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allayr34 mcserver

The official r/allayr34 Minecraft server. It works with cracked accounts, minecraft bedrock/mobile. So meaning you dont need to even own MINECRAFT. You can come and enjoy some peaceful smp, or you might feel a bit evil today and might want to blow up a base, you can do that here. Or you might want to phase through walls and fly like a ghost, that is allowed too as there is 0 anticheat because of the server being an anarchy. Or you might want to start up a business and sell stuff, That is also possible with the economy plugins. Or you might want to chill in the peaceful town of allaytown YOU CAN DO THAT TOO. So come play with us at

Anarchy Factions Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla


rgSMP is a lightly-modded, vanilla SMP with various new additions to make the game more dynamic. The game has little admin intervention and we leave matters such as war, griefing and exile to the community.

We offer artifacts, rare items with special abilities and “RGs”, a sort of devil-fruit like system where an individual is granted powers unique to them.

We also have “raid zones” with grief protection, and at a time interval they respawn with high grade loot for anyone to take them. (artifacts have a higher chance of spawning there too!)

The server has perks for player factions and encourages working together, but you can also play as a lone wolf and become a powerful outlaw.

We’re new and just launched, but our server is professional grade and we guarantee you’ll have an experience no other server could give you here.

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SixPocketFactions is a new 1.18.1 factions server themed around casinos and gambling. We have solo and group gambling games as well as the ability to seamlessly trade cash, XP, and more with any player of your choice. You can earn cash from mining, gambling, and using the auctionhouse to sell rare items. You can raid the bases of other factions and must protect yourself against raiders.

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Kohen Minecraft Smp is just a fun little modded server who loves all new players! You get a super power when you start the game too! We are just here to have fun and gain power together!

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Flow Factions

Welcome to Flow Factions!!!
New Factions server! Just starting out, so basic factions right now Include virtual shop, PVP, and Custom Spawn area, Proximity Chat.Still developing with frequent upgrades.

This server is developing quickly so join now to get ahead!

We also ask that you provide any and all suggestions to help us develop the server.

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6b6t is a cracked (offline-mode) non-vanilla anarchy server with commands like /tpa and /home. You can join with 1.7 to latest Minecraft version. Hacking, swearing and griefing is allowed too.

Anarchy Economy Factions Pve Pvp Raiding Vanilla


We present you Pigland!
Official server of the Spanish streamer iSalox_ (

Compatible for both Java and Bedrock.

Server with the Kingdoms mode, where you can create a kingdom, form alliances and make enemies, invade other Kingdoms and keep all their things, or die trying.

Semi vanilla server, where the most important additions that modify the game are the kingdoms, the auction houses, the jobs and the VIP and SUB ranks with benefits as little as possible PAY2WIN.

Come create your own kingdom, build the most secure base possible, level up your turrets, upgrade your champion and go into battle.

Server created and generated in version 1.18.1, with everything that this version brings.

Anarchy Factions Pvp Raiding Vanilla

MC Anarchy

Startup minecraft anarchy server. Cheats are COMPLETELY allowed
Lots of RAM, fast connection, and overall FUN.

Economy Factions Pvp Raiding Survival

HowMC – Authentic Factions

HowMC is a factions server dedicated to bringing back No P2W, authentic factions. We offer features such as an admin shop, donator perks, and 1.8 PvP to help curate this experience. For more information, you can join our discord in the server listing. We hope to see you soon!

– No Pay2Win
– Vanilla Items and Enchantments
– Factions Plugin
– 1.8 PvP
– Anti Combat Log
– Auction House
– Donator Perks
– Active Moderation
– Shop
– Silk Spawners
– Bounties
– Anti Combat Log
– Anti Cheat

Anarchy Economy Pvp Raiding Survival Vanilla

The House Of Shitposting

Spanish-speaking server with server in discord
Survival Vanilla with economy plugins, jobs, pvp arena, plots etc.

Minecraft Survival Server 1.17.1

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