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ShibylCraft (13+)

Welcome to ShibylCraft!

ShibylCraft is a simple SMP server by me, YoShibyl (please call me “Yoshi” for short). The server runs on Paper and has some plugins to enhance the experience. Currently, this server features:

  • Per-player PVP toggle : Type /pvptoggle to enable or disable the ability to fight with other players. Both players must have it enabled to inflict damage to each other.
  • A Discord server to chat with people about the server, share memes, etc.
  • And other cool stuff, like these spawnable NPC things: (I might offer them as buyable spawn eggs soon™)
  • Fake player NPC things


  • You must be 13 years or older to play on this server. This is because the server chat may contain profanity (not safe for young children)
  • No griefing or stealing. Will result in restoration of stolen/griefed property and temporary or permanent ban.
  • No using hacks or game-breaking exploits to gain an unfair advantage or to duplicate items.
  • Absolutely no racism or any kind of hate speech. Will likely result in a permaban.
  • No spammy messages in chat. Will result in warning, mute, or ban.
  • Don’t ask admins or others for free stuff. Basically, no begging or annoying others.
  • No scams of any kind. Real-world scams will result in a permaban.
  • No advertising other Minecraft or Discord servers.
  • If you see anyone or anything violating the rules, let me know in the #violation-reports channel on the Discord server!

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    ImperiumMC Whitelisted Survival

    Simple, relaxed, and mature 1.19 whitelisted semi-vanilla. No hollow or confusing gimmicks, no trolls, just Minecraft as it should be. Adults (18+) preferred, minimum 16.

    Join our active community on Discord to share your experience with others in voice calls or simply by showing off your latest build in text channels.

    Express your creativity, grow your wealth, and purchase much-needed items in the shopping district around spawn.

    Donors, test out your ideas with our community superflat creative world, then construct them in survival

    Is there /home? Yes, but it only returns you to your spawnpoint/bed
    Is there /tpa? No, we prefer to keep a tight-knit community, so long-distance travel will need to be done on nether highways

    If you have questions, join the Discord server and ask! We look forward to seeing you!


    Bedrock Java Simple Survival Vanilla


    Hello, we are a simple vanilla-like survival server. We do have a couple plugins but they don’t effect gameplay.

    The rules are:
    1. No griefing, we have backups enabled so it’s just pointless
    2. No stealing
    3. PVP is allowed, but should be accepted before acting

    We also support bedrock!
    IP –
    PORT – 27929
    How to join on consoles:

    Good luck and hope you have fun

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    Middle School Cynagen

    Cynagen basically another survival multiplayer server. This is very unfortunate. This is a small community server.

    Cynagen is a classic survival multiplayer server that focuses on the core aspects of Minecraft; building, exploring, and surviving. We have some extra features on the server which will further enhance your experience on the server. We do not tolerate griefing on the server and we try to provide a friendly community where players can and enjoy their time online.

    Join the small survival SMP server that’s somehow involved with furries, dating, and role-playing!


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    Zombie Apocalypse MC Server [RUS]

    Zombie Apocalypse MC Server [beta]

    Server on not hackneyed theme “Zombie Apocalypse” tobish mode.
    I tried to make it as simple and accessible as possible.
    Why beta? Much that I planned is not ready yet (map, camps, NPCs, events, etc.)

    What do we have now?

  • small map (did not look at dimensions)
  • zombie intellectuals, vanilla spawn during the day kst.
  • spavn luta
  • seasons (seasons)
  • body temperature
  • every little thing in a muppet. (installation of any block in hm 2, start kit, etc, etc)
  • ready, working assembly.

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    – Coloured Anvils
    – Death Coordinates
    – Essentials
    – Ranking System (Jew, Kosher, IDF, Rabbi, Adam Sandler, Bear-Jew, Messiah and Many More.)
    – Grief Prevention
    – Jump Pads
    – MCMMO
    – Anti-Cheat Plugins (Premium)
    – Crates (Rewarded For Ranking Up)

    This server is a really simple friendly survival server. It has plugins that enhance survival but ultimately it’s just a simple as it goes. Looking for players who just want to play Minecraft and not be hassled with anything. The game rewards you for ranking up doing the requirements. The requirements are based off the advancements that are created by Minecraft. So the ranking system encourages users to actually progress and play the game properly. The more you progress the better the rewards and the more commands you get for example the top rank gets /lightning and /heal. And the super top rank may get ./fly but I haven’t decided yet.

    Diamondeconomy Simple Survival

    SilkyCraft Survival | New | 1.18.1 | Diamond Eco | Player-Shops | Player-Warps | McMMO & More

    Silkycraft is a tight-knit community that welcomes all new members. We are a family-friendly server so everyone can have an enjoyable time while playing! We’re a highly oriented community that values all the opinions our player base offers. We bring a lot to the table to make sure you do not get bored on the server!

    Classic Custom Java Javaedition Noeco Noeconomy Simple Smallmap Survival

    Minecraft Essence – Small World / Bespoke Plugins / No Teleport / No Claiming / No Economy / No Donations / Bedrock crossplay

    IP: – Bedrock cross play uses same IP and default bedrock port- 19132

    McEssence aims to keep multiplayer Minecraft simple while also offering a unique experience.

    ❌ We Do Not Have ❌

  • Teleportation.
  • Claiming.
  • Economy/money.
  • Pay to win.
  • Loot crates.
  • Spammy messages.
  • ✅We Do Have✅

  • A small world size to encourage multiplayer play and an engaging world.
  • An easy to use navigation system to allow you to find your previous locations.
  • Protected chests to keep your items safe.
  • An easy way to see who broke/interacted with any block so its easy to identify who griefed you. Aswell as a custom solution to newbies griefing.
  • An engaging community.
  • Multiple custom plugins.
  • Custom recipes, subtle improvements to the base game.
  • IP –
    Bedrock uses same IP And default Bedrock IP – 19132
    Wiki –
    Discord –

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    Team Alacrity

    Alacrity is a community survival Minecraft server that is aiming to be a positive place for everyone. We have things such as custom items, a positive community, land claims, and more! The server is still under construction so make sure to stay tuned for what is to come!

    Events Mha Modded Myhero Myheroacademia Simple Smp Survival

    My Hero Mineademia (MHA SMP Minecraft Server)

    My Hero Mineademia:
    The server is always up and active, featuring a friendly community with self assignable roles for quirks and preferred pronouns. If you run into any issues there is a ticket system in the discord as well. The admins are always ready to help and fix an issue. The server is generally a more simple/laid-back experience with my hero mod, featuring generally small quality of life mods to help enhance the overall experience. You are encouraged to become your own hero or villain

    Notable Features:
    -Create your own faction and get a private chat in the discord
    -Simple yet effective commands, such as /sethome
    -Custom CurseForge profile for the modpack
    -Self assignable roles
    -Claiming in-game
    -Unique fighting/pvp mechanics featuring new weapon types, like a katana and new animations

    -MHA mod
    -Biomes O Plenty
    -Epic Fight
    -Iron Chests
    -CFM Furniture mod
    -And More

    Discord Link: