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ArtiseMC is a 1.18.2 Next Generation Minecraft Survival server focused on high-quality Content. Our server is a unique Minecraft server, that offer a unique gameplay that is above other servers. What make us stand out? Artise stans out for its custom 1.18.2 genration, Bedrock Compatible, custom plugins + scripts, dungeon bosses, slimefun, balanced economy and much more!! we also allow cracked players!!

Bedrock IP: : 19132

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Join our brand new survival server!
Open Beta just released 😀
We have quests, dungeons, custom items, quests events, crates, fishing contests and much more!
We hope to see you there.

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WarpedRealm – Custom Survival Server with Custom Mobs, Bosses, Items and more!

Warped Realm, released 18th December 2021, is a distinctively unique Minecraft server which aims to create entertaining gameplay for all to enjoy! With such a wide range of amazing features, dimensions to explore, custom-made plugins and a lot more, your stay will never get boring.

  • Custom mobs
  • Jobs
  • Playerdriven Economy
  • Not P2W
  • Upgradable Spawners
  • Land Claiming preventing griefing
  • 32+ Ranks to rank up to
  • Custom Bosses
  • Custom Items including Staffs, Tomes, Hammers and more!
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Daily and Weekly Quests
  • Friendly Community
  • Consistent Weekly Updates
  • Good Vote Rewards
  • Store:

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    Hy-Brasil – Adult Minecraft Server – Custom Lore – Roleplay – Friendly Community

    Hy-Brasil is an adult (18+) Minecraft server with a mature, casual community. We have a lore and RPG based server with an emphasis on stories, economy and a bit of roleplaying. You may connect using your Minecraft Java Edition client or even with a Bedrock client thanks to GeyserMC.

    Some of our plugins and features are:

    Coordinates HUD: Gives you the coordinates, direction you’re facing and the time of day right above your hotbar. Type /coordinates toggle to turn it off and on.

    Dead Chest: When you die, your items are placed in a chest at the location you died and the coordinates are sent to you in chat. If you can get back to the place and defeat whatever killed you there your items will be safely waiting for you to retreive them.

    DiscordSRV: You can chat with people on our discord channel while in the game on the server.

    Dungeons: Custom dungeons, lore, mobs and loot made by our staff for your gaming enjoyment.

    EssentialsX: A comprehensive set of commands and tools to help make playing easier and more convenient. Things like coordinates, compass, warp to home, mail, etc.

    Geyser: So Bedrock players can get in on the fun too. Geyser lets you connect with your Bedrock client.

    Grief Prevention: You can make claims to land you wish to manage and control who you will grant trust to access it, build on it, open chests. Etc. The more you play, the larger your land claims can be or the more claims you may have.

    Harbor: Only 1/3 of the people on line need to sleep to skip the night.

    Heads Plus: Collect heads from the mobs you kill. Buy custom heads in the server shop to decorate your space. Warning, this interface doesn’t work well for mobile devices. It might be best to get a friend on a Java client to buy heads for you if you have difficulty.

    Interactive Books: Our books have more robust features than vanilla books which is good because most of us who play here enjoy a good story to share with our fellow travelers.

    mcMMO (Premium Version): Gain skills in a variety of fields while you play which will give you a bit of an advantage the more you use them.

    MinePacks: Every player starts with a backpack to give you much more inventory space than vanilla Minecraft offers. Also, when you die, your backpack contents stay with you.

    MobHunting: Earn money with every mob you kill. The more difficult the kill, the bigger the payoff.

    Multiverse: We have multiple worlds you can explore and play in.

    Mythic Mobs: Our own creations for you to meet and conquer or befriend while you explore our roleplaying world and immerse yourself in our lore.

    Pretty Simple Shops: Got some extra items from your farms and adventures that you would like to sell to others? Throw down a chest and set up shop. You’re in business.

    Tree Assist: Drop those trees by just chopping the bottom block. No more climbing up to the top to get rid of floating trees. It all comes down at once.

    See our website for more details, rules and other useful info.

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    PrometheumMC | SMP | Vanilla+ | Terralith 2.0 Worldgen | 1.18.1 | EcoEnchants | Treecapitator | No Griefing

    Welcome to PrometheumMC! A vanilla+ SMP server with an emphasis on quality of life improvements! No griefing is allowed, and will result in a permaban. If you want to join a mature community, look no further!

