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PhongCraft: Hardcore

| This is PhongCraft: Hardcore |
PhongCraft is a hardcore survival multiplayer server with vanilla game-play on the hardest difficulty, and a small number of quality of life plugin additions and a unique points leader board system. No rules for PvP or griefing, hacks of course are banned and blocked in all ways possible. We here at PhongCraft enjoy a difficult, but fair experience.
This Server bans players who die for 12 hours. Every week, the server also regenerates the map with a new seed and wipes player inventories to begin all over again. However you can gain points throughout the week by selling items, killing mobs or bosses and even by killing other players (Combat-logging not permitted) . Your points carry over into future weeks with you, so that you may use them at the start and throughout, and maintain your leader board position. Obtain the highest number of points by the end of the week when the server resets and you will be crowned the winner of the week, and you will gain a “win rank” attached to your name in chat displaying your number of wins! You can use the points you gain in the market to get a quicker start or extra resources, but beware as PvP is enabled everywhere but the weekly starting room! In the weekly starting room you will get a kit and a guide that will be given to you to review the ins and outs of this fast paced hardcore experience. You get one bed for your base that can only be placed within a square radius of spawn called the Base Zone, keeping action close and compact, but don’t worry, you won’t lose an unplaced bed if you die. /spawn is disabled! So to get back to Spawn one must make the dangerous trip over to it, as its also the only place players can heal to full health! Natural Hp regeneration is disabled in PhongCraft in favor of a more interesting system focusing more on regeneration healing items, your hp will slowly heal to halfway full in the Base Zone, but only in Spawn will you be able to heal fully, leaving yourself open to anyone else who might be doing the same, or going to use the market!
Come join PhongCraft and claim your weekly victory today!

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Nanatsu no Taizai Modded Server – 7DSNation

Iniciado em 2018, esse é um servidor de anime 7 Pecados Capitais. Temos um modpack que pode ser encontrado bem aqui:
O mapa em tempo real é aqui:


Started in 2018, This server is based in the anime 7 Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai). We have a modpack where this can be found at: [


You can check the real time map at

See you there, Sin !

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MinedHype Hardcore Survival 1.15.2 – 48 Hour Death Ban

Connect IP:
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA Central
Server Info/Rules:

Hardcore Anarchy with DeathBan! You will be banned for 48 hours upon death!

Hardcore DeathBan Server Rules & Info: (

  • Hardcore Survival with DeathBan
  • You will be banned for 48 hours if you die!
  • No cheating/hacking/exploiting/xray/spam
  • Do not lag the server with large machines, farms, etc.
  • Chat is not moderated
  • Grief, Raiding, & PvP allowed
  • Spawn in a random radius of 2500 blocks
  • Difficulty set to hard with plugin to provide hardcore experience
  • Death count number will show next to your name when you push TAB
  • DiscordSRV live deaths/events/achievements/chat in #hardcore-server
  • Unlimited world size with no border