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Welcome to Xuniverse, a multiworld server designed for everyone in mind!

Currently, our worlds are:
– Factions
– Creative
– Mini-Games (coming soon)
– Kits PVP (coming soon)

We are currently NOT looking for staff, but players are welcome! Our current staff stay active as much as possible and players are able to create factions and build in our creative world. Don’t expect a lot of players at the moment, as we are a new server. We hope you will enjoy the server as much as we do!

Economy Factions Mcmmo Pvp Raiding

Frost Factions

Hello faction dweller. Are you in need of a competitive faction server? A server which allows YOU to pick and choose your allies and enemies? A place where your dreams, your dreams of becoming the legend of Frost? Well, you’re in luck, not only because we offer tons of plugins, including, personal vaults, silk spawners, and of course, the almighty and the most gruesome of all, the player head collector. Not only can you kill your enemies but you can put it as a monument of display on your kill wall. I bring to you Frost Factions, a friendly community with friendly players and staff that are mature, fair and most certainly reasonable. The place where it’s all about choices, split second decisions, and the realest gameplay you can get. You have options, one of many being you can dwell in the caves below and become strong and powerful as a one many army, or take on a team of foes and dominate the world of Frost together. The Frost system features fair gameplay, not giving donors amazingly unfair advantages but more balancing it out, but, if you haven’t considered buying a rank. What’s the wait? We offer gear that will keep you protected from the raiders and the creatures of the Frost wasteland, and better yet, personal vaults where YOU and only YOU can access your personal and most top notch gear. So dweller, what are you waiting for, join us and start your journey today through the caves, valleys and most protected places of the Frost at: “”. See you there, peasant!

Anarchy Hardcore Mini Games Pvp Raiding

Skycraft Guns

WARNING: MUST USE PORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skycraft is an epic new gun server for you, with you, and ALMOST by you!

Economy Factions Pvp Raiding Roleplay

Hogwarts Roleplay and Factions

Welcome to Hogwarts! Play how YOU want. Go into the wild and make a faction or stay in the castle and learn spells and do quests! Many features such as McMmo, Quests, and Custom NPCs!

Economy Factions Pvp Raiding

Freelance MC

New factions server seeking mercenaries for hire! We’re a friendly and experienced Minecraft factions server, always looking for new recruits to help out in staffing the server itself. The server is run on 1.8.-, and also has MCMMO and the ability for a ‘/rankup’ rank to silk spawners.



Anarchy Pve Pvp Raiding Survival

BassCraft Survival

The survival server is the Bass Craft flagship server. This type of hacks-allowed survival gameplay is where our server began. In here you will find a competitive anarchy type of survival world, but with cool plugins to enhance gameplay. Now since this is structured anarchy, there are just a few rules to help our server. For example, we ask no spamming or lag causing. This server is meant to be fun for all. This world is also home to our Ultra Music Festival stages where we have huge drop party’s and live DJ sets from Bass Craft’s finest! With over 12 voting links, it is easy to get items. When you vote you receive in game money that you can redeem in our shop!

connect with:

Economy Factions Kitpvp Pvp Raiding


Welcome to TealCraft this is a 1.8 Factions Sever!
—> OP Factions
—> HeadHunting
—> Crates
—> Kits
—> Titles
+ Much more! Join Today, for free!
(Out of date – Yet to be updated)

– Get 1 Free vote key for voting for us!
– If you have a Donator Rank you will get 5 Free vote keys for voting for us!

Factions Pvp Raiding Survival

AboveUltimate Factions

This is a Minecraft server launching July 1st, 2015 at 7P.M. UTC. We will have factions pvp and raiding. The server is created by 2 developers and want to make a fun pvp factions experience. We need more active players with votes and rewards. Right now we are maxed out on RAM so we are highly encouraging donations. Thank you for reading and we will take any feedback that you may have.

Factions Mcmmo Pvp Raiding

Twisted Raidz

Awesome factions server called Twisted Raidz. It has McMMO. Raiding is aloud and our server is rated PG-13!
It was made 6/6/16
We often give free ranks!

Factions Kitpvp Mcmmo Raiding Skyblock


Play Now,
Factions, Kit PvP, And Much More Coming Soon Including Cannon Testing And Mini-Games!
Join Now And Join The Ever Growing Island Community!
Custom Factions With Amazing Custom Enchants Etc.
Kit PvP With /Duel To Find Out Who’s The Best At PvP!

Visit Our Shop At :
Visit Our Forums At :

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