    Everything you can do in vanilla you can do on the server! All additions are built on top of vanilla, instead of changing the entire game!

    Features include:
    – Custom enchantments! Over 200 of them!
    – All enchantments can be combined and overlevelled!
    – Nether portals can be manually linked!
    – Trees can be cut down with a single block broken!
    – Chests can be turned into automated shops!
    – Most Vanilla Tweak datapacks!

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    Nuttverse is back! Now returning with much more than before! Season 2 offers a Skyblock experience similar to a popular server that shall not be named. Farm your resources on your island, then head to the adventure world, where you can gather more resources, mine blocks, do quests, and fight powerful monsters!

    On top of that, we offer over 100 different items, having custom armor sets, weapons, and tools that have special effects!

    Additionally, we are now officially partnering with Jimmy’s Universe & The Sentinels, hosting a Bedwars server simultaneously! With over 6 unique maps and many more on the way, each play will never bore you! These maps include special aspects that make our server different from others!

    So what are you waiting for? We are open 24/7! Join us now at using anything above 1.16.5!

    Landclaim Mythicmobs Playershops Survival

    Soup Server

    A New Community Based Survival Minecraft Server with MythicMobs as well as Custom Enchants and Items

    We have all the features you would need to enjoy survival Minecraft the Ender Dragon respawns, Tree Feller, Rtp, Tpa, 5 Homes per player, Land Claim 500 blocks to build your base and gain more by playing and voting.

    We are also looking for active players to become staff and or builders on the server, we plan on adding custom dungeons that spawn within the world and need help building them come online if you want to know more.

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    Arkham Smp

    -=-=-=-Arkham SMP Rp -=-=-=-
    A world of Magic and adventure!
    -Custom mobs and magic
    – Kingdoms and economy
    – Amazing scenic map
    – Friendly community
    – Roleplay and Arcs & opportunity to show Your inner mage
    – Dragons and Dire wolves
    – Medieval feel and adventures to face with your friends or alone

    – Completely VANILLA

    – 1.16.5

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    Super awesome fun prison 9000

    Come join a one of a kind crafted server experience.


    RP-Prison features

  • Quests to feel a great sense of immersion.
  • Fight players in the centre courtyard. or start a fight with the guards anywhere.
  • Rank system to progress through the prison and earn respect.
  • A constant hate for the warden and his minions.
  • Extreme frustration when guards find your contraband.
  • Mob arena. We have it.
  • Feel like being a rich prison king-pin. Shops, auctions, trading and more included.
  • Scheduled events all around the prison.
  • A underground Ratrun for all the lawless players.
  • Role-play and lots of it.
  • Boss fights.
  • RP-Prison rules

  • No cheats or hacks, obviously. We use anti-cheat.
  • No advertising other IP addresses.
  • When outside role-play scenarios, respect staff and do as they say.
  • No spamming in the chat.
  • No racism, Ever.
  • One large, one small prison cell per player.
  • Abuse of flawed plugin mechanics is strictly forbidden.
  • Never ask for admin.
  • A message from the warden

    Welcome to my prison. This is my domain and will be your hell for the rest of eternity. If you step out of line I will not hesitate to end your miserable life. You are scum. Worst of the worst. Its my duty to make sure you have a horrible time. Something I very, very much like doing.

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    Feudal Fables | RPG | Towny | Heroes | Roleplay [Via Versions]

    Join our discord!:

    Enter the realm of Ainoh…

    Here, players begin their journey in one of three nations, working within a town to scale the class tree and elevate their status in the realm. Players start as a peasant and have the ability to work their way up a unique class tree which limits their armor and weapons, but also grants powerful specialized skills. Warriors, Rogues, Healers, Mages, and Rangers- find your meta and conquer our growing number of custom mobs and bosses. Once players are strong enough, they can band together to raid other towns for spoils. Be careful making enemies though, as all towns are PVP and you are never safe from raiders.

    This server is mainly survival based, most players will spend their time roleplaying in their town as they grow their team and develop their town. We have chest shops for players to establish shops in towns, as well as a global auction house which can be accessed via merchants at certain locations. For PVE and eco focused players, there is an alternate class tree available giving the player great utilities and advantages.

    Welcome to Feudal Fables! We cant wait to expand this story with you!