:
PhoenixAnarchy is a 1.17 Anarchy Server like 2b2t. It is currently the largest and fastest growing 1.17 Anarchy server. PhoenixAnarchy hosts the community of NetherAnarchy since the shutdown of the 1.16 Anarchy Server.

1.17 Minecraft “Anarchy Servers” are servers that usually have no rules, no bans, no map resets, and traditionally allow the use of hacks/exploits and “hacked clients”. The most famous of these servers is, which runs on Minecraft 1.12 and is, as some claim, the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft (most notably YouTuber FitMC, Youtuber SalC1 and Youtuber fastvincent1). The server rose to more main-stream popularity after June of 2016 when a YouTuber by the name of TheCampingRusher streamed himself as he played on the server.

TheCampingRusher’s video sparked a new wave of joins to the already years-old server. This ignited a war referred to as the “Rusher War”, between new-join viewers of TheCampingRusher’s videos, and the existing player base of the server. This rise in demand for Anarchy Minecraft Servers encouraged many to create their own “2b2t clones”, or servers that attempt to emulate the gameplay experience of 2b2t to varying degrees. For 1.17 Anarchy, the most recommended anarchy server is, a 1.17 anarchy server started in July 2021. In the past 4 months, Phoenix Anarchy has grown past +10,000 unique joiners on server, +900 discord players and +40 average player population on server.

Anarchysurvival Survival


Well connected anarchic Minecraft server discord server
-plugin backpack
-plugin skin resorts
-plugin clans
-plugin tpa
server has no rules the back pack plugin drops things when dying
-clan commands
/clan create [name]
/clan chest
/clan invite [name]
/clan join [name]

1life Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchyserver Anarchysurvival Hardcore Norules Norulesanarchy Vanilla Vanillaserver Vanillasurvival

After Dark HARDCORE ANARCHY – 100% Vanilla Hardcore Anarchy
That is the IP. Right there ^^^ above this text, here.

This is a HARDCORE SERVER!!! If you die, thats it.
It doesnt matter how, or why, or because of who– If you die, you are dead forever.

Also be aware!:
There are no rules of any kind!
Anything flies here! So no whining about other players.

Anyways, join any time and try to not die in the hell scape that is our spawn lmao.
Discord is WIP.

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SpotAnarchy is a modernised anarchy server with no rules, no anti-cheat, or anything.
It is pure old minecraft which you can play, and there is a 25 block spawn protection so you don’t die straight away when joining.
Jump straight into the fun on 1.17.1,

100vanilla Anarchy Anarchysmp Anarchysurvival Norules Norulesanarchy Smp Survival Vanilla

After Dark Anarchy – 100% Vanilla

There are no rules
Do whatever you want, I don’t really care.

also: grief spawn lots ill be taking screenshots

ok bye play game

🙂 smile

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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