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Scylla’s Rock

Have you ever played on a SMP where everyone live so far apart that it’s almost like playing single player?
That’s a common problem, especially on raiding allowed servers.

Here at Scylla’s Rock we’ve set out to fix the common issues faced by many servers out there while giving it our own unique touch.
Our plugins and design encourage player interaction. When you join the server, you’ll be asked if you’d like to join one of three existing
teams, more will come in the future. All teams are lead by regular players. Two of which are seeking new leadership.

Here’s a few of the things that make us special:

  • Custom plugins, including team mechanics better than factions.
  • Community-based
  • No Pay to Win {non-for profit}
  • Increased difficulty!
  • Lore & Role-play that isn’t in your face
    Staff applications welcome.

    **Currently re-designing new player welcome areas, and gearing up for season one, hope you’re ready!**

    Economy Economychestshop Economysurvival Friendly Griefprevention Hardmode Markets Mcmmo Nogrief Peaceful Peacefulsurvival Playershops Rpg Survival Towny

    TavernMC | Peaceful Survival | No Grief | PvE Style | Looking for Staff!

    ☃ TavernMC ☃

    Friendly Survival ➠ KeepInventory ➠ Custom Crates ➠ McMMO ➠ GriefPrevention ➠ Custom Items ➠ Player Market


    TavernMC is a friendly, peaceful and relaxed survival economy server which aims to preserve the semi-vanilla experience of minecraft. On top of this amazing community, our server features plugins such as GriefPrevention, McMMO, Jobs(Reborn), along with leveled mobs, and unique and custom rewarding systems (such as crates, voting, etc.)

    Main Features:

    ✓ NEW Custom Enchantments

    ✓ NEW Crate System

    ✓ Claim Protection

    ✓ Keep Inventory

    ✓ MCMMO

    ✓ Mineable Spawners

    ✓ Chest Shops

    ✓ Player Warps

    ✓ Player Shops

    ✓ Custom BAR API

    ✓ Loot Crates
    ✓ 1.17.1 Compatible

    Datapacks Friendlycommunity Hardmode Newworld Plugins Smp Survival Whitelisted

    BaitGaming Middle School

    BaitGaming SMP is looking for players. The server is actually only 7 days old (as of today). I have hosted many servers in the past and have started a new one and I am hoping to go as long as possible. There is a Whitelist on the server to prevent griefers and hackers, if you want to join you will need to fill out an Application for the server (shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes).


    1. No Hacking
    2. No Griefing
    3. No Exploiting or Glitching
    4. Don’t be racist, homophobic, or an nuisance to others
    5. IGN and Discord Names must be appropriate
    6. Age, must be over 13.
    7. No spamming
    8. No PVP unless both parties are okay with it.
    9. TNT and Firespread are disabled.
    11. English only
    12. Don’t search other player’s chests without permission.
    13. Don’t ask the mods, admins, or Owner to spawn things for you.
    14. No lag machines.

    There server also has plugins and datapacks.

    Plugins (more may be added in the future)

    Core Protect, anti-grief
    World guard
    World edit


    Creeper damage disabled.
    Multiplayer sleep
    Double Shulker shells
    Player heads
    Fast leaf decay
    AFK display
    raw statistics
    durability ping
    Death Counter

    Other Info

    Difficulty is Hard mode
    Mob cap is 150 (will raise when more players join)

    If you’re interested join the discord:

    If you have other questions message me on discord at: Brendan#6946

    Customenchants Customitems Custommobs Economy Hardmode Mcmmo Survival

    Origin MC

    Hello user! If you are looking for a fun, eventful, friendly minecraft server look no further!

    This server includes a custom generated Earth World, NPC Shops, Jobs, Player Warps, Custom Plugins, Boss Events, Custom Items, and more!

    If you want more information regarding ORIGIN MC just join our discord channel!

    Come have fun with us on the server join now!

    Anarchy Hardmode Nolag Noresets Papermc Survival Vanilla


    ❗No Lag❗100% Vanilla❗Never Reset❗

    Deltaverse is the latest anarchy server in Minecraft created in October 2021. Deltaverse is actually heavily inspired by Minecraft’s oldest anarchy server, 2b2t, due to its nature, community, and history that defines 2b2t as a whole.

    Dynmap Economychestshop Hardmode Maturecommunity Mcmmo Newserver Pve Economy Vanilla

    The Bamboo Forest

    We are a brand new 18+ minecraft community looking for players to join our server!

    The server is dedicated VPS with linode and is currently at 20 TPS.

    Come apply for whitelist at

    Antixray Clans Community Communitydriven Custom Discord Districts Economy Friendly Fun Guides Hardmode Hermitcraft Hermitcraftlike Hermitcraftlikeserver Hermitcraftstyle Hermitstyle Market Network Nocheat Quests Ranks Rules Semivanilla Survival

    HyplexMC Network | Season 2 | Survival – Whitelist Removed | 1.16.3 | Arenas Coming Soon | HermitCraft Inspired

    HyplexMC Network

    Website –

    Our Goal |
    We created this Minecraft Server to form a friendly community. We are not in it for the money. We play Minecraft legitimately and assist our friends to improve at the game and in real life as a person. A good form of communication is a must to ensure that nobody is left out and everyone is in touch of each other and knows what is going on, on the server. Our goal is to help people form healthy relationships with others despite the distance that the screen creates. In addition, we provide a variety of fun for our members, give them space to express themselves without being judged, and overall a chill and relaxing server to be in.

