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Vanilla SMP:

A semi-vanilla smp experience with no p2w bs and just focusses on having
fun playing the game itself! There are no land claiming yet and we’re
currently semi-anarchy.

We’re open to feedback from the community but we are looking for old
school vibes for this server without the stomach churning of modern day
servers (OP ranks, loot crates etc). We just want a classic, less hands
on approach for players to just enjoy playing old school style of SMP!


Trash PvP is our Hardcore, Lifesteal, PvP Server. It’s main focus is to
blend elements of a traditional Hardcore SMP with Lifesteal. We also do
our best to encourage PvP with certain features of the server. Like
constantly rotating out the PVP Map every 30-60 days and placing a cap
on the world border! Don’t worry: your persistent storage (enderchests,
vaults/backpacks etc), money balances etc are safe during map resets.
Your bases, items in physical chests etc are NOT however. The PVP worlds
will have a small worldborder between 500×500 – 1,500×1,500 blocks!


You’ll start off as a slave in hell, playing much like a prison server
but don’t worry it’s not too hard to work your way up to “freedom”. When
we say freedom, we use that term very loosely 😂 as there is no
overworld or end dimensions on the server. You’re in hell afterall.
You’ve already lived your best life and failed to come out of it a
descent human being. You’re stuck in eternal damnation and the best you
can do is try to live out an eternity as best as you can in hell.

You’ll feel pain, in fact pain is enhanced in hell. You’ll be able to
die but you’ll always come back! Not only will you have to deal with
hard hostile mobs and hardened other members of hell but you’ll always
be in a constant battle with the heat! You’ll have to find and craft
ways to keep your body temperature down.


Frostbite is an ambitious project by me to feed all the masochists out
there in the world with a brutally challenging hardcore survival server
experience. Something a bit different from other SMP servers. There will
be several custom plugins developed for this project!

Some overall differences with this project:

Temperature system

You’ll now get cold/hot depending on what biome you’re in and what
clothes/armor you’re wearing. Most of this server will be a winter
hellscape so good luck on being hot :p

Elements protection:

Each armors set (leather, iron, gold, copper, diamond & netherite) provides different levels of protection.

There are also custom hats and items that will help you combat the cold elements like our cute wool hats ❤️


During nighttime the environment temperature tends to get lower and
during day a tad bit higher. For full immersion we can detect strong
heat sources (campfire, fire, lava, magma blocks) and weak (lantern,
torch) to better adjust the impact of surrounding temperatures on the
player. We can also provide slight boosts to your core body temperature
when holding certain blocks in your main or off-hand!

In cold areas (most of the world), shelters provide additional
protection against cold, and tend to stabilize the player’s body
temperature (but you will need to heat the space with a heat source such
as furnace or campfire etc). In hot biomes, shelters tend to protect
players against the sun. In this world however, you shouldn’t really
find any hot biomes 😉

Rain & Snow

To provide even MORE immersion, during rain players will get wet. If
his/her clothes soak up, then protection against cold shall be lowered,
but against heat increased. So it’s a semi-intelligent and immersive
system 😛 HOWEVER when it’s freezing temperatures there is no rain, ONLY

Body Temperature

If your body temperature gets too low you’ll start getting certain
status effects like slowness, your hunger will drain more quickly and
much more. If it gets too low you’ll begin taking damage. Use clothing,
armor, items and heat sources to get your body temperature up!

Location & Elevation Matters

Caves and underground is a bit warmer than the surface level. High
elevation such as mountains and cliffs are colder than the surface
level. Near oceans and rivers will be a bit colder as well due to the
lake effect!

One Block:

Traditional one block experience but…. WITH FRIENDS! You can invite others to join you on your oneblock journey!

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RawPVP – OG Factions PVP Server 1.8 – 1.20+

RawPVP - OG Factions PVP Server 1.8 - 1.20+
This server is a Old-School based Factions PVP Server. How factions used to be before everything went to custom enchants and things like chunk busters and other items were added, giving you a Nostalgia feel for factions again, it is a 1.8 Based map but you can join on any version past 1.8, Server has friendly staff

Adminshop Auction Auctionhouse Challenges Chestshop Economy Home Homes Island Nether Npcs Other Pvp Redstone Redstoneenabled Searchingforplayers Searchingforteam Sethome Shop Skills Skyblock Skyblockserver Survival Trading Visiting Warps

