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All The Mods 8 – SMP [30+ player community]

If you’re looking for an active community of chill people to play ATM 8 with, then my server is the one for you. We have added a few mods so please join the discord so you can get the correct versions.


Server located in Oregon, most players 16+
atm8 mod pack

Anne Claims Din Fine Get Hes Labor Men Pes Supp Survival Tie Type War Worldbuilding


You’ve got a lot of options in HacksawMC and there’s no set path. You join/create nations and do geopolitics, create your own character and roleplay, fight in wars, build towns and cities, and a whole lot more. We’re friendly with streamers, so this server may be the best place for you and your community to collaborate together to build one of the server’s best nations!

Your stories are shown through a wiki anyone can use, and by us creating videos on stories that we think are creative, and above the rest.

When you join, you’ll be greeted into the server’s world, Sigeklif. Sigeklif is a forming world, with parts of the world being focused on the vicious nature of politics and others being focused on development of a more secure world. You, the players, define what happens to Sigeklif’s future.

~ •° What we feature °• ~
➸ Monthly Worldbuilding Competitions (sometimes with cash rewards too!)
➸ A custom resource pack that overhauls the game, and feels unique.
➸ Free Ranks
➸ Live Map/Weekly Drawn Map
➸ Land Claiming (Towns & Nations)
➸ Player Controlled Economy
➸ Player-Created Lore
➸ Bedrock and Java support
➸ Wars
➸ Brewery Plugin
➸ Hundreds of Alternative Recipes to Vanilla Items
➸ A passion for our community
➸ Ability to /trade with other players
➸ Fair Rules to prevent abuse
➸ AngelChests (Alternative death mechanics)
➸ Open Nether
➸ Bandit Ranks (for those looking for fights)
➸ Monthly Competitions for in-game rewards
➸ Custom Items
➸ Roadmaps for the community
➸ Support Channels
➸ Mapmaking Guild for Map Creators
➸ A whole lot more….

Join HacksawMC today, and start a new story – one that will shake the world. Explore all of our features and our ever-growing community.

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of arranging buildings, objects, and space in an environment to achieve harmony and balance.

We offer a vanilla survival experience with quality-of-life enhancements such as:

Claims with flying to protect and build, MCMMO to help gather, advancing time-based ranks to build more, extra personal storage, resource world for mass resource gathering, PVP arena to test your achievements, diamond-based player ran economy with shops, player towns managed with the lands plugin and many more.

Please join our discords for more details, questions, and suggestions.

Automatic Claims Economy Friendly Generator Griefprevention Iece Master Pie Piece Pve Rights Smp Survival Terraform

MineVolve [SMP] [GriefPrevention] [1.19]

Thanks to the terraform generator we can offer you a beautiful unique world where you can claim your piece of land and build your dream place. We are also running an economy with player shops coming soon. You will rank up automaticly and gain more rights while you become one of our master builders! Our server is located in Central EU and online 24/7.

1.19.4 1.7.2 Blocks Claims Dynmap Elf Hide Homes Josh Latest Limited Mcmmo Survival Tpa Unlimited


– Claim your own land in the server (with loads of blocks to claim! Unlimited claims!)
– Unlimited homes
– TPA plugin
– 1.7.2-1.19.4 support
– Latest version native
– mcMMO
– Dynmap [ ] [Hide yourself: /dynmap hide]

– Bedrock support (IP: | PORT: 25594)

Claims Cross-Play Edit Edition Java Edition Len Life Smp Life. Lifesteal Pat Protect Protection Qol Rot Survival

Stolen Life SMP

A Life Steal SMP. We have grief protection, claims, and QOL plugins. We support Bedrock and any version of Java Edition is compatible.

Antip2w Claims Economy Economyshop Economyshopgui Eula Inventory Keepinv Keepinventory Lootboxes Shopgui Smp Standard Survival Togglepvp


A chill SMP with no pay-to-win ranks or lootboxes.

Economy – Sell any item in Minecraft to the item shop, buy any other item in Minecraft (TNT excluded). Uses standard EconomyShopGUI commands.
Claims – Protect your builds using Grief Prevention’s claim system.
Opt-in PvP – Duel anywhere using the /pvp command.
KeepInv – No inventory loss on death.
Anti-P2W – 100% Minecraft EULA compliant.

Claims Crates Economy Little Normal Pot Potato Quests Ranks Servival Shops Smp Survival Warp Watch

potato nato

This Minecraft server is a normal SMP server, except for the fact that this server has its own economy, and small community. join and watch this little server grow.

Auctions Claims Economy Faction Pvp Factionpvp Factions Kits Planetminecraft Pvp Shopgui Smp Smppvp Survival Water Wilderness

Watermelon Factions > Java / Bedrock

Java / Bedrock” title=”Watermelon Factions > Java / Bedrock”>

Welcome to Watermelon Factions Season 1.

Season 1 is all about building a new player base, growing slowly together and creating the best possible community we can!Here at watermelcon factions we offer the old school factions experience, custom mob drops, shopGUI options, original factions, voting system,custom kits and ranks and so much more. Any ideas players have will be taken into consideration, we want to work closely with our player base and not just have a server that runs its self. Regular updates are added to our website, where you can click the ” Updates” page and look through all recent updates that have been done to the server!

PORT: 8145

We have lots of features throughout the server, voting where you get rewarded for voting and supporting the server, /shop so players don’t have to leave there base while there building to go get more items from the shop, it can be accessed anywhere on the server. We also have /auction were players can auction items off globally o other players and much much more…..

Visit our website to see what we have to offer:

We will be doing a opening giveaway to 2 lucky players at the end of the month (providing we have a stable amount of players if not it will be rolled over to next month)This server is not a server that has been started by people who don’t have any idea, i my self along with a few other members have been playing since 2011, we have put time, effort and money into making this the best possible factions experience we can deliver. Along our journey we will be adding and implementing a lot of cool features to provide you with the best game play and server experience.

Lets create an amazing factions server and community together! We are also looking for staff however we wont just be handing it out to the first 5 players that join the server you will need to jump over to our website and fill in the application form. Please note: Rules do apply!

we can’t wait to see you there 🙂

119smp 119survival Antigrief Auction Auctions Claims Claimshovel Fairplay Flying Plugins Server Shop Smp Survival Survivalserver

Incarnate SMP

This is our freshly made survival SMP named Incarnate SMP.
We are trying to get a small community to survival with.

Our Server Features
– Claims

– More Structures
– Better Villages
– Flying Villages
– Classic Fishing loot

Our server runs on Paper 1.19.4
We are not pay 2 win or anything

This is our discord below: