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Stencil Minecraft Server


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MercyMC – Survival Vanilla – 1.19.3

Brand new world!! Released on 12/31/2022

MercyMC is a vanilla survival server non pay to win, we try to make our player’s experience fun and different from other servers.
If you have any question feel free to contact us via discord!

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Valhalla Kraft ~ SMP ~ VIKING ~ Custom Biomes ~ MCMMO

Valhalla Kraft ~ SMP ~ VIKING ~ Custom Biomes ~ MCMMO Minecraft Server

We are Valhalla Kraft!
We bring you the following features!

– Viking Theme
– Custom Biomes
– Realalistic Seasons
– Custom Bosses
– Custom Blocks
– Custom Enchants
– Auction House
– Anti Griefing
– High performance Anti Cheat
– Custom Mobs
– Economy
– Easy to use claim system (with GUI)
– Dedicated staff

We are a Java only server at this time!

Discord: (Click Me)
TikTok: (Click Me)


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Project H

Brand new economy based MC server! We will take your suggestions to heart.
Easily protect your builds with claims, grow your wealth and rise to the top!
-rank system
-better spawn area
-more immersive gameplay

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Coöp Survival

Co-op Survival is a Dutch/Belgian community server!

Open to both young and older players. Our community has grown considerably since its inception!
We have now become a large and close-knit community of many different people, a community where your ideas are really listened to and a community where we want to make you as happy as possible!
Every day we welcome new players, will we see you soon?

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BOGN Revival

BOGN Revival is a Medieval MC Fabric server which includes 200+ mods with features such as:

  • New Biomes
  • Quests
  • Bosses
  • Teams
  • Land Claim
  • New Weaponry & Armor
  • Attributes
  • Magic & Summoning
  • Storage Terminals
  • Better End
  • Better Dungeons
  • Better Strongholds
  • Tons of Structures
  • New Dimensions
  • And many more!
  • The current version of Medieval MC is 14.5
    To join you must use the Curseforge Launcher.
    Server is 24/7. Hope to see you there!
    If you have any questions, join our Discord community

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    Goodgoods Nation

    Welcome to Goodgoods Nation, the ultimate semi-vanilla survival Java Minecraft server experience! Our fully custom server is constantly updated with major monthly updates, providing endless opportunities for exploration, adventure, and customization, all while still maintaining a vanilla feel.

    Our server features custom terrain in all dimensions, custom claims, and custom enchants, allowing you to truly personalize your gameplay experience. Plus, our shop, auction house, and bank provide convenient ways to manage your resources and items.

    But it doesn’t stop there – we also have custom furniture, player warps, mailboxes, recycling, wardrobes, homes, and a wide range of cosmetic options to make your life on the server even more enjoyable. And with jobs, pets, bounties, and quests, there’s always something new to do and explore.

    Looking for a bit of competition? You can toggle lifesteal and PVP to suit your preferences, and our random teleport feature adds an element of surprise to your gameplay. Plus, our chat filter helps keep the conversation clean and enjoyable for all.

    But the fun doesn’t stop there – we also have a discord server ( where players can connect and socialize with one another, share tips and strategies, and stay up to date with the latest happenings on the server.

    With so much to offer, Goodgoods Nation is the ultimate destination for Minecraft enthusiasts looking for a semi-vanilla survival experience with a touch of customization. We can’t wait for you to join us and become a part of our community!

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    Royal Society

    Survival Minecraft Done Right.
    It’s no secret that Minecraft was designed to play with friends. That’s why we strive me make your multiplayer survival crossplay experience our top priority.
    We have a abunch of anti-grief plugins to insure your builds don’t get destroyed Advanced portals
    Plugins installed on server: ViaVersion, Geyser, Essentials, World Guard, World Edit, LuckPerms, AdminCMDS

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    Bedrock Compatible!
    Port: 19132

    Crater is a server for the community, created by members of the community! Our goal is to create the best server for you with features that you want, the support you expect, and an experience you deserve. We offer not just survival but an immense experience with many different things to do!

    Super In-depth Survival
    – Community Driven Economy
    – Jobs
    – Skills

    – Claims
    – Player Shops
    – Player Warps
    – Auction House
    – Resource World
    – Crates

    We offer so much more than what’s listed! Come check out us out!

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    HydroMC Survival

    HydroMC is a brand new survival server looking to adopt players in the journey of creating a wonderful Minecraft survival experience.

    That being said, we are also looking for players that we see fit to join the staff team in order to build a more solid foundation for the administration of the server.