SkyHub – Skyblock

SkyHub is a classic Skyblock server with just a few extras
  • Create an island and play with up to 50 team members!
  • Improve your skills by farming, mining, fishing and much more!
  • Trade with other players”
  • Create auctions
  • Become the richest!
  • Set up to 5 homes!
  • Get custom items
  • Vote daily and get fantastic rewards
  • IP:
    Version 1.20.1 (older versions also work)

    Note: Server is still under development. More game features will be added soon…

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    ✨🔥⚡✯Xcraft – Survival SMP JAVA) (1.20+) [Fully Custom Survival][New Challenges][Dungeons][Economy][Ranks][NoReset]✯⚡🔥✨

    ✨🔥⚡✯Xcraft - Survival SMP JAVA) (1.20+) [Fully Custom Survival][New Challenges][Dungeons][Economy][Ranks][NoReset]✯⚡🔥✨ Minecraft Server

    ✨🔥⚡✯Xcraft - Survival SMP JAVA) (1.20+) [Fully Custom Survival][New Challenges][Dungeons][Economy][Ranks][NoReset]✯⚡🔥✨ Minecraft Server
    ✨🔥⚡✯Xcraft - Survival SMP JAVA) (1.20+) [Fully Custom Survival][New Challenges][Dungeons][Economy][Ranks][NoReset]✯⚡🔥✨ Minecraft Server



    discord logo

    Click the icon to join our discord!

    Looking forward to seeing you there!,
    Tell them “X” Sent Ya!

    Click the head above to visit our website!


    Arena Discord End Griefprotection Nether Nocheat Noclaims Nogrief Nohacks Paper Pvp Pvparena Raiding Randomteleport Rtp Semivanilla Sethome Spawn Survival Warps

    Melon Survival

    MelonSurvival is a semi-vanilla survival server on 1.20.1, with a chill and growing
    community. We are always adding new features to the server and building
    onto spawn. We look forward to playing with you!

    Important information:
    Chat Reporting is disabled server-side
    Hard gamemode – survival. Never pay to win.
    Raiding & PVP friendly. Nothing disabled except Phantoms.
    No hacks, No griefing, no claims, no back, no keep inventory.
    Owners are active and involved, and neither Owners nor Admins are permitted to raid.
    Use /sethome instead of beds to save your location. Players have 2 homes by default.
    /rtp to teleport up to 5000 blocks away from /spawn. We suggest that
    you build outside of this range to avoid being raided easily.
    World border is 20k and will expand with new terrain releases.


  • No cheats/exploits.
    includes: x-ray, game algorithm exploits, hacked clients, mini-maps,
    replay mods autoclickers, macros, intentional glitching, other
    unapproved mods, item duping, book&quill exploits, block rotation
    calculations, simultaneous alt use, seed related endeavors, and more.
  • No major griefing
    This includes destruction of another player’s builds, farms, etc.
    Explosive pvp within a town or an array of builds will be considered major grief.
  • No access or use of the nether roof.
  • No Lag Machines or intentional lagging of the server
    Attempting to crash the server results in a permanent ban.
  • Respect all fellow players. no political or religious discussion.
    excessive swearing or offensive language. Hate speech, racism,
    scamming, and threatening behavior are all considered toxic. Trade
    swiping and being dishonest while using official server facilities is
    also considered toxic. No role playing politicians. doxxing and
    ip-grabbing will result in a permanent server and discord ban.
  • No advertisement or links in-game
    Do not advertise other servers. Do not post any links in game chat.
  • No spam
    Do not use excessive caps or otherwise spam chat. Do not flood the chat with several messages.
  • No NSFW/sensitive content.
    Do not use or encourage sensitive or inappropriate content, including builds, names, and skins.
  • Do not evade a ban/mute.
    or mute evasion by any method will result in a permanent server ban. If
    you wish to contest any disciplinary measures taken by our staff, do so
    in appeals.

    We reserve the right to ban any player we deem harmful to the community.

  •   Arena Guidelines

  • Teleporting out is disabled.
  • Elytra are disabled
  • Crystal and anchor pvp are enabled within the cpvp arena.

  • Categories
    Containment Create Eco Een Laboratory Multiplayer Multiplayer Game Nether Normal Player Ranks React Rifle Rol Take

    LABORATORY server Minecraft

    LABORATORY – This is a multiplayer game created in minecraft.

    There has been a containment breach at Netherhill’s D7 facility.

    Your task is to take on the role of “Specialist” and escape from the complex. Or, armed with a rifle and “CSG” armor, join the ranks of the Operatives in order to fulfill their mission: “Eliminate the Specialists, a dangerous Monster and normalize the operation of the Reactor.” It is also possible to become a dangerous object “NH-67B”, which can tear everyone to shreds.

