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Goldenleaf – Factions

This is a Factions server, you can claim land, build a base and then raid other factions! This server is all about PVP, RAIDING and Having a good time! The server is BRAND NEW! Dont You miss playing Old factions or are you a Hardcore Faction player?. We also do Payouts to the leading faction! We are also looking for mods and admins for the server at the moment! JOIN NOW!

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Tam’s Pizzeria MC Server

Welcome to Tam’s Pizzeria!

This is the official MC server for the Tam’s Pizzeria discord community.
Feel free to join us over there as well.

Our server feature a very few select plugins:
LandClaim, for obvious reasons
Dynmap, so you can see your builds on our webpage
ClearLag, also for obvious reasons
and DiscordRoleSync, so you can get your Discord roles ingame!

Hope we will see you there! -Evan

The main rules are:
No exploits, hacks/cheats or cheat-clients (Xray resourcepacks counts as a cheat, we can detect those)
Be relatively nice, but always respect and listen to on-duty staff
Don’t intentionally lag the server. This is bannable.
Nuking is never allowed and is a highway to a permaban.

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The Sin Bin

Ahoy, Welcome to the Sin Bin.
We are a smaller scale java smp leaning towards creativity and exploration, the smp runs off an economy for players to buy blocks or items to skip the time of grinding more tedious resources.
The server uses a variety of fun plugins such as Aurelium Skills, EconomyShop GUI and Quests to breathe variety into the server.

The servers rules are mostly relaxed as far as language goes just don’t go too overboard.
Server Rules:
1. No hacking, exploits or x-ray.
2. No griefing, stealing or PVP Trapping.
3. No AFK pools or auto-clickers.
4. One account per-user only.
5. No bullying, discrimination or predatory behaviour.
6. Don’t beg for free stuff.

Please join the discord server to keep track of server news.

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Kappemistic’s Refuge

Kappemistic’s Refuge

this server is brand new and was launched with a team of only 3 players: 1 developer, 1 builder and 1 owner (me). Big thanks to the developer and builder for helping with the server! However it is nowhere near fully completed, therefore I suggest that you join the server discord[​link below] to be notified of any recent updates, bug fixes, and more!

FYI – Image gallery contains screenshots of the spawn island.

This server consists of many attributes such as:

– Kappemistic’s Refuge discord =
– Friendly staff
– Custom Plugins [​new lucky block + custom Kappa Currency 😉 ]
– Live streaming the server on the link below
¬¬¬ ¬¬¬

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Totem Survival

Totem Survival is a concept survival Minecraft server, playing with the idea of small injections of content on a regular basis. As of current, we have a few world generation mods to make the overworld more unique as well as many features from We plan to add more features as the server continues to grow.

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BigBoi Official Server

Brand new server made by two best friends!! There are still some bugs but they are getting fixed as fast as possible. First 5 people to join get 10 free diamonds 🙂

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The West Kingdom Survival | 1.19

Welcome to The West Kingdom!

Enhanced Survial 1.19 | McMMO | Economy | Ranks | Achievements | Regular Events


Here at The West Kingdom, our community is the thing that sets us aside from other servers. Our server and plugins have been specifically designed to offer an immersive and fun adventure for any players looking for an enhanced survival experience.

Whether you’re here to play Minecraft, meet new friends or become part of our community – we’re sure you’ll love it here with us!

Our Features: McMMO, Jobs, No Griefing or Raiding, Over 790 Custom Achievements, Friendly Staff, Regular Server Events, Ranks System, Custom Recipes, Player Warps and much more!

We have dedicated Resource worlds that are reset regularly. Our main (build) map is not reset very often to allow players to build large bases, towns and cities!

Built by the players, for the players!

We look forward to meeting you!

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LeanWorld | Enchanced SMP | Australia | 1.18

LeanWorld strives to be the best new Australian-hosted survival server. you’ll always have things to do in a fresh new survival experience!

The plugins used on this server were all carefully selected to enchance the vanilla Minecraft experience without creating a whole new game. The following is just some of what LeanWorld has to offer.

Custom Enchantments: If you’re bored of Minecraft’s current selection of enchantments, LeanWorld offers seventeen fun new enchantments to discover and use. Full list at

Levelled Mobs: Minecraft’s mobs are fairly easy to fight, but we’ve added a bit more of a challenge with health boosts, increased damage output, increased movement speed and better armour.

McMMO: McMMO is a classic, recently overhauled RPG system with thirteen skills to master, each having their own powerful abilities.

Levels: Make your way up in-game levels by reaching goals for money, playtime, McMMO power level and more for various perks and rewards!

Claims: Players can claim the land around their builds in order to protect them from griefers and looters.

Crates: Test your luck with our crates! You can get crate keys from voting for our server or by buying them with in-game money.

Player Warps: Give players a way to access your shop, mob grinder, town and more for a small teleportation fee!

Auction House: The simplest way to trade with other players! Simply list your items and wait for people to buy.

All this plus SilkSpawners, ChestShops, and minimal lag with a friendly, growing community.


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Soloris Minecraft ServerSoloris is an SMP & Minigames Java server, featuring land claiming, custom boss fights, economy-based ranks for unlocking abilities, an economy powered by jobs & player trade, and much more!

Our minigames includes a very fun recreation of Nintendo’s Splatoon in Minecraft— featuring 3 weapon classes!

Features include:
◆ quest scrolls
◆ item pickup disabler
◆ artmaps
◆ rotation wrench
◆ custom crafting recipes
◆ and much more!

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Booty Lifts R Us

PVP Wilderness
Shops (more coming soon)
…and MORE!!!

Java IP:

Bedrock IP:
Port: 59507

Dynmap: §a§l B§2§lo§a§lo§2§lt§a§ly§2§l L§a§li§2§lf§a§lt§2§ls§a§l R §2§lU§a§ls§r §3§o1.18 Survival§r – §6Claims§r – §cJobs§r – §aCasino§r- §dShops