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Airgene Factions

Airgene Kingdom is developing a new server that is mainly focused on competing in a factions universe. This server is not aiming to be another OP factions massive scale bucket gen 300$ rank type of deal. It is also not aiming to be a featureless and barren wasteland where there is nothing to do. It is aiming to provide a server where factions pvp and rpg content such as mob arena/quests/dungeons/skills blend together to make a balanced economy and fun pvp environment.

Highly Customized:
The server has custom commands, custom guis, custom items, custom mobs, and custom plugins. We have skilled developers on our team that will bring our ideas to life. With infernalmobs and mythicmobs PvE can actually be challenging and you will die to mobs if you are not careful. Infernalmobs have their own loot system which can drop money and high level enchantments. With AureliumSkills there are dozens of new abilities and stats to train, and extra loottables for fishing/excavation/mining.

Mutliverse: Travel between worlds using /warps or /wild with a visual gui
Midheaven – Dregora generated overworld(factions)(3500)
Nether- Default nether(factions)(3500)
End- Default end(factions)(3500)
Midearth – Default generated overworld 1.19 ancient cities(factions)(3500)
Dungeonworld(Factions) – Use your gear from factions to complete dungeons and earn money.(In Progress.)

The only rules are rules that are necessary for the fairness, function, and balance of the server, anything that doesn’t negatively impact those things is allowed. Freedom of speech heavy, you can use /ignore.

More indepth rules ingame.

Current Plugins:
Plugins (69): GlobalStats, AureliumSkills, Blackjack, BottledExp, ChatBubbles, ChatEmojis,CombatLogX, CustomCommands, Duels, DungeonsXL, EconomyShopGUI, Factions, InfernalMobs, MobArena, MythicMobs, Quests, RoseStacker, RTP, SellStick, Towny, UltimateAirdrops, UltraCosmetics

Server Specs:
i5-11600kf @4.9GHz
18CL 4000MHz 32GB Ram
2TB SN-850 SSD
When/if the server becomes inadequate we will be expanding our servers with Amazon Web Services which is already configured and ready to go.

$$$Season Cash Prizes$$$:
At the end of the season, currently April 30th, 2022, prizes will be distributed to top players. This includes in-game roles/titles, hall of fame entry, and cash prizes. The cash prize is currently a pool of $335. The majority of this prize will be distributed to players who hold the most “prize tokens” at the end of the season, which are non-stackable, stealable tokens that are purchasable from /shop up until the last week of the season. Tokens will not be placeable in ender chests, tokens will not be purchasable in the towny world. If you log out with more than 2 prize tokens in your inventory, those tokens except 2 will be deleted. Tokens will be submitted anytime during the last 2 days of the season by doing /submit token (amount).

OldCombatMechanics is not actually old combat, it is a hybrid between the two.

We do not require a resource pack to be downloaded on join.

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VBgames Survival 1.19.2

VBgames Server Banner

Welcome to VBgames Survival Server!
[V 1.19.2]

* SMP with Skills – Jobs – Quests – Shops
* Griefprevention – Mythic Mobs – Economy
* Procedurally Generated Custom Dungeons
* 26 Custom Server Plugins
* Custom Terrain Generation
* Custom Server Resource Pack Download

*****// //*****

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Forgotten Realm Java

Forgotten Realm is a small server focused on survival. The terrain generation is new, with floating islands, sky-high mountains and deep reaching caves. The mobs are also harder than vanilla, so you need to upgrade your character skills, like smithing, to be able to craft more powerful equipment and have an easier time fighting.

• Survival
– Slimefun;
– Pets;
– Skill system.

• Creative
– in case you just want to build without worrying about resources! Just remember to claim a plot of land [​golden shovel] to start.

• Mob Arena mode!

Server Version 1.19.2

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join us on Flowerfall! Our Survival/MMO hybrid server with countless custom such as Jobs, Custom Items/Crafting, Custom Mobs and Bosses, Dungeons, Dimensions, Events, an Interactive Community, and much more!
-Contains over 500+ custom modelled mobs!
-over 200+ custom items with abilities to collect!
-A full custom economy with custom fishing,farming,mining
– a multi dimension system with progression

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THROATPUNCH | MC – Survival with a twist! Magic, EliteMobs, mcMMO, Towny, and more! Supports Bedrock, 1.19.x, and ViveCraft.

Development is a one man show, expect slow updates.

A simple, yet complicated survival server with many twists. Adjusted mob spawns, loot, magic, and more. Slowly adding and tweaking as we go. The goal is to be a unique place with unique experiences.

  • Towny
    – (Claim and Protect your land or build a community!)
  • Magic
    – (Wands and Staffs with leveling spells)
  • mcMMO
    – (Level up your skills!)
    – (Travel the worlds with style from the comfort of home)
  • Terralith Datapack
  • EliteMobs
  • Slimefun – (New food items, plants, and machines)
  • Quests – Coming Soon
  • Server is being ran as a one-man show. Updates will be slow. Visit the website:

    Server is set to restart every 6 hours Eastern Time.