    Astral Custom Dedicated Discord Ele End Mal Nct Nether Pve Sel Server Survival Text Tüm

    AstralSanctum | Survival

    AstralSanctum is a small survival server based on 1.19.4. PvE and Team based survival server. Custom terrain in the overworld, nether and the end. Come and enjoy the server with us!

    Best Build Building Der Desk Din Get Join Now Layer Nether Nethers Pvp Survival Survival Smp Tab

    Hyper Cool

    Best Survival smp. Need Players Please join now and get builder rank for building a best build. | JOIN NOW!!!

    Anarchy Cheat Death Deathchest Hack Hes Map Nether Nochatreports Plugin Plugins Regeneration Reset Survival Title

    Shackelford Anarchy

    Shakelford Anarchy is a new anarchy server looking to grow. The map will never be reset and there are very few plugins. There is also no anti cheat.
    Natural regeneration of health has been turned off, for a little more fun.

    Plugins included are a death chest plugin and a no nether roof plugin.

    Hope you have fun!

    Base Based Economy Eth Help Hold Lands Large Largest Nether Netherlands Old Skyblock Survival Ten


    This is our minecraft server
    this server is survival and skyblock based and we will often hold fun events and we will try to become the largest server in the Netherlands. can you help us with that?

    Cross-Play Economy Factions Mcmmo Survival


    SoulStrikes Roleplay RPG Survival
    Server with custom item, custom mobs, mythical boss, Legend Weapon, and more tools for survival!

    You can use sethome, tpa, crates, coinflip, and more fiture. This server based on economy survival, fight peapole and collect legend weapon!


    Sovereign SMP Season 3

    Sovereign SMP is and 18+, LGBTQIA+ friendly, Minecraft server focused on building a positive and welcoming community. We have a wonderful and inclusive group of individuals and we are looking for more active players! All play styles are welcome we just ask you be open and understanding 🙂 Both Java and Bedrock players are welcome!

    Season 3 has has just began on 5/22!

    We have a ZERO tolerance policy in regards to any form of harassment, discrimination, bullying, hacking, griefing, theft, ext.

    Requirements: 18+ only

    Plugin List: Proximity Chat, Dynmap, Mini Blocks, More Mob Heads, Player Head Drops, Fast Leaf Decay, Armor Stands, Single Player Sleep. TnT duping and other redstone tricks are allowed!

    Version: Paper 1.20.4

    Please feel free to MSG me if you have any questions! Hope to see you soon!

    Apply through Discord! ->

    Earth Economy Pvp Survival


    GeoWorld is an Earth SMP server currently supporting both Java and Bedrock edition players.
    The map scale is 1:2000 of Earth with claiming enabled and no griefing. ** The map will never reset **
    We host weekly events so make sure to join and start your adventure in a fresh Earth Map!.

    Pve Pvp Survival Vanilla


    No drama adult community looking to play some survival minecraft. We are brand new to creating a minecraft server so any and all suggestions are welcome!



    Hello there adventurer!

    Are you a big fan of potatoes and also prefer having an experience close to vanilla Minecraft?
    Look no further! Spuds is the perfect server for you.

    At Spuds we only have the minimal amount of plugins to make sure everything runs smooth.
    These are: GriefPrevention (claiming), LuckPerms (permissions) and a custom-made plugin that doesn't alter gameplay (for example we have dad jokes).

    The server is hosted in Germany on a dedicated server to ensure we are having a lag-free experience.

    I hope to see you there,

    Fred with staff


    Cross-Play Pve Skyblock Survival


    Unique Minecraft Server! Skyblock But In A Cave?! Explore Hidden Structures, Defeat Bosses, Solve Quests And Puzzles, Farm, Make Money, Become The Richest Player!


    ☀️ Shaded

    Server IP:


    Hello, fellow Minecrafters!

    Are you looking for a new SMP survival server to join? Do you want to experience a classic and immersive gameplay with a friendly and active community? If you answered yes, then you should check out Shadedthe best SMP survival server in 2024!

    Shaded is a server that offers a lot of features and benefits for its players, such as:

    • NEW! Lobster Pots. Purchase from Aaron the Angler at /pond (the pond at /spawn). Place in water and right click with bait to activate. Sell catch back to Aaron.
    • Land claiming and grief prevention, to protect your creations and belongings
    • Custom gear, available for purchase at the Gear Merchant found centrally at /spawn.
    • Skills, economy, shops, and auctions, to trade and earn money
    • Free (vote) ranks, kits, and perks, to enhance your gameplay and show off your status
    • Quests, events, and (weekly) challenges to keep you entertained and rewarded
    • And much more!