    Our Discord:

    What we offer |
    – Friendly and professional staff
    – Great form of communication (Discord)
    – Friendly community
    – Legitimate, hard survival world
    – Mob/Player Heads
    – Multiplayer Sleep
    – Shulkers drop 2 shells 100%
    – Community projects, activities, and events
    – Ranks, Quests

    Server Values |
    Show maturity among other people
    Be polite to one another
    Have friendly conversations
    Help each other out
    Be socially appropriate
    Respect other people’s belongings and builds
    Play legitimately
    Ask before you borrow or use something

    Who we look for |
    People who can:
    – Dedicate a decent amount of time playing in the server,
    play legitimately and follow the rules to the best of his/her ability.
    – People who enjoy trading with others!
    – Accomplish personal projects and contribute to community established ones.
    – Participate in community events and activities (not always mandated).
    – Interact with other people in a mature way.
    – Have fun, interesting, and appropriate conversations.
    – Use Discord as a way of communicating with other players (Mandatory to have as it is required for linking).

    Survival |
    HyplexMC Network Survival is a 10k by 10k hard difficulty map, where players can get together and build to their harts content, we have 8 set districts (like hermitcraft), where each district has a certain build theme that you have to follow. We have a custom built spawn where you can access each Portal to all 8 Districts and where you can find out Vote Chest and Crates, with loads of fun stuff scattered around.

    – Quests | Complete Quests, earn Pixels, buy Ranks and earn a multitude of perks
    – Shopping District| Sell your items and become the richest on the server!
    – Ranks | Purchase ranks with Pixels to earn more perks and become the best.
    – Player-Driven Economy | A unique economy system that allows players to determine the market price and compete!
    – Double Shulker Shells | Get a guarantee 2 shulker shells from each killed shulker
    – And many more!

    We hope to see you on the server and have a wonderful stay! More Game-mode’s coming soon.

    1161server 1161survival 1162server 1163server 1164server 116server Creative Creativeplots Creativeserver Hardcore Hardmode Kitpvp Minigames Pvp Skyblock Skywars Survival Survivalserver Uhc


    Jsme začínající CZ/SK server.
    Nabízíme toho spoustu jako například KitPvP, SkyWars, UHC, SkyBock, Hardcore, Survival a Creative
    Také vám můžeme nabídnou kvalitní admin team, eventy, discord server a úžasnou komunitu.
    Máme odměny za hlasování, levné VIP a sponzorské ranky které vám dají spousty výhod a vlastní stavby od našich builderů.

    Náš discord server:

    Griefing Hard Hardcore Hardcore Pvp Hardmode Hermitcraft Mojang Purevanilla Pvp Raiding Smp Survival Survivalmultiplayer Vanilla Vanillasurvival

    1.16.3 | | Pure Vanilla Survival

    ✓ Hard Mode ✓ Pure Vanilla ✓ Chill ✓ Laid-Back Community ✓ SMP ✓ TPA ✓ Set Home ✓ PvP ✓ Griefing ✓ Raiding ✓ PvE ✓ 24/7 Uptime ✓ Friendly ✓ Zero Lag ★ IP: VANILLA.WTF ★ GET AN EARLY START NOW ★

    VanillaWTF is a vanilla server built around YOU.
    Our PURE vanilla server ensures a seamless true-vanilla experience without the interruptions of lag or hackers – we only use Functions from 1.12.2!

    PvP & Raiding Permitted.

    This is community-oriented SMP.
    This is

    A simplified donation ranking system provides balanced mechanics for all players – only vanilla features in-mind!

    Ready to join?It’s really easy – our server ip is
    Literally, it’s


    Active Antigrief British Bukkit Challenging Classic Diamond Economy Elytra End European Fast Friendly Griefdefender Hardmode Island Lwc Nether Noob Oldschool Paper Pickaxe Playerbase Shopping Sky Spigot Survival Tools Tuinity Vanilla Vanillasurvival

    Handcraft — Hard Mode, Player Economy, Land Protection + Discord Community

    We have just kicked off season three of Handcraft.

    You can join now using the address:

    Handcraft was originally created as a love letter to the early 2010s era of multiplayer Minecraft. A simpler time that me and many others have fond memories of. Since our launch earlier this year we have fostered a small following of players who share this vision.

    Our aim is to create a challenging and rewarding environment that empowers the community to play together and collaborate. The decisions we make tend to be the ones that encourage people to collaborate on projects with frequent server events and a thriving Discord community.

    Although we have land claiming (GriefDefender) and economy (PhantomEconomy, QuickShop, Jobs Reborn) we try and maintain a vanilla-like feel. The ideal situation is that you should be able to reliably do anything on our server you could do in the base game.

    I am the founder of Handcraft, but we also have a diverse moderation team that spans timezones across the globe to ensure there’s help on hand 24/7. I am personally based in London, and our beefy 20GB RAM/Ryzen 3600 server is hosted in Germany ensuring little server lag and incredible uptime.

    If you have any questions or thoughts, please get in touch with me here or on discord (Lewis Flude#0001).



    Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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