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try true anarchy without abusive owners !!!
TRY NOW !!!!

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NZNetwork Minecraft [1.8 – 1.16.3] Kiwi Server – Bungeecord – Multiple servers – Great community – Minigames |

NZnetwork Minecraft

We are now open GLOBALLY to all players around the world! – All you old players who have moved overseas can now join with no VPN!

Come join one of the worlds longest running Minecraft servers (Since 2010!)

–> Some screenshots on this server advertisement are built by the user <-- –> Come watch Kim do some epic builds on it’s well worth it! <-- The most important information. The connection info!
Use either one of these:

Come join our Discord, it’s like the heart of our community

Nznetwork runs on a fully dedicated system running a bungeecord network meaning we can run multiple servers without having issues such as low TPS or crowding.

World Edit Creative world
Build Battle
Survival (Friendly survival)
Hardcore Survival
Anarchy survival (No rules! – except maybe one or two chat related ones!)

*On the Hardcore Server:
One old world, for the older players
One fresh world, for 1.15.2 terrain generation with a nether and end that will be reset after each game version update

The community on NZnetwork’s minecraft servers is one which has been known to spend hours on a Friday night building together or just getting upto general mischief by building the most random structures you could imagine.

We aim to provide near 100% uptime, because an offline server just plain old sucks.

To limit the risk of griefing and trouble makers, we run rollback and logging software and only allow players who have built a creation to access creative mode freely on our creative servers. This system has proven itself very stable as people who have wanted to destroy others builds don’t hang around and any that do slip through can do limited damage in survival mode. We can always roll back any damage they do anyway!

A little history about NZnetwork:
We are one of the oldest running Minecraft servers in New Zealand and have been online since 2010.
Over 5000 players have joined this server since it’s initial release in 2010 (These players were only from New Zealand as the server was originally IP locked to New Zealand players only)

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Sapper Anarchy

Do whatever! absolutely no rules! Hacks allowed! Dupes allowed! Cheats allowed! Raid others, new map, pure survival, no anticheat, no plugins!

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This server is purely anarchy, no rules, pure vanilla, except flying. Sorry, you can not fly, due to increase in lag if you do. You will be able to donate in the future to make oour server more powerfull. Thank you for playing!

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Midnight MC

Part of the KDN Gaming Network
Currently Still Under Construction.

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TFP Semi-Anarchy

The Furry Project is a Semi-Anarchy server
You are free to do whatever you want however there is one rule, unlike a traditional Anarchy server cheating/exploiting will result in a ban

It is not an An anarchy server, unlike Anarchy our server has a few basic rules the main one being no cheating/hacked clients. alongside common respect and ethical treatment towards other players AKA common sense, as of right now griefing and raiding is allowed, but OPTIONAL I like to give the players the freedom to do what they want to do, and it is stated throughout the spawn area that it is highly recommended to build far away from spawn to prevent being raided in the first place.
We also have some plugins to assist players such as /sethome /home and a spawn.

We believe this is the way that notch intended Minecraft to be played

The server is fairly popular at all hours of the day, with an average of 15 online at once, so join up and form an alliance or go it alone, build a base and fight to be the most powerful person on the server.


We also have a discord to stay connected,

Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchysurvival Nopremium Survival Survivalserver


PrimineMC es un servidor Survival que se mantiene 24/7 y con un gran rendimiento, el servidor fue creado el 23/10/20 para hacer unas pruebas con mods, al final se quedó para ser un servidor Survival que utiliza PaperMC.

Hosting PrimineMC:
Nuestro servidor esta hosteado en Contabo, utiliza los «AMD EPYC 7282» con un alto rendimiento y una estabilidad asombrante, corriendo en Debian el servidor PrimineMC está seguro contra ataques y capaz de aguantar las exigencias de un mundo survival completo.

¡Empieza hoy tu aventura!

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Voidac is an anarchy survival server. This means that there are no rules or moderators. You’re allowed to do anything! Grief, swear, cheat, x-ray, & all! You should check it out the website! btw you can check the server status out on the website!!

Anarchy Anarchyminecraft Anarchysurvival Survival

Project Jumbo Anarchy


Project Jumbo Anarchy is the second server in the Project Jumbo family of servers! It is brand new, flexing a whopping 10 player slots! (will soon be changed to 40)

On this server, there are ZERO RULES! Use hacked clients, X-Ray, raid bases, kill players, anything goes! You can NEVER be banned from this server!

Come and join in on the chaos today!

Anarchy Anarchypvp Anarchysurvival Pvp Semivanilla Survival


The “Plus” means “Better”

VeePlus is a semi-vanilla anarchy-lite server.

We feature a lightly-modded survival Minecraft experience in a minimally-moderated environment.


The only thing we ask is that you don’t cheat, or post links or any illegal content in chat.

Available commands:


/warp (warps will be convenient locations setup by yours truly. We currently have some safe trading booths, but more features are incoming.

We’re here to stay and plan on growing rapidly before the cave update goes live next year!

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