    Shaded is also a cross-platform server, which means that you can play with both Java and Bedrock players. The server is updated regularly and has a dedicated staff team that is always ready to help and listen to your feedback.

    But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself! Join Shaded today and discover a new way of playing Minecraft Survival. All you need to do is copy and paste this IP address into your Minecraft client:

    You can also visit our website, discord, and social media for more information and updates:

    We hope to see you soon on Shaded!


    Robo’s World

    Have you ever wanted to play on a small, whitelisted community driven semi-vanilla SMP that doesn't reset the map?

    Hey! My name is Robo, and I invite you into my world. Robo's World is a dedicated community of like-minded individuals, all with a deep love for vanilla Minecraft.

    This server is in the same spirit as the iconic Hermitcraft SMP, which means that there is no stealing or griefing of any kind. Everything that happens in the server is done 100% in survival mode.
    Let's have some fun together!

    Apply on discord today!
    Discord Link

    Economy Pve Pvp Survival

    Nest EDG

    Survival in version 1.20x containing:
    VIPS system
    Skills System
    Clan System Land System
    Store System
    Enchantment System
    Events (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
    And much more…
    Server recently launched, and being launched frequently!



    Hey join this server for best experience
    – crates/key/jobs/ranks/kit
    – levels
    – 24/7 support
    – cracked support


    SweetVanilla SMP

    We are an 18+ tight-knit community that enjoys engaging with one another in a lively and drama free Minecraft world. The perfect place to make new friends, create, and hang out! Player shops, events, and collaborative projects are all heavily encouraged.

    We use quality of life add-ons akin to those found on HermitCraft to enhance the multiplayer experience while maintaining vanilla gameplay. Additionally, An optional resource pack allows players to submit their own custom models, hats, and items to be used for minigames, events, or more!

    How to Join: If you are interested in joining us for 1.21 you can fill out an application on our Discord! New applicants won't be whitelisted for this current season, but a world reset is planned once 1.21 releases. We anticipate this happening early to mid June. Until then, Wait List members are welcome to engage on our discord and in polls that shape the rules of next season.







    What Is Technut?

    • Technut is a Minecraft server consisting of players who are experienced in the building/ technical sides of Minecraft and take satisfaction from our high standards of projects and accomplishments in the game.
    • Our server is extremely community-basedwith huge projects and events, in which everyone plays a big part to bring together.
    • Technut is a Whitelist only servermeaning we can choose who we think would fit best in our server to allow for a positive and creative, close-knit community & overall experience.
    • While our server focusses on the Vanilla aspects of the game, we have introduced 1.21 Experimental items as well as carpet mod for server quality of life.

    When did the server start/reset?

    • Technut First opened it's doors on 20th March 2024!

    What type of players are we looking for?

    • We are looking for players with a high amount of motivation and dedication for high effort and long-term projectsas well as players who show a strong drive for community interaction and love the more technical side of Minecraftwhether it be through building or redstone/farming & machinery.

    How can I apply?




    -Close community

    -Long term world

    -Proper survival

    -Shopping district + Minigame district

    I own a Hermitcraft like server with about 9 people consistently playing, but we are looking for more players. If you are interested you can join the server. We are a server built around community and trust that makes builds and works together. Looking for members to be 16+, but if you're mature enough i can make some exceptions. Looking to reach 15-20 active players.



    LegacyRaids is a Factions server that pushes the bounds of Minecraft to the max. It features ranks, PvP, an in-game casino, and payouts to the top Faction. LegacyRaids also strives to give players the best experience, which is why it considers all community feedback before deciding if it should add, remove, or change something. Want to know what else this Factions Minecraft server is home to? Join now and find out!

    Faction Factions Mcmmo Shopguiplus

    Toxic Factions

    Here at Toxic Factions, we aim to supply you with
    your daily fix of Minecraft factions. We are a brand new server so hop
    on and start your adventure and become the top faction for great

    1204server Survival

    DiamonDistrict SMP

    1. no griefing
    2. no stealing
    3. no hacked clients or x-ray
    4. have fun!

    this server is a vanilla SMP (survival multiplayer)
    we use diamonds as currency
    if you are caught breaking any of the rules you will be temporarily banned for a week.
    if you are caught breaking a rule again, you will be permanently banned.

