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Smulbeana SMP LIVE 1.19+ Semi Vanilla / Economy / Hermitcraft-like / Active Community / Bedrock + Java Support

Smulbeana Survival Multiplayer Server!
PORT: java edition default (25565), or bedrock edition default (19132)

This is a normal survival server except with some quality of life plugins like right click crop harvesting, fast leaf decay, sleep percentage, tp, warp, etc. The server includes a mall where you can buy items as well. In order to make money on this server you need to connect your twitch account with the command: /twitch Then from that point forward you will earn $4 every minute you watch Smulbeana on Twitch. ($240/hr)


^ We have tools to reverse griefing and see who did it so join the discord in order to report rule-breaking easily!

[​1] Don’t be a dickhead, use common sense <3
[​2] No breaking/griefing others things, no stealing, no harassment, etc.
[​3] Have fun and make some friends!

Smulbeana’s Minecraft server is hosted by DedicatedMC – Get your server at for 15% OFF using code “Smulbeana”

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Heyyy People,

I think u Searching for a new server for playing and be creative in your builds right??

So i think i got u.

Takimocraft is a survival server on 1.19.2 and have some big plugins to help your experiments

some this that u need to know about u:

– Ranked based

– Playerkits

– Mcmmo

– Lands

– economy

and more

so try to join us on 2 december 2022 and take a look

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DawnSMP ☼ 1.18.2 Semi-Vanilla Survival | Crates | McMMO | Jobs | Lands and more!

The Dawn is Bright. ☼

Welcome to Dawn SMP! Dawn SMP is a simple survival server taking the core mechanics of Minecraft and elevating the experience as a whole. Built from the ground up to create the best experience possible for those who like to keep it simple.

Below are some of the features that make this server great!

– Land claim
– Jobs
– Rentable Player Shops
– Auction House
– PVP Arena
– Interactive rank system. 20 free ranks to earn in-game. Each rank contains new and exciting rewards!
– Earn a FREE Donator Rank by giving the server a heart and diamond on Planet Minecraft!
– No PTW
– Crates (Everything available to earn)
– Mob Catchers (Coming Soon)
– Better Sleeping
– Daily Rewards
– Sell ores and crops at Admin Shop!

Join the Discord community at

Come stop by! We are excited to see you!

Server Launch Special

Come enjoy a 1.5x McMMO boost through the entire month of May! Get a head start on those McMMO levels! You will need them!

Also, log 12 hours of playtime on the server within the first month to receive a special reward! This reward is a special item you can show off later proving you are an OG to the server.

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survivalcraft server

The 1st minecraft server ever

Survivalcraft is a straight-up survival server where you can rank up by voting, everything is 100% grief protected, and the staff are friendly and helpful. We do our best to preserve your semi-Vanilla survival experience. We don’t allow raiding or griefing, which means all your builds are completely safe. If you like pure survival, this is the server for you!

We run a high performance server with next to no lag, but with so many new players we do experience some spikes from time to time.

Each vote gets you closer to the next rank up, and each new rank gets you an extra /sethome.

Aside from claiming commands, the only commands are /spawn, /sethome and /vote.

The world border is 100k so there are plenty of unexplored biomes to discover and build in.

I Hope You Enjoy Playing On Survival Craft And Read The Rules With /rules And Thats All!


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Phoenix Modded Server!!

Hello Gamers! Welcome to Phoenix’s Server! A super server with a ton of modded content to keep the game invigorating and new! Express yourself! We do have certain rules but overall a fun community!!! Here are the Mods we use (Curse forge 16.2)

JOIN MY DISCORD and i will help you set up the server. Make sure to install EACH OF THESE MODS before joining the server!

Ever dreamed of opening a coffee shop?? server info for COFFEE MOD and here is the correct download link

How about all sorts of different lamps and shades and light sources??? is for the EXTENDED LIGHTS MOD! here is the download for this mod!
Minecraft Mod Review: EXTENDED LIGHTS! (Lamps, Candles & More!)

[Express yourself! Customize your artpieces with your OWN HAND DRAWN ART. Gift other players with your unique pieces, create an ART GALLERY!! here is the info/recipes for the JOY OF PAINTING mod! the link for this Mod can be found here
[​8:31 AM]

Bored of plain chests? info for the STORAGE DRAWES MOD!! along with the download link of course
Storage Drawers Mod Tutorial – Minecolonies #5

Dont want to place x amount of lamps? Need some invisible light to cover those big spaces? Dont want to make torches while you’re mining?
aaand the lighting wand! i am going to post info on how to build this soon!

create a bakery, a restaurant, have people coming to you for their food 🙂 Pam’s harvest 2
[​10:47 AM]
the download link is here [



Our discord is !!!!!

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[Eng] The Server is on 1.15.2 and got some plugins for example a Sleep plugin but mainly its Vanilla.
[Ger] Der Server ist auf 1.15.2 und hat ein paar plugins zum beispiel ein Schlaf plugin aber es ist hauptsächlich Vanilla.


1 Be Kind / Sei Freundlich
2 No Griefing / Nicht Griefen
3 No Stealing / Nicht Stehlen
4 No Scam / Kein Betrug
5 No Insults / Keine Beleidigungen
6 No Rassism / Kein Rassismus
7 Don’t build right next to someone / Nicht direkt neben jemanden bauen
7.1 Unless you have permission from the Person / Außer du hast die Erlaubnis von der Person