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    ※CRAFTSHIRE※ ❘ Java ❘ 1.19

    Craftshire is a server packed full of exciting new features to keep you entertained! We have anti-cheat plugins to keep away hackers.

    Features Include:

    ►Discord – In our discord server you can share your builds, art and get to know the community.
    ►Players Vote For New Features – We want everyone to feel heard, in our discord server you can suggest and vote for new features in our server!
    ►Daily Quests – Every day you will be given three quests with rewards for competition.
    ►Dungeons – Battle your way through new and exciting dungeons either alone or with friends!
    ►Parkour – Original parkour maps for you to jump your way through and earn rewards.
    ►Player Warps – Set up a warp at your shop or base!
    ►Player Shop Area In Spawn – Buy a stall in our market area in spawn.
    ►Admin Shop With Wearable And Decorative Items – Customise your character with hats and wings! Spruce up your base with various decorations and furniture!
    ►Jobs – Earn money while you play, choose from a wide range of jobs.
    ►Mythical Races – Want some extra perks to help you along your journey? Pick out a mythical race to boost your playing experience!
    ►Grief And Chest Protection – Feel safe know your items are protected against unwanted guests
    And much more!

    These are just a few of our server’s features, if you want to find out what else we have, why not join us?

    At Craftshire we welcome everyone to join our community of dedicated, friendly and open players. Our staff are committed to keeping you safe and making sure you have the best time here!

    Craftshire is a growing project, while we already have a bunch of features for you to enjoy, we’re always adding more! And we are also open to suggestions, we want you as a community member to feel safe here and feel heard. If you want to give your thoughts remember to join the discord and visit our #suggestions channel!

    Join our Discord –

    We look forward to meeting you!

    Mcmmo Mythicmobs Survival

    Snorky Craft – What are U even doing here?

    Snorky Craft

  • A server designed to enhance the gameplay experience you have in a normal survival world with others
  • Designed in mind with the goal to give players enjoyable moments.
  • Come join us on this journey!
  • To a greater minecraft survival experience!
  • A server that grows and evolve based on player feedback
  • Background
    After a year of hiatus from creating Minecraft server I decided to return to Minecraft to create a Minecraft server that allows players to enjoy Minecraft in a more fun way. The server goal is to grow and add in features/quality of life along the way with the feedback of anyone who joins!

    So if you have a suggestion for the server during your stay, please feel free to suggest it! i’ll love to hear what kind of quality of life/features you have in mind for the server!

    Server Info:
    Version: 1.19
    Mentionable Plugins: mcMMO, GriefPrevention, Random Structures, Custom Aquatic Creatures, Custom Cave Lurkers, Boss Challenges
    World Size: 20,000 x 20,000 Overworld

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    FreeStyle [1.19] [Factions] [PVP & Peaceful]

    FreeStyle Minecraft is a survival server aimed towards a mature audience.
    You have the choice of joining or creating a faction to join in on the PvP or if you’re more of a lover than a fighter you can join a peaceful faction exempt from PvP.
    Even if crowds aren’t your thing we’ve got you covered, we have special Protection Stones you can put down which will claim an area on the server just for yourself so you can live out your nomad Minecraft lifestyle.
    at FreeStyle MC we’ve got something for everybody to enjoy, come become
    a part of our growing community established 08/22 – You’re invited 😄

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    ●▬๑۩ FIVEWORLDS ۩๑▬●

    Geyser server compatible with Java 1.8-1.19 and Bedrock 1.19.1!
    We are a community that seeks to form experiences, fun, friendships and with which we will always be promoting harmony between users, and thus maintain warmth in our family. Our purpose is to be improving every day through your help, be part of us!
    We offer:
    Survival con Jobs y Quests!
    End y Nether!
    RPG style dungeon world full of custom dungeons, items and mobs!
    Parkour, Races and Events!
    Pvp and colosseum!
    And above all… an open and inclusive community!

    IP Java=
    IP Bedrock= ip: puerto: 25570

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    Null Network: Seliana [RPG Survival]

    Are you ready to leave a mark in our history?

    Null Network: Seliana is an rpg survival server that focuses more on a unique experience. The server emphasizes on RPG elements, and a medieval feel. Currently, we are mostly a filipino playerbase, but we also have some players around the world, mostly in asia! We have a ton of appealing features that will get you hooked!

    Server has not been reset since the beginning. Your legacy is safe with us! You can also claim land to avoid getting griefed!
    Null Network: Seliana [RPG Survival] Minecraft Server

    Weapons for every style of combat! Be it hard hitting Greatsword, fast hitting Daggers, and more! You can also put gems to enhance them! All of this without mods!
    (You will need our resource pack to see all of this, though!)
    Null Network: Seliana [RPG Survival] Minecraft Server

    Fierce monsters that will keep you on your toes! This isn’t your typical survival server! Bosses and other special mobs spawn!
    Null Network: Seliana [RPG Survival] Minecraft Server

    Become technological advanced to gain an advantage! Make automatic farms, generate electricity, even have nuclear power!

    And much much more! Join us, make new friends, and have a good time! If you need a link in the discord, type in /discord in game!