    Bedwars Kitpvp Lifesteal Oneblock Skyblock Survival


    Welcome to Multinetwork – Your Minecraft Oasis!
    Ultimate Gaming:
    Bedwars, Skywars, The Bridge (1.8.9 to 1.20.2)
    Enchanting Lobby:
    Skyblock, OneBlock, Parkour, TNT Run, and more
    Lifesteal Adventure:
    Team up, conquer challenges
    Survival Oasis:
    Build, trade, take on jobs
    PvP Battles:
    FFA arenas, CPvP, duels
    Join Multinetwork for the Ultimate Minecraft Experience!

    Factions Hardcore Kitpvp Parkour Pve Pvp Survival


    ¡Bienvenido a Onepiececraft Network!
    Prepare your sword, adjust your armor and join the community!
    Whether you are a brave warrior, a skilled builder or a cunning trader, you will find a place for yourself in this Sea full of opportunities and challenges.

    Let's embark together on this search for the treasurer! Discover the world of onepiece and forge your own legend in this fascinating Minecraft world.

    Survival Multiplayer

    Dumland SMP!

    Dumland SMP!
    Dumland modded SMP!

    To start off, we are an English speaking server, and won’t be able to cope with other languages unfortunately.

    However, we are a small community server with a lot of history, and an admin team with a wide range of experiences, to ensure that you have no issues with other players!

    The admin team won’t be prominently using cheats in game, however, and will play the game without op, I can assure you.

    Our server and small community centres around humanity’s innate desire to share their ideas. We love to hear ideas from other people and keep the lore/roleplay light and fun to do. This means it isn’t scripted, it’s just what the playerbase wants it to be!

    And why not join this playerbase and have a say in the global tensions?

    You could be a warlord, boldly conquering land and ruling with an iron fist, or you could be a secretive cult veneering an unholy god, on the other hand you could establish the server religion! Or, if you really wanted to, you could be a simple potato farmer making vodka (yes there’s vodka)

    This is all supported by our custom made modpack, which is so jam-packed with performance mods (and it’s on fabric) that even YOUR potato PC could run it!

    We need enthusiastic players! Why not you? Join up today at

    P.S the server is releasing on 7th of June, feel free to join the discord in the meantime! We’d love to hear from you.

    Anarchy Economy Factions Pvp Survival Vanilla


    Etniania is an Anarchic Survival Server in Minecraft where there are no set rules, meaning players can do pretty much whatever they want without limitations. It is a 100% survival experience, players can build and explore without limits, fight with other players or destroy everything they want. So, in short, do what everyone wants without any type of rule.

    Within the server there is a system of Ethnicities, which would be like groups formed by players. Players can create their own Ethnicity, join them, form alliances, add bases, go to war with other ethnicities, customize it, and more available.

    The Server also uses custom items created by the server itself to make this more fun. On the website you have a list of the items and their crafts.


    Minecraft Servers to Join

    The Minecraft servers are looking for dedicated players who will participate in their gaming community. Minecraft servers are completely free to play. Join today and play the best Minecraft servers in of the most popular games in the world! Players can join the server in a few different ways. First, you can download the Minecraft launcher, find the server and join with just a few clicks of your mouse. If you want to become a regular user of the Minecraft server, you can also apply to become a member of the community and make your presence known.

    Minecraft Servers List

    A Minecraft server (Java/Bedrock) is a server program that allows players to play the game of Minecraft. In this list you will find hundreds of online servers running the game of Minecraft. These servers offer players a safe place to play the game and have fun together. There are servers for just about any kind of game you can think of. This list contains many different types of top Minecraft servers and Best Custom Minecraft Servers. Each server on the list is unique, hosting a variety of custom mods, game modes, and features that cater to the diverse preferences of Minecraft players.

    Minecraft Servers Survival

    Survival is the most popular servers type for Minecraft to play. You can find a lot of mods for it, and its population is really high. Minecraft survival servers are based on a more realistic Minecraft, and players here get to play on a world that has a lot of possibilities for how the game will play out. You can play on these servers with friends, and with the same servers and its features, your session is going to be more or less unique. In addition, it is more complicated than the other Minecraft servers, and to play you are going to have to become familiar with the game.

    Minecraft Skins for Minecraft Servers

    Show off your unique skin in the world of Minecraft with this huge variety of Minecraft skins. No matter if you're diving into survival challenges, enjoying community games, or just exploring server lists, you can stand out with a skin that matches your personality. Minecraft skins have something for everyone - whether you prefer simple or intricate designs. Looking for a skin of a specific color? You can easily find Minecraft skins sorted by color, making your search quick and convenient. So go ahead, give your Minecraft skin a